@christogenea you will see my name giving praise to the people that run that site. They have now taken my real name which I never posted by or with there and used it as they see fit. I no longer endorse them or their (his) Wm.-ology. My experiences there were pleasant to begin with. It doesn't take anyone, but someone brand new to the DSCI message, to realize that it is nothing but a fan club. While there I NEVER heard him say anything decent about any other pastor. Even the ones he provides sites for. There is a particular CI pastor who writes much commentary and his work speaks to me. I like his writing style and skills. They sent me numerous emails back-biting and praising themselves because, like Paul of Tarsus, they gave away. I don't know what their real mission is. Money, I suspect. So to all those who pass by there, just dare to speak your own mind or point out their flawed doctrines. They will accept any and all as long as you sing their praises. Do not be fooled! They have no doctrinal statement because there is no doctrine. You can believe in a literal Satan or not. You can believe in literal angels or not. Of course their most telling statement of faith is "If the KJV isn't good enough" just write your own N.T. What Blasphemy! So when you see my name there, it isn't necessarily what I've ever posted. If you ain't in the fan club and don't agree w/ everything they have too say...Beware. There really are tares amongst the wheat.