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Hello again, dear kinfolk and thank you for joining me. I'm pastor Visser of the Covenant People's Church located in beautiful downtown Brooks, Georgia and today I'm pleased to begin a new series looking at the Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians. If you've been with this ministry for any length of time you probably are aware that earlier this year 2017 we covered the entire book of Ephesians and Ephesians deals with much. It deals with Gentile nations but it most assuredly deals with the theme and topic of grace. Now you will see that this epistle of Paul to the Galatians is not much different in that regard so before we actually begin our examination of this particular book I'd like to give you a few stats. This book was written in Rome about 68 ad at least according to most theologians and the author is undoubtedly Paul because that's confirmed in the first chapter the theme is to correct the Galatians from backsliding and teach them how to resist Judaism because it was Paul who was once Saul who ultimately went on and how to conversion on the road to Damascus and became known as Paul the Apostle and so he would know Judaism perhaps better than any other apostle and as a result he warns the foolish Galatians against being bewitched and this is very appropriate to our walk today now the concept of this book is great in that it actually has eight doctrines eight doctrines that are confirmed elsewhere in the New Testament but not so much within the old and those eight doctrines very quickly are Christians can fall from grace and be removed from the love of Christ and so Paul teaches in Galatians against one saved always say because it's an anti scriptural concept the second doctrine that Paul teaches in this book is that his gospel was a revelation of God meaning that he has no problem reiterating the events that transpire in our own New Testament book event the third is he teaches justification by faith and that were free from the works of the law and when we get to that we're going to look at that in depth because many people erroneously believe that Paul taught antinomianism that he came to do away with the Old Testament lon that most assuredly was not the case Paul also teaches that Christians can live victorious over sin the spirit of baptism is for all who believe the law of Moses is still in effect although the rituals and the blood atonement or the salvation from our own sins that rule has changed he also teaches that the backsliders must be reborn and returned to grace again you can fall from grace and so many people come in and they say well once you open your heart to Jesus once you accept Joshua your life is going to be great you're going to have no problems Paul doesn't say that Paul teaches on Christian persecution in both Ephesians angulation and finally po teaches that all who will go back to keeping the law or looking for senate own Maynooth at law will be cursed of Yahweh God now perhaps you've heard me say in times past that the Old Testament most assuredly dealt with the flesh it had many covenants that were made with Miz like Abraham Isaac Jacob it taught them how to live that is the law of Moses but still even today because we are Pro no Meah we teach as Christ did that until heaven and earth pass not one jot or one tittle shall pass from the law many people come in and they erroneously forget how to atone for those sins it is Christ's blood that cleanses us from our sins and Paul most assuredly teaches that so without further ado let's dive right in to this epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Galatians beginning in chapter 1 verse 1 where we leave Paul an apostle a lot of men neither by men but of jesus christ and god the father who raised him from the dead now there's much that can be taught on this but paul has no problem coming to terms with the fact that Jesus Christ and Yahweh God are separate but equal and that's something I want you to understand because Paul considers this to be the mystery of godliness that many people struggle with the fact that Jesus name is Emanuel meaning God with us for the fact that it is Christ himself at the marriage supper of the Lamb who redeems his bride he Israelite men women and children who ironically Yahweh divorced in the Old Testament Paul also says that he is an apostle not made by men and so what does that say who is it who truly ordains men to preach is it a seminary school another man or is it only God that truly leads a man or a particular individual into the priesthood Paul says that it was Jesus Christ himself on the road to Damascus and I personally have no problems with the Apostle Paul although I know many people do but it was Paul who was this Pharisee known as all who consented unto the stoning of Stephen that ultimately led to the death of one of the early apostles so how can anybody truly doubt his sincerity when he had such an epiphany and such a great conversion well he continues to say and all the brethren which are with me unto the churches of Galatia so that if you will is his authorship and his salutation paul says he is writing this to all day in the land of Galatia the galatians in short Gentile converts but those who are able to believe the descendants of Adam or Adam the man in the very beginning okay and so whether we're dealing with the topic of Israelite or Gentile all of this applies to our people today now something I'd like you to consider it's found within the book of Acts right after the Gospels in the book of Acts we read in Acts chapter 9 Paul says and trembling and astonished he said Lord what will thou have me to do this is Paul speaking and the Lord said unto Him arise and go into the city and it shall be told thee what thou must do now Paul is confirming part of the book of Acts right here in his authorship at the beginning of this epistle to the Galatians and perhaps you know this story Saul of Tarsus goes on he does what it sold him he struck the line and ultimately it's given the ability to see and it's quite a metaphor when you really analyze it because many of us walk through this valley of the shadow of death and we have a form of blindness even Christ taught not everyone will have eyes to see and ears to hear but the elect most assuredly will now Paul was elected even though he once was a sinner so two points on Paul is this he would know about Redemption and grace more than anybody else because he was shown more grace being a Pharisee therefore almost every Pauline epistle opens and closes with Paul talking on the concept of breaks and number two that he had such a conversion a complete 180-degree turn he went the complete opposite way from persecuting Christians to protecting them and so that's technically what Paul will discuss to the Galatians and what he outlines in this epistle is his life experience he says in verse three grace be to you and peace from God the Father and from our Lord Jesus Christ second time now Paul has confirmed separate but equal okay so it was Yahweh who raised Yahshua from the dead because Yahshua was made a little lower than the angels for the purpose of suffering now we need to understand that because while our God is one the Holy Spirit the son and the father well so also is there an unholy trinity and perhaps I'll bring a study on that in the future notice Paul says in verse three of chapter one here in Galatians grace be unto you that would be his trademark phrase that he would use in almost every Pauline epistles most people have problem with Paul usually 9 times out of 10 because of something he teaches that they tend to disagree with but here at the beginning it says grace to you from both God and the Messiah verse 4 who gave himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God and our Father now there's so much that can be taught from that right there but I want you to see first the obvious this was written today in Galatia the lack of a better term Gentiles who were newly converted to the faith but he says he yoshua or god same deity gave himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present world according to the will of God and our Father now perhaps that's an oversimplification but we tend to think that Yahweh is to God or the father only of the Israelites and not to Gentiles but any descendant of Adam the man any Gentile Galatians included ultimately went on to become the goals if they believe in Christ well Yahweh God is their father and that is the spiritual aspect of what Paul teaches while we must be of the right pedigree so also must we be at the right spirit so he continued to say to whom be glory forever and ever amen and that technically ends is authorship its opening of this epistle and there's a few places I'd like to jump around but notice the will of God is that he might deliver us Gentiles an Israelite from the evils of this present world there are so many evils that can distract them that is why Paul ultimately felt compelled to write this epistle now before we get much further turn with me to the Old Testament minor prophet book of Habakkuk Lee and I've covered how to cook in its entirety but you will see and have a cook chapter 2 we learn in verse 5 yeah also because he transgresses by why he is a proud man neither keep us at home who enlargers his desire as hell and is as death and can never be satisfied but gathereth unto him all nations and he pyth unto him all people who the father Yahweh God the Paul confirms that right here in verse 4 he says who gave himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil world that was fulfillment of the minor prophet had up cooking another thing I'd like you to consider was taught by Yasuo in the Gospel according to Matthew in Matthew chapter 20 Christ taught many parables in this particular gospel of course the Gospel according to Matthew but he makes this statement he says whosoever will be chief among you let him be your servant a polite way of saying he who is first will ultimately be last but then he follows it up in verse 27 here in Matthew chapter 20 even as the Son of man has come not to be ministered unto but to minister and He gave His life a ransom for many notice Christ doesn't say he gave his life for all or anyone who believes but for many why well narrow is the way and few there be that find it but many go the broad way that leadeth unto destruction Christ clearly said many are called few are chosen so I want you to think on that because it's very important when you consider the theme of Galatians the fact that it was written to Gentiles nevertheless Paul continues and basically begins the girth of his epistle in chapter 1 verse 6 he says I marvel that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel well that sets the context here at the beginning that is another gospel or another Christ something that Paul Peter or John or the first generation apostle never taught so this is very important because in many ways we live in a rebuilt Babylon where they most assuredly have another gospel and they have another Christ and Paul teaches that here in this book he says I'm marbled that you're so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of once again and the second time he's used it in just six verses within Christ is Grace but so also is there a form of bondage within the law and that is not to say that the law is done away with that is to say that if we go willingly and knowingly and get a sheep a pigeon or a turtle dump and sacrifice us and think that we will be clean and absolved from our sins that's not the case Paul explains and that's technically part of this other gospel that the foolish Galatians were going after now cure and rebuild Babylon they most assuredly happen now we know that all things work together for good to them who are the goal and the chosen according to Yahweh's purpose Paul taught that it is epistle to the Romans chapter 8 verse 28 and it ties in right here because he says I'm marble that shall remove from technically the simplicity in Christ that is grace unmerited favor the realization that you don't deserve forgiveness of sin but it is giving you a gift that is Grace of mercy you can't earn that while the law is eternal and John confirmed that the Mosaic law is the linchpin or the litmus test the definition of what is right and wrong what is moral and Emmel he proceeds to say also that any transgression of that law is sin so the law itself is not done away with but how we go about obtaining forgiveness of sins has changed compose about to teach that he says which it's not another another what gospel but there be some that trouble you and would pervert the gospel of Christ and I'm going to interject right here there so with us today they don't mind interjecting the leaven of the Pharisees because they know it makes all the Word of God and the simplicity that is found in Christ if Christ says in enemy so tears within the field and those tears are the children of the devil the field is the world we can't technically add to them because it's a metaphor explain and so it stands with what Paul teaches there will be many who want and seek to pervert the gospel so what is the gospel is it Matthew Mark Luke John no it is technically the death burial and resurrection of Yahshua that story is the gospel and there's many other Gospels than just afore that we have in Canon but many people will come in and they will try to take to a lake with that that Christ absolved you it through his blood that was slain on Calvary from the Old Testament statutes and ordinances but not the law itself now today we still have this there are self-appointed clowns that come in they call themselves Christian identity and they're not CI at least according to my judgment so I want you to consider a few statements while you're here in the New Testament number one he says he marveled he's dumbfounded shocked if you will but most assuredly marveling at the fact that people can be so removed from the gospel now I truly understand the senator because in so many ways it's amazing to me to see how a false prophet can come in say something claim to be see I never substantiate it and a lot of people will fall for it and on that same token many of them will even come in and adilyn budge a little here and there if you're not familiar with the Word of God you can be dumbfounded and in a state of marble as well now these were converts of Paul Paul had many converse some in Galatia some an ethicist and some in Corinth so I'd like you to turn with me to 2nd Corinthians well second letter to the Corinthians but I want to examine chapter 11 in chapter 11 of second Corinthians we learn in verse 4 Paul says for if he that comes preaches another jesus whom we've not preached or if you receive another spirit which ye have not received or another gospel which he have not accepted you might well bear with them the Paul is familiar with this because this is known as apostasy or a falling away from the faith that was once delivered unto the Saints a very simple faith a very simple gospel story that tells of the ultimate victory of Christ on Golgotha right and through that act we have remission of sins now you can't earn that by keeping the law that's the point never could even under the Old Testament you would violate the law and the law was there for sinful men so you could put a difference between the clean and the unclean and go out and sacrifice a burnt offering and hope that at the end of the day it was acceptable in the eyes of Yahshua but not so under the New Testament in fact in many ways Christ made it much stricter for sinners because when we go out and willfully knowingly sin we then become responsible for the blood of Christ that's great position to be within so Paul not only taught this here but we see a glimpse of it and the chapter chapter 15 of the book of Acts turn with me very quickly as we confirm this point to Acts chapter 15 where Paul says right at the very beginning and certain men which came down from Judea taught the Brethren and said except you be circumcised after the manner of Moses you cannot be saved now you probably know as well as I do that under the New Covenant circumcision is of the heart what does that mean it basically means the mind purging out of the leaven the weathered of the Pharisees eleven of the world the error of balaam but certain men came from Judea in slang these would be known as Jews and they come in and they say well you know what you can't be saved unless you're circumcised in the manner of Moses how is Moses circumcised that's a study for another day but what is outlined in the law pertaining to circumcision is now under the New Testament what we consider a blood ordinance or a ritual not the big law that says serve no other gods do not still don't adulterate or fornicate but the statutes that say you must go and sacrifice X amount so that's how it was under circumcision and thus we must understand many people still do this I've seen with in Christian identity even men come in an attempt to get you drawn from the grace of Christ through his blood and into sacrificing literal goats and sprinkling the blood on the altar is there any greater a denial of Yahshua's atonement and his atoning work I can think not and so what you should be able to see as we proceed through this book of Galatians is that Paul contended with the same thing and so also will many pastors throughout time you have to contend with false prophets because these men of Judea the Edomite terror they know exactly what it is that they're doing they know the law because they're born of their father the devil who was the anointed chair of the covers the very mercy seat and as such because they are born of the devil they know the law and they know how to promote it better than we know how to keep it and in many ways our enemy knows exactly what they're doing it's mostly by design and it's usually hidden in plain sight it is us the Israelites or the Gentile who nine 9 out of 10 don't know what we are doing therefore Paul needs to write and explains continuing on he says back in Galatians chapter 1 verse 8 though we or an angel from heaven preach any other gospel unto you that which we have preached unto you let him be accursed isn't that interesting many people have problem with Paul because they think it was a liberal and on that thing what does he teach right here certain people are to be a cursive cast out of your company not considered your neighbor or brother who well in this context anyone who comes in and brings another gospel is considered not only a cursed or an abomination in the eyes of Yahweh God but should also in the eyes of his sons and daughters so he isn't teaching get along to go along he isn't teaching to turn a blind eye to sin but what sin Paul is addressing a certain men creeping and unawares and this is what Jude and Peter both talk and their epistles most assuredly second Peter chapter 2 where Paul says or Peter says there were false prophets among the people even as there shall be false teachers among you so put this in perspective Paul has converts he brings them to the love of Christ they are basically on the milk of the word they're babes in Christ but Paul goes around the land converting other nation and in the time that Paul is gone while their Shepherd is gone the false prophet moves directly in just as Christ taught in this parable of the sower the way of the devil is to come in and take away the word that is sown in your heart a month he did this unto Eve and he still does this with our people today and if we can be grounded in what is considered authoritative then we won't be misled the Galatians word the Ephesians were the Corinthians were why because they were mostly Gentiles they have the eager to serve Yahweh God but work fully of that spirit yet when I prove this many times just because we're baptized isn't a guarantee of the Holy Spirit that guests and I can prove that from Scripture but this is not the case he says if we even in early church Apostle or an angel comes from the heavens themselves comes out and it gives you any other gospel than what we have they're cursed so that means Paul is saying mark them as cursed of God and mark them out of your life but he also says even if they claim to be an angel a great minister of life as Paulo teach don't believe them now again I have confirmed that the gospel is the death burial resurrection of Christ it is the story of his victory at the cross and we confirmed already from Roman Colossians many other places the way of the false prophet is to come in and take you from the simplicity or grace that Christ gives you and pull you back to the law and argue over what foolish genealogies strivings at the law all of which are unprofitable and vain under the new covenant so he says in verse 9 here back in galatians chapter 1 as we said before so say I now again if any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received let him be cursed why is that was Paul antinomianism not at all he wasn't in antinomian turn with me to Deuteronomy chapter 12 I want you to consider something because Paul is technically confirming the Mosaic law and he would know the Mosaic law being a Pharisee once upon a time before his conversion consider this back in Deuteronomy chapter 4 where we learned in verse 2 you shall not add unto the word which I alway command you neither shall ye diminish aught from it that you may keep the whole commandments of Yahweh your God but the statutes not the ordinances they were not designed to be their brother and in fact the law itself was given during the exodus to the children of Israel which means it was given in the field in a temporary sense at least not part of it how we go about atoning for sin what this should be familiar to you it is part of the Mosaic law where we learn that a false prophet if they come in and they add to or take away from God's Word they're cursed that's technically a sin unto death it's punishable by death but it should sound familiar because if you turn to the final chapter in the New Testament that is revelation you learn the very exact same sentiment now where do you think John picked this up because they're different authors are they not but he says i am alpha i am omega the beginning in the end christ speaking read letters to john the first in the last blessed are they that do His commandments Commandments not rituals ok very important to understand because there is a different and unfortunately in the King James Version long statute ordinance and ritual was all indiscriminately translated as just all so it's truly up to you to understand the difference blessed are they that do His commandments that they may have the right to the Tree of Life wife or without her dogs sorcerers whoremongers murders idols errs and whosoever loveth and maketh a line notice Christ says you don't have to be the one making the life eleven what is television motion pictures fictional books like science fiction exactly that fiction there is no truth in a lie and no lie is of the truth according to the Canon so outside the kingdom that will ultimately be ushered in or whoremongers murders that together these are all sins unto death but also whosoever loveth and makes a lie but in the same chapter Revelation chapter 22 for I testify Christ speaking and verse 18 to every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book If any man shall add to be sayings God shall add them to the plagues that are written within this book of Revelation and If any man shall take away from the words of this book of prophecy God shall take its part out of the book of life and out of the holy city so you should be able to see that Paul already confirms when he says back in Galatians chapter 1 verse 9 as we've said before we're in the Mosaic law Deuteronomy 4 verse 2 but it said again by Christ in the very final chapter of the book of the Bible in the New Testament chapter 22 in the book of Revelation very serious business adding to and taking away and therefore in judgment when you stand before Yahweh God you will have to give an accounting for every idle word thought and deed that you did therefore you can't come in and blame the false prophet otherwise Paul wouldn't have to write to them in Galatia and say that you're so bewitched you're so removed from the gospel that I originally founded you upon which is Christ so it still applies today if any man comes in and they preach another gospel and other Jesus doctrine that's not substantiated mark them consider them Ackerson and for Christ's sakes do not support thing Paul continues he says in verse 10 for do I now persuade men or God or do I seek to policeman where if I please men I should not be the servant of Christ let's read that one more time Paul says if I were to be a man pleaser I can't be the servant of place so Paul is basically telling you you're going to be persecuted and hated for going after Christ by who well he already outlines it certain men day of Judea the Edomite tear take your pick who will come in and they'll attempt to draw you back to the blood rituals when Christ's blood replaced all of that remember surely at Christ's baptism and his crucifixion the sky opened up an audible voice was heard from Yahweh God saying this is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased Christ's sacrifice was pleasing to Yahweh God not the blood of turtle does okay so don't allow men to come in and confuse you and obfuscate the very simple truth that is the laws in effect because that is how we define the law but we're only saved from our own sins according to Ephesians 2 verse 8 most especially by grace now Paul is used to term grace here in relation to the gospel thus grace is a part of the gospel and that was the reason I took you to have a book that was the reason Paul quotes it it was the grace or mercy of Yahweh God that he sent His only begotten Son now do I persuade men myself pastor this or do I personally done well I'll tell you this 95% of judeo-christian preachers are men pleasers they preach what they do because it's the doctrines of men or the traditions of men but all of those make know the Word of God and if we're a man pleaser you can't be a servant of Christ meaning if you preach sound doctrine you're going to be hated so I find it so ironic that men and women come in in this latter era and they say oh I hate Paul I bet you do because Paul taught against homosexuality Paulo taught against women preachers Paul taught just like Christ did that outside the gate or all of these classes of men and women whore mongers those that love life those that would rather have their ears tickled than hear the simple hard truth of God's Word now I've always been the type of man that would rather be told the truth harshly than spoon-fed live sweetly perhaps you're the same Paul says if I were to be this way I would not be the servant of Christ turn with me to his first epistle to the Corinthians where we learn in chapter 10 but verse 33 Paul says at the conclusion of the chapter even as I please all in all not seeking my own profit but the profit of many that they may be saved Paul did what he did because he thought he was ordained by Yahweh God the book of Acts confirms that it was Christ who struck him down on the road to Damascus blinded him and ultimately much later would give him the ability to see what he taught all along which was so long and how to go about being clean before Yahweh now under the New Testament you're not clean before Yahweh in any way shape or form unless you were cleansed in the precious blood of the Lamb that is why we went back again to revelation one more thing I would like you to consider before we conclude this particular lecture Paul's I wrote to the Thessalonians and it is here what I want you to consider a final statement that is for today now he says back here in Galatians if I please men I would not be the servant of Christ but he says in 1st Thessalonians chapter 2 very similar and as you can see in coming days but right at the beginning he says for yourselves brethren though that our entrance unto you was not in vain but even after we had suffered before we were shamefully entreated but as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel even so we speak not as pleasing men but only pleasing God because God tries our hearts polite way of saying mine Christ clearly taught that men will judge you according to how you appear what you look like how long your hair is what color your eyes are but God judges the heart meaning the intentions or the incarnations of his rock and his children so I really want you to consider that because if we go back to the law and if a man comes in and tells you to go back to the law that is in place of grace where curse of Yahweh done but if we remain steadfast on that gospel and that is the hope of us here in Brooks or Joe to teach the gospel truthfully in season and out of you if we cling to that gospel we won't be misled by certain men who do creep in and they do tell you that Christ's blood is not sufficient now you know a sufficient I know it's sufficient in all Christendom basically knows that it's sufficient but that is the danger of being prone only the judeo-christians say the law is done away with and they take it to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum and basically intentionally sin whereas oftentimes we within the Anglo Israel movement will come in and will take it the other extreme and sometimes within them there is a danger of denying Christ in the process and his work on Calvary so until next time this is pastor Visser from Brooks Georgia covenant peoples ministry wishing you and your entire family great studies War for Christ! Amen.

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