The Morning Stars (Part #7)

by Pastor Jeromy John Visser


Beloved, we're nearing the Christmas season so this time of year many Christians will be reading the Biblical story of Jesus' birth. Sadly, very few believers genuinely understand who the Messiah is much less His reasons for coming so this essential topic will be covered in this seventh sermon. We'll probe deeper into the proclamation of Christ's coming and further examine the concepts of "dragons" as found in scripture. Even more, the theories of both Lilith and 'Bel and the Dragon' will be somewhat covered. That being said, let's now begin:

(Christ's Annunciation:)

As we momentarily covered in the first part of this series, the annunciation of Christ's coming was made to the virgin by the archangel Gabriel (1a). Obviously, Mary was a faithful woman chosen of Yahweh. In keeping with the numerous prophecies of old, Gabriel told her “Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women” (Luke 1:28) because it was through her elected bloodline that Jesus Christ would come and fulfill every prophecy concerning the coming Messiah from the Old Testament (2b).

The continuing account explains that Mary was troubled by what the angel Gabriel had told her yet she was further instructed; “Fear not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name Jesus” (Luke 1:30-31). The literal definition of grace is "unmerited favor" so naturally the virgin Mary was held in high regard by Yahweh being selected to bring forth Emmanuel "God with us" (Matthew 1:23) or rather God Himself manifest in flesh form (I Timothy 3:16).

The Messiah being "anointed" aside, Gabriel further promises her; “He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of his father David: And he shall reign over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his kingdom there shall be no end” (Luke 1:32-33). Notice that the scripture teaches Jesus Christ will reign over the house of Jacob forever and not 'all nations' indiscriminately? This means is that Jesus is only the King of Israel and was sent to His covenant people alone (John 1:49).

This concept is very important because later Christ teaches; I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel (Matthew 15:24) and further instructs His disciples; Go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel” (Matthew 10:6). Simply put, Christian followers had best be Israelites or they're simply out of luck when it comes to redemption by the Kinsman Redeemer. Only those under God's Law can be "saved" by, through and from it. The new covenant was made with the same people from the old (Jeremiah 31:31 & Hebrews 8:8).

The genuine Christian struggle naturally comes over the identification of Yahweh's covenant people. Christian Identity holds that the British, Germanic, and Scandinavian people are those who comprise the tribes of Israel while present "judeo-Christians" teach that these same individuals from the Old Testament are feverishly "the contemporary jews." Of course this has no Biblical support and is scripturally impossible as "jew" is merely a slang term for Judean or Judahite (#H3064). Judah was only one of the twelve sons of Jacob/Israel.

Perhaps the most important thing to be noticed about the birth of Christ is His very reason for coming. The scripture teaches us that Christ; “Must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet. The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death” (I Corinthians 15:25-26). Death is simply another name for Satan (Revelation 6:8) and because of his transgression with Eve in the Garden of Eden Christ was sent against mortality offering His followers eternal life through His sacrifice on the cross (Romans 5:12). Let's scrutinize this same serpent:

(The Dragon:)

Towards the end of the New Testament we're told; “[The angel] seized the dragon, the ancient serpent, who is [the] Devil and Satan, the one leading astray [deceiving] the whole inhabited earth, and he bound him [for] a thousand years” (Revelation 20:2 alt). Without "spiritualizing away" this verse we can see that Satan, or the devil, is called "the dragon" and he's bound for a thousand years meaning the millennial reign. Dragons have an unusual place in scripture and are fairly covered in the Apocryphal book 'Bel and the Dragon' (3c).

For the advantage of those Christians who follow inaccurate "no-devil doctrines" (4d) it should be pointed out that scripture blatantly calls this dragon "ancient" and equates it to both Satan and the devil. The King James Version calls him "that old serpent" and there's a mandatory second witness in Revelation 12:9 (bbe); “The great dragon was forced down, the old snake, who is named the Evil One and Satan, by whom all the earth is turned from the right way; he was forced down to the earth, and his angels were forced down with him.”

This would naturally be the same "serpent" that beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden and brought death into existence causing both her and Adam to fall from their initial state of grace. This is considered "the original sin" and it's not designed to instill guilt into Christians rather to explain how death was brought into the world and provide an example of what happens when God's children refuse to hearken unto His undying commandments. Initially, nothing was forbidden to Adam and Eve save one "tree" so logically that's what they sought after.

The way of man is to serve himself as opposed to Yahweh but the good news is that the Dragon is eventually overcome and with all finality is sentenced to expire as the "Son of Perdition" he truly is. The Christian adversary is the only creature outright sentenced to perish by name in scripture (Isaiah 14:11-12 & II Thessalonians 2:3) thus his overthrow and ultimate defeat will be covered in the next (and final) part of this extensive series. This annihilation of the immoral is considered a reward to God's faithful remnant (Psalm 37:34).

The obliteration of Satan is not the death of God's chosen nor is it His covenant people finally obtaining power over their weakened flesh as many false prophets teach - it's the outright removal of death from God's Kingdom which has always been on earth (Matthew 6:10 & 16:19). It's also finally taking dominion over the Devil and his many children by removing them from amongst the Kingdom like imposter tares (Matthew 13:38-43). Such pitiful creatures exist today and push the agenda of their depraved "father" on well-meaning Christians.

For example, the Bible teaches us that the day of the Yahweh's "retribution" against His elected people's enemies; “Thorns shall come up in her palaces, nettles and brambles in the fortresses thereof: and it shall be an habitation of dragons, and a court for owls. The wild beasts of the desert shall also meet with the wild beasts of the island, and the satyr shall cry to his fellow; the screech owl also shall rest there, and find for herself a place of rest” (Isaiah 34:13-14). Before concluding, two particular details should be established about this passage:

First, the term "dragons" as used in this context means a monster or serpent (#H8565) showing that both desolation and demonic influences come into play during the downfall of Edom. Secondly, the "screech owl" mentioned is transliterated from the Hebrew word lîylîyth meaning “a night spectre” (#H3917). This is the only place where the wandering spirit Lilith is mentioned in our Authorized Bibles and she "finally finds a place of rest" during God's overthrow because at long last there's none left subject to her manipulation (5e).


My intention with this seventh part of the series is to shed more light on the existence of a literal Satan. Why is this important and what difference does it make? It's quite simple - those who are unable to read the Bible as it's plainly written shouldn't even be attempting to teach others the scriptures because it draws others away into the dangerous practice of spiritualizing away unembellished concepts. Be on guard against those who say that Jesus didn't mean exactly what He taught or that the scripture needs to be "deciphered" by them alone.

There is no private interpretation in Yahweh's eternal Word (II Peter 1:20) yet false doctrines are seemingly born every day, most likely born of man's own ignorance, emotionalism or failure to read. The Bible is our measure of standard concerning all doctrine (II Timothy 3:16) and is also the Christian's "weapon" against false prophets who twist Yahweh's guidelines (Ephesians 6:17). This same Word has the ability to save God's covenant people in every generation without Bible "instructors." The Word of God is flawless (Hebrews 4:12).

The concluding piece of this eight-part series on The Morning Stars will deal with the rebellious angels' fall from elegance and Yahweh finally vanquishing Satan for eternity (6f). It's my prayer that these sermons about God's cherubs will help those who seek comfort from the Bible or refuge from the numerous counterfeit dogmas that exist today. Let's all be sure to battle against those who teach contrary to God's undying Word and only encourage those who seek to prove its faultlessness for the elected Israel people. War for Christ! Amen.


(1a) Gabriel's name means “Man of God” and the prophet Enoch says he is; “one of the holy angels, who is over Paradise and the serpents and the Cherubim” (Enoch 20:7-8). If Gabriel is overlord of Paradise (or Eden) and the very Cherubim themselves, then it's a also safe to assume that Gabriel and Yahweh directly dealt with Adam and Eve's expulsion (Genesis 3:24). Christ teaches that angels are immortal (Luke 20:36) destroying any attempt by those who wish to claim the angelic host are ordinary men. Much like the archangel Michael, Gabriel appears to Daniel having “the appearance of a man” (Daniel 8:15) and possesses the ability to “fly swiftly” (Daniel 9:21). These accounts were, of course, about six hundred years before he made his declaration of the coming Messiah to the virgin Mary thus it's impossible that Gabriel was a mortal man. More detailed information on Gabriel (in addition to other cherubim) can be found in both The Morning Stars (Part#1) and The Morning Stars (Part#3).

(2b) This is particularly imperative because many modern antichrists teach that the Messiah of God's Israel people has yet to come but this is simply not the case. For example, the Babylonian Talmud teaches; “Those who read the Gospels are doomed to Hell” (Sanhedrin 90a, 100b, pp.601-602, 680) and “When Messiah comes He will destroy the Christians” (Sanhedrin 99a,p.668). Perhaps most telling is the statement “Christians are allied with Hell, and Christianity is worse than incest” (Abodah Zarah 17a, p.85). Naturally, it would be those that waited on Christ's coming in times past who would predominantly follow Him today. Historically, Christianity has always been a Caucasian religion because modern "judeo-Christianity" didn't actually exist prior to 1948. More information on the Babylonian jewish Talmud can be found here.

(3c) Bel and the Dragon is considered part of the Apocrypha because it was removed from the original book of Daniel, much like Susanna. The story is found in the Septuagint and was certainly known and taught by Christ during His short ministry. Bel and the Dragon tells the story of Daniel remaining steadfast in his walk with Yahweh and defeating Bel (or Baal) "which the Babylonians revered." This idol Bel bears much resemblance to the false gods Marduk and Tiamat and was partially explained in the online version of Satanel. This CPM book has been a long time coming but should finally be released by early Spring alongside the paperback edition of The Morning Stars (this same series). If you're interested in obtaining either of these titles for your home library or personal and group study, feel free to pre-order your copy today!

(4d) The erroneousness of the contemporary "no-devil doctrines" that have crept into Christian Identity has recently been covered in the distinctive broadcast “Praying For The Death of God's Enemies” made available by the ANSWP Spiritual Hour. During this show, Michael Burks and Pastor Visser discuss the importance of the duel-seedline doctrine and why many self-ordained false prophets continually work against its Biblical basis. This 64 minute audio sermon is available in both the WMA (9.46 mb) and the MP3 (10.9 mb) formats and can also be obtained through Covenant People's Godcasts. Additional audio sermon files can be discovered in the CPM Audio Section.

(5e) More information on Lilith can be found in the Dead Sea Scrolls from the Song for a Sage; “I, the Instructor, proclaim His glorious splendor so as to frighten and to terrify all the spirits of the destroying angels, spirits of the bastards, demons, Lilith, howlers, desert dwellers and those which fall upon men without warning to lead them astray from a spirit of understanding and to make their heart desolate during the present dominion of wickedness and predetermined time of humiliations for the sons of light, by the guilt of the ages of those smitten by iniquity – not for eternal destruction, but for an era of humiliation for transgression.” Some in Christian Identity hold that Lilith is the feminine form of Satan who caused Adam to fall as his personal "serpent" found in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Read more about Lilith here.

(6f) This next part will be the conclusion of this series and future sermons will focus less on angels or demons and more on the exclusiveness of Israel and the teachings of Jesus Christ. As long as false prophets continue to self-ordain themselves and push Talmudic premises into Christian Identity this ministry will continue to combat against them and expose their godless schemes. Be warned that the CI subsection at Stromfront Forums has been infiltrated by power-tripping whorish women and imposters that seek to lead Yahweh's covenant people into apostasy and conquest. It's a shame that we live in a day where the teachings of Dr. Wesley A. Swift, Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet and Pastor Richard Butler can so easily be defiled by such Satanic creatures but it's ironically to be expected. Men and women of wisdom should be able to see right through their non-Biblical doctrines and mark them for deletion from Yahweh's Kingdom. It's not only expected by Yahweh but outright required (Deuteronomy 13:3).

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