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hello again faithful friends and thank you for joining me I'm pastor visser of CPM also known as Covenant Peoples ministry located in beautiful downtown Brooks Georgia and today we intend on concluding our long-running series looking at the letter of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and without further ado we left off in the last segment segment 14 in verse 10 where Paul says as we have therefore opportunity let us do good unto all especially unto them who are of the household of faith and in the last segment about a week ago we spent a good amount of time looking at that particular verse and proving that Paul doesn't come in and say love everybody indiscriminately and the same rather as he just said we are to put our respect our love and our support to the faithful first which is exactly what Christ taught in that it's not me or proper to take the children's bread and cast it on to dogs so common sense dictates that we must tend to our own needs first personally nationally and as a faith base system and so to conclude let's rejoin our study and pick it back up and verse 11 of chapter 6 and Galatians Paul says you see how large a letter I have written unto you with mine own hand now if you were actually look at Galatians as a book and it's six chapters you will see that it's not really that large especially compared to books like corinthians romans and hacks but actually it should be pointed out that many manuscripts render Galatians 6 verse 11 as you see with what large letters I have written unto you with mine own hand now I don't want to spend a lot of time here but unfortunately Galatians 6 verse 11 is one of those myths transliterations where the manuscript says that paul technically wrote with very large aramaic letters and of course it was ultimately translated and became what we know as canon years later but how that began to become how large a letter I have written well you could take it either way if you believe Paul's letter to the Galatians is large then look at exactly what it is he's discussing in this particular letter he's talking of circumcision he's talking of Judaizers who will come in and tell you that unless you follow the Mosaic law you won't be saved and whether he wrote a large letter which Galatians is not or he wrote using large letters to the Galatians as a side point the point is is that Paul wrote this letter and to digress Paul wrote 80% of what we consider the New Testament so if I have taught you anything in these two series on Ephesians and Galatians let it be that shun and mark Paul bashers because they're not of the faith they're not of the household of Christ as Paul puts it and moreover they won't be found within that coming kingdom you cannot come in and deny 80% of the New Testament and except to find favor with God just simply will not happen and so Paul then continues here in Galatians 6 but verse 12 by saying as many as desire to make a fair show in the flesh they constrain you to be circumcised only lest they should suffer persecution for the cross of Christ and my friends right here is where I'd like to point out I believe many people who come to this movement an attempt to handle the Oracles of God don't truly as Christ commands them sit down and weigh the cost and consider the cost but what Paul is saying here is any man who constrains you or compels you to go back under the Mosaic law is only making a fair show within the flesh because they're severely lacking in those things that pertain unto the spirit my friends this has not changed many venues even I have worked on in the past that I have walked from will come in and tell you what you want to hear but what's not quite as easy as that is taking the higher moral high ground and actually telling people not what they want to hear but what is truth and so I preached several weeks ago on what a bishop is supposed to be what a pastor is supposed to be and while there's overwhelmingly major support for those sermons because they're truthful they're backed up and they're confirmed within Scripture it didn't stop a few idiots to come in and start their own little ecclesiastical council and tried to excommunicate yours truly and ironically a few of them even set out to livestream to the internet with dismal results as an epic failure and I was sitting here and Brooks actually laughing at it I wonder truly how much sleep these men lose staying up night after night thinking that they can obtain what it is I have done with covenant people's church but never realizing the first 20 years I ran this I did so for free so you're not going to go very far Judy izing telling people they need to be circumcised now in the interim indeed you can and I've learned this from experience if you come in and tell people hey you're white you're great you're greater than everybody else there's much profit within that but is that the correct thing to do no it isn't an Everest told the truth in season and out of season Paul says as many as desire to make a fair show in the flesh meaning men who come to you and tell you you must follow the law of circumcision or the law of baptism to be saved are only making a fair show in the flesh that's all they have they have no spirit to speak of and therefore they come in and they say hey you're Israel you're white isn't that great and that appeals to the flesh my friends much profit within that but not within the coming kingdom you can lie to people all day in fact that's what Peter did he came down from Jerusalem and told they in Galatia that they had to be circumcised to be saved not because it was a good idea not because it was commanded by Moses in the Old Testament but because they were lying and telling people that they had to do this to be saved and my estimation on the reason why so many of our people are men especially do this to make a fair show within the flesh is because not only are they devoid of the Holy Spirit but that they've won to glory within that flesh they really do not understand spiritual teachings and if God is spirit and you have to worship Him in spirit and truth what good does it do you to come in and talk of flesh peering it on any level how great Israelite flesh is and how Edomite flesh will be destroyed it's all vanity my friends only those things of the Spirit now Paul would withstand Peter and Peter learned at the very foot of the master but he didn't learn correctly and it didn't keep Peter on the straight and narrow in fact it caused Peter to come in because of the pressure of the world in the fear of the Jews to come in later until Paul's converts entirely different than what Paul had told them and so it stands many people attempt to be Christian identity they attempt to be CPM and they can't be because I'm the oldest Christian identity website and form on the entire Internet and I've been doing this longer than anybody else out there frankly if you really want to analyze it but length doesn't denote correction correctness my friends look at Paul look at Peter who is the longer Apostle Peter was but who was correct Paul why because Paul taught the spirit not the flesh and only men who desire to make a fair show within the flesh will constrain you to be circumcised that's what Paul says and the reason they do it is because they do not want to suffer the persecution of the cross frankly they cannot bear the cost of discipleship and therefore it is so much easier than to come in and teach the spiritual teachings which is what Christ taught than to come in and basically say hey you know what your flesh will will save you flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of God my friends so whether you're pointing to Israel as being the apple of God's eye or the Edomite as being their enemy all you're discussing is flesh because ultimately you're judged by the spirit and how you treated others so moving on here in Galatians but chapter six verse 13 for neither thee they themselves who are circumcised keep the law but desire to have you circumcised that they may glory in your flesh now why is that so important why would anybody attempt to come in and glory within the flesh of another person light bulb just burn out dear Ken smoke so we'll continue as we are and we'll have to fix that if we continue to live stream the short answer is this because they are as we discussed a void of the Holy Spirit neither they themselves who tell you to be circumcised will keep the law why number one most obvious you can't keep the entirety of the law and as Paul says in Galatians if you believe that you are justified or saved through the law then you now are obligated to keep the entirety of the Mosaic law which is an impossibility all men are liars all men have lied okay but not every man does so habitually now there are men who come to this movement that's all they can do is steal kill and destroy because they're born of their father the devil and so they come in and they attempt a live stream and it's they themselves do not keep the law anyone who tells you why because they themselves hide behind the law and in short they should already understand that the law never justified anybody no flesh was justified or saved by their adherence to the law and neither would God come in and thank you for abstaining from pork or not sleeping with a monstrous woman or for not killing and stealing that particular day from his children and I'm spending time here because we run that danger because we do follow the law we know the law is lawful if it's used lawfully and we know that it's moral and just oftentimes we run the danger of thinking that we are then saved by the law and the law will not save you the law is part of what you're judged according to but the law itself has no provision in Leviticus or Deuteronomy that if you obey it and even if you obey it 100% will you be saved never made that promise why because there was already provisions for a coming Messiah and a redeemer at the time Moses gave that law at the time he received it the burning bush so consider that point they want to glory within your flesh and so they come and they say hey I gave this particular gentleman his identity really who is it who gives you your identity and how do you obtain an identity in Christ by having eyes to see and ears to hear giving you of Yahweh God no man will give you that knowledge no man will open your eyes okay but the same men who come in and Judy eyes and tell you hey you must be circumcised in order to be saved number one they don't follow the law and that still rings true today the majority of people who walk around saying I follow are the biggest violators of Yahweh's law that can be found period why because they're not retreating behind a shield of faith as Paul taught in Ephesians they're hiding behind the law projecting then outwards and telling everybody else that they're all together as filthy and underneath them as your average sinner and it doesn't work that way so he continues on to say for neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law but only desire to have you circumcised in order to or that they may glory within your flesh meaning the moment they get you to become Junie eyes to go back to the law then they feel they own you and thus is the story of my life while I've worked many venues throughout the years I've always maintained my own independent venue so I have the ability to say what needs to be said outside of the control of others but wouldn't you know it that doesn't stop particular men and women from coming in and attacking me thinking they own me and removing me from the airways because I preach truthfully I might add that a bishop must be blameless the husband of one wife and having his children in all subjection and authority under him people do not like the truth but a lot of people within this movement love the law because they can hide behind it they say hey I don't eat pork therefore I'm better than this man not true there's no guarantee at the end of the day that if you follow the law you will obtain entrance within the kingdom and in fact according to Paul here in the final chapter of Galatians any man who comes in and tells you you need to glory within your flesh you need to follow the law to be saved or justify does so because they don't follow the law themselves and they want to make a fair show out of you so if you want to be another man's guinea pig a surefire way of doing that is coming in and a bang the man over the law big difference men will come in they'll lie in fact even this week I've heard people coming in now this knowing Christ statement eli eli lama Shibata name which is Hebrew it's a wreck quote of the 22nd psalm and they're basically saying well he didn't say that you know it never ends my friend have a measure of standards have a yardstick and if you do you won't be lost but if you don't all it takes is a man a little more subtle a little wiser than you to come in and say oh that doesn't mean what it means and all of a sudden well you're walking around like Peter saying you're saved through circumcision what an idiotic statement to make verse 14 but God forbid Paul says that I should glory save in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ by whom the world is crucified unto me and I unto the world and that if you will is the difference between the spiritual man and the flesh based man the man who can only see the flesh will never understand the things of the Cross or the things of the Spirit and we're going to prove that momentarily so when we come to people and we tell them what the Word of God says verbatim knotwood rabbi bill or rabbi mark say the Bible says it says okay but if you go to them and you point out for example Christ came only for the lost sheep of the house of Israel there will be a fair amount who will mock you there'll be a fair amount who don't understand but want you and so also will there be a fair amount who are just like this who say it's foolishness say I don't understand I want nothing whatsoever to do with it why short answer is because they're going to perish and so we have within the land something known as judeo-christian or where they tell you the entire world must be converted in fact it's quite intolerant at its core root if you look at it because judeo-christianity not dual seed line comes in and says every asian every Negro is wrong in serving their own gods so consider that statement only dual seed line comes in and says Yahweh God is the God of Israel but yet esteemed and set up gods for the other nations so short and in short who's more intolerant the people who come in and say the Bible is only for Israel as the Bible says or the man who comes in and says everybody else every other race needs to come unto the white God to be saved which is what you do Christian Domus thousands my friends we live in a rebuilt Babylon where everything is upside down and bass-ackwards and a majority of that is fueled along by Judaizers now the law is good and Paul doesn't say not to follow the law but what Paul warns about is men who want to come in and make a fair show to prayed about within their flesh and say look I'm light what does that mean you're truly only an Israelite if you love your neighbor as yourself and it is the same book of Galatians that says write in the first chapter to those Gentiles who have the ability to believe God gave them the power to be called the sons of Abraham so who is Israel number one it begins in the flesh right but number two in judgment the Israelites are spiritually judged not judge because they're white so I want you to consider a few statement Paul says here in verse 14 God forbid that I should glory meaning that there's no way it'll even happen but if I were to glory it would not be in the law it would not be in my physical member nor would it be within the act of circumcision it would only be in the cross and therefore that cross hangs and that cross will continue to say there why short answer is it's the only thing we can glory within turn with me to concrete what Paul says here the 1st Corinthians chapter 1 and in 1st Corinthians chapter 1 Paul says beginning in verse 17 Christ sent me not to baptize but to preach the gospel not with wisdom of many words lest the cross of Christ should be made of none effect why for the preaching of the Cross is to them that perish foolishness but unto us which are saved it is the power of God what is the power of God under the New Covenant the preaching of the Cross not the preaching of the law and that should be common sense the power of God was manifested to the world through Yahshua Jesus to Christ not through Moses and his giving of the law but notice Paul says that the preaching of the Cross which is spiritually applied is foolishness to those who are already predestined to perish so number one many people will perish number two when you go to them and you tell them these spiritual teachings it's going to appear as foolishness to them now this naturally ties right in to 2nd Peter chapter 2 where we learn from Peter that the way of the false prophet is to come in so that the way of truth God's Word John 17:17 is evil spoken of and if you think for a moment that's solely within judeo-christian demand not within supposed CI you've got another thing coming a majority of Judaizers flock to Christian identity because number one they're so ignorant they can barely read but number two they don't understand spiritual teachings this so-called preaching of the Cross and so they are usually the men who come in and send me an email saying I have a graven image but ironically were the same exact people who never had issue with Cookie Monster or big bird or a universalist graven image that was literally hung on the door what's the difference one Heights behind the law one Heights behind the spirit you can beat people up and tell them that if they're wearing a cross it's a graven image but is it and in that process do you not condemn yourself indeed you do by which measure you judge you shall be judged in return so another thing I'd like you to consider is found in Colossians to really prove this point in Chapter two Paul says at verse twenty wherefore if you be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world why as though living in the world are you subject to ordinances touch not taste not handle not which are all to perish with the using after the commandments and doctrines of men what's the Mosaic law a doctrine of men indeed it was it was given by God to a man to in turn give to the Israelites about the doctrine or the royal law of Christ which is basically the golden rule do unto others no man of the flesh will be able to fulfill that thus they'll never be able to fulfill all the law and the prophets by loving their neighbor as themselves because that is a spiritual teaching my friends so god forbid that you glory as well no more than Paul or myself in anything and any accomplished that you have done as opposed to preaching God's Word now before we actually conclude today let me say that since we began this series in Galatians back in April of this year 2017 there have been so many ups and downs mostly downs and in many ways it seems like we're fighting an uphill battle here in Brooks that is with the deletion of all our books from the distributor our deletion from iTunes video servers even talks you as of late many times we wonder if we should continue and the one thing that always comes back to me is that the Word of God this gospel truth will never return void ever and so I stand on that my friends Wow we're at in urine now we're listenership is at an all-time low support is virtually non-existent and we really don't know what the future holds it is quite ironic that I have a handful of people who truly do understand the spirit as opposed to the flesh the law will not save you flesh and blood do not inherit the kingdom of God therefore how does flesh and are into any equation under the New Covenant when everything is in how we deal with our racial neighbor it doesn't fit in period so back here in Galatians chapter 6 Paul continues in verse 15 in Christ Jesus neither circumcision avails anything nor uncircumcision but a new creature what but a new creature a new creature is the only thing that will avail anything in Christ Jesus not circumcision not uncircumcision and I believe we actually scrutinized this verse in an early segment back in April or May in this very series on Galatians because Paul says many things here and we're going to prove those as well number one consider a statement that Paul makes in first Corinthians this is found in the seventh chapter but verse 18 Paul asks is any man called being uncircumcised let him not become circumcised is any called in circumcision let him not be circumcised circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing but the keeping of the commandments of God that if you will is something and not only something to the Christian body but something to God now consider that I have said so many times faith Trump's obedience why because obedience to God's law doesn't guarantee you anything but faith overcomes the world faith is how we're saved through grace according to Ephesians chapter 2 verse 8 so one more thing to consider turn with me to Romans chapter 2 chapter 2 in Romans but verse 26 Paul says therefore if the uncircumcision keep the righteousness of the law shall not his uncircumcision then be counted for circumcision questioned and shall not uncircumcision which is by nature if it fulfill the law judge thee who by the letter and circumcision does transgress the law now we really don't have time to scrutinize what Paul says here in Romans but consider this point whether you're circumcised or uncircumcised if you belong to Christ if you were one of his sheep as he clearly said it won't matter whether you're circumcised or uncircumcised Paul even goes on to say in Roman that uncircumcision is more natural than circumcision is thus I stand on what I said many Commandments that are found within the Mosaic law can only be given by a god or a deity and circumcision is one of those no man will sit around and simply decide one day hey like a great idea to cut my member up okay but God commanded that back then circumcision to be what as we actually some Mis up a sign a token a token of the old covenant that was made with Abraham therefore what is the sign and what is the token of the New Covenant it's neither circumcision nor uncircumcision but the spiritual teachings and how they're applied if a man has to correct spirit he's going to love his neighbor as himself in the first place if a man has the proper spirit esteem by Yahweh God that he doesn't need the law to tell them don't kill don't steal now many of us do unfortunately we have to go back and say okay not gonna kill today so understand the point those in faith in Christ in his body under the New Covenant or so much greater than those that needed a law to govern and dictate how the flesh was to be brought under subjection and I might add that's why Paul devotes such a mount a good amount of time here in Galatians and Ephesians both on teaching between the differences the differences in Christ Jesus neither circumcision will avail you nor uncircumcision but a new creature so here's the point at the end of the day if you're not dead to the world if you don't die to send and become a servant to Yahweh God nothing you can do including your observance of the Mosaic law will obtain you entrance and therefore there is an Edomite imposter group of people who come in and they claim sometimes to be God's chosen people and ironically what they usually claim to do is follow the Mosaic law but they don't follow the Torah they follow the Talmud at the end of the day will your observance to the law allow you into the kingdom not at all and I believe personally that's the reason why God deemed it as such he knew half of his children would be divided they would come in and they would say up all the law but deny Christ and then there would be the other half who come in and say I accept Christ 100% he's right mate from the law of sin and death why that terminology because if you follow the law your entire life and I'm talking of the Mosaic law here non man's law but if you follow it your entire life okay you're only doing what's required you required nowhere in the Mosaic law did God come in and command that you have faith within it or that you even have faith within Christ so it truly is our faith that overcomes the world and don't allow any man to come in and draw you back to the law because if they do they themselves don't keep it by drawing you back to the law obviously and number two their only desire to make a fair show in the flesh and my friends are clicks within this movement that I helped define that's all they can do you wouldn't even want to know what these men do in the private sea of their own house but it's nothing even remotely resembling Christianity so we must die to the world that's the point we must be crucified with Christ and crucify our own flesh within that process now Paul continues to say in verse 16 and as many as walk according to this rule peace be on them and mercy and upon the Israel of God notice in Paul's benediction here as he winds down his letter today in Galatia doesn't say the God of Israel but the Israel of God and both of those terms are correct we tend to usually think hey we follow only the God of Israel God of the Israelite men women and children but did you ever stop to think and consider for a moment that you the listener many of your family members even are the Israel of God a much greater feat so the God of Israel gave the Mosaic law but the Israel of God will be those who understand and don't shrink back at the preaching of the Cross number one because it's not foolishness to them because they're not destined to perish and number two because that's the only glory in which a man has we can't go out and say hey you know what that is two other men I follow the law what will the other man say good for you doesn't matter to me but what you can do is do good unto your neighbor love those who persecute you love your enemy that's Christ talk why is that important because it's almost impossible to do but it is the pattern so my advice is at least practice that try loving your enemy and doing so you really do make them reap what they sow as many Paul says as what according to this rules this golden rule this royal law as many as walk within the spirit Paul says so once again as he said before and as we began today as we have an opportunity to do good unto all we should do good unto all especially those of the faith a difference do good to everybody generally but especially do good on today of the faith so there's a difference there Paul says the same here as many as do walk according to this rule this rule about circumcision and the teaching between flesh and spirit Paul says only then peace be upon them and mercy and from who the Israel of God now we are meant to be Yahweh's weapons and battle acts of war we are left here in oh so many ways to contend and rule in Yahweh's absence until he returns and there's no way you can rule by desiring to make a fair show in the flesh by saying hey I don't eat pork to the unbelieving man that means nothing okay that's only and extra prohibition put it that way but Christ said what you shall know the truth the truth shall set you free and as I have said the law was never truth 100% it was truthful because it was from God's mouth but not the truth Christ is the truth God's Word is the truth including these epistles of Paul like Galatians so continuing on verse 17 from henceforth let no man trouble me for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus Christ this is Paul's benediction and he's basically reminding them in Galatia that he board the stripes and perhaps no greater latter second generation apostle bear as many stripes as Paul did but Paul had the bruises he had the stars and it didn't stop men from coming in who never suffered any persecution who never preached for free for in upwards of twenty years coming in and saying you know and I'm faithful to now go back to the law are you able to see what Paul is saying and what I'm saying by extension don't allow men you draw you back to the law circumcision or uncircumcision mean nothing to you all my god but what is important is that we have the correct spirit that we do good one to another and that we observe this rule not so much bearing the marks of Christ within our body because that's obligatory that's going to happen if you follow the truth but the truth isn't the wall the truth is the gospel therefore mark two men who tell you go back to the law as the Jews they are and support those that tell you the truth the truth is the gospel final verse and all of Galatians is right here in chapter 6 but verse 18 Paul's benediction is brethren the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit amen two points I'd like to make concerning Galatians number one Paul considered grace to be the most important of anything of any attribute and as a result would open and close almost every epistle he wrote talking about grace it's no different here he says grace be with your spirit amen and the second point would be that amen it's a biblical term it sounds nothing whatsoever like Amman or a mana Mars any of the deity the Egyptian deities as oh so many people come in and tell you hey don't say Amen how many times does Amen stay within the word how many times has it felt right here on his benediction grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit amen and therefore I will never relent and say Amen because a few ignorant people want to come in and say hey that sounds suspiciously similar to almond no it doesn't actually if you understand if Egyptian and the etymology of that word so grace is most important that is the theme of Galatians but notice grace isn't imparted by disobeying the Mosaic law grace is imparted through faith by your faith in understanding the Mosaic law was merely a schoolmaster to bring you unto Christ because Christ would for one in all time shed his blood on Calvary so you don't have to go back as we covered today from Romans and first Corinthians to an animal sacrifice okay these ordinances these rituals like circumcision that if we allowed to creep into the Christian body the dispute thereof run a higher risk of keeping you out of the kingdom then have they not in the first place understand that point you're better off being a Christian body and working within the spirit to obtain and achieve God's end then you are murmuring disputing and fighting and bickering over circumcision so many Jews come in today and they say I'm circumcised does that mean they're saved not one bit who is saved in the end who overcomes the world the faithful it is written the just shall live by faith alone not the law so if you're truly just you're truly righteous don't go to the law other than to tell you what is right and wrong on a national level always go to Christ in faith and in prayer my friends if you're able to support this ministry please do so the future is uncertain I would like to thank off the top of my head Doug Ferran John Eric and anybody else I may have forgotten Troy and Kirk many others for supporting this ministry and making this particular lecture available to you and a whole new generation continue to pray for this ministry and for one another and until next time this is pastor Visser from the heart of the Dirty South wishing you and your entire family great studies and war for Christ Oh

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