Whatever Happened To Peavey?

by Pastor Jeromy John Visser

Peavey was a rebellious child. It seems that no matter how much 'the system' tried to indoctrinate the energetic youth he always took the opposite opinion or stance. Try as they did -- the media, public school system, politically-correct churches and numerous “alphabet soup groups” weren’t able to think for Peavey -- he chose to think for himself.

During Peavey’s teenage years he felt a great sense of isolation as do many, but unlike others his age he also felt a burning desire to know God and teach His word. Peavey was never steered into any spiritual direction by his Masonic parents but collected various types of sacred texts and attended the largest protestant church in dingy Los Angeles.

After being lied to by a pastor who was more interested in finance, Peavey decided that religion was a fraud and chose to walk in the darkness of the Hollywood streets for several years. While nothing was sacred to Peavey in what he would later consider the “most confusing chapters of his life” sacred beings and relics existed nonetheless.

Of course chastisement comes from Yahweh for those disobedient so Peavey landed in man’s jail, much like king David in the camp of the enemy or Daniel in the king’s court. Peavey was brought Biblical Truth by another, by merely unlocking the false scriptural base that had already been laid the scriptures suddenly came alive and God was real.

The more Peavey calculated the Bible the wiser he became because Yahweh supplied every need during the ‘milquetoast’ stages of his lessons. Vowing to begin his own ministry at the same age that Jesus did, determined Peavey studied an additional ten years before finally achieving the goal he desired as a teenager – he became an ordained pastor.

So whatever happened to Peavey?

Without a doubt, Peavey had his most active year in 2005 when he authored and preached over 50 sermons delivering something fresh each week for hundreds of internet listeners. A small flock developed, support was obtained and Peavey was relied upon by many for weekly reading but after this most successful year he seemingly vanished from existence.

What happened is while Peavey was offering the most to his listeners he also failed and misapplied many Biblical principles causing himself disaster. Peavey once called for unity between numerous “movement groups” denying the separation orders of the Bible. He also came to the aid of what he considered a Christian brother but was only a common bank robber.

Peavey was slandered, misquoted, attacked (often from his own flock) because of his stance on herbs, Satan, the infallibility of the scriptures and knowledge that Jesus Christ is the only God for Israel. Makeshift pastors and laymen devoted countless hours hopelessly trying to debate or discredit Peavey though he always supplied references.

Try as they did and do, Peavey can’t be swayed from the cornerstone, that very Rock that is Christ. When picking up one’s cross to follow the true Messiah one also becomes increasingly more detached from man’s superficial world and inferior laws. For example, Peavey’s refusal to obtain a credit card later cost him and his flock their web domain.

Peavey wrote a massive book about Satan so he plans to return to the internet soon but also prays that others might help him achieve these simple goals. Who knows? Maybe there are a few people in the world who might support a full-time CI pastor by offering a little web space, ordering a CD or even caring but like usual -- time always tells.

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[ Date: Sunday, July 2nd, 2006 ]
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