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hello dear Ken smoke and thank you for joining me I'm pastor visser of the covenant people's church and ministry located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia and today I'm pleased to be continuing in our long-running series looking at the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and if you were with me for the conclusion of part two you're probably well aware that basically the structure of chapter one has Paul outlines it is he begins with his authorship this Lu tation he then chastises the Galatians by saying I marvel that you're so soon removed from the gospel that we have given you unto another gospel or another Christ and then Paul proceeds to tell his story of conversion for writing a few extra details that aren't found within the New Testament book of Acts he proceeds to say that he stayed with Peter for 15 days after that in verse 19 of chapter 1 Paul says that he stayed with James for a few days as well now that may seem on its surface like Paul is attempting to name-drop to give himself some validity but you will see from chapter 2 that is that it is here where Paul begins to take a turn he begins to quote things that he learned from James and Jude or Judas but he has a falling out with Peter now he stays with Peter for two weeks after his three-year acts on Paul goes right back to Jerusalem and the very first apostle he seems is the Apostle Peter but even Peter would have a problem with Paul preaching unto the Gentiles or as we confirmed in part 2 what would be considered heathen so without further ado let's pick it back up in chapter 2 of Paul's letter to the Galatians and verse 1 we learned Paul says then 14 years later after I went up again to Jerusalem with Barnabas and took Titus with me also now some manuscripts put later in place of after the stew continues to put forth the narrative that Paul establishes in part 1 14 years later then I went again to Jerusalem Paul says remember he hid for three years after his conversion on the road to Damascus he goes back stays with Peter then stays with James but then basically goes into hiding he doesn't come right out and say hey I'm Saul who once used to persecute the church but he was able to hear the sentiment that many Israelite and Gentiles had towards him thus he says in verse 2 of chapter 2 and I went up by revelation and communicated unto them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles but privately to them which were of reputation lest by any means I should run or had run in vain now this is a teaching that is specific to the Apostle Paul and the Pauline epistles the concept of running the race and running it until the end now Shakespeare would say the whole world is a stage and basically Paul says the same thing but you're better off running the race and not running it at all and if you're going to run that race don't run it in bank run it so that you can conclude that race win that race if it be possible and Paul was running a quote-unquote race for what would be considered the Gentiles now let me confirm my point there Paul says in verse 2 I went up by revelation confirming what he said in Chapter one that he didn't learn his doctrine by men he didn't learn it from the Pharisees that he used to hang around with but he learned that doctrine of the gospel of grace from the feet of the master by his revelation but then he says I preach among the Gentiles but only privately to those who are of a great reputation why well number one we must run the race ok many people don't do even that they don't consider that they need to contend for that faith that was once delivered unto the Saints and most assuredly the Galatians didn't they were soon removed from Pauline's gospel and moved unto a gospel of Judaism going back unto the law for Senate only now Peter would ultimately do this and we see glimpses of this ironically in the book of Acts where many of us within Christian identity turn to prove that the food laws of Yahweh God are eternal and time allowing will prove that today the second thing I want you to consider is found in Paul's letter to the Philippians while you're turning there have you ever stopped to consider as we proved in the first part all of the remaining first-generation Apostles the converts of men like James and Peter accepted Paul Peter accepted Paul in James the brother of Jude accepted Paul but then there is a falling out between Peter who considered himself an ambassador unto only the Israelites and also Paul who was commissioned by Yahweh God to go forth unto the Gentiles and bring those in dysphoria those lost sheep back into the bowl and of course Paul considered most of this to be a race that must be run so in Philippians chapter 2 Paul says in verse 16 hold forth the word of life that I Paul speaking they rejoice in the day of Christ that I have not run in vain neither laboured in things thus many people asked me ' sir why do you spend so much time preaching the Word of God oftentimes when it seems like no one's even listening and the page views are embarrassing then short answer to that question is that the Word of God will never return boy ever thus how do we run that race especially in light of the thought that Solomon says the whole duty of man is to fear God Yahweh and keep his commandments that all is vanity unless we do it we got--we God and the establishment of his eventual Kingdom well here he says the same exact thing consider another statement by Paul that he wrote in his first letter to the Thessalonians Paul says in 1st Thessalonians however chapter 3 beginning in verse 5 because Paul says for this cause when I could no longer forbear I sent to know your fake lest by some means the tempter has tempted you and our labor be in vain who the apostles labor what was their job but to convert in the case of Peter to convert the Israelites that were unaware of the identity or happened to be dispersed abroad and didn't know of their racial pedigree and in the case of Paul that would be basically the same thing for Gentiles who weren't aware of the fact that they are the descendants of D Adam plural in the book of Genesis chapter 1 so it truly is a race and the race that must be run to one now many people I consider come to the Christian identity movement and they're basically armchair pastors or pastors and named over they go around they pat themselves on the back and they say hey pastor so itself right pastor Phil pastor Russell and then you ask them hey can I hear some of your audio sermons can I see some of your videos well suddenly then there's no works no fruits attributed to the same so-called pastor now if we use discernment we should be able to see that this is an age old war that continued Peter fell aside and didn't fully understand the divine will of God in raising up Paul to go today of the gen or the Gentiles so run the race that's the point many people want the glory of men but chapter two here in Thessalonians and in Galatians like we're covering today both confirm that Yahweh is not a respecter of persons now Paul would reiterate that because he knew Jane and James own epistle centers around the concept of faith without works being gay that men can come in and say hey I have faith and that means nothing unless works accompany your faith because faith is what is supposed to lead you to action what actions did it lead Peter to do well back in Galatians I want to consider I want you to consider something else picking back up our narrative Paul says I was given Barnabas and Titus thus Paul's epistle to Titus ironically outlines the Christian Church what he considers in the First Epistle to the Ephesians chapter one the body of Christ now he says in verse three of chapter two but neither titus who is with me being a greek was compelled to be circumcised why is that one statement so important because paul already confirmed in chapter one of galatians that there were certain men crept in unawares that means unbeknownst to you and on unbeknownst to the faithful and they will privately bring in or introduce damnable heresies in that process they did not the atoning blood of Yahshua Peter would be one such example we know also from Galatians chapter one and from the rest of the New Testament that circumcision is of the heart and that's one of the things that the Pharisees would come in and review Christ over the concept of circumcision ironically being a blood ritual and a leftover from the Mosaic law that Christ truly fulfilled what is greater having your foreskin cut off or cutting the leaven of the Pharisees out of your life I assure you it is the latter Paul then continues in verse 4 he says what that because of false brethren unawares brought in who came in privily to spy out our Liberty which we have in Christ Jesus that they may bring us into bondage now I'm going to digress here for a moment I've been a dual seed line Christian identity pastor for in upwards of 20 years and in that time I have learned the lesson of Christ and that is oftentimes a brother is born for adversity but a friend love it at all times but that doesn't stop someone who was once a friend from going out and becoming your enemy nine times out of ten because you told them the truth and so when men ask me why is it that I'm listed in the hate map of the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center but those Jews never write smear or hit pieces on me my answer would be why would they even need to when there's two fan pages fan forums all devoted to pastor Visser working non-stop every day to defame and slander what little bit of reputation I have second point is this where do you think Paul learned the sentiment he confirmed in verse 18 of chapter one that he abode with Peter for two days when he finally comes back to Jerusalem but in verse 19 he says I saw none of the other apostles except for James the Lord's brother and in part two I took you to the Gospel of Matthew and confirmed that James and Judas were both considered half-brothers of Christ so Paul says here because false brethren unawares were brought in where do you believe he learned that I can tell you where he learned that turn with me over to the general epistle of Jude Jude also like James is a half-brother of Christ and he teaches what many would consider a works based doctrine not that you're saved by works because at the end of the day were saved by grace but that faith without works is dead now consider a statement that Jude makes he says beginning in verse three beloved when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation that means Israelite and Gentile alike he says it was needful for me to write unto you and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered unto the same nothing for a moment that Paul was doing that and considered it running the race or the walk that was outlined and lay before Paul like every one of us could only deal the cards that he was dealt he could only play what he was and be what he was and he was an ambassador unto the Gentiles but interesting enough is Jude said there are certain men crept in unawares and they were also for or gain for this condemnation he continues to say that they're considered wandering stars to whom is reserved the blackness of darkness and judgment forever basically going into the Book of Enoch and the nathie Liam throughout such a study for another day but they're most assuredly are certain men false prophets and what I want you to focus on is that they creep in unaware now if you're not aware of that you can be hoodwinked you could be deceived and you can be removed from Yahshua's grace unto another gospel and in extreme cases even another Christ so my point is Paul learned this from the very brother of Christ and could reiterate it here so take your pick Jude or James Paul so how was it name-dropping at the beginning of Galatians chapter 1 Paul was straightforward ly setting it up so that he could come in and knock those pins down this is what he learned from James and this is what he dealt with from the other Apostle Peter but that here in Galatians chapter 2 let's continue our narrative because of false brethren unawares that were brought in they came in privily to spy out our Liberty which we have in Christ Jesus that they might bring us again into bondage in context to the Mosaic law Paul uses the term trebling and he also says that he abode with Peter does he not so turn with me the second Peter after Joe where I began and actually reference this in part two he said there were false prophets also among the people just as there shall be false teachers among you who privily shall bring in damnable heresies even denying the Lord that brought them and bring upon themselves with destruction and many shall follow their pernicious ways by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of that is a danger that each and every one of us run and why slander and defamation and speaking ill of other men is forbidden within the Word of God because if that man that we speak against and we're supposed to esteem better than ourselves is truly accepted with Christ then were the offender to Yahweh God so in this instant and based on what we know from the book of Acts chapter 9 that Paul was hand picked and chosen by Christ it would appear that Peter clung to vestiges known as Pharisee ISM and ironically needed Paul to withstand him don't believe me well let's continue reading but before we get to that turn with me again to the general Epistle of James James clearly says in his first chapter but verse 25 whoso looketh unto the perfect law of Liberty and continues therein he being not a forgetful hearer but a doer of the work this man shall be blessed in all of his team who who doesn't just hear the word he who acts upon that word so we can come in and delude ourselves and say hey we're great theologians right but at the end of the day our righteousness appears as filthy rags before hell break on there is no Jew nor Greek meaning that all are equal at least of a demise in judgment before Christ so much so that even judgment begins at the house of Yahweh so he obviously learned this from James and as far as we know Paul and James never had a falling-out and most likely because he was martyred in the interim most people believe that this epistle to the Galatians was authored round about 62 65 ad but the book of Acts would have been about 38 ad thus Paul would have been in his thirties when he was persecuting the church of God and here he would have been in his early to mid 60's when he wrote this so Paul like John the Apostle learned a valuable lesson and that is at the end of the day grace is sufficient and grace Trump's your own works because your works are supposed to be a reflection of your faith faith begins in the heart or mine thus our works are an outward reflection and it brings me full circle to what I was saying before if you look at a majority of the men who seemingly every day non-stop attack yours truly you will see that they have no works to their credit they're not running the race and at the end of the day what works they have or is rotten and bitter as wormwood so if we discern we won't be hoodwinked if these false prophets according to James Jude and Paul creep in unawares and are able to mislead pull houses and silly widows then you should understand why Christ clearly said to beware or be aware of false prophets for wolves but come to you in sheep's clothing now what does that represent that means they don't come in and say hey I'm a judeo-christian I'm a naturalist I'm a pagan or even like we read about here they come in and profess to be of the faithful and usually a majority of the time we'll draw you back to the Mosaic law as opposed to Christ's blood being sufficient and shut for one and all times thus back here in Galatians Paul continues in Chapter two but verse five to whom we gave place by subjection no not for an hour that the truth of the gospel might continue with you that's truly what a legit apostle or disciple once for any convert and I can tell you from experience the biblical number is out of a thousand one man and we're lucky if we reach even back and out of that thousand being one nine times out of ten they usually don't stay with the truth they've drawn aside and they're drawn aside to Jewish fables and this God hates our solar discord that's common sense but how do you contend with a false prophet who comes in unaware and in our situation they would be considered dual seat line or Christian identity and they teach what isn't in the Word of God now that can mislead and subvert whole houses thus Paul has this contention with Peter he says to whom we gave place by subjection but he also says right here in chapter 2 verse 14 when I saw that they walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel I said unto Peter before all Israelites if thou being a jew dium live after the manner of the Gentiles and not do as did you be ins then why do you compel the Gentiles to do as the Judean now that's common sense is it not and I taught basically the same sentiment in many ways if we believe erroneously that the Jews are God's chosen people then why isn't Christendom in mass and in general going out and converting to Judaism why aren't they doing everything they can because even they know opiate in many instances it may be on a subconscious level that Judaism in Christianity or diametrically opposed Paul confirms that in Galatians he says when I was a Pharisee I persecuted the Church of God that's the legit church but then proceeds to talk about false prophets and in context even his own conference in Galatia turning aside falling in apostasy for the words of a false prophet why is that important because we tend as men and women to have blind faith within our leaders and therefore men can come in until you mushrooms are forbidden in the Word of God is it can you confirm that it doesn't stop men from believing it men can come in and basically deny Christ deity by going to the extreme in denying Yahshua's rightful name being Emmanuel God with her so I dealt with this in fact I've had supporters and supported me for many a year and then suddenly have a falling out over me using the term Amen at the conclusion of every broadcast because they feel that somehow or another sounds strangely like a moth which it doesn't the Egyptian god and perhaps the most embarrassing reason a person has left coveted people's ministry is over my usage of the name Jesus Christ it's only the name by which all are saved okay now Jesus as a name appears in the Bible thousands of times however you're sure is basically Joshua for us that's a study for another day but we need to contend for sound doctrine we confirmed why because if men creep in unawares Jude and Jay both clearly say we need to contend for the faith delivered unto the Saints who are the same the first generation church the twelve called who ultimately went on and had disciples and converts of their own so back in Galatians he says to whom we gave place no not for an hour that they may continue the Gentiles in the gospel gospel meaning it is the truth one more statement I'd like to make on Paul's statement here turn with me to colossians chapter 1 because it is here where we learn in verse 12 since we heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and of the love which ye have for all the saints for the hope which is laid up for you in heaven we're a give word before in the word of the truth of the gospel I took you to 2nd Peter my ministry was basically be gone on 2nd Peter chapter 2 and the realization that there are false prophets and their work false prophets at the time Peter author that now even though Peter and Paul are about to have the falling out and I basically took you to verse 14 for a precursor because we won't cover that until part 4 even though they're about to have a falling out consider this statement as it is found now Paul says back here not for an hour my purpose wasn't for a season Paul wasn't an armchair pastor or a pastor in title only because he desired the glory event that's not why it brings up James that's not why he brings up Peter he brings them up because he had no problem with James but he does have a problem with Peter because Peter succumbed again to the fear of the Jews now he did it the first time three times when he denied Yahshua before the cock crew and he did it again post-resurrection but that nonetheless in Colossians chapter 1 verse 5 and your kinsfolk as you may have noticed we are broadcasting now twice a week live stream and the difference between what goes out on the air on euro folk radio and the live streams as they are rendered to Google and YouTube is that usually the live videos have about 20 to 30 extra minutes of free show and a post show so now that you have turn to Colossians consider a statement in chapter 1 verse 5 Paul says since we heard of your faith in Christ and the love that you have for the Saints so we covered that light but yet James and Jude say to contend for that faith delivered unto the Saints in short Paul is a saint just like Peter even though they had this contention and the striving about the law and even though Peter like usual would succumb to peer pressure sugar what do you do when the world comes in in a million men say Jesus Christ is a Jew but that sentiment isn't written in the Word of God you must go to the word of truth the gospel before men myself included and CI is the only faith based system that I know where they literally try to teach their converts to think for themselves unlike the false prophet who privately banks on your ignorance so if you don't check out what we teach if you don't confirm what we say the Hebrew and the Greek words mean that comes back to you and judgment now verse 5 also but of these who seem to be somewhat whatsoever they were it makes no matter to me God accepts no man's person today who seemed to be somewhat in conference added nothing unto me what is Paul saying here basically that he receives resistance from they of the circumcision and nothing has changed in that regard isn't it ironic that I have preached for two decades and the ADL the so-called Edomite Jew enemies of Christendom I've never written smear pieces on me most likely because I've never given them a reason but yet there are supposedly Soler's of discord in fact a majority of which all began on the covenant people's forms over once co-hosts on covenant people radio that slander me non-stop God hates the sower discord but if you don't use your god-given discernment you'll become just like that it's very easy to rush headlong into slander and defamation and it's very easy on that same token to come in and say well I heard it it's because you hear it does it make it true so Paul says in verse 6 what if these who seem to be someone whatsoever they were it truly makes no matter to me Paul speaking and does it stand I don't respect persons it doesn't matter to me if you're a week long in the CI truth or if you come in and claim to out flirty or CI in fact usually the latter the ones who come in and boast within themselves know the least about Christian identity if God's not a respecter of persons and we can't be either now that doesn't mean we go out and respect the non covenant people the beasts of the field but what it does mean is we have no self-respect if we don't so continue reading God accepts no man's purse why because there's no partiality now we can say we're God's chosen race we can say all of those things but in judgment the goats appear alongside to shoot the tares appear alongside the wheat food for thought something to consider because God truly is not a respecter of persons can I confirm that indeed I can consider a statement that Paul makes in his second chapter in his epistle to the Romans because he says in verse 11 for there is no respect of persons with God period God is not a respecter of persons because if he was the sons of Jacob could be consumed if we're saved by grace not of works then man could come right and basically say whatever if they're saved by works man could boast but we're not that is why God shows no partiality that is why Christ would give parables talking about the generous paymaster but whether you come at the 3rd 6 or 9th hour we all run the race and we'll all pay the same that is if we're lucky and found clean within the eyes of God now will we appear as clean if we go back to circumcision literally and withstand circumcision of the heart well that's an analogy that's true to life because just because the law is still in effect doesn't mean that the application of the law is identical to what it was back then Paul said but contrariwise back in Galatians chapter 2 verse 7 when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me as the gospel of the circumcision was committed unto Peter for he that wrought effectually in Peter to the Apostleship of the circumcision the same was mighty in me toward the Gentiles what is Paul saying he's saying that the same Jesus Christ who hand-picked Peter in his calling of the twelve was the same spirit that raised him up and gave him divine revelation so he could go to the ambassadors and basically because Peter was in a apostle unto the Israelite so also was he equal to Paul according to Paul here can I prove that indeed turn with me to the book of Acts chapter 9 most of Paul's conversion is right here but this is where most of us turn to prove that the eating of unclean foods is not sufficient Peter has a problem with Cornelius who was an Italian a Gentile in the book of Acts and he has this problem in chapter 9 where he has this vision in verse 13 there came a voice from heaven rise Peter kill aney and that same voice after Peter says I'll not eat it because I've never eaten anything common or unclean says what God has cleansed called not thou common or unclean Peter confirmed not that is in reference to Cornelius and the same exact chapter it has nothing to do with the food law when Peter obviously clung to that vestige saying for I've never eaten anything common or unclean it took God to prove to him using an analogy of the food law something he would understand because he was flesh to understand that there is no partiality that a Gentile and an Israelite or all one in Christ Jesus thus we can delude ourselves and say hey I'm in Israelite I'm elected you're not but he was first is truly last thus what did we confirm today God's not a respecter of persons and right here in acts the narrative also continues considered acts chapter 9 but verse 15 this is what we live the voice take unto him again the second time what God has cleansed don't call common or unclean and this was done three times and the vessel was received up again into heaven now while Peter doubted in himself with this vision which he himself had should me behold the men which were sent from Cornelius had made inquiry there Simon's house and stood before the gate Peter had to learn the hard way because he was an ambassador unto the Israelites and if we're in Israelite we're more prone to ego vanity and thinking that we're all together so much better and Brewer strivings and contentions at the law we run the danger of drawing people back into what was known as the tradition of the elder and that if you will as a facade you can't hide buying the law period the law is there to define right and wrong if the law was made for sinful man so if you're not a sinner and truly set free and liberty in Christ that you don't need the law you're technically above the Mosaic law the first covenant what that truly is a study for another day Derk in flow again a reminder right here on this very venue every Saturday at noon and every 7 or every Wednesday at 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time we stream live through Google Hangouts through your own boat radio and we usually will cover something from the Apocrypha or the pseudepigrapha because we tend to like preaching things that are less common they're more controversial they cause more problems and on those aforementioned idiots that slander me non-stop I was every second if they're not speaking about you you're not growing as a ministry twice under syllabus and so consider that until I join you next time once again this is pastor Besser from the heart of the Dirty South Brooks Georgia wishing you and your entire family great studies and war for Christ amen

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