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hello again here in smoke and thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser and this will be the continuation of our look at the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and if you were with me for the first part you know we left off with Paul telling them in Galatia that he wasn't persuaded by name he didn't do what he did because he desired to be a man pleaser in fact even goes on record to say if I yet pleased men I should not be the servant of Christ proving that when you tell the truth as Paul did oftentimes the world will come in and attack you and Paul continues in Galatians chapter 1 but verse 11 he says when I certify you brethren that the gospel which was preached of me was not after men so this is Paul coming in and giving his credential and he's basically saying look I once was a Pharisee and he's about to go into that and even though many people many Israelites had a reason to distrust me well I didn't learn from men what I am a thousand now is from Yahweh God even confirms it if you continue reading he says in verse 12 for I neither received it of man neither was I taught it but by the revelation of Jesus Christ now I partially in the first segment in the introduction explained that there are such a thing in Christian identity known as Paul bashers they for some reason or another distrust the Apostle Paul and I did in May May 24th of this year 2017 for euro folk radio a sermon titled the miracles of Paul and in that I proved many of the things that halted and definitely proved that he was made an ambassador because it is outlined and confirmed in the book of Acts roundabout chapter nine but basically Paul here is about to shift and say where he received that revelation he already said by the revelation of Jesus Christ Paul is basically telling the Galatians that he learned at the feet of the master and that he took a three-year sabbatical how can I say that well let's keep reading he says in verse 13 for ye have heard of my conversion in times past in the Jews religion how that beyond measure I persecuted the Church of God and wasting it now this is Paul coming in and messing up as we covered in the first part Paul once was solve a Pharisee and he persecuted the early church where can we read about that let's turn over to the book of Acts I'd like to digress here momentarily so you'll understand two things number one that Paul was made of legit apostle by Jesus Christ himself and number two what he's saying here now in Galatians he said I need to receive this revelation this doctrine of the gospel pertaining to grace from men but rather I received it from Yahshua however if you turn to Acts chapter 1 you learned Acts chapter 9 first one and so yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of Yahweh went unto the high priest and desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogue's that if he found any of this way whether they were men or women he might bring them bound to Jerusalem a pole is fessing up that's his intent when he was solved and he got permission to go to Damascus but on that road something happened we don't really have time today because we're focusing more on Paul's epistle to the Galatians but he hears this voice in verse 4 Saul Saul why persecutest beacon now Paul uses two terms he desired letters to Damascus that if he found any male or female Christian he would put them to death thus there is divine intervention and Christ says why are you persecuting me but yet Paul said in Galatians he persecuted what the Church of God now that's quite important in understanding because verse 5 for example he said Paul speaking who art thou Lord and Yahweh or Yahshua said I am Jesus whom thou persecutes it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks and he Paul trembling and astonished said Lord what will you have me to do and the Lord said unto Him arise and go into the city and it shall be told thee what thou shalt do approach you know the story Paul goes into Damascus and he meets there Ananias and basically long story short he is given eyes to see but he retreats for three years he doesn't go back into the land of Judea can I prove that indeed but let's continue in Galatians first he says in verse 13 where you have heard in my conversation in times past of the Jews religion different than the Church of God he says the Jews religion how that beyond measure I persecuted the Church of God meaning that Saul was a zealot for Pharisee ISM not Christianity he initially was a Christ denier but he felt the grace of God in fact Christ himself hand-picked Paul to give him that epiphany so that he could go on and become a ambassador on to the Gentiles the Galatians being such so let's continue reading he says and it profited in the Jews religion above my equals in mine own nation being more exceedingly zealous in the traditions of my father's Paulo teaches you two things like that number one that he was a zealot and he was more zealous than most Pharisees which is saying quite a lot when you consider that the number one enemy of Yahshua in the Gospels was to Pharisee and number two what else does he prove well that when he was a Pharisee that zeal caused him to go above and beyond in something that was known as tradition he rendered the tradition of his father's now that's important as well because Christ told the Pharisees when he walked that they may know the Word of God through their tradition and in many ways that is still true today you go to a judeo-christian Church they come in and they tell you the law is done away with Paul doesn't think but if the law has done away with then it's obviously okay for me to bow to graven images to serve other gods to steal kill to come it right no it is not that's the point so we need to understand as we proved in the first part the difference between the statute in ordinance and a law meaning a commandment I'll give several Commandments in this book to the Galatians but what he says here is that the Jews religion is very different and the Jews religion basically centers around that is Judaism the persecution of the true church of them Paul even says here that when he was all he got permission to do it and had not you shouid intervene and struck him down and choose him as the vessel that he was it could have been much worse because we saw a foreshadowing of that in Stephen so what can be proved from this well turn with me to Philippians Paul wrote this as well another Gentile nation but in Philippians chapter 3 Paul says in verse 6 concerning zeal persecuting the church touching the righteousness which is in the law blameless but what things were gain to me those I counted as loss for Christ Paul truly was a zealot that was when he was another person a sinner known as salt and like many other people Jacob being surnamed Israel as an example and being one he was renamed from Saul to Paul thus he became a new creature in Christ through grace and that's what he wanted most of these Gentile converts to understand whether they were in Phillip on Corinth Ephesus or Galatia another thing I want you to consider is found back in the hole in the New Testament book of Acts Acts is great and most believe that it was authored by Luke at the bequest of Paul because Paul and Luke were traveling companion the broad set something else that's never really mentioned too much and that is the fact that if you want to come in and dismiss Paul then by default many Paul bashers must dismiss Luke as well because Luke was a convert of Paul so the Gospel of Luke Rose because Epistle to the Hebrews goes the sin short 85% of the New Testament goes but nevertheless in Acts chapter 26 verse 9 it is here where we learn I barrel but within myself that I ought to do many things Paul speaking contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth that's very important as well because it sheds more light on why our Redeemer Jesus Christ would Rael so adamantly against the Pharisees it truly was as Christ said they made know the word of God this very word of God that were studying by bringing and tradition and in certain instances they would overload a man's car that's why Christ would say my burden is light and my yoke is easy so this is Paul saying what he was and coming to terms with that now I'm spending a little time there because it's really important in light of the fact that there are anti pauline people that are supposed to be christian identity in the Pauline epistles they are all similar they all begin and end on grace there's terms that are used countless times just like in the case of John with his term or trademark little children but what bleeds through in almost every epistle of Paul is his sincerity he admits to being the cheapest of all sinners something a Pharisee would never do in fact they would never dine with sinners and publicans just as Christ did the Pharisees would marvel that so back in Galatians he's talking about his background how he once was a Pharisee what God had other plans now this wouldn't be the first time that God chooses a enemy quote/unquote or even a can it-- to bring about his will because at the end of the day even the devil brings about Yahweh as well but he then begins to shift Paul says this is how I was I would sell it to persecute the church because I profited in the Jews religion Pharisee ISM which centers around persecution of Christian Paul then continues and verse 15 in Galatians chapter one but when it pleased God who separated me from my mother's womb and called me by His grace Paul confirms two things here that he was foreordained or chosen for the path that he had now that didn't stop him from going into Pharisee as making mistakes consenting unto this the stoning of Stephen right number two not only was he for ordained but he was called by grace and that's what I was partially getting to in part one in our look on Galatians and that is this that PO shown great many of the things he did would have been considered Antichrist as most Pharisees and modern Edomites do today but he knew of grace because he was extended grace and part of that grace was being struck blind having to go about in the dark for a while having to submit to the will of Yahshua who all the way back in Acts chapter 9 if you have the time clearly said since well for Paul was to make him an ambassador unto the Gentiles what is a Gentile in short in Greek the word means of the gen or of machine they're of the same genealogy as Adam okay or the Israelites we could say that they're the same people Adam was not the descendants of Israel so several things need to be established Paul here is making the claim that he was foreordained and that Yahweh knew him called him when he was in the womb that proves that life begins at conception my friend not at birth now I know there are people come in and attempt to justify abortion and every one of us technically are 9 to 10 months older than we truly are because life does begin at conception don't believe me well I want you to consider a statement this statement was made to Isaiah in the 49th chapter verse 1 we read lesson Oh Isles unto me Isaiah speaking and hearken ye people from far yahweh has called me from the womb from the bowels of my mother as he made mention of my name Isaiah is saying here clear as a bell the JAL way God ordained and for knew him when he was in his mother's womb proving again that life begins at conception now flip over one book in the Old Testament to the Book of Jeremiah because it is here in Jeremiah chapter 1 but first by Jeremiah 4 or Yahweh speaking says before I formed thee Yahweh speaking unto the Prophet to Judah Jeremiah before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee and all day be a prophet unto the nations what nations well in the case of Isaiah he was foreordained and known within the womb to be a prophet to the Israelite men women and children in the case of Jude Jeremiah he was foreordained known within the belly of his own mother by Yahweh God and sanctified meaning set aside to be a prophet to know well the Judea technically the Israelites as well but a nation unto their own and so I want you to consider that Isaiah and Jeremiah both confirmed that they were for ordained to do what it was that they did to fight and set aside and I suppose in many ways we all are are we not but Paul is making the same exact claim here and this is a claim that no other New Testament author makes that he was foreordained and known within the womb of his mother so back in Galatians Paul says hey I was a dirty scoundrel when I was a Pharisee notice all but when it pleased God when it was the proper time he came back to his senses so we know in Scripture the law says if we train a child in the right way when they're older they will not depart from it now that's no guarantee that there won't be rebellion because they're most assuredly is rebellion in the house of Abraham and in the very house of God was Satan falling taking a third attack brought such a study for another day but Paul once being a Pharisee doesn't make him illegitimate as an apostle in fact Paul teaches on grace more so than anyone else and again John James many of the other New Testament epistles like Peter and Jude never claimed to be for know before they were born Paul don't continue reading to reveal his son in me to who to the Gentiles to the six-day creation atomize okay but I'm not done on this topic on for ordaining now most of Paul's conversion takes place within the New Testament book of Acts most of it in Chapter 9 thus in Acts chapter 9 we read in verse 15 with the Lord a polite way of saying Yahshua in this context said unto him Paul go thy way for he is a chosen vessel unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles and kings and the children of Israel for we'll show him how many great things he must suffer for my name's sake that perhaps is the third point I would like to make in reference to Paul do not think that he suffered that he bore the stripes pus as he received up the Jews 40 stripes - 139 lashes he went into hiding after this conversion on the road - back to Damascus that we read about here in the book of Acts for three years before he even returned and when he returned after three years where he claims to have learned by the spirit of Yahshua the Christians distrusted him and with good cause because he set forth to murder them on that road to Damascus but God had different plan Yahweh came in and made him a mighty ambassador to not only the Gentiles but we just learned from the mouth of Christ himself in the red letters and in the book of Acts - the Israelite men women and children so how do you reconcile that for example we proved in the first part that Yahweh is the father of the Gentile or they of the gen they that were created in Genesis chapter one male and female alike but he is also the father to the Israelites those descendants of the singular Adam and Eve his wife who was created from the side of that now my purpose is not to split Arizona under the New Covenant as I have said most of the teachings are spiritually applied and we run a danger so many times in clinging more so to the letter of the law than the spirit of law who's a good example of someone who exercises the spirit of the law Joseph now for all intents and purposes when Mary was found to be pregnant and not married that was a death sentence according to the Mosaic law what Joseph understood the spirit of the law and protected her now that was for the glory of God but that's just one example many people wonder well what role did Joseph play he was instrumental in raising up Yahshua so who was instrumental in teaching Paul Christ Christ I'll come down but Christ rose him up again and made him a mighty ambassador now today 90% conservative estimate unless you want to discount Luke and Hebrews of the New Testament is attributed to Paul with the exception of a few epistles the book of Revelation and three Gospels so was he a mighty ambassador indeed he was because Gentiles and Israelites alike go to Paul's writings for edification and while there are idiots who don't like Paul some people can't be helped Paul understood that as well so God's will for Paul as we confirmed in Acts chapter 9 verse 15 wants to reveal his son in him he did that Paul achieved that through modesty and through the epistles that we now consider him let's continue in verse 17 Paul says neither when I up to Jerusalem before them which were apostles before me but I went again unto Arabia and returned again unto Damascus then after three years I went up to Jerusalem to see Peter and abode with him for 15 days Hira Paul is telling the residents of Galatia now I was persecuted by Pharisees I had to go into hiding and I basically disappeared off the radar for three years then after three years when the heat died down I went back into Jerusalem my native land all actually taught within the temple itself in Jerusalem the city and so consider that because he had to hide for three years and then he comes back and who does he seek out Peter now at the beginning of chapter one here in Galatians Paul clearly says that he marvels so much that many people are so soon removed unto another gospel Paul and Peter were friends though they were hanging out correct Restall says so so in the second epistle of Peter chapter 2 verse 1 we learned there were false prophets also among the people even as there shall be false teachers among you who privily will bring the adaptable heresies even denying the Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves Swift destruction so understand that point Paul is explaining where I hear that there are false prophets they come in with another gospel they come in and they want to draw you back to the Mosaic law and how we attribute blood for sin autonomy but it doesn't work under the New Covenant bus pay close attention to what Paul says he says to reveal his son in me in verse 16 that I might preach him among the heathen unfortunately heathen and Gentile were indiscriminately and oftentimes this word each ethnos take your pick what Paul was an ambassador to the Gentiles another way of saying behavior and that also is a last vestige of Pharisee ISM because we know that we are technically under the New Covenant to esteem every man better than ourselves how can we do that well the answer lies within the term man Christ clearly taught not everyone saying there a man is a man judge a jury according to their fruit now he says in verse 16 to reveal his son in me always intent that I might preach him Christ crucified among Bazin immediately I conferred not with flesh and blood why is that important because I said countless times the Old Testament is a Covenant made with sinful man it has the law and it has covenants made with races the Israelites okay one specific family we learn in Amos you only have I known of all the nations on the face of the earth however that's not the case under the New Testament and Paul was an ambassador and integral to going after these quote/unquote even for the Gentile nations in dysphoria no today our people are scattered around the world in almost every white nation that still exists and many non-white nations and third world owls truth be told but Paul says that he didn't confirm with flesh and blood why because that's what Pharisees do it always was about pedigree with them so much so that even Christ would have to come in and tell the Pharisees that Yahweh God is able if he willed it to raise up stones to Abraham see that's how important it really is in comparison to the spirit now don't misconstrue what I or Paul and saying we're not saying that racial pedigree is not important in fact in this very book he goes into his racial qualification however once that's paid what are you doing you must grow in the spirit walk in the spirit and abode with the next year which is exactly what Paul did now he says verse 17 neither when I up to Jerusalem to them which were apostles but after three days I went to see Peter and I abode with him for 15 days that is in Jerusalem Paul is basically hiding out at Peter's house and do you not think for a minute Peter who was called one of the twelve called by Yahshua knew of Saul's reputation so if Paul was not a legit Apostle Peter was unaware of that in addition to many others and perhaps as we progress through this series on Galatians I'll prove that that not only was Paul made an ambassador to the Gentiles and Israelites by Christ in Acts chapter 9 if you accepted as canon but so also do the other apostles confirmed Paul's Apostleship this is one such place how come Peter didn't run out and say oh my god Saul's coming he's coming to kill me no rather he hid Paul out from the Pharisees what we can learn from this is that a brother in Christ is just that a true brother in Christ but they're not truly a brother unless they abide within Christ the Pharisees and Saul were the enemy of the Christian Church but after his epiphany he was a friend to Christ and a friend to Christ must be accepted what Christ taught they that are not against me are for me so in many ways while we NCI attack what is known as you do Christendom harshly and with the cause they're not so far removed off-base in the teaching of the Spirit which is unsurprisingly deployed within CI which mostly glories in its flesh but flesh and blood doesn't inherit the kingdom of God let's continue Paul says after he abides with Peter for 15 days and verse 19 chapter one but other of the Apostles saw none save James the Lord's brother now James is most assuredly considered the half-brother of Christ most theologians believe that after the immaculate conception Joseph and Mary went on to have other children June Judas being one but also James James also I might remind you has the tension of being the only apostle whose martyrdom other than Stephen but the only apostle called by Christ to actually be transcribed within the Bible it was Herod who beheaded James so what can be said turn with me to first Corinthians for a moment as I digress 1st Corinthians chapter 9 it is here where we learn in verse 5 Paul says and Durkin smoke as you may be aware as you're turning there I'll give you a moment as you may be aware we are now live streaming every broadcast that goes out on your own folk Radio Free europe/radio calm every Saturday at 12 noon and every Wednesday at 7 p.m. respectively and so if you're able to swing by at those times and you'll be able to catch a live broadcast and hopefully pretty soon we'll be able to answer your question first Corinthians pulse first letter today in Corinth chapter 9 verse life Paul says have we not power to lead about a sister a wife as well as other apostles and the Brethren of the Lord or brothers or I only am Barnabas have we not the power to forbear working now Paul equates the ministry to work and I'm here to tell you it truly is work the work man is worthy of his hire and Paul was one of the few apostles other than Peter in the book of Acts that literally taught you're supposed to be supported that if you don't get paid you don't preach for lack of a better term another thing I want you to consider is found within the Gospels in Matthew chapter 13 it is here where we learn in verse 55 all the people come roundabout and they try to disc Christ yoshua taught that a prophet has no honor save in his own country and basically that means in a roundabout way those who feel they know you or know what's better for you feel they know everything about you and therefore they know all your sins so why hearken unto the messenger even if the message is correct so what can we learn from this narrative they come out in verse 55 of Matthew chapter 13 and they say is this not the carpenter's son and not his mother called Mary and his brethren James josie's Simon and Judas a polite way of saying Jews and therefore no man can come in and attack me of bastardizing the Virgin Mary she truly was not a perpetual virgin but she was in immaculate she had an immaculate conception and had other children after the fact so Paul here in Galatians chapter 1 verse 19 says he does back to Jerusalem he stays about two weeks with Peter and he saw James the brother of Christ now if Peter didn't have issue with all and James who grew up in the very house at Christ did with the same mother and stepfather didn't have a problem with Paul why would anybody entertain anti Paul sentiment when it is him who is responsible for a majority of the New Testament number ones let's continue reading and close out the chapter Paul continues in verse 20 now the things which I write unto you the whole before God I lie not all here is being his own witness however Christ is already providing a second witness for Paul now Paul is telling you that his witness is true who are you going to believe who will the Galatians believe Paul said that he marveled that many of us could be so soon removed from a gospel the very simple onto something that could be considered a yoke or a burden like Senate only under the Mosaic law Paul is saying what I say is true because I learned it just like the other apostles from Christ in continuous patience afterwards I came into the rich the regions of Syria and Silesia and was unknown by face unto the churches of Judea which were in Christ Paul says he was unrecognizable and most likely when he went out during his three-year sabbatical he likely grew a beard common sense would dictate that and he would come back and become a mighty Christian and in many ways each and every one of us are on our own proverbial road to Damascus some of us are a little further down below some are just beginning that act of rebellion or that first step but Christ had other plans Paul says God foreknew him and set him aside so even oftentimes if we mess up we can go to Christ through breaks and be washed from our sin Paul taught them he says he was enough turn with me to Romans chapter 16 Paul also authored Romans as you're well aware but this is the final chapter enrollees where he says in verse 7 saluted dronicus and junik o my kinsmen and my fellow prisoners who were enough among the apostles who were all in Christ before me so we prove Peter accepted Paul we prove James the brother of Christ accepted Paul and all the first-generation Apostles that were made disciples or apostles at the feet of the original twelve called accepted Paul at least according to this Pauline epistles why is that important because people want to discredit I've never understood why because Paul teaches certain things as I said in the first poem a specific doctrines that are New Testament only and not found within the Mosaic law and he learned them by experience for example you can fall from grace now he would know that better than anyone else so don't think for a moment because someone's for ordained or for know to do God's will that oftentimes God doesn't turn them from a vessel of dishonor to a vessel of Honor or vice versa because oftentimes it can happen the other way you're not once saved always saved Paul says in verse 23 but they heard only that he which persecuted us at times past now preaches the faith which he weren't destroyed Paul truly did set about to destroy the faith that was once delivered to the same he admits it here and he admits that many of the Christians rightfully distrusted me he said that they didn't really know who he was but he heard about the deeds of Saul and likely was shamed and embarrassed because that after all is a characteristic of it Israel and Paul clearly says he was a Benjamite of the house of Israel so the final births as its found in Galatians chapter 1 is verse 24 and they glorify God in me meaning that one righteous work truly can oftentimes cover up a myriad of sin that is if you're known and for all day while we are to judge a tree according to their fruit oftentimes some of the baddest seen can go on to become the most powerful creatures and other times some of the greatest men are cast out they fall from grace and they never enter into that Kingdom and so with that being established the second part in the bag I'll be joining you again shortly this is pastor Bissell from the heart of the dirty south which is Brooks Georgia in the covenant people's Church wishing you and your entire family great studies war for Christ

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