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Covenant People's Audio
Overcome Before Angels continues CPM's Morning Stars audio series by scrutinizing some lesser-taught scriptural facts related to the heavenly host. Some Bible teachers claim that angels are mere men - is this true? In this upbeat lecture Pastor Visser confirms from cannon alone that most of the acts attributed to cherubim can't be achieved by mortal man. Towards the conclusion of this sermon updates and show information is provided.

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Jonah (Part #4) concludes our coverage of the minor prophet by scrutinizing the final two chapters of the scriptural narrative. By Yahweh bending Jonah to His divine Will thousands of souls were spared at Nineveh! Why did Jonah try to escape from his duty? What's the "great fish" that swallowed him? This Thanksgiving sermon provides the moral of the story and makes mention of the upcoming special year-end broadcast "Seduction of Israel."

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Seduction of Israel is the final Covenant People's Ministry broadcast for the year 2022 and finds Warrior of YHVH again joining Pastor Visser to discuss the topic of "beguilement" from a different perspective than previous lectures. This lengthy Bible study looks at Manasseh of Judah and how this wicked king undid his father's legacy before proving (towards the finale) that Eve was literally seduced by Satan and Cain was born as a result of sin.

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