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hello again dear kin slow and thank you for joining me I'm pastor visser of the covenant peoples church and ministry located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia and today we're going to continue our long-running series into the letter of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and we left off basically in part six with Paul lecturing about the differences between the spirit and the law improving in that series at least that no man was ever justified by the works of the law meaning salvation wasn't offered through that there was no guarantee in the Mosaic law that if you kept it perfectly you would obtain entrance into the kingdom however he says is the law then against the promises of God it's a fair question Paul makes here in Galatians chapter 3 verse 21 and basically we could ask that of any judeo-christian today do you think the law of God is against the promises or the Covenant that God made no in fact part of the law was that covenant and part of the fulfillment of that law by Yahshua was also a promise that was made unto Abraham long ago in the book of Genesis and if you require further study on that look at part 6 that we did a while back but nevertheless Paul continues in Galatians 3 verse 22 but the scripture has concluded all under sin that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that believed so once again Paul is putting more emphasis on faith or belief than he does keeping the law but he also teaches that the Gentiles and the Israelites are one with in Christ and in fact this segment that we're looking at deals what part of that if we're all one with in Christ now some manuscripts render the word concluded as confined so the scripture has confined all under sin that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ might be given to them that belief and belief as I said is a form of faith and perhaps unfortunately a majority of judeo-christian preacher's come in and they tell you well all you need to do is believe in Christ but again James the half-brother of Christ says faith without works is dead and even the devil's belief in Trumbull so faith alone will not save you but Paul is teaching that faith is greater than us keeping that Old Testament law can I prove that yes most of what Paul teaches towards the conclusion of Galatians 3 is taken directly from Romans chapter 10 so you might want to bookmark that because I'll be flipping back to reference it on several occasions but turn with me to Romans chapter 10 the tenth chapter and I want you to consider a verse found in chapter 11 but verse 32 Paul says for God has concluded them all in unbelief that he might have mercy upon all so basically no way God and part of this promise that was made that all the Gentiles or the nations of the earth would be promised in Abraham's seed was having mercy no mercy is just another way of saying unmerited favor and Paul clearly taught that we're not saved by works were saved by grace but continue here in Romans chapter 11 God has concluded all in unbelief that he might have mercy upon all oh the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and the knowledge of God how unsearchable are his judgments and his ways past finding out now that is something I believe personally that we should all consider every day within our Christian walk and that is that knowing God is in control of all things there are things that God does that we're not meant to know we're not meant to understand and if we walk around with that mindset we won't get lifted up or upbraided we won't think that we're all together better than everyone else and so that is the point Christ is the end of the law and we know that but the end of the application for Senate Olmec was in that law so in teaching this and in Paul saying this every instance he doesn't say the law is done away with for example let's continue reading right here but before faith came Paul says in verse 23 in Galatians three we were kept under the law shut up unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed so you can see Paul is moving in right now into basically the girth of his teaching and that is that the law is a schoolmaster was always meant to be a schoolmaster that way when Yahshua would walk upon the face of the earth God's true people would recognize him through that law because at that time there were only the law and the prophets and this is why Yahshua would say until heaven and earth pass not the law or the prophets will pass away until all be fulfilled so turn with me to Romans chapter 4 consider a statement Paul asks in verse 10 how was it then reckoned when he was in circumcision or in uncircumcision not in circumcision but in uncircumcision who is he talking about here they that come in the name of Yahweh but notice Paul and Peter had a falling out right here in Galatians chapter 2 over this law this precept of circumcision which was meant to be a token or a sign of the Covenant that men would do to say hey I belong to Yahweh God and I might interject not much has changed in that regard while circumcision under the New Testament is of the hardened stoechas idea but he continues in verse 11 in Romans 4 and he received a sign of circumcision a seal of the righteousness of the faith which he had not yet being uncircumcised that he might be the father of all them that believe though they are not circumcised that unrighteousness might be imputed unto them also and the father of circumcision to those who are not of the circumcision who basically Abraham but the seed of Israel in general but that's the whole point and I believe oftentimes we can get lost in this because we say hey we need to keep the law the law is eternal I taught that and believe that because it's true hundreds of times when God gave the law the moralistic law pertaining to adulteration fornication waste removal and food laws they were meant to be in place forever now there was an application of that law and that's where many people miss it that is when you fail if you commit a sin unto death or not now Israel of old would go to an high priests and a high priest would go back to the Torah and they would say well this is a certain unto death and they would pronounce judgment far removed from today's society where a majority of judges don't believe in Christ they're Antichrist if you're watching you might find a Christian one but he goes on to say here in verse 10 is everyone that continues not in all things that are written in the book of this law that was the Old Testament that's basically what was taught that keep them all and repent when you fail and in that act of repentance you'll probably be forgiven by God by God but don't stand upon the law or believe that the law can delivers you only Christ so back here in Galatians chapter 3 before faith came we were kept under the law shut up unto the faith barded or confined unto the faith which should afterwards be revealed so consider the irony of that most manuscripts render it as guarded but part of the law that Yahweh God gave us was to protect us and in this era that's more apparent than ever before because in rebuilt Babylon meaning confusion most people don't have a yardstick or a measuring stick that they can go to to define right and wrong and technically the first five books are the books of law or case law they tell you how to live Bay cover all the covenants they cover the creation so much to consider because Paul says in verse 24 of Galatians 3 wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ in order or that we might be justified by faith once again third time and this epistle Paul says you're not justified by the works of the law but you're justified by faith he would know most likely authoring Hebrews chapter 11 which has so many great examples of faith father Abraham being one such example but father Abraham had faith long before the law and that was imputed or counted unto him as righteousness from Yahweh God so obviously in reading the Old Testament or justified books of Moses it should be apparent that it is more pleasing to God an act of faith than an act of obedience to his law why the law was given for simple man you're not doing God any favor nor will Yahweh ever thank you for doing what has commanded you Christ clearly taught that that's what the law represents and that's important because we oftentimes think I don't eat pork right I know the Sabbath day I don't sleep with a monstrous woman I keep the law or so we think but then we tend to think we're better than everyone else that's exactly what Peter did and why Paul had contention with him Christ didn't ever during his walk Yahshua was a servant to all Israel men women and children and that clearly was manifested in his walk this walk of love his walk of faith but everything Christ did was a good work that's not a miracle so understand this point the law was meant to be a schoolmaster what Paul is saying is that the Pentateuch the law Leviticus and Deuteronomy was meant to a lead you to Christ and number two or be so that you can graduate unto Christ your education is found here a schoolmaster that's the terminology he uses basically a teacher now that was meant to point you to Christ let me tell you in preaching the law many years I've come to the realization an older age that every law that is given and the reasons especially for Yahweh God giving them all point back to Christ everything Christ did was in fulfillment of the law but not the doing away with the law meaning Christ clearly taught a few commandments that weren't in the law they're considered the 11-12 13th commandment the match of study for another day meaning when Christ shed his blood and when he spoke those Commandments love your neighbor as yourself do good unto them who persecute you turn the other cheek all of which were Old Testament laws to begin with but slightly modified by Christ he truly fulfilled the law that's the point so don't be let aside in the world when they come in and they tell you hey the law shouldn't be hearken unto you it's obvious God will be upset with you if you bow to a graven image if you kill or steal or cheat on your spouse so common sense must be used now on this teaching of the law being our schoolmaster turn with me as promised to Romans chapter 10 and it is here where a majority of what Paul reiterates at the conclusion of Galatians 3 is taught in its entirety so for the sake of this statement and that we're all one in Christ and there's neither Jew nor Greek you have to go back to Romans 10 to understand what Paul is saying and for added clarity so in Romans chapter 10 we learn in verse 4 Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believes for Moses describes the righteousness which is of the law that man which does those things shall live by them but the righteousness which is of faith speaks on this why's say not in my heart or mind who shall ascend into heaven that is to bring Christ down from above or who shall descend into the deep that is to bring Christ up again from the dead but what saith it the word is nigh unto thee even in thy mouth and in my heart that is the Word of Faith which we preach now this is a spiritual teaching Paul is talking about the Holy Spirit unfortunately rendered in the Bible oftentimes as Holy Ghost but you can't come in during Christ's fulfillment of that law which was a precursor and a schoolmaster to bring you to Christ meaning Messiah or God with us and come in now and say well who was descended to the deep well Christ already did that when he descended into Sheol and set three the captives you can't say well who will ascend into heaven that is bring Christ down because no man knows the hour nor the moment and on that same token you can't come in and say there is Christ or here is Christ men well but don't believe them Christ says in Matthew chapter 24 so many things right here Christ is the end of the law for righteousness that sure keyword now if you were to put a period there at the end of the law you could do a lot of damage and being a false prophet you could say well Christ at the end of the law but what does the verse say in context Yahshua is the end of the law for righteousness or for obtaining salvation because there is salvation in no other name and no other blood so that needed to be established and we'll go back to Romans chapter 10 but he says the law was our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ why well turn with me before we get back to our text to the book of Acts in Acts chapter 13 we learned round about verse 39 by him Paul speaking and in reference to Christ by him all that believer justified from all things from which she could not be justified from the law of Moses so here like I took you to Roman's Paul is saying that by him that belief so through Christ and in our belief of the Messiah we're able to be justified by what the law was never able to do so when you study Leviticus and Deuteronomy and you look at the moral precepts of God while you study them look to see what the law was not able to obtain or achieve that is for simple man and you will see that it is justification sanctification or salvation in short and that is what he's saying here by him or through Christ all that believe are justified from all things from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses beware therefore less that come upon you that which was spoken of by the prophets now we're going to look at what he quotes here but Paul just said the law is still in effect and now he's quoting who well he's about to quote have a cook once more most likely his favorite minor prophet because he quotes some more in Galatians than anywhere else but that's the law in the prophets just like Christ huh okay so that's the whole of the law that he's talking about this is what was spoken by how to cook and have a cook chapter 1 verse 5 you don't have to turn them behold ye despisers and wonder in parish for I work a work in your days a work which ye shall in no wise believe though a man will declare it unto you this is two things a futurist prophecy at the time it was given that Paul is now saying is fulfilled in Christ and not only that the teaching from the minor prophet habakkuk that was fulfilled was that Christ would come it would be considered a wonder just like a faithful and unbelieving race or perverse generation require but the majority will not believe the report and so it stands now in 2017 and also has stood for the last two thousand years don't think for a moment that the Christendom that litters Europe and all over white Western civilization and here say don't think that judeo-christian 'm is any way shape or form representative of what Christ died to achieve or what Yahweh God's original will was up to you the word Trump's because the word is what spiritually discerned behold Jesus peiser's and wonder and perish Yahweh will work a work in your days a work in which you won't believe though a man Christ Yahshua and all the prophets that came before him will declare that unto you so as Christ what there was a revenant more specifically a revenant within that remedy that believed but the majority never did and Christ clearly taught that many are called pure chosen narrow is the way that leads to eternal life Paul continues on he says when the Jews were gone out of the synagogue the Gentiles were thought that these words might be preached unto them and that interesting when the Jew slang for Judean when the Israelites went out of the temple the Gentiles then came in the book of Acts and they wanted to hear the word now in the temple what was taught the law not the gospel not the completion fulfilling fulfillment or the one-upping of the law and most assuredly what wasn't taught by the Pharisees within the Temple of Jerusalem was that Jesus Christ was the Redeemer now he did many signs and miracles but they still didn't see now we tend to look at that and say well that's a given but they in turn were teaching others that Christ was not the Redeemer now back to Galatians in verse 4 in chapter 3 verse 25 but after that faith has come were no longer under a schoolmaster most manuscripts put tutor because that's exactly what the law was meant to do if you're an idiot and don't know that killing is the wrong thing to do then you go to the law and you have that for you if you truly lactate and you don't understand that you shouldn't bow to graven images and you shouldn't have other gods before Yahweh well that's codified in Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the first and second commandment but if you're of the spirit now that's considered the quickening elsewhere in Scripture that entails that you are one with God who is one with Yahweh and we also all are one in the many membered body of Christ now infusions chapter 1 clearly says that body is to church and vice versa so be aware of that when you go into a building that doesn't guarantee that you're a member of the body of Christ so he says after faith has come you're no longer under that schoolmaster when faith is come not when you choose to believe not when you have an epiphany like Paul and suddenly can see a few things in the Word of God he says four-year all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus that one statement very powerful and I've taken on its own out of context can be very damaging take it out of Galatians chapter 3 and the context being the difference between the law and faith and man's justification or salvation from sins thereof and read it it says here the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus well that would almost seem like all you've got to do is believe open your heart and all will be well for you but is that the context Paul is using it and no Paul is saying for as many of you have been baptized into Christ you have put on Christ that's the next verse and the conclusion they're off so we are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus what Paul is saying is that an Israelite or an Adam I who has faith in Christ is much more preferable to God and should be more preferable to the Christian I dentists than a man who says I can below because you can't keep the entirety of the law for a moment for season indeed you can but man always slips and usually nine times out of ten through thought where the sin commits but in order to prove that anyone who believes of the right pedigree is found by God in Christ Jesus or a member of that church turn with me back again as promised to Romans chapter 10 and we're going to examine again another part of this Paul says in Romans chapter 10 but verse 12 for there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek for the same lord over all is rich until all that called them now this one statement is used more than any other by the Paul bashers to come in and attack pull but we've studied so far at least in the last two three segments Galatians chapter 3 we've kept it in context to even Peter coming in saying hey I'm justified because I'm circumcised not of the heart but of my foreskin so the context is justification now consider this because for as many of you have been baptized into Christ you have put on Christ how do you put on Christ you're baptized into but how are you baptized into them Romans chapter 12 or Romans chapter 10 verse 12 there's no difference between the Jew slang for Judea or Judah meaning a tribe of Israel or Israel life and what else and the Greek what's a Greek but a Gentile Paul is clearly saying there's no difference between an Israelite Judea or a Greek Gentile plus Gentiles and Israelites are all one in Saint in spirit if they believe now this isn't easy believe ISM this is all based upon the premise that Yahshua was the Messiah the Redeemer and part of that title was to fulfill that law he's not a lamb a Turtledove a pigeon or a goat even though the Edomite ter calls him and us Gorem cattle oftentimes but christ is the end of the law and verse 12 says there's no difference between Israelite and Gentile for the same Lord is over all is rich unto all that call them or call upon him for whosoever shall call upon the name of Yahweh shall be saved verse 13 here in Romans 10 can be just as dangerous in the hands of a babe on the word whosoever shall call upon the name of Yahweh shall be saved but yet he just defined the two classes Jew Greek Israelite Gentile so the whosoever that he's talking about doesn't include taken nations it doesn't include but own company people now that should be common sense but I really need to stress that because he goes on after this point to say how then shall they call upon him in whom they have not believed and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard and how shall they hear without a preacher and how shall they preach except Yahweh send them Paul was sent Peter was sent but God's will was to send them to different people not for them to butt heads and argue and fight Christ clearly said he was not against us is for us Christ also clearly taught that oftentimes men need to work different sections of the vineyard so the contention was more on Peters fault because he drew back and once upon a time sat with Greeks a polite way of saying Gentile so understand this point the Paul basher will come in and he'll say look there it is Paul is teaching universe ilysm is he no Paul is teaching that the Jews are God's chosen is he no he's teaching that were all one in Christ through faith so you can come in and keep the law right and you can have two men a Greek or in Judea one keeping the law one having faith the one of faith is greater to come it's really that simple so don't be drawn aside the context of Jew nor Greek is also reiterated where Paul says that there's neither male nor female continue on reading but there's neither Jew nor Greek there is neither bond nor free there is neither male nor female year-old one in Jesus that if you will is the punchline and notice he also uses the terminology there's neither male nor female so for the Paul basher who comes in and says what there it is Christ is saying or Paul is saying there's no difference between a Greek who's obviously white and a Jew which is slang for doody and which also means white how come they never mention male and female or one in Christ as well see gender and what race one so Gentile and Israelite at the end of the day are the same and in many instances the Gentiles that have faith is a greater act Christ would clearly teach that when men and women were healed by them as he walks we touched the hem of His garment and they would thank him Christ would say wasn't I your faith has made you whole what they can truly overcome the world so a few things I want to point out in this thing and that is just turn with me to first Corinthians first Corinthians Paul's first letter chapter 10 but verse 2 Paul says this is moreover brethren I would not that ye would be ignorant how that all our fathers were under the cloud and passed through the sea tall here at the beginning of first Corinthians chapter 10 is talking about the exodus but who is he talking to they in Corinth Gentiles again he uses the terminology our Father moreover brethren accounting them is equal to him who was clearly an Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin he says I don't want you to be ignorant he continues of verse two and we're all baptized into Moses and in the cloud and in the sea now did you ever really stop to consider that because oftentimes men will split hairs and say baptism isn't an Old Testament ritual but it is outlined in the law and technically when the Red Sea parted and Moses and the children of Israel went through that red tee that like Jonah was meant to be a schoolmaster a tutor or a precursor of the coming Redeemer Paul says here that were baptized unto Moses leaning or representing the Pentateuch in the law through the sea and he also says inversely and did all eat the same spiritual meat meaning food that's manna angels food from heaven but continues they all did drink that same spiritual drink and they drink of that spiritual rock up all of them and that rock was Christ that rock of the Exodus that rock that Moses struck that rock that issued forth water and cup the Israelites from famine and starving to death in the wilderness during their wanderings was Jesus Christ if we could only understand now the longevity the deity of Christ he was there in the beginning he was with the word and was the word separate-but-equal over and over and over verse 5 here in 1st Corinthians chapter 10 but with many of them Yahweh was not well pleased so they were overthrown within the wilderness that's the game saying of course now these things were our examples to the intent that they should not lust after evil things as they also lusted I want you to really consider that because 2nd Peter chapter 2 and Jew general epistle both say that Sodom and Gomorrah are meant to be an example an example of any city that would come after Yahweh destroyed them and attempt to live in that debaucherous lifestyle and a promise if you will that if you do embrace that you'll be played and don't be surprised at by your range from heaven well you know when you really consider these things you're able to see that the spirit all weeks Trump's following the wall why because the spirit is imparted by Yahshua because God is spirit and those that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth so back here to conclude the narrative in Galatians chapter 3 Paul says there's neither Jew nor Greek neither bond nor free turn with me again for the final time today to Romans chapter 10 and in Romans chapter 10 what do we read in verse 12 there's no difference between Jew and Greek for the same lord over all is rich to all that call upon him and whosoever shall call upon Yahweh will be saved of who Gentile and Jew being Israelite meant a lot of money white people that simple really if you want to sum it up both descendants remember the Galatians went on to be the white écoles so nobody can come in and say they're not white the Romans we know Romans are right they're from Italy okay parts of Spain some bio politics but we know for the most part that the Ephesians and the Philippians when to be white people so the dispute isn't over that very few people are going to come in and tell you you know what the Romans aren't white right very few people will tell you the goals are but almost everyone will arguing fight over who the Israelites are you've even got fools out there saying they're the Negros and you have the Jews coming in and say they're the Judea and ironically the promise that was made to Abraham and his seeds is that all the nations in the earth and all the families and all flesh would be blessed in that seat so there's really no debating over that when you look at history all you need to do to know who God's chosen people are find out number one by pedigree who the biggest races that's blessed every nation upon the face of the earth you've got that page and then look at who predominantly are Christian then you have the second part say thank those that believe are the son of God very important so back in Galatians to conclude he says there's neither Jew there's neither Greek if ye be Christ's then ye are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise spoken to the Galatians and of course we've covered this in the past segment but this comes directly out of Genesis chapter 12 because we learn in verse 3 God says I will bless them that bless you curse him that curses you and in thee shall all the families of the earth be blessed what is Paul and chapter 3 on if you be Christ's meaning if you belong to Christ then you become by default Abraham seat so Paul is saying if you're a Gentile an atom but not of that family and you believe in Christ you're Abraham's offspring you're equal to the Israelite thus there is no Jew nor Greek not hard understand growing but it's made compounded ly harder when you have false prophet idiots who come in and tell you Paul taught universalism po taught with Christ talk turn me to the Gospel according to John in closing chapter 17 and I want to really concrete this point John chapter 17 but verse 11 Christ says now am i no more in the world but these are in the world and I come to the Holy Father keep through thy no name whose you given me that they may be one as we are one why is that important well that's the prayer Christ made in the Garden of Gethsemane where he claims one Shepherd which Yahweh and that is basically what Paul is expressing here Judy in Bree should equal one why that's the pattern laid out and Paul would teach on this in Ephesians that's the structure of the church the head of every man for example is to be Yahweh God but the head of every woman is the man of the head of the children or the women and so forth so there is a hierarchy there's a structure laid down by Yahweh God one more point that I'd like to make it turn with me to Colossians chapter 3 and closing and in Colossians chapter 3 Paul teaches in verse 11 where there is neither Greek nor Jew circumcision nor uncircumcision barbarian Scythian bond nor free but Christ is all and in all in all of who these classes Scythian barbarian circumcision uncircumcision Grecian or Judean if were in Christ and Christ be found within us than what Christ is truly and all thus all Israel is truly saved because Israel under the New Testament is both pedigree and spirit whereas under the Old Testament it was just pedigree that's all that was required then it makes sense because God had to set aside in Adam in the beginning and in Israel or Jacob in order for Jesus Christ to come through that bloodline unpolluted and untainted by the spoils of this world so with that we conclude Galatians chapter 3 and I truly pray that you will join me once again as we pick it back up in the study of Galatians and this most powerful letter from the Apostle Paul if we've helped you please consider writing a letter or a free will offering if you're able to and can't afford it until next time this is pastor Bitzer from Brooks Georgia and cp/m wishing you and your family great studies and more for Christ

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