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hello again friends and thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of the covenant peoples ministry and Church near Atlanta Georgia and today I'm pleased to continue in our look at the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and we left off last time in chapter 4 but where Paul is rebuking the foolish Galatians for falling back into a form of apostasy what's interesting about this is that Paul has such love for his converts in Galatia but the false prophet comes right in like they do so many times and bewitched them through sorcery and basically false Dogma what's interesting is Paul was considered a criminal by the Pharisees he once worked for that was when he was a Christian and he basically reminds them of that fact he says well when I was a criminal you received me but in comes these slick false prophets with their smooth words and selling of snake oil the nine times out of 10 people can fall away now what we're going to be covering today is kind of important because this deals with one of the greatest statements Paul makes and that is have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth Christ became the enemy of oh so many people as he walked because he could only tell truth it wasn't within him to lie or bear false witness and back scripture says there was no guile in him and so it is oftentimes men will come they will walk with you you can convert them you can teach them you can even have fellowship one with another and then usually you'll say something or something will rear its ugly head like Dogma right or Jeannette and then you become their enemy so without further ado we left off in Galatians 4 where Paul says in verse a how be it then when he knew not God you did service unto them which by nature are not gods and if you remember at the close of the last segment I took you the vessel onehans and Romans improved oftentimes it is way of the natural man to come in and worship the creation over the Creator and we see this so many times especially in this latter era but Paul follows that up with this statement in verse 9 he says but now after you have known God or rather are known of him how turn ye again to the weak and beggarly elements where until you desire again to be in bondage in bondage to what well the world in many ways and there are so many things that are outlined in the Pauline epistles as the beggarly elements of the world or the ways of the Gentiles basically going and being completely 100% wallis and so it stands today many of our people they don't even try to follow the law of God and if you were to come in and tell them that the law is eternal though usually mock you and oftentimes can become your enemy so in order to prove what Paul is saying here turn with me to first Corinthians Paul definitely goes back and forth in the book of Galatians to many teachings that he taught in other epistles so in 1st Corinthians we learn in chapter 8 verse 3 Paul says here let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence and likewise the wife unto the husband because the wife has not power of her own body but the husband and likewise also the husband doesn't have power over his own body but the wife now on its surface that could seem very chauvinistic but notice Paul usually will always talk about a structure and that structure is always oneness male/female Greek Jew quote unquote but in eighth chapter three but if any man what God the same is known of them that's a damning statement for those who truly believe that you can be justified by the works of the law which you cannot now I have said this many many times but the way of judeo-christian them is usually to come in and say all you need to do is open your heart to Jesus but what about this statement god only knows them that know him Christ clearly taught it you have to ask in order to receive you out to seek in order to find so logically there's a lot of people down here on earth that aren't even seeking to follow God's law or God in general and in that regard that is what we could consider in many ways a beggarly element but I want you to understand the Galatians didn't go out and say you know what this day I decide to turn from the gospel rather what they had were false prophets who came in and were able to convince them and say hey you don't want to follow Paul Paul used to be a Pharisee fall Paul sits in jail after all paul writes these letters because he's incarcerated and there must be good reason right well Paul definitely was persecuted and in that regard the fact that he was locked up was for righteous works in fact he continues to say you observe days and months and times and years now what does that mean in light of the law because we know that there are appointed feasts that are given by Yahweh God Tabernacles Passover etc what this means is that being an observer of these particular things days months kinds of years when Yahweh's law clearly said you're not to observe times being the keyword observing is an outward show of religion and that's what a majority of people do throughout the land now Paul says here you're observing days and months you know you're coming in and you're going to these festivals you're putting on an outward show for the world to see that you're so pious right is that any different than what we see today because many people who would never even consider going to a church seemingly usually have no problem even if they don't believe in the book or in God and Christ Jesus going to a church on Easter on Christmas on particular set days being an absorber why because outwardly they can project that they somehow or another are Christian but Paul most assuredly teaches in Galatians Ephesians and many of these epistles the God tries the hearts the hearts and the minds the intents of men so consider another statement we've already covered it right here in Galatians but in chapter 3 Paul says right at the very beginning Oh foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should not obey the truth before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth and crucified among you this only what I learned it will did you receive the spirit by the works of the law of the hearing of faith are you so foolish having begun in the spirit are you now made perfect by the flesh flesh-and-blood do not adhere at the kingdom of God flesh and blood are important and in CI most of especially because oftentimes we are instructed to be a Fisher of men and if we were to be men fishers then one of the greatest ways you can hook people within the movement it's the flesh of blood telling them that they're special to God and even outside of the movement oftentimes people who have heard their whole life that this book is the history of the Jews when you're able to shed that veil lift it so they're able to see why oftentimes flesh can be the beginning but you finish in the spirit which is what I've taught countless sons it rarely works the other way but it can people can come from the spirit being accepted of Yahweh God and go right back to the works of the law thinking that they'll be justified through the Mosaic law or through their observance of rituals another thing I want you to consider is found in Colossians before we move on here in Galatians Paul says in Colossians chapter 2 beginning in verse 20 Paul says wherefore if you be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world why as the living in the world are you subject to ordinances blood rituals and ordinances from the law not the law itself but this is the point he says right before this in verse 18 in Colossians chapter 2 let no man beguile you or defraud you of what of your reward in a voluntary humility and worshipping of angels intruding into those things which he has not seen vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind how important is that honestly in light of what we know from Scripture that the devil fell through pride and even Christ taught that pride goes before a fall so is that for the sake of those that are prideful to be cast down not really because it's the will of God that all come to repentance that statement pride goes before a fall is for you for when you see a vain prideful and egotistical man you know a fall is coming either for that man or you if you follow them so Paul's not saying not to observe the Passover or the Feast of Trumpets Paul is saying you observe days and months and these festivals many people do that they come to see I they want to be seen as a pastor I've seen this countless times they open forms they call themselves even a ministry but they never have any works to their credit they've never preached a sermon and can't even speak for us as a study for another day but beware of men that wants you to see them as something they're not that's what the Pharisee did and Paul we know that because he once was a fantasy so he would know better than any one else so let's pick our study back up in Galatians but in verse 11 of chapter 4 paul says i have afraid of you lest I have bestowed upon your labor in vain and that's a poor rendering because this one changing of this one word from for to of makes it look like Paul is a chump but I want you to understand something even if you take verse 11 to say I am afraid of you when most manuscripts render that as I am afraid for you the same analogy applies because oftentimes someone you help someone who claims to love you someone who comes to your form or ties to you even a valid member of your ministry can become the most dangerous adversary that you'll ever face my off base and saying that not at all who betrayed Christ Judas in fulfillment of a prophecy my own friend my familiar hath lifted up his heel against me so understand that point okay now continuing on Paul says I'm afraid for you lest I have bestowed upon you labour in vain and truly that can be the case for any minister of God's Word perhaps nothing hurts more than getting someone to believe the Word of God the account or the quote-unquote gospel and have them walk for with you for a while or a season and then turn against you and consider you their enemy that is the story of Christ the story of Paul and the story of every genuine preacher Christ clearly said woe unto you when the entire world speaks well of you in short you don't want a majority of people coming in and speaking well of you Paul already taught it right here in Galatians if I yet pleased men I should not be the servant of Christ so obviously a majority of those men pleasing preachers out there who are tickling the ears of their congregation telling them what they want to hear are not a servant of God they're not known of him now they can come in and say I know God but does God know them their question is it not Christ clearly said have I not called you twelve to his disciples and one of you is a double Christ us to call him so he says I'm afraid upon you lest I laboured upon you in vain okay so turn with me to Thessalonians and we're going to drive home this point Paul would reuse this terminology laboring in Bank and as a true minister of Christ I don't think anybody truly put forth as much effort at least under the New Covenant as this Apostle Paul first Thessalonians 4 chapter 3 this is what we learned beginning in verse 4 Paul says for verily when we were with you we told you before that we should suffer tribulation even as it came to pass and you should know for this cause when I could no longer forbear I said to know your faith lest by some means the tempter have tempted you and our labor be in vain notice he uses that term and he also uses the term tempt or or temptation pretty much the analogy he's giving here beguilement being deceived and so in context of what we've proven so far it's obvious that Paul was a persecuted Christian apostle and because he was because many people would come in and smear him or they would talk evil against him all it took to bewitch the Galatians was a smooth-talking false prophet sound familiar well it should because this behavior still goes on today all it takes is someone to come in and tell you hey open your heart to Jesus you're never going to suffer flying in the face of the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation and a majority will say hey that sounds good because it's human nature to want to prosper to want to win to want to excel so Paul then continues on after he says I'm afraid for you because you're in the hands of the tempter to paraphrase he says in verse 12 brethren I beseech you ye as I am for IMF ye are you have not injured me at all o saying you haven't made my wot life any worse and that's the other thing I really want to bring forth in today's lecture as many people and there have been quite a handful of men and women who've come to my ministry and turned against me and as many as there has been what's interesting about it is they never injured me in fact they only elevate me through speaking against me so I bring that up because I want you to understand discernment you have to discern the fruits to know who's true and who's you obviously a man who's preached 1,500 sermons it's going to have a little bit more of a reputation and a clout and come up in with NCI that a person who just opens a forum and says you know what I'm going to judge who I think is good and not that's a Pharisee Christ said judge not lest you be judged in the same exact manner and I'll put in a little bit here as well the reason I believe he says that is because man can't judge without messing up you don't know the intentions or the belief system or the worldview of the person you judge and thus it's easier to see inconsistencies and others than it is ourselves so notice he says I beseech you you're just like I am you haven't caused me any harm and I want you to understand that and to my detractor whom I know listen to every broadcast you haven't injured me one that you can't the Word of God says you can't touch the anointed of God so don't bring curses upon your own head and that's not even in relation to me you're better off just not speaking of other men because by the Bible and Paul clearly say we shouldn't say anything except that which becometh the gospel so let's continue reading he says you know how through infirmity of the flesh I preached the gospel unto you at the first Paul's basically saying I was a criminal in the eyes of the world being a Christian and a faithful minister and you knew that just like Peter who knew that he walked with Gentiles and seemingly didn't have a problem until the Pharisees and the Jews came in the fear of the Jews and they said oh you don't want to dine with those them they're sinners but who were the bigger centers those who didn't go after the lost sheep in dysphoria being gentle Peter not Paul and it still stands this way today there are still ignoring misses who want you to not hearken unto poll because it's 80 percent of the New Testament and 80 percent of that is still spiritually applied the other 20% at the hands of Paul is a reiteration of the Abrahamic Adamic and the Covenant made would be as you like people so try as they will they can't get through this you know how through the infirmity of the flesh I preached the gospel to you at the first isn't that interesting because the way of the smearer tack or a smear artist is usually to come in and say hey you know it's really great you criminal you've overcome the obstacles of the world and then turn right around and attack a man who's never done crying who's never failed because he's not cursed of God speaking of myself so if you really judge the fruit you can see it plain as day okay the Jew doesn't come in under the ADL on the southern Southern Poverty Law Center they come in and claim to be CI every single time and there's been countless books written on that of agent provocateurs who usually nine times out of ten try to provoke you into a violent act a violent app flying in the face of Christ who clearly said don't uproot the terrors playing in the face of Yahweh God who clearly said well all mark came so no one can kill them unless they're avenged seven times over so let's continue Paul says after he was a criminal technically afflicted in the flesh but they received him at the first he continues in verse 14 and my temptation which was in my flesh you despised not nor rejected but you received me as a messenger of God as Christ Jesus or some render this as even Christ Jesus leaning in the name Christ they accepted them why well it's the golden rule you do unto others scripture says forsake not them and bonds thus one pole and the world were coming in and saying eh this man is criminal well they accepted them but all it took was a man to come in and say oh you don't want to go to jail too do you you obviously want to follow the law but yet the law could never justify and at the end of the day any man who's familiar with the Abrahamic covenant in that all nations of the earth will be blessed any man who's familiar with Isaiah the prophet would know that the Gentiles are part of that and that's why after this point Paul did shift into that this should be common sense he says my temptation leaning trial trial against the world Paul against the world and just like true to life you'll have men come and you'll have men go okay and they'll help you in your fight against the world but you must fight against the world why you can't befriend it or else you hate God so turn with me to the Gospel according to Luke chapter 10 and in Luke chapter 10 Jesus Christ says he that hears you hears me and he that despised you despises me he that despises me despises him that sense sent me you can despise Christ all you want but at the end of the day you're despising God because they're one in the same and time won't allow me today but Christ clearly said no man or Adam I comes to the Father Yahweh except by or through him so where does that leave anybody who comes in and says you know what I follow the law but deny Christ when you're a son of God made an heir of the Covenant and that covenant is fulfill the law being one part of true belief well considering Christ clearly taught it if they are you like they did here Paul they're hearing the word surprised but if they hate you despise you it's not you they despise now I want you to understand this and I really want you to pay close attention I know a majority the men and women who listened to me probably don't go to the internet but I invite the listener or watcher to find one hand piece written on me that is theologically based there hasn't been one in 20 years I've never known a single person to come and say pastor Visser is preaching false Dogma he's wrong here and most likely because I always back it up within the word of God but what they will do is they'll come against me for my hair length they'll come against me and call me a non-white they'll come against me add an innie an because it's a straw man argument so obviously if I tell them the truth John 17:17 God's Word and they become my enemy they only have one option and that's to never attack me theologically but against how I walk they did that the Galatians appalled and that's basically what he's reminding them of when I was a criminal you didn't have a problem now you do because all of a sudden the false prophets are here in Galatia telling you what you want to hear and nothing changes in that regard he continues in verse 15 of Galatians 4 Paul says where is then the blessedness you spoke up for I bear you record that if it had been possible you would have plucked out your own eyes and have given them to me now I have heard such silliness surrounding this one verse but I've even heard people come and say Paul musta had an eye infirmity therefore or the Galatians once upon a time we're willing to pluck out their eye and give it to Paul so he could replace his and of course you could tie this to Christ teaching that if your eye offend thee pluck it out first better to lose one member than to lose your position within the coming kingdom but what Paul is saying here is basically a statement we still use today and that is I would give my arm or my leg for you same analogy applies what Paul is saying is once upon a time you considered me not an equal but above you he says here ask Jesus Christ you saw me as an angel or Angelo's in the Greek meaning messenger but now you see me as a piece of garbage why what happened why the about-face well Paul asked that he says in my trial which was in my flesh or life you didn't have a problem there what then is the blessedness that you have enjoyed technically for I bear you witness or record but if it had been possible you to give it an arm and a leg for me now pay close attention Galatians 4 verse 16 am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth now I preached countless times that truth is fixed okay and in the regard that Christ says in John 17:17 the Word of God is truth he also makes the claim I am the way the truth and the life so Christ is truth the gospel is true and in this unbelieving world of so many deceptions and sitcom television shows and motion pictures and books all of which are meant to obfuscate the truth oftentimes when you displace a man from their comfort zone you birth their proverbial bubble you will become their enemy irregardless of the fact that truth is self-evident truth is manifest truth is God who is unchangeable irregardless you're so good enough people who hate you and that comes full circle to what I was saying earlier if all these suppose that white people are attacking and rioting against me have you ever stopped to ask yourself why is it because I told them the truth it must be because what other reason would they despise not these little ones they who are not against us are for us I know my sheep and am known of them I mean the list is endless truthfully when it comes to not involving yourselves and the affairs of someone else's life well am i therefore become your enemy because I tell you the truth now truth is fixed and truth well usually when it's brought to the surface be denied and resist it and then after a while it becomes self-evident and then it's accepted as self-evident but when that truth is accepted as self-evident by that now ninety-five percent of them go out and pretend like they mean that although oh I'm not deceived they say I knew that right that's mine I claim it just like many men come in and they speak on how I should run something I invented and created over two decades ago well that's what Paul is basically saying here and I'm not name-dropping or trying to lift myself up in any way shape or form Paul in Galatia had many convert and those converts would give their arming of their leg for him pluck out their ID prover believe they would do anything just as our people did when Christ went into Jerusalem they would lay down palm leaves and say Maranatha Maranatha right glory to God in the highest but yet three days later because Christ told them the truth or because they were zealots and Christ didn't fulfill their worldview our perception of what a messiah means they were screaming out crucified Kusum same exact thing Paul was saying right here he became their enemy because he told him the truth what was the truth he told them the gospel the same thing Christ said was truth was the law ever considered true no it's truthful but it's not the truth the Word is truth who is Christ who if we believe become a son of Abraham and if we believe fulfilled the law making belief greater than obedience really simple if you're a father and you have a son and you go to work you pay the bills and you tell that son who's unemployed as an example I want you to do the dishes and take out the trash before I get home and you come home and that's done you usually won't thank them no more than God would thank a servant for doing exactly what he was commanded to do and let me interject is expected it's expected of you to do these things God's not gonna say good job Leroy you didn't kill you didn't cheat on your wife today okay so belief is greater and that is the truth that many people including from this video and this mp3 is it circle lates the internet are going to have problem with me I'm going to become their enemy as well because they want to glory in their flesh pastor Vizard preaching universalism have I not once have I ever never but it doesn't stop the false prophet that's the point why well Peter gives a glimpse to that ironically Peter and Paul had a falling out but it's in 2nd Peter chapter 2 look it up in your own free time but it's by way the way of truth will be evil spoken of Paul says right here how do I become your enemy because I tell you the truth let me go ahead and digress because I actually feel this ties together pretty good sure with me to second Peter there were false prophets among the people that's chapter 2 verse 1 and many shall follow their pernicious ways by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of Paul says I tell you the truth and I become your enemy Paul also says when I was in bonds and in infirmity in jail or prison we didn't have a problem with it but now you're speaking evil of me isn't that interesting at the end of the day even though Peter and Paul had a contention over circumcision a ritual and an ordinance that was clearly done away with under the New Covenant they were in line in that regard that is the purpose of a false prophet not because they really have a vested interest but because they know they're going down so they want to take people down with them the Jew cries out in pain as they strike out but also so the way of truth will be evil spoken of so when you come in and you say hey Christ said he came only for the Israelite race they go well that couldn't be why they've heard so many lies that the truth appears as evil and that's what many prophets have to contend with Paul most especially he told them the truth but the truth wasn't convenient what was convenient to them was going back to the vomit that was the law so he says in verse 17 in Galatians chapter 4 they zealously affect you yay but not well they would exclude you that ye might affect them what is lost in translation there but let's read it in the manuscript it basically reads like this they zealously port you but not well yea they would exclude you that you might be zealous for them the proper word me say that oftentimes we're better off as it sell it for Yahweh God or not believing in him that being would walk because if you come out and you profess to believe you better obey Christ clearly taught that you want me keep my Commandments or how can you say you love me and do not the things I say spoken to the Pharisees so I think in many ways one of the greatest things the devil wants to keep people banked on in a state of ignorance is that these classes like Sadducees Pharisees don't exist today but they still do some deny the resurrection through Christ the Pharisees some deny angels the Sadducees you look a little deeper in CI you'll see both glasses and then there's the persecuted ones the ones most spoken against and vehemently attacked so verse 18 to wind it down in Galatians 4 Paul says it is good to be zealously affected always in a good thing and not only when I'm present with you now notice the King James translators added a and thing to verse 18 and Galatians 4 thus it reads as this but it is good to be zealously afflicted or affected always and good Paul is saying you should always be zealous for good thus this is a slight dig of Paul coming in and saying the laws not good not to work of it why well it should be apparent by now but it's very easy under the works of a law for a false prophet to take root as I said under the Old Testament required a high priest but by the time of Malachi by the time of Habakkuk definitely Ezra Nehemiah those priests had polluted the very Temple of Jerusalem and of course Paul is going to go into that he's about to say Jerusalem which is above is free the mother of us all right here in Galatians what do you think he means by that was he pointing to the old Jerusalem no Jerusalem above but even Christ when he came into his father's house had to overturn those tables and to pick up a whip and scourge them out of the temple because the false prophets were using the law they were selling what might infested us goats and sheep right in front of the temple making it not a sacrifice at all because it defeats the purpose a sacrifice requires sacrifice on the part of the repentant like Abel who went took the firstlings of his flock not somebody coming in throwing a little $20 bill in a bucket and saying hey that's Corbin I'm going to buy my way into heaven do you not think for a minute people still do that yes they do now here's the point you can prefer and abuse the law and keep people under that yoke and tell them hey you need to give me lots of money for me to make Senate only for you for me to clarify the Torah right but you can't make hardly any money when it comes to faith and I'm not saying safe or cognitive dissidence in the fact that the false prophet doesn't make millions of dollars lying to the people but what I'm saying is you can't keep people rate locked its bondage which is the term he uses Christ says you'll know the truth the truth will set you bring that the law the law was never the truth again it was true full but it wasn't to be all end all of sacrifice even it cleanings to Yahshua Messiah eventual coming and unfortunately we didn't have time to go into it today but we most assuredly will in the next segment about a week from today we're going to look at how Paul is basically teaching verbatim from Isaiah and more specifically parts of Genesis chapter 16 and of course Isaiah chapter 2 verse 2 so read that in your own free time until you rejoin me here same bat-channel same bat-time if you haven't already please subscribe read the description and always comment that keeps me inspired and bringing these studies to you and so until next time this is pastor Visser from Brooks Georgia in the covenant people search wishing you and yours war for Christ's great studies and on

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