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Books of Hermas
The First Book of HERMAS, which is called his VISIONS

The Second Book of HERMAS, called his COMMANDS

The Third Book of HERMAS, which is called his SIMILITUDES
Hermas II (Commands) #1 [2017] provides a concise overview of the first Gnostic book of "Visions" before moving into Hermas' first prophecies. What is the difference between commands and similitudes? Will Yahweh bless the disobedient? Who is the Shepherd? Do Israelites have guardian angels? Several of these questions are answered in this opening sermon that continues CPM's longest-running audio series.

Hermas II (Commands) #2 [2018] continues our longest-running audio series on the Gnostic book by examining the shepherd's first two commandments after becoming fully ordained by the Sybil. This lecture teaches us to fear Yahweh and acknowledge His oneness with Christ while providing updates concerning Dr. James Paul Wickstrom's recent death and the current state of CPM six months later.

Hermas II (Commands) #3 [2018] mostly deals with the shepherd's third commandment concerning adultery and fornication as given to him by the angel of Repentance. Does sin begin in thought? Does God hate divorce? Is water baptism sufficient enough grace? This continuation of our longest-running audio series on the Gnostic book explains both repentance and forgiveness while proving false preachers suffer a greater damnation.

Hermas II (Commands) #4 [2019] supplies the listener several quotes from the shepherd's Mandates and Similitudes to concrete what has been covered thus far in CPM's long-running audio series covering Hermas II. This lengthy episode of Yahweh's Truth continues our bi-annual Gnostic series starting around 45 minutes into the livestream and assuredly provides further coverage on the fourth commandment of the Shepherd of Hermas.

Hermas II (Commands) #5 [2019] continues our long-running audio series on the extra-Biblical book by scrutinizing the fifth command of the Shepherd understudy. Are there opposing guardian angels influencing mankind? What is the path of hardship mentioned in our Bible and why do the majority of creation take the harder path to destruction? This upbeat sermon on the Gnostic books also has the added distinction of being the final CPM lecture of 2019.

Hermas II (Commands) #6 [2020] deals mostly with the seventh commandment of Hermas which is "Fear Yahweh but not Satan." Naturally this lengthy sermon shows the similarities to Solomon's charge "Fear God and keep his commandments for this is the whole duty of man" as found in Ecclesiastes 12:13. This continuation of Pastor Visser's longest-running audio series also explains the things in life faithful Christians are to abstain from and not cease doing.

Hermas II (Commands) #7 [2020] covers the eighth and ninth commands of the Shepherd and continues CPM's longest-running audio series from the Gnostic books. In this sermon the angel continues his discourse on abstaining from evil before providing insight on prayer therefore this segment is mostly about communicating with Yahweh and learning to be patient for His answers. This continuation explains the complete trilogy that is "Shepherd of Hermas."

Hermas II (Commands) #8 [2021] explains the tenth and eleventh commandments in detail while furthering our bi-annual lectures on the uncanonized text. Can sorrow have beneficial attributes? What's the difference between sadness and repentance? What is the spirit of the world? Can Satan have faith? This hour-long lecture supplies answers to all these questions (and more). This sermon was recorded during a thunderstorm so sound quality varies.

Hermas II (Commands) #9 [2022] concludes the second book of Hermas' trilogy by confirming nothing commanded thus far is impossible for Israelites to obey. In many instances it requires more effort to violate Yahweh's Law than to obey it therefore this final segment dealing with the angel's Commands allows listeners to determine if the Shepherd's third book "Similitudes" should continue what it arguably the longest-running series from CPM.


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