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hello again dear friends and kin smoke thank you for joining me I'm pastor Visser of Brook Georgia and the covenant peoples Church and today I'm pleased to announce that we're going to be continuing our scrutinize ation of the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians and Paul teaches so many important things within this book that should not be overlooked that is by any Christian eye dentist why well we have this belief within CI that is ironically taught by Paul that all Israel will be saved and while that is a true statement we need to define what is in Israel on for example Paul says to the Galatians that if they believe in Christ Jesus they're considered a son of Abraham meaning an Israelite and they also are sons of adoption and have access to the very Covenant so a fair question that should be presented is would an Israelite any man woman or child with white skin and blue eyes who denies Christ be saved well that shows you how important it is to be able to understand what an Israelite is and what a Gentile is and the importance of faith over obedience what Paul tells the Galatians is that they began in the spirit but it didn't stop a false prophet from coming in and telling them hey let me drag you back unto the works of the law by which no man is justified meaning that the very law itself when it was given initially did not have the power to grant us salvation we had no a blessed assurance like we do under the blood of Christ and so we left off with Paul saying in Galatians chapter 4 but verse 18 it is good to be zealously affected always and good and not only when I am present now have you ever considered that really because I know many people come to this movement because it empowers them through the flesh and Paul would say are you so foolish that you began within the spirit and/or drawback to the flesh so we need to understand the difference between what is flesh and what it's spirit why well flesh your blood don't inherit the kingdom but our faith overcomes the world faith is another way of saying belief so who is greater in the eyes of God the lowly sinner Gentile who believes that Christ is Messiah or the egotistical Pharisee who says hey you know what I'm Israelite well we should never neglect to do good and not only when we're together with our kids but when we're at fellowship during the Passover or the Feast of Trumpets always be zealous which is a form of jealousy for those things that are gunned down what is good in this unbelieving world many people attempt to come in and define good bad and ugly all outside of this codified word in fact maybe you've heard that sentiment people will come and they'll say I don't need a book to define right or wrong I don't need God's Word to know what is moral and I here to tell you that it's not the case there is no morality outside of this world word and every time man attempts to define his own form of morality well what do you see but what you see today homosexual marriage all done under the guise of love God is love so those perverts can't show love that's my point but they justify abominations that is saag by saying it's more so now or another and of course you have to tolerate those things so picking back up our study here in galatians chapter 4 paul says in verse 19 my little children of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you travail is a polite way of saying labor and that brings me to a very valid point for the men women and children who may believe that preaching God's Word or being a faithful minister does not require any labor at all I'm here to tell you that it's actually more laborious and labor-intensive to be a preacher than it is to sit behind a desk and push a pencil but notice process of whom I travail in birth or labor in birth until Christ be formed within you turn with me to first Corinthians chapter 4 Paul says here in verse 15 for though he had ten thousand instructors in Christ yet he had not many fathers for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel meaning they were born again quote/unquote to cop a cheesy term but they truly started to live in the spirit these Galatians and along came the false prophet and said you know what you're not justified true belief through faith you need the law but again the law never had any guarantee of salvation it had outlines it had rituals and it had ordinances that if the obedient would follow they had a greater propensity for forgiveness and a greater chance of being clean in the eyes of God but salvation comes through Yahshua's blood only through the atonement that he made so continue on Paul says I desire to be present with you now and it changed my voice for I stand in doubt of you some manuscripts render voice as tone meaning Paul desired to soften his tone because oftentimes that's what you need to do as a minister Paul would say when I was in Rome well I did as the Roman all would say when I was amongst that you did I became as a Jew did but at the end of the day Paul also wasn't Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin he was an ambassador unto the Gentiles so he would know who would be saved and who wouldn't right Paul number one says the obedient ersite Paul says the faithful are always safe through grace or unmerited favor something that you can't earn but other manuscripts render stand in doubt as how doubts about and this I truly can understand from experience oftentimes men come to covenant peoples church and they're filled with the Holy Spirit you know they want to go out they want to preach the word they want to convert others and share the truth that they have but oftentimes a babe on the word who is ill-equipped can do more damage than good and then when they go out and they fall on their face because they really don't know all the Bible verses that are you know required to be able to convince the naysayer they come back and they hate you thus you're instilled without oftentimes I know I do over and over and over question whether what I preach is right or wrong whether going and having a live stream it's the right thing to do or staying with audio only what venue we choose to work upon that's all part of laboring for Christ but do we do that for ourselves no not really because if Paul wasn't an ambassador he could have just sat at home it's sort of Christ and peace but he didn't he travail he labored and he dealt with much persecution from the Jew for doing as such and I might interject the Pauline epistles are still under attack by many Jews today why because of what we're covering today Paul this allows any Israelite or Gentile from coming in and going in their flesh not far removed from what Christ time that God if he wanted to or chose to could raise up stones to Abraham see at the end of the day knowing that flesh and blood don't inherit the kingdom of God you're better off in belief and that was was seeing clearly in the parable of Christ when when Christ taught his parable of the publican in the center he was contrasting two classes and we should really pay close attention to what he taught in that parable because here is a Pharisee one who was devoted to the temple who was a preacher the lack of a better term and obviously of the correct category being Judea and on the other corner was a lowly sinner a tax collector the Pharisee clearly said thank God thank y'all way I wasn't created like this lowly sinner because I give everything I have I do all these righteous work and the center or the tax collector said it would be possible give me salvation forgive me of my sin what is denoted in that parable of Christ that is the publican and the pharisee police an outline of police the Pharisee who said he was so great in his flesh had no belief whatsoever and what Christ came to do but the sinner understood it therefore we oftentimes run the danger of becoming parasitical and there are certain cliques within Christian identity that are just that they're Sadducees they're Pharisees they come in they attack they nitpick every single thing that other men do and ironically at the end of the day they have no works to their credit now Paul most assuredly had many works so he continues in verse 21 he says tell me he that desire to be under the law do you're not here the law a fair question do you not even understand the law if you desire to be under it or judged by it or think you're justified through it and made clean as opposed to Christ's blood you never read the law to begin with because the law never granted salvation and even when Yahweh God gave that law to Moses he said there would be a coming Redeemer that's what fulfilment completed all I've done numerous studies on Paul's basically asking if you'd rather be under obedience which is the whole duty of man over belief which is so much greater do you not even understand what the law itself says and I'll interject here 95% of men who believe that the law will say them don't even understand the law to begin with and while they hide behind the law of Moses Paul taught in Ephesians the only retreat we have is behind a shield of what they faith it's the only thing you can hide or retreat behind not the law and 95% of men who hide behind the law and say I keep it perfectly or the biggest sinner as a woman we really need to understand that God has more favor for those who are in belief than those who obey obligatory lis what's outlined to keep them from failing so understand that point if you don't know how to fail you know outside of God's law do you even understand what God's law says Paul asked this question tell me if you desire to be under the law don't you even hear the law to begin with and then he continues in verse 22 for it is written that Abraham had two sons the one by a bondmaid and the other by a freewoman now we're going to digress right here because what Paul is teaching here is an allegory or a metaphorical teaching surrounding a real true to life historical event the breath you already know what he's talking about it is written where in Genesis turn with me to Genesis but the sixteenth chapter and let's read the account for ourselves Genesis 16 but verse 15 Hegel there Abram a son and Abram calls his son's name which hagar there ishmael now brought you heard me study up or preach on this in fact just this passover i did an in-depth study on the differences and i did again on mother's day proving the differences between the two conceptions so one was by a bond woman a polite way of saying a slave Hagar as we just read in Genesis chapter 16 but the other is by a free woman and in order to understand who the free woman is if you don't already know turn with me to Genesis but chapter 21 we learn right in verse one Yahweh visited Sarah and as he said Yahweh did unto Sarah all the things that he had spoken verse 2 for Sarah conceived and bare abraham a son in his old age at the set time of which Yahweh had determined and spoken so there are your two sons that Paul is using in an allegory Isaac a child of promise a promise made to Sarah in the plains of Mamre in the wilderness that she would bear a son an old age but there was another son through Hagar the Egyptian Ishmael the bond made okay so now that that is established who is greater the child of promise for the child of faith and belief Ishmael or Isaac we would tend to obligatory and automatically say must be Isaac because after all Isaac begat Jacob and there's probably no greater patriarch known under the Sun than Jacob Israel the man well let's see what Paul has to say he says it's written that is in Genesis that Abraham had two sons one by a bondmaid Hagar the other by a freewoman Sarah or sorry I verse twenty-three Paul says but he was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh but he of the three woman byproducts is it that interesting so the exact opposite of what mankind would tend to think or at least an egotistical lifted up day man who glories in his flesh we would tend to think that Isaac the man was more born according to the flesh and the other according to promise right but the promise was made to Sarah and Abraham and Sarah did take all wrong and God honored a promise that he made to Hagar and to Sarah bull and he kept covenants with both of those offspring with Jacob Israel well the covenant was made with the twelve tribes of Israel with Ishmael well the Covenant was made with the twelve princes of Ishmael Paul is about to use an Old Testament teaching one that we should all be familiar with as an allegory to outline what dwell this was spoken to the Galatians Gentiles they would be more akin to the Ishmaelites in many regards than they would be Israelites but nevertheless Paul uses this analogy so now that it is established turn with me to Genesis chapter 17 I really want to look at this account because I believe it will shed light on what Paul is teaching here because after all it is an allegory so it's meant to educate you so don't just overlook what Paul is saying here he's not just reiterating what we know in the penet oh he's using this for a reason and he's using it in context to the Galatians so that they would understand and believe thus in Genesis chapter 17 we learned beginning in verse 15 God said unto Abraham as for sehri I thy wife thou shalt not call her name Sarai but Sarah shall her name be and I will bless her and I will give a son also of her yay I will bless her and she shall be a mother of Nations kings of people shall all be from up her then Abraham fell upon his face and he laughed and he said in his heart meaning mind shall a child be born unto him that is a hundred years old and shall Sarah that is ninety years old also there there a question this is something that in this letter yura many people would probably laugh at again but with God all things are possible correct so the moral of the story is don't go to the doctor for in vitro fertilization before you go to Yahweh God who controls the womb of women so continue reading and Abraham said unto God oh that Ishmael might live before thee Wow interesting we tend to overlook that right because we tend to think every promise whatsoever was made only unto Abraham but what about the promise made to Abraham and his descendants that they would be a blessing to every Gentile nation on the face of the earth right the Ishmaelites being part of that the Galatians most assuredly because they went on to be the Gauls very mighty warriors indeed he says Abraham oh that Ishmael might live before thee see that was Abraham's desire because that was his only begotten son at that time this is the covenant and the promise being made with Sarah that Sarah would conceive at 90 years of age Abraham being an hundred and that thought being Farfetch'd on demand that it causes even Sarah to giggle well let's continue verse 19 in Genesis chapter 17 God said Sarah thy wife shall bear thee a son indeed and thou shalt call his name Isaac and I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant and with his seed after him what can we learn from what we just read if it would have been the will of Abraham the Covenant or the promise would have been made with Ishmael but God had other plans and if it would have been the will of Isaac the Covenant would have went to who Esau not Jacob but once again God had other plans so in every instance that Paul uses as an example or an allegory God had other plans than what man did and that's very very important because oftentimes we tend to say we want to row our own canoe we want to carve our own Road no man is going to tell us like we have the law after all but what does that law tell you how to do the moral listing meaning if your moral you know all those things to be good one you know it's wrong to kill to steal to add or to read or to fornicate or covet that should be written on your heart or by common sense under the New Testament but even though the New Testament is spiritually applied and even though God Yahweh is spirit and those that worship Him can only worship Him in spirit and truth it doesn't stop what I consider Judaizers oh they hate the Jew they call themselves Christian identity and ironically while they called themselves that title and while they espouse outwardly a contempt for the Judea or the uten Sal we could say they attempt to pull you into Judaism which is the law in a nutshell it should be common sense those that believe are the sons of Abraham more so why because that's what Abraham see where on truthful self blessing all of the nations on earth through what the Londo through the gospel yes that is why the gospel always Trump's the penitent and the Pentateuch is moral it teaches you what to do when in doubt it tells you how to govern an entire country if you will but most assuredly your personal house and/or church what belief will enter you into the kingdom obedience will not obedience is the whole duty of man according yourself so don't think for a moment that when you abstain from eating certain foods or when you don't kill for a jacket you're doing God the favor verse 24 back in Galatians let's pick it back up and let's continue Paul says what he just covered in Genesis for the sake of the Gentiles or day of the gene verse 20 for which things are an allegory for these are the two covenants the one from the mount sinai which gendereth on to bondage which is agar for this agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia it answers to Jerusalem which now is and in bondage with her children this teaching on Jerusalem which now is is something I believe we NCI need to get down don't ever look to the old Jerusalem even here when this is written about 65 AD by Paul he's telling them there is a different don't look through the old Jerusalem which is now why because that covenant that first covenant Garner's unto bondage what were the high priests and the Edomite air for that regard doing in the Temple of Jerusalem in the three Gospels well it's obvious even Christ had to go in and overturn their money and their tables of lucrative commerce that they were making on the sins of the Israelites he says and some manuscripts but symbolic instead of allegory so Paul is teaching here Ishmael and Israel plus a metaphor two sons born by the same man right what are the Jews say in John eight we be Abraham's seed and we're never in bondage to any man does being Abraham see guarantee you entrance into the kingdom no not one bit but yet then how do we reconcile the teaching that all Israel is saved right here in Galatians to them that believe he gave the power to be called the sons of Abraham therefore genuine Israelite is correct by pedigree as was Noah Paul Isaac and Abraham but also correct in spirit and if we serve God in spirit and truth then you can't serve God through your obedience to the law it's not serving God in any way shape or form that's keeping yourself on the straight and narrow so this agur is Mount Sinai in Arabia and answers to Jerusalem which now is Paul teaching and 65 ad the Jerusalem that now was at the time he wrote that was the very temple that would send out Pharisee Sanhedrin to persecute Paul and to give him 39 lashes at the request of the Jews so the Jerusalem which is now and is still now the physical Jerusalem Garner's unto bondage so if you go into that temple you find Jews today either like tears that say I follow the law and if you trace the descendants of Ishmael the man you'll find Muslims of Arabia who say you know what I follow the law but both of those classes Jews or Muslims tonight Christ so will Jews and Muslims be found within the kingdom because they keep the lon through the law no flashes just like we justified true belief let me interject in every parable of Christ he taught the same thing notice he didn't tell the sheep hey you're great you obeyed the law the even the goats for example said hey in your name we cast out many demons we did marvelous works like what works the works of the law and Christ tells them to part for me the Sheep he tells enter in my faithful servant how do you serve Christ through faith or beliefs not below even the goats claim to follow the law so let's pick it back up this is an important statement verse 26 of Galatians 4 Paul says but Jerusalem which is above is free and is the mother of us all Jerusalem above that we read about in Revelation the New Jerusalem coming out of heaven quote/unquote as a bride adorned for her bridegroom that is the mother of us all and so to answer that question who is the mother of us all Jerusalem plain and simple according to Scripture let's read that one more time Galatians 4 verse 26 Jerusalem above is free and is the mother of us all what is Paul teaching here the book of the major prophet Isaiah so turn them Isaiah chapter 2 in Isaiah chapter 2 Paul says verse 1 the word that Isaiah that I canceled the son of Allah saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem so Isaiah now is teaching on what two things Judah a polite way of saying the tribe of Israel or doo-deens Israelite and Jerusalem the old Jerusalem what Paul considers to be Jerusalem which is now what is I a essay in chapter 2 verse 2 it shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of Yahweh's house shall be established on the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above all the hills and all nations shall flow into it and many people shall come and say come let us go up to the mountain of Yahweh to the house of the God of Jacob Israel Yahweh will teach us of his ways and we will walk within his path and out of Zion shall go forth the law and the word of Yahweh from Jerusalem so Jerusalem was never meant to teach the law perhaps us to study for another day they were meant to teach the word they were met actually at the end of it all to teach the gospel but they weren't they were teaching adherence to the law and you had Edomite Jews in there also saying you know what hey I follow the law many of them still do today and deny Christ so what does that get them at the end of the day it doesn't obtain them entrance into the other lasting Kingdom only believe will in Christ not God not the law and right here what we've already confirmed is that it was already foretold all the way back then that the would come a day when that Jerusalem would be overturned by a New Jerusalem John of course references will Jerusalem above do you want to be part of that New Jerusalem do you want to be part of the New Covenant okay now the New Covenant Garner's unto freedom but the Old Covenant which centered around the law will draw you back into bondage Jerusalem above is the mother of us all Paul says and then he says in verse 27 board is written rejoice thou barren that bears not break forth and cry now that travaileth for the desolate has many more children than which path in husband well that's a deep study it's also from Isaiah and notice Paul's not quoting Jeremiah who was prophet to Judah he's quoting Isaiah who was clearly a prophet to all Israel to Luke the Galatians and he's reminding them number one Jerusalem above is free there's freedom in the New Jerusalem not the old one and there still is no freedom in the old Jerusalem then it quotes Isaiah chapter 54 let's get back there so we can prove exactly what we're saying before we conclude - that Isaiah chapter 54 right at the very beginning pay close attention Isaiah writes see no baron now that did it's not there break forth into singing and cry aloud now that didn't travail with child for more are the children of the desolate then the children of the buried white says Yahweh key that should unlock the door right before the new jerusalem ascends out of heaven or descends to earth what do we learn that there are more bastards on earth Isaiah puts it this way he says four more are the children of the desolate then the children of the married wife a plight way of saying there's more man tzer's like before the new jerusalem Betty continues enlarge the place of thy tent and let them stretch force the curtains of thine habitations spare not lengthen thy cords and strengthen thy stakes Paul is saying here in Galatians part of that is being fulfilled through his converts the Galatians the Ephesians the Philippi he continues to say it is written rejoice why for the desolate has more children than he who has an husband perhaps you're familiar with this mindset if you're a woman that truly no man knows the thoughts of a woman but we live in a society today that really elevates the whole they put them up on a point you know on a pedestal and they worship the whole it's not far removed from the Whore of Babylon that we read about who makes all the nations of the earth drunk with the wine of her fornication therefore many young women growing up in today's current era feel like there is no value within virtue and they feel the pressure of the world coming in and saying don't marry don't have children put a career and put dog first for lack of a better term all of that is fulfillment of what we just read in Isaiah chapter 54 that right preceding the second advent of Yahshua women and children will rule over the Israelite men and that there will be more born out of wedlock than those that are born to the married woman that is why there is a mediator intercession and a difference put between the Jerusalem of old which was meant to represent God's house and the New Jerusalem above which is and makes one free why the house of God under the New Testament according to Ephesians chapter one is the body of Christ and the only way to be a member of that body it's not for your adherence to the law through faith in Christ Jesus now that may be an oversimplification but there is simplicity in Christ Paul even taught that if Christ says Jay it means yo if he says nay it's means next and so it stands for each and every one of us so that is written and then Paul continues in Galatians 4 but verse 28 he says now we brethren as Isaac was are the children of promise as Isaac was notice he's just like her he tells the gulls the Galatians the Gentile nations not descendant from ahem them out back sample what is he saying we just as Isaac was who is what in his allegory a child of the three woman not the bond well now we are the children of promise who must a promise made to Abraham in his seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed therefore the Galatians are Abraham's seed to be Israelite or Abraham seat and at the end of the day you don't prove you are the seed of Abraham if you deny Christ like the Ishmaelites and the Edomites do you only prove you're the seed of Abraham and found within the body of Christ comprising the Church of God through being known of Christ and knowing Christ thus tall continues to say we just as Isaac was are now partakers of the promise for Paul that was again he was an Israelite but for the Galatians not quite so they working Leonard my embarrassing to be well non covenant people verse 29 but as then he that was born after the flesh persecuted him that was born after the spirit even so it is now noticed spirit and that's the key that he's going back to here we need to understand this point Jacob was chosen because Isaac would have chosen Esau he favored him but Jacob had the correct spirit obviously from the narrative whereas Esau did not Esau despised his birthright despised his brother despite Christendom and I might interject despise all form of belief and faith so in Genesis chapter 21 what do we learn in Genesis chapter 21 we were in verse 9 Sara saw the son of Hagar the Egyptian which she had born unto Abraham mocking wherefore she said unto Abraham cast out this bondwoman and her son for the son of this bondwoman shall not be an heir with my son even with Isaac and the thing was very Grievous than Abraham sight why because he loved his son Abraham loved Esau not together and that is why the books of Ezra and Nehemiah oftentimes say that when an Israelite goes and he plays a hard one and he brings a man's own into existence the hardest thing for him to do is to put away that issue or that child that offspring from that unholy Union once a race mixer has a child usually they have a vested interest and a dog in the fight to defend what God holds as an abomination so in going back to Genesis chapter 21 I hope I confirm exactly what Paul's saying here he reiterates it in the fifth chapter of verse 11 and I brethren if I yet preach circumcision why do i yet suffer persecution then is the offence of the Cross ceased Paul says I don't teach circumcision in fact in this very study we prove that Peter and Paul as apostles had a falling out over this precept of circumcision but it doesn't stop men from still coming in and saying you must have your foreskin removed under the New Covenant circumcision is of what the heart divine you're better off purging yourself of the weapon of the Pharisees because the webbing of the Pharisees is just that a denial of Christ first and foremost in order to go back to the works of the law that Christ set you free bro that is the works of the law not our obedience to and not our establishment of a nation a church or our own proverbial families upon the law is moral but there is no justification within that Mosaic law and so I truly hope that District study part 10 has edified you within your own personal walk until we pick it up again next time this is pastor Visser from Brooks Georgia in the covenant people search wishing you and your entire family great studies and always remember to ward for Christ

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