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Thread: Cain and Abel's Sisters

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    Cain and Abel's Sisters

    Why do the forgotten books of Eden mention Cain and Abel had sisters/Adam and Eve daughters?

    5 And God looked at His maid-servant Eve, and delivered her, and she brought forth her first-born son, and with him a daughter.

    6 Then Adam rejoiced at Eve's deliverance, and also over the children she had borne him. And Adam ministered unto Eve in the cave, until the end of eight days; when they named the son Cain, and the daughter Luluwa.

    7 The meaning of Cain is "hater," because he hated his sister in their mother's womb; ere they came out of it. Therefore did Adam name him Cain.

    8 But Luluwa means "beautiful," because she was more beautiful than her mother.

    11 When the days of nursing the children were ended, Eve again conceived, and when her days were accomplished she brought forth another son and daughter; and they named the son Abel, and the daughter Aklia. - The First Book of Adam and Eve

    And the Book of Jubilees -

    IV. And in the third week in the second jubilee

    she gave birth to Cain, and in the fourth she gave birth

    to Abel, and in the fifth she gave birth to her daughter



    51:3 i.e. "iniquity" (Heb. ’āwen). Another daughter, ’Azûrâ (= "well guarded"), was born later. Cain married ’Âwân and Seth ’Azûrâ. There is great divergence as to these names in later writers . According to Pirḳe de R. Eliezer, Cain's wife was his twin-sister (xxi.). - The Book of Jubilees

    Where did this originate, that Adam and Eve had daughters and Cain and Abel sisters?
    Where is the origin of this?
    I mean,we disregard that Cain and Abel had sisters as non-Scriptural? Why are these Characters in the forgotten books of Eden and the book of Jubilees?

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    Genesis 5:4 - "And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters..."

    Kabil and Habil, or Cain and Abel, with their two sisters, were the first children born to Adam and Eve. Adam, by Allah's direction, ordered Cain to marry Abel's twin sister, and that Abel should marry Cain's, for it being the common opinion that marriages ought not to take place with those very near akin, such as their own sisters, it seemed reasonable to supose that they ought to take those of the remoter degree, but this Cain refused to, because his sister was the handsomer.
    Hereupon Adam told them to take their offerings to Allah, thereby referring the dispute to His determination. Cain's offering was a sheaf of the very worst of his corn, but Abel's a fat lamb of the best of his flock.

    Allah having declared His acceptance of the latter in a visible manner, Cain said to his brother, "I will certainly kill you."

    Abel was the stronger of the two, and would easily have prevailed against his brother, but he answered, "If you stretch forth your hand against me, to slay me, I will not stretch forth my hand against you to slay you, for I fear Allah, the Lord of all creatures."

    So Cain began to consider in what way he should effect the murder, and as he was doing so, the devil appeared to him in human shape, and showed him how to do it, by crushing the head of a bird between two stones.

    Cain, having committed the fratricide, became exceedingly troubled in his mind, and carried the dead body on his shoulders for a considerable time, not knowing where to conceal it, till it stank horribly. And then Allah taught him to bury it by the example of a raven, who, having killed another raven in his presence, dug a pit with his claws and beak and buried him therein.

    Source: J. E. Hanauer, Folk-Lore of the Holy Land: Moslem, Christian, and Jew (London: Duckworth and Company, 1907), pp. 69-70.

    Though Genesis depicts Cain's motive in killing Abel as simply being one of jealousy concerning God's favor for Abel, this is not the view of many extra-biblical works. The Midrash and the Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan both record that the real motive involved the desire of women. According to Midrashic tradition, Cain and Abel each had twin sisters, whom they were to marry. The Midrash records that Abel's promised wife was the more beautiful. Cain would not consent to this arrangement. Adam proposed to refer the question to God by means of a sacrifice. God rejected Cain's sacrifice, signifying His disapproval of his marriage with Aclima, and Cain slew his brother in a fit of jealousy.

    Recently the circumstances that originally led Cain to murder his brother has been uncovered. It was revealed that Cain and Abel were each born with twin sisters. Abel was supposed to marry Cain's twin Aclima and Cain was to marry Abel's twin Jumella when they had grown up. However Cain preferred his own twin and ultimately this desire led him to kill Abel in order to have Aclima for himself. Cain then imprisoned Jumella in his house. What happened to Aclima after this incident has yet to be revealed, but at the time being only Cain it seems knows of her present whereabouts. Following Abel's death Cain was marked by the Lord, and said that vengeance would be taken sevenfold on whomever killed Cain.

    Source: The Unofficial Abel and Cain Biography

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    You know In our KJV Bibles when Cain took a wife when he left Adam and Eve - perhaps it could have been a sister instead of a Pre- Adamite..
    Just a thought...of course in our Bibles there is no mention of a sister or sisters to Cain and Abel in Genesis.

    Genesis 4:17: 17And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch. - KJV

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    Genesis 5:4:And the days of Adam after he had begotten Seth were eight hundred years: and he begat sons and daughters: - KJV
    Genesis 5:4:After Seth was born, Adam lived 800 years and had other sons and daughters. New International Version

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    I don’t know what your impression of what this passage might mean, but I deem it simply amazing.

    When therefore we read such passages as the 1st book of Adam and Eve chapter 74-75, where Cain is supposedly born with a twin sister named Luluwa, and later Abel born with a twin sister named Aklia, it cannot be taken literally at face value, but has a symbolic meaning. It may simply imply that Abel, had he not been murdered, should have married with is “righteous” kind, and avoid Cain’s satanic kind.

    Of one thing we can be sure, there’s more to the story than we read on the surface. The 1st book of Adam and Eve 74:7, shows Cain’s name to mean “hater,” like 27:1 for Satan above, showing a like-father-like-son connection:

    7: The meaning of Cain is ‘hater,’ because he hated his sister in their mother’s womb; ere they came out of it. Therefore did Adam name him Cain.”

    (More allegory with Cain hating his so-called sister but it has some hidden meaning as with all the books of Adam and Eve) If you have the books of Adam and Eve, and were disappointed with them when you first read them, you haven’t studied them well enough. In short, they’re not saying what you think they are saying. It would be doubtful if any fetus would have the ability to hate another fetus sharing the womb. Conversely, if there were two opposing spirits at enmity with each other, as in the case of Genesis 3:15, hating would be implied.

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    THE FIRST BOOK OF Adam and Eve seems to come from all over the place and may possibly be found,well at least some bits in the Koran and Talmud as with this intro to the book...

    That the Adam and Eve story pervaded the thoughts of ancient writers is seen in the large number of versions that exist, or whose existence may be traced, through the writings of Greeks, Syrians, Egyptians, Abyssinians, Hebrews, and other ancient peoples. As a lawyer might say who examines so much apparently unrelated evidence--there must be something back of it.

    The version which we give here is the work of unknown Egyptians (the lack of historical allusion makes it impossible to date the writing). Parts of this version are found in the Talmud, the Koran, and elsewhere, showing what a vital rôle it played in the original literature of human wisdom. The Egyptian author first wrote in Arabic (which may be taken as the original manuscript) and that found its way farther south and was translated into Ethiopic. For the present English translation we are indebted to Dr. S. C. Malan, Vicar of Broadwindsor, who worked from the Ethiopic edition edited by Dr. E. Trumpp, Professor at the University of Munich. Dr. Trumpp had the advantage of the Arabic original, which makes our bridge over the gap of many centuries a direct one. - THE FIRST BOOK OF
    Adam and Eve
    The Conflict of Adam and Eve with Satan.
    - Introduction

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    More information about this here.

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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    Wives for Cain and Abel were supposed to be re-created by angels of the Lord out of their ribs in the similar fashion Eve was created out of Adam's rib in due time, and the husbands for sisters of Cain and Abel born by Cain and Abel's seed in the lawful degree of consanguinity. After the murder of Abel Cain took his sister to be his wife, committing the first act of incest.
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    Re: Cain and Abel's Sisters

    Many thanks for sharing these passages of the bible here at

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