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Thread: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

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    Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    Have you heard of Akiane Kramarik?

    Born in a shack on the edge of a cornfield…
    World-renowned artist and celebrated poet…
    Regular appearances on prime-time TV…
    Original paintings worth upwards of $100,000…

    —And all this by the age of ten.

    Akiane may appear to be like any other carefree child, but her mind is filled with visions of God, angels, and Heaven—the constant inspiration for her work. An internationally recognized child prodigy, considered the only known child binary genius in both realist painting and poetry, she is more than a talented painter. She is a person with a mission: “I want my art to draw people’s attention to God.”

    —From Akiane: Her Life, Her Art, Her Poetry

    Strength—Age 7 (acrylic on canvas; 30” x 40”)

    Prince of Peace: The Resurrection—Age 8 (oil on canvas; 36” x 48”)

    JeShUa—ThE…mIsSiNg…YeArS… —Age 10 (acrylic on canvas; 48” x 60”)

    The Dreams—Age 10 (acrylic on canvas; 48” x 60”)

    Co-Creating (self-portrait)—Age 11 (acrylic on canvas; 48” x 60”)


    My Sight Cannot Wait For Me—Age 7

    I can not stop holding my brush
    On the blank canvas I sign
    With blindfolded balance I paint my own eyes
    Blue is the color of the mind

    Do God’s footprints follow his footsteps
    Nobody hears what I see
    We cannot trespass our Creator
    My sight can not wait for me.

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    Re: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    The paintings look great.. - more stuff here

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    Re: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    Not before this thread. Simply amazing!

    Thanks for posting these.

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    What a beautiful and talented young lady.

    May Yahweh bless and protect her AND ensure that she marries a fellow Israelite and has lots of children.

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    Re: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    lets send her some Identity stuff! bring her to the true christianity. CI.

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    Re: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    Ever notice that every white child prodigy deals in the arts of some type? Music, painting, sculpting, chess, etc.

    When a darkie can play ball, refrain from murder or wipe his nose he's a "child prodigy" to the liberal.

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    Akiane Kramarik is a talented young lady.

    The detail in her work is breathtaking.

    Sometimes our people are downright amazing.

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    I can't paint for anything so I wish this young lady nothing but success in the future.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

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    Re: Akiane—Israelite child prodigy

    This turned out to be a popular thread. 3,689 views so far?

    Is the enemy blocking white achievement again?

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    Suffer Little Children

    Please note this thread is automatically generated whenever new uploads become available on - we invite you to discuss this sermon here. All threads with zero replies after thirty days will be merged in The TalkShoe Consolidated Thread. -admin

    This jolly sermon titled Suffer Little Children examines Jesus' own dealings with small children and also shows where the very young fit into Yahweh's Kingdom. Pastor Visser uses the Holy Bible to explain how children should be raised by parents and proves that they are merely 'on loan' from God so they must be treated as their own person -- an extra from the Let Love Continue CD.


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