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hello again dear kinsfolk thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser the beautiful Brooks Georgia and today this Wednesday evening I'm pleased to be bringing you the first of our monthly Q&A sessions as promised at the beginning of the month and if you're not aware this particular Theory's looking at the Book of Revelation technically began the first week of December 2017 where we actually attempted to provide a daily promotional short actually promoting this particular series looking at the book of Revelation and unfortunately about halfway through December we had a huge snowstorm come in and so we actually had to cut that particular project short but nonetheless it is released and it's titled apocalypse promos that was done towards the conclusion of last year and there's about 10 to 12 particular promotional shorts looking at key points pertaining to the book of Revelation shot at various locations round about Brooks and Fayetteville Georgia and therefore with this book of Revelation not only did we begin the beginning of December to promote the particular series but our current series on the Book of Micah went on hiatus and throughout my ministerial career what's interesting about that is that it only happened two times now one time with the Syriac infancy gospel where we got to like part 12 or so and then I took about seven months off before I came back and actually concluded it and I bring that up because I want the listeners to understand that it will be the same exact way for our current videos he's looking at Micah however we intend on getting a little further along within the book of Revelation before we actually complete the minor prophet now we follow that particular sermon or video it's a full-length feature up with an overview looking at what we were going to do in handling this particular subject matter and we basically determined here in Brooks that this series would be audio only and the reason for that is because it's much easier to do audio and short that is why we've decided to do monthly videos to actually help the people who want to have videos and want to have highlights so that they can go back look at the eight questions and determine for themselves what particular part will answer their question and so on the final time slot of 2017 I provided an overview of this series on Revelation I explained that it would be shortened to 30 minutes approximately and we have stayed within that time format and that of course is for the benefit of our listeners number one because it's much easier to take audio with them over the road and sake of ease number two now I have often said I would video stream and do live streams every single day if support picked up therefore today we're going to look at the supporters that have helped us throughout December and January to bring this particular audio series to you so if you haven't already I would definitely suggest look up our full-length video feature titled a elipse promos it's about 90 minutes long it has opening and closing credits and it will actually allow you to see me your pastor in a ders barrage of various locations and so that is very good as well and if you require an overview and missed it on this book of Revelation be sure to look at the revelation overview that I provided again back in December of 2017 now it is our belief here in Brooks that oftentimes we tend to look to our teachers to tell us the truth in season and out of season and rarely search them out the way we are commanded within the Word of God and for that cause we determined with this series on Revelation for each particular segment and/or part we would provide a question now it's not mandatory that you answer those particular questions but the questions themselves provide us as you can see an overview for each particular sermon we've covered and will allow us to go over these very important important points today that I feel need to be brought forth for at least a month of January now we began for the first time slot of 2018 with revelation part 1 and truth be told for the first three segments we stayed within the first chapter of Revelation we confirmed that John not John of Patmos authored the book of Apocalypse and not only that I went into details proving that within his epistles and within his gospel the first chapter most assuredly we see the same exact terminology that is used within the book of Revelation now it's important to understand that the book of Revelation is considered to gospel of Christ and John the divine was merely an instrument in relaying that just like Moses was for a future generation and in many ways I believe that we are in that generation today that is the generation of the fig tree and in part one we looked at Christ's parable of the big tree where he clearly said while no man knows the hour nor the exact moment of the return of Christ not even the Son of Man we are given signs and seasons seasons being your keyword in Revelation chapters one two and three which we have covered so far chapter one basically deals with John's prologue it explains the vision that he received in pertaining to the day of the Lord and not only that chapters two and three specifically outline seven churches or church bodies that have characteristics that Christ either finds righteous or unrighteous and judgment and therefore we should now take a look at the very first question that was presented the first question that we brought forth here that covenant people's church was on part one and the question that was asked is whose revelation is found within the book of Apocalypse fair question don't you think because a majority of us tend to believe that this is the revelation of st. John the Divine or the apocalypse of John when in reality the answer for that is provided in chapter and in the first couple of verses but before we get to that notice it is called the revelation of Jesus Christ or Yahshua so the first question was that whose revelation is found within these 22 chapters short answer that's provided in the very first verse in the very first sentence Revelation chapter 1 verse 1 the revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave unto him to show unto his servants things which must shortly come to pass therefore the answer for question number 1 which is whose revelation is found within the book of Apocalypse is it is Jesus revelation meaning that Yahshua is using John as a vehicle to reveal unto his servants and that's very important because usually when new people come to the state the first book they dive right into is the book of Revelation and the book of Revelation will not be understood by the majority how can I say that because in each instance of every church that Christ either accepts or rebukes in chapters 2 and 3 at the end of those particular epistles Christ says let he who has ears hear or he who has I see in short just like it is revealed in revelation 1:1 the revelation of Christ that Yahweh gave unto him to show unto his servants so first point for this particular Q&A session is that a majority of the world will not understand revelation and in my humble advice if you are new to this faith don't dive right in to the only book of prophecy with new Testament that is right away so the revelation that is found within this book of apocalypse is Jesus Christ revelation for his servants that's you and I and pertaining unto the day of the Lord that is right before the second Advent which is how Christ can impart grace unto each and every one of those churches for example he would warn them behold I will come quickly repent therefore so while Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8 clearly says we are saved by grace through faith our idea with with asking these particular questions is to help us have an ever-increasing faith within Yahweh God now the second question that would have been produced for Revelation part 2 is who is the beginning and the end of all things now as you can notice we begin with extremely simple questions and now that we are at part 8 going into part 9 we're actually making them a little bit more difficult that is for the few people that actually attempt to answer them who is the beginning and end of all things fair question once again because a majority of people would say well that would be god but the correct answer is Jesus the Christ and as we did in part 1 and part 2 I'd like to prove this in John's Gospel the well-known gospel in fact John chapter 8 really outlines the synagogue of Satan those who say they are Jews but are not and do lie but or of something known as the synagogue say John's Gospel same st. John the Divine the apostle that walked alongside Christ and the disciple whom Jesus loved John 1:1 in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God the same was in the beginning with God and you know as well as I do that in this book of John chapter 1 the gospel verse 14 says for the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us and we beheld his glory so the answer to the question who is the beginning and end of all things is Jesus Christ because nothing was created that was not created by Christ because Christ is God which is how he could make the claim the answer for this is actually found in Revelation chapter 1 but verse 8 red letters Christ says I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and end so who is the beginning Christ the root and offspring of David and who is the end Christ at the return that is Judgment Day that's important because we recently proved well that is question number 8 what are the white garments of the overcomers I want you to think on that we're gonna answer it when we get to it but the white garments are issued during the marriage supper of the Lamb and if you know the parable of the wedding supper as taught by Christ when the fight foolish virgins returned the door shut meaning it is too late so in the book of Revelation there is a cut-off point there is a time where it is too late for repentance but it is the will of Yahweh God that all his sons and daughters come to repentance therefore in each instance when looking at these churches the Alpha and the Omega meaning the Greek alphabet Jesus Christ offers some grace and offers them mercy but also tells them what will happen to each particular congregation if they don't repent the wages of sin is death my friend and the book of Revelation clearly outlines that you cannot inherit eternal life because the opposite of that is death if you are not found righteous within the eyes of the beginning and end of all things now I should point out that the Pauline epistles go into this in detail and I have an entire section at covenant people's ministry titled create or Jesus where I have proven countless times that Christ is exactly what his name means Emmanuel God with us now in the book of Revelation we just touched upon it Christ uses many different names and titles for example verse 8 of read one I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the ending saith Yahweh which is and which was and which is to come that is exactly what the book of Revelation is three different viewpoints a preterist viewpoint meaning some of the things were fulfilled at the time john wrote it for example the churches themselves that which is to come is obviously futurist pertaining to the day of the Lord and therefore these churches that are outlined at the beginning of Revelation for us and our particular study aren't so much brick and mortar buildings as they are Church bodies with particular characteristics and not only that which was we know Christ is to come but Christ was just as we confirm today in John chapter 1 verse 1 in the beginning was the word the Word was with God and the Word was God so that's extremely important why because the Jew loves to come in and denigrate God's position ok they love to say well Jesus Christ is just a son of God but might I remind you that I'm a son of God Satan is the son of gods you're a son of God Christ however is the only begotten Son of God big difference so a third question was what are the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks very important question because Revelation chapter 1 sets not only the authorship and provides the prologue for the book of Revelation but towards the conclusion of Revelation chapter 1 Christ explains some of the symbolism and if you carry that symbolism into the rest of the book of Revelation for example the waters meaning people or well the let's answer the question what are the seven golden stars or the seven stars in the seven golden candlesticks why would he ask that question because when John was taken in the spirit on the Lord's Day as confirmed in verse one I was in the spirit on the Lord's Day or the day of the Lord he heard a great voice behind him saying I am Alpha IM Omega the first and the last I am he that lives and was dead and behold I am Alive for evermore Christ has the keys of hell and death and that is the entirety of the book of Revelation those that inherit eternal life within Yahshua's coming Kingdom and those that awaken unto everlasting contempt or shame that are vomited out of the mouth of God so when Christ appears on to John he has within his hands seven stars and seven candlesticks now the final verse of Revelation chapter 1 explains and answers this question the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks and that sets the theme for moving in to revelations chapter two and beyond meaning that Christ explains his symbolism and why would that be important because chapter one clearly outlines there is symbolism within the book of Revelation but the final chapter xxii says if any man adds to or takes away they'll be blotted out of the book of life so the answer for this is in Revelation chapter 1 verse 20 where Christ says the mystery of the Seven Stars which you saw in my right hand and the Seven golden candlesticks the seven stars are the angels of the seven churches and the seven candlesticks which thou John sawest are the seven churches now first glance you may be asking why is that important because we need to understand that Yahshua has all seven churches all seven pastors and or Angelo's or angels with in his hand we have proven through the eight parts thus far that there are technically seven characteristics of men there are seven spirits before the throne of God and those seven spirits are sent out into all the earth to testify of Jesus grace so the seven stars and the seven candlesticks seven candlesticks are seven churches seven stars are seven pastors Yahweh God is omnipotent he is in control of all things therefore what we're looking at at the beginning of the book of Revelation is for your edification your benefit that's outlined coming out the gate Christ holds the pastors and their churches within his hands because he controls all things however he has foretold you within his work and revelations chapter two and three clearly outlined how to find favor with Christ of those seven churches only to pound paper Smyrna and Philadelphia and both of them held the key of David and recognized something known as the synagogue of Satan therefore towards the end of the second week we presented the fourth question and that fourth question is what deeds does Ephesus hate like Christ now it's it important to understand that Christ does hate Yahweh God hates and modern Christendom will come in and say well God doesn't hate anybody well that's not true in fact the Bible outlines more things that God holds in contempt then he's pleased what so Christ hated something when dealing with the church at Ephesus known as the deeds of the Nicolaitans what deeds does Ephesus hate like Christ the answer for that is given right in verse 6 of Revelation chapter 2 Christ says unta thesis but this Dow hast that thou hatest the deeds of the Nicolaitans which I also hate so number one Christ has the ability to hate and we should hate unrighteousness well number two Ephesus did not find favor but they had many works and they resisted for the most part something known as the deeds of the Nicolaitans now at its core root Nick elations is transliterated from a word meaning st. Nick and of course being that it was Christmas we skirted completely around that topic but the deeds of the Nicolaitans is what Christ hates because Nicholas was in heretic now the deeds of the Nicolaitans ironically were carried by Jezebel into her church so the answer for the fourth question what deeds does ephesus paint just like Christ Revelation chapter 2 verse 6 the church at Ephesus hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans because Christ also hated them so does God have the ability to hate of course if we have the ability to hate and we are created in God's image naturally every feeling that we have so also says Christ now the fifth question that is for revelation part 5 is why does smyrna find favor with Yahshua the Christ I basically already answered that but that is one of the main reasons we're looking at the book of Revelation that is chapter 2 verse 9 and chapter 3 verse 9 we're looking at the church at Smyrna and Philadelphia both what is this key of David what is this synagogue of Satan well let's answer this question Smyrna finds favor with Christ because Revelation chapter 2 verse 9 where our Redeemer says I know your works and tribulation and poverty and I know the blasphemy up they who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan very interesting statement that we tend to overlook within Christian identity because well if we believe that there is a synagogue of Satan and they of the synagogue of Satan claim to be Jews or Judeans but or not well all Jews are of the synagogue of Satan but notice what's being said there are they who say they are what Jews but they are not jews or Judeans they are of a synagogue of satan so whether they come in and claim to be Judea or whether they use the slang term Jew your enemy is with the synagogue of Satan because they hide behind the facade of being Judeans why would that even be important because the root and offspring of David the lamb slain before the foundation of the world and the the bright and Morning Star only he hath prevailed and how are we going to prevail over this synagogue of satan' well we should notice that in Revelation chapter 2 it begins with emphasis and then Smyrna a good church but after Smyrna the church is progressively get worse that is in so Revelation chapter 2 when looking at Philadelphia so Smyrna as a congregation found favor because they were able to like we are to recognize false Judeans men and women who come to us and say well I'm Israelite - but aren't and that is why in part 5 I digressed into Saint John chapter 8 where Christ tells those Jews you're of your father the devil and the lust of your father you will do remember those same jude's responded by saying well we be Abraham seat and Christ had to tell them if you were Abraham's seed you would do the deeds of Abraham so Smyrna found favor for the same exact reason that Philadelphia found favor in the quote/unquote day of the Lord at the return of Christ because not only did they have works not only did they have tribulation and toils like all seven churches but they were able to recognize that not every one coming in claiming to be in Israelite or a Judean truly is that there are so-called Zionists who if you want to split hairs are technically Asian or Asiatic at their core root and they worship the great red dragon a revelation and that my friends is part of Antichrist plural and the singular Antichrist known as the man of sin the son of perdition remember Christ told them you are of your father the devil the Pauline epistles reiterates whosoever does not love his brother abides within death therefore you should be able to understand that Philadelphia which means within the Greek brotherly love why in addition to holding the key of David and the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not but are of the synagogue of Satan now let me point out the obvious many people come to this movement or to this book in general and even your mega churches have no problem at all coming in and saying well wolf worthful gospel even though they never teach it but many of those churches hold to something known as the doctrine of Balaam Balaam is an important figure within Christian identity and only Christian identity will expose the synagogue of Satan as far as I know there are hundreds of faith-based systems all claiming to have their beginnings and Christendom but none of those except for dual feed line will clearly tell you that there are imposter Jews because revelation 2:9 and 3:9 dictate that so the sixth question that was asked for revelation part six was just that what is the doctrine of Balaam Balaam was a Mesopotamian soothsayer he was commissioned by King Balak back in the Book of Numbers to go out against the children of Israel and to prophesy falsely against him basically to quench their spirit so they would no longer war for God but the doctrine of Balaam is outlined in numbers chapter 22 23 and 24 and also throughout the first three chapters of the book of Revelation and in many epistles the doctrine of Balaam is to teach our men and women that fornication is okay and that you can eat food sacrificed unto idols fornication is an important word because we tend to think just like in the case of adultery well that's just when a man or a woman cheats on their spouse but truth be told fornication incorporates all forms of unchastity and anything in which you add am pure of elements unto adultery a prime example of that adultery can mean cheating on your spouse because your marriage bed is defiled or adulterated meaning it had a strange element added into it but so also is homosexuality and normos and miscegenation fornication though isn't it interesting that so far in this series two of the main churches held the doctor to Balaam and one was a little worse because they had a Jezebel female preacher coming in and not only teaching that doctrine of Balaam that it's okay to fornicate in Jesus loves you just as you are but that you could eat anything your little heart desires so where is the answer for this question what is the doctrine of Balaam it is found in Revelation chapter 2 verse 14 Christ says this to the church at Pergamos I have a few things against thee because thou hast there them that hold the doctrine of Balaam and the doctrine of Balaam is outlined here who taught Balak to cast a stumbling-block before the children of Israel and to eat things sacrificed unto idols in committing fornication now the book of Revelation at least the first to chap free chapters takes place right before the return of Christ day of the Lord and isn't it interesting that so far three of those churches that we've looked at all deal with fornication whether it's divorce homosexuality or miscegenation we are living in a great time of fornication where if you turn on the television well that happens to be the buzzword right so beware of that the purpose of Revelation chapter 2 and 3 is so you can reevaluate and see and you belong to a church body that has these particular characteristics is your church quote/unquote like Smyrna and we'll teach about impostor Jews is your church like Pergamos and hold to a doctrine that says you can eat whatever you want that you can just pray over pork it's fine and it's not sacrificed unto an idol or you can fornicate with whoever you want in a church-like ethicists that even though about half of the members held to the deeds of the Nicolaitans a few of those members were told hold baths that is the purpose of Revelation so you can find where you are within the world so you can gauge your bearings now if you belong to a church that's promoting the doctrine of balaam my advices lead that church immediately every single one of these churches had works travail tribulation they overcame oh so many obstacles but we're still spewed out of the mouth of Christ and judgment why because one two or three within the church isn't enough it requires the entire church body like Smyrna and Philadelphia because when one of our members is defiled for fornication of any degree so also is the whole body of Christ defiled so the doctrine of balaam if you're interested is outlined in numbers chapter 22 to 24 and I gave you a summation of that but it's interesting to note that this method potamia false prophet who would preach for the highest bidder who would preach solely for money thousands of years ago find revival in the day of the Lord two churches both of which held unto the doctrine of Balaam the doctrine of Balaam is fornicating and eating whatever you want the seventh question the seventh question of course accompany revelation part seven the seventh question is who is the bright and morning star of Revelation now I feel this is a very important teaching why Revelation chapter 22 outlines part of that in verse 12 Christ says behold I come quickly and my reward is with me to get every man according to their own works I am Alpha and Omega once again the beginning and the end the first and the last and verse seven for example outlines even more so behold I come quickly blessed is he that keeps the sayings of the prophecy of this book not the Bible in general but the book of Revelation which is why Revelation chapter 22 ends on that note If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy God shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city which is New Jerusalem and all the things which are written in this book not the whole Bible why is that important the book of Revelation outlines the rewards and the consequences for each particular church body at least at the beginning as you begin the book of Revelation If any man adds to or takes away from the book of Revelation they will be taken out of the book of life now that book of life is considered the Lamb's Book of Life and that lamb was slain before the foundation of the world and so in part 7 of our audio series looking at the book of Revelation we actually answered that question who is the bright and morning star of Revelation it's not Lucifer because Lucifer in Hebrew means bright and morning star the bright and morning star of Revelation is Jesus the Christ and that of course is confirmed in Revelation chapter 2 when dealing with the church at Thyatira notwithstanding I have a few things against thee because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetess to teach and seduce my servants and to make commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols this Christ doesn't come back and say I have a problem with Jezebel because she's teaching thoughtfully Christ comes back and says Jezebel calls herself a prophetess very important because women can't preach within the Word of God and when they do they usually compound injury adding insult to it and that's what we see first we had a church that held to the doctrine of Balaam which we just outlined now we have a church that has a Jezebel prophetess what is Jezebel mean a prophetess of Bale's so isn't it interesting that if you go into any church building throughout the land they usually will have two things in common that they will tell you number one is the Lord meaning bail lives here and number two that the doctrine of Balaam is okay doesn't matter how you live doesn't matter if you're homosexual if you're cheating on your wife or if you're miss educating God loves you false wrong a total lie there's an interesting that when Christ returns the only two that enter into the kingdom were the two churches that knew of the synagogue of Satan and held something known as the key of David the same key of David that's not far removed from Christ holding the keys of life and death so the bright and morning star of Revelation is Jesus Christ and this is important because we know in Isaiah for example I don't have my notes written down at this point but yeah exactly Isaiah chapter 14 verse 12 I knew where it was how thou art fallen from heaven o Lucifer son of the morning how art thou cut down to the ground which did weaken the Israelite nations for thou hast said within by heart I will ascend into heaven I will exalt my throne above the Mount of the congregation I will set above the stars of God I will ascend I will be like the Most High so if Lucifer means bright and morning star in Hebrew very important to understand that Satan comes first according to the timetable that is outlined in Revelation don't believe me well consider second Thessalonians chapter 2 verse 2 Paul writes now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and our gathering together with him that you be not soon shaken in mind or troubled by spirit word or letter because the day of the Lord is at hand understand the day of the Lord exactly what's outlined in Revelation because Christ tells each church repent because I will come quickly what does he come forward to gather it's already written Paul continues in 2nd Thessalonians verse 3 chapter 2 let no man deceive you by any means for that day what day Judgment Day will not come except there be a falling away first and that man of sin be revealed the son of perdition not only that who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshipped so that he as God sits in the temple of God showing himself that He is God now first glance that may seem like nothing but isn't it interesting that the Bible says Christ will return to the Mount of Olives the temple of God is found within Jerusalem and we learned from second Thessalonians chapter 2 that there are both singular and plural Antichrist that's a mistake we make oftentimes within Christian identity because we say hey the Jews are Antichrist that's true by deed anyone who denies Christ as Messiah or denies his deity is Antichrist however there is this man of sin the son of perdition which is a leader of all Antichrist who will come in claiming peace peace when there is no peace and claim to be the bright and morning star of Revelation which is why Christ would say over and over let him who has ears here because you won't hear unless Christ gives you those ears Satan comes first before Christ very important and we're going to look at that more in detail as we move into next month February of 2018 as we complete chapter 3 move into four and five and from that point on it's basically all prophecy that's open you can take it anywhere you want but revelation chapter two and three are stuck they were written by John who is commissioned to rebuke five of the seven churches for Jesus Christ and each one of them has a characteristic this is seen in the name Philadelphia and the name Pergamos and those characteristics in our future ascent that is those things which are to be is what we need to look at so that brings me to the final question of our series that is for January the eighth question it accompanies revelation part eight and it is what are the white garments of the overcomers now this is an interesting question because basically because Ephesians chapter two verse eight says we are saved by grace through faith modern Christendom comes in and teaches grace old life obviously they can't understand that you're saved by faith through grace meaning it's a work faith that's our faith that overcomes the world now the white garments of the overcomers as I said at the beginning of today's livestream are comprised of our righteous works are considered to be the righteousness of the saints and the white garments are given at the marriage supper of the lamb a Christ taught two parables pertaining to that event technically three parable of the foolish virgins parable of the marriage supper and the parable of the marriage feast and the parable of the marriage feast God tells the servants whom this book is written for to go out into the streets and compel them to come because they who were invited didn't come and the parable of the marriage supper Christ finds a particular person without their garment on these white garments and says depart locks the door behind them and finally in the parable of the foolish virgins there were ten virgins five or white meaning they were equipped they had oil within their lamps and fiber foolish now the five foolish virgins come unto the five wise because they know that the bridegroom cometh and they say give us some of your and the wise virgins say no not so you're not getting any of my oil why because number one they were wise number two there is a cut-off point that cutoff point is the day of the Lord when Christ's foot touches down on the Mount of Olives repentance grace mercy too late so as we go through life it's important if we sin if we mess up repent always stay right with God and as we go we need to reevaluate ourselves the men and women that teach us things to see that they are like the Nicolaitans are like a Jezebel or are like this Church of Pergamos where the very seat of Satan dwells the white garments are the righteousness of the saints and I believe that answer is found in Revelation yeah chapter five didn't have this written down either but uh verse nine they sung a new song that is who the overcomers and what song is that they sing they sing the song of Moses which shows the importance of the Old Testament canon they sung a new song saying thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof for thou Jesus Christ was slain and you have redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred and has made us kings and priests and we shall reign within the earth look a revelation now we tend to think you know if Christ comes back and he rebukes these particular people it's like there's a gate here and a guy here go to hell on this side and go into heaven on this side but the kingdom my friend is assured in with Christ at his return and that Kingdom is found right here on earth part of that was answered right here you have made us who Christ me and you as an Israelite we are made through his blood kings and priests that means we will judge the nation's so far in eight parts we've proven all of these things why are these questions important it's important to understand that it is Jesus revelation not John's revelation because man will come in and tell you well the Bible's been written and rewritten thousands of times not if Jesus Christ is behind it if Yahshua who is omnipotent and in control of all things is behind the Word of God then even with errors it is preserved exactly how he wants it for the edification and use of the same number - who is the beginning and all beginning and end of all things it's important to understand that that also is Christ because many people will be looking for God to return and never even understanding that Jesus Christ is he now notice Christ says no man comes unto the Father except by me he also says if you have seen me you have seen the father so many of us make the mistake of thinking that Jesus is up front and God is behind him when in reality they are one John chapter 17 verse 17 confirms that the seven stars and the seven golden candlesticks which are in the right hand of Jesus Christ are important to understand as well because we oftentimes sink within the quagmire of disbelief because we see all this negative thing going on we see fornication homosexuality and the doctrine of balaam being promoted on every level so understand that the world is in God's hand that is the theme of revelation get right with God not the church not man not your neighborhood and most assuredly not men who come to CI and say I am - okay it's important to understand that Ephesus hated the deeds of the Nicolaitans just like you and I we're able to it come in and say this man's a false prophet because it doesn't align with Scripture however Ephesus didn't make it into the kingdom so we run that risk to the examples of those who did were Philadelphia a church that loved their brother and Smyrna it's important to understand that Smyrna found favor with Christ for that very reason we live in a world where they'll come in saying the Jews are God's chosen well John chapter 8 doesn't outline that what we looked at today and second Thessalonians chapter 2 doesn't outline that clearly says a man has said an imposter group of people and Antichrist will come it's important to look at the doctrine of balaam because Balaam is an infamous biblical example and in my estimation not too far removed from John Hagee and Joel Osteen and Billy Graham that will preach for the highest bidder at given time now for all intents and purposes Christian identity it's very small but we're gonna look at that in just a minute but there's a handful of supporters holding that key of David so you know consider that the doctrine of balaam is anything goes but with God not everything goes finally it's important to understand that Jesus Christ is the bright and Morning Star of Revelation so you can withstand the Antichrist when it sits where it ought not in the Temple of Jerusalem saying that he is God and exalting himself above even you and I the Czar's of God so that he as God sits in the temple of God in Jerusalem showing himself to the world that He is God when he's no God at all in fact the very first lie he told Eve in the very beginning was God knows that in the day you partake of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil your eyes will be opened and you will be like God and yeah I know there is one Bible verse within the scripture that says ye are gods that is a possessive noun that means you belong to God you can't ever be a god you may be able to be a king and a queen and you may be able to comprise part of his body with Christ as to ha being God but we're not God and that brings me to the eighth and final question again which is already answered it's important to understand that the white garments of the saints is their righteousness because most of Christendom tell you that there's nothing you can do to be saved yeah there is having faith that overcomes the world and that faith allows God to give you grace so you can be saved James says faith without works is dead so if you come to this movement and you say hey I have lots of faith it does nothing if you don't act upon that and that brings me to the final point for today's livestream and that is I would like to thank the few men women and children that have supported this ministry over the last month and a half you know I've often said that I would preach full-time if there was a need for it and if support reflected that but I'm not gonna work overtime for people that don't care that should be common sense now what's interesting as well about looking at the supporters for the month of January 2018 is with the exception of about two people they're all the same exact supporters from January 2017 and short what I'm getting to is coming at people's ministry and my preaching is paid for by about eight people that have been with me and have been grandfathered in and while that is a biblical mandate that out of a hundred one and out of a thousand maybe ten will support to me it seems so unfair that a small group of people have to support for everyone else so I would like to thank for the month of January 2018 Holly with an F Eric with a Z Curtis with an N therap with a G Adam with a k willeth with a c' Jack with a T Rhema with an R and John with an H Curtis with an N and Kevin with an A that's it for January 2018 basically every one of these from Revelation were paid for by those men women and children and if I missed anybody which is unlikely I apologize now what's interesting is if you go back to last year January is the only month that actually had two months with on it there was zero support in fact this time last year I was $500 overdrawn at the bank now what's interesting is stay close attention for January 2017 Kurt with an N Farren with the G Holly with an S James in Hawaii Troy my over the road trucker friend and Paul and joy well isn't it interesting that a few of these men actually left Michael for example used to tie to me regularly and euro folk radio body Mountain gave us on time slot so I took a hurt in there I bring that up of course is because many of you may be aware that I got fired up at Euro folk radio thank God for preaching that a bishop must be blameless the husband of one wife having his children ruled and all authority and subjection verbatim from the Pauline epistles Titus and Timothy so they determined to get rid of me fine by me I wanted out of there but after the fact beginning in September I actually had a quick amount of support strong amount of support that I'd never seen before so there were a lot of people that were actually happy that I left there long story short Michael and a few others from January of 2017 got bought out so if they can't control you like they attempted to do me over there and tell me what to preach who told me what I can and cannot say then they attempt to hit you where it really hurts which is in your pocketbook and so that's just the way it is so I'm not trying to death on anybody what I'm saying is thank you for your loyalty truly I would preach for one Eric one Kevin one John one Ferrum any of these men one Adam and I continue to do so but the moment that stops the moment that support stops I unlike everybody else within Christian identity I'm done I'm out of there I don't need to preach that is I don't have this burning desire within me to share through the world what it is that I believe so I would like to thank the few men women and children that make my preaching available if I forgot you once again thank you and never neglect to support as I said on part eight usually beginning March first until the end of the year we're self-sufficient we don't need any support but because of the winter months when it comes to December January and February those are the months that hurt and as you could see last year January and February were on the same not for 2018 very good hopefully looking at those particular questions has helped you and at least given you an overview of what we covered so far now February has eight time slots so once again just like in January 2018 we're going to be releasing the next eight sermons and then when we get to part sixteen towards the end of February we're going to have another one of these hour-long Q&A sessions where we go over the questions in the meantime if you are a subscriber or a listener on Vimeo dailymotion or YouTube feel free to answer the questions if you're lead of the Holy Spirit and never neglect to support this ministry and until next time this is pastor misser for Brooks Georgia the covenant people's Church wanting to thank you and your entire family great studies and war for Christ amen.

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