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Covenant People's Audio
Visser, Bloody Visser is a mostly-secular broadcast that allows Pastor Visser to make final statements regarding Yahweh's Truth, Dr. James Paul Wickstrom and former cohosts before returning to the ministerial path CPM established at the turn of the century. Warrior of YHVH joins the show once again for over four hours of parody, current events and updates. Unlike other episodes of Yahweh's Truth this animated lecture contains adult language.

(58.2 mb) [Image: cpm-pubdomain-icon.jpg]
Jonah (Part #3) skips forward an entire chapter to compare Yahweh's original charge to what He commands after the "great fish" spares Jonah's life. This continuation also scrutinizes the Mosaic Law to establish some reasons Jonah became upset at the non-covenant Ninevites repenting at his preaching. While considered a strong entry into the audio series on the reluctant prophet this relaxed sermon is by no means the finale.

(8.87 mb) [Image: cpm-pubdomain-icon.jpg]
Bescreened in Night is the third sermon based on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare and covers both oath swearing and water baptism. "What man art thou that, thus bescreened in night, So stumblest on my counsel? Call me but love, and I’ll be new baptized!" Mostly dealing with Act II of the play this upbeat lecture deals with three well known quotes all from Juliet Capulet while proving many similarities to the King James Bible.

(13.0 mb) [Image: cpm-pubdomain-icon.jpg]
Epistle of Barnabas (Part #3) is a lengthy Bible study that tackles two chapters of the Greek text in relation to its spiritual application of Yahweh's eternal food Laws. Pastor Visser and Warrior of YHVH prove there are swine-like people upon earth Christians need to avoid and that there's much deeper meaning to the Mosaic Law. All things point to the Messiah therefore this broadcast also deals with His water baptism at the river Jordan.

(49.2 mb) [Image: cpm-pubdomain-icon.jpg]
Hermas II (Commands) #9 concludes the second book of Hermas' trilogy by confirming nothing commanded thus far is impossible for Israelites to obey. In many instances it requires more effort to violate Yahweh's Law than to obey it therefore this final segment dealing with the angel's Commands allows listeners to determine if the Shepherd's third book "Similitudes" should continue what it arguably the longest-running series from CPM.

(14.4 mb) [Image: cpm-pubdomain-icon.jpg]
David and Bathsheba is meant to be a concise overview of the Bible narrative highlighting a low point during king David's reign (mostly from 2nd Samuel 11). Think you know the tale of David and Bathsheba? Most preachers only tell you half the story! This relaxed sermon proves that every sin man commits has a direct consequence and oftentimes the wrong choices we make can lead to even bigger transgressions of Yahweh's Law.

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