Seduction of Eve in History

by Pastor Jeromy John Visser

(Seduction of Eve in History)

Covenant People’s Ministry has covered the seduction of Eve in numerous audio sermons, most notably Seedline: Bruised Heads & Heels (2005), Garden of Yahweh (2005), Serpent Seed Doctrine (2010) or the five-part series Dual Seedline For Dummies (2013). If you require further study proving Cain was born “of the wicked one” (1 John 3:12) feel free to listen and comment on these suggested sermons from times past.

Still, considering they’re mostly part of the reference notes of "The Morning Stars" paperback we’d like to bring some select quotes forward concerning the historicity of this essential doctrine. Outside of our very own books Satanel and Alpha & Omega God rarely are these historical quotes mentioned within Christian Identity. It's our hope by showcasing them in a separate tract these excerpts will find new life in future materials coming from the faithful.

We'll begin with Saint Justin Martyr ( 100–165 ) who claimed; “Christ became man by the Virgin that the disobedience which issued from the serpent might be destroyed in the same way it originated. Eve was still an undefiled virgin when she conceived of the serpent and brought forth disobedience and death. But the Virgin received faith and joy, at the announcement of the angel Gabriel...and she replied, "Be it done to me according you your word". So through the mediation of the Virgin he came into the world, through whom God would crush the serpent” (Saint Justin Martyr's "Apologia" Chapter 100 / 150 AD).

Here we see as early as 150 a.d. Martyr confirms what we’ve taught in C.I. concerning Eve’s seduction by Satan in the Garden of Eden. In this quote he contrasts Eve’s beguilement to Mary’s virginal obedience claiming it was this very seduction that caused Christ to be born of a virgin! This is important because Genesis 3:15 is considered by Theologians to be the Protoevangelium (or "first Gospel") because it's the first mention in the Old Testament of a coming Redeemer. This means understanding what happened to Eve in Eden is imperative to understanding the New Testament and why Yahshua ultimately came.

Saint Irenaeus ( 130-202 ) also mentions the beguilement (or sexual seduction) of Eve; “The seduction of a fallen angel drew Eve, a virgin espoused to a man, while the glad tidings of the holy angel drew Mary, a Virgin already espoused, to begin the plan which would dissolve the bonds of that first snare...For as the former was lead astray by the word of an angel, so that she fled from God when she had disobeyed his word, so did the latter, by and angelic communication, receive the glad tidings that she should bear God, and obeyed his word. If the former disobeyed God, the latter obeyed, so that the Virgin Mary might become the advocate of the virgin Eve. Thus, as the human race fell into bondage to death by means of a virgin, so it is rescued by a virgin; virginal disobedience is balanced in the opposite scale by virginal obedience” (Irenaeus of Lyons' "Against Heresies" Book 3, Chapter XXII, Paragraph 4 / 189 AD).

Expressing the same sentiment about fifty years after Justin Martyr, Irenaeus also seemingly taught seedline doctrine. This quote proves Irenaeus believed the original sin was sexual in nature and was only corrected by Mary’s obedience to Yahweh’s commandments concerning her virgin conception. Another powerful declaration in the above quote is that the virgin Mary was chosen to “bear God” proving His name Emmanuel truly means “God with us” (Isaiah 7:14 & Matthew 1:23) - another essential doctrine practically unique to dual seedline Christian Identity! Indeed, Christ was God in flesh form (Isaiah 44:6) and His “origins are from of old, from ancient times” (Micah 5:2).

One final quote to consider is by Tertullian ( 155-240 ) who also confirmed; “Likewise, through a Virgin, the Word of God was introduced to set up a structure of life. Thus, what had been laid waste in ruin by this sex, was by the same sex re-established in salvation. Eve had believed the serpent; Mary believed Gabriel. That which the one destroyed by believing, the other, by believing, set straight” (Tertullian's "The Flesh of Christ" 17:4 / 210 AD).

Practically within the same time frame as the previous two quotes, Tertullian agrees in his book The Flesh of Christ with both Irenaeus of Lyons and Justin Martyr before him. Without going into canonized scripture in this article we’ve supplied three select quotes from so-called "church fathers" proving that seedline doctrine was once considered commonplace in the early church. In a future mini-editorial from this same series we will examine several Apocryphal writings pertaining to Eve's seduction to further establish this doctrine is more accepted than most believe. The above quotes however, which are often overlooked in modern Christendom and Christian Identity alike, should be enough to convince any scoffer that sinful Cain was not born of Adam's seed as we're taught in Genesis 5:3.

Adam's son was Seth, meaning replacement, not Cain the world's first murderer (John 8:44).

War for Christ!

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