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Thread: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    by Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet, A.B.,J.D.

    It is unfortunate that many preachers, in their ignorance, teach so many false doctrines. One such false doctrine is the statement that Yahshua was not of pure Israelite blood; they say one of His ancestors was Ruth, a Moabitess. From the use of this term they believe that she was racially, not just geographically, a Moabite, in this they are greatly mistaken.

    The territory of the Moabites was originally east and northeast of the Dead Sea. It extended from the Arnon River on the south to the Jabbok River on the north. Then their territory went from the Dead Sea and the Jordan River on the west, across the plains and foothills, into the mountains to the east. From the name of the people who lived there, it was called Moab. It kept that name for many centuries after all the Moabites were gone from it.

    When the Israelites entered the Promised Land, after their 40 years wandering during the exodus, the land of Moab was the first land they conquered. Yahweh had commanded Israel to totally exterminate the occupants of the lands they were to settle, in Moab they did so.

    At this time, about 1450 B.C. Sihon, king of the Amorites, had conquered and occupied the kingdom of Moab and was its ruler when the Israelites came in. In Numbers 21:25,29 we read, "For Heshbon was the city of Sihon, king of the Amorites, who had fought against the former king of Moab, and taken all his land out of his hand, even unto Arnon. Woe unto thee Moab! Thou art undone, O people of Chemosh: he hath given his sons that escaped, and his daughters, into captivity unto Sihon, king of the Amorites."

    The Israelites conquered the land of Moab, killing all the people found there. We read in Deuteronomy 2:32-34, "Then Sihon came out against us, he and all his people, to fight at Jahaz. And Yahweh, our God, delivered him before us: we smote him and his sons and all his people. And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men and the women and the little ones of every city: we left none to remain."

    From here, the Israelites advanced northward into the land of Ammon, Numbers 21:33-35 describes it. "And they turned and went up by way of Bashan: and Og, the king of Bashan, went out against them, he and all his people, to the battle at Edrai. And Yahweh said unto Moses, Fear him not: for I have delivered him into thy hand, and all his people and his land; and thou shalt do to him as thou didst unto Sihon, king of the Amorites, which dwelt at Heshbon. So they smote him, and his sons, and all his people, until there was none left alive: and they possessed his land."

    This entire area of the Jordan river was settled by the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half the tribe of Manasseh, after all the original inhabitants, Moabites and Ammonites, had been killed or driven out. In Deuteronomy 3:12-16 Moses tells us, "And this land which we possessed at that time, from Aroer which is by the river Arnon, and half mount Gilead and the cities thereof, gave I unto the Reubenites and to the Gadites. And the rest of Gilead, and all Bashan, being the kingdom of Og, gave I unto the half tribe of Manasseh. And unto the Reubenites and unto the Gadites I gave from Gilead even unto the river Arnon half the valley, and the border even unto the river Jabbok, which is the border of the children of Ammon."

    All of this was accomplished about 1450 B.C.; from this time on this was purely Israelite territory. This was even more so than the land west of the Jordan River, because in the old lands of Moab and Ammon, none were left alive. Today, Anglo Saxon Americans who live in California are called Californians, bearing this name and living in a former Mexican territory doesn't make them Mexicans. Likewise, pure Israelites living in the old land of Moab were often called Moabites, just as those who lived in Galilee were called Galileans.

    Three hundred years later, about 1143 B.C., we find evidence that the Israelite occupation of the lands of Moab and Ammon, was still unbroken. In Judges 11:12-26 we read, "And Jephthah sent messengers unto the king of the children of Ammon saying, what hast thou to do with me, that thou art come against me to fight in my land? And the king of the children of Ammon answered unto the messengers of Jephthah, Because Israel took away my land when they came up out of Egypt, from Arnon even unto Jabbok, and unto Jordan: now therefore, restore again those land peaceably. And Jephthah sent messengers again unto the king of the children of Ammon, and said unto him, Thus saith Jephthat: when Israel came up from Egypt, and walked through the wilderness unto the Red Sea, and came to Kadesh; then Israel sent messengers unto the king of Edom saying, Let me, I pray thee, pass through thy land: but the king of Edom would not harken thereto. And in like manner they sent unto the king of Moab: but he would not consent. Then they went along through the wilderness and compassed the land of Edom and the land of Moab, and pitched on the other side of Arnon, but came not within the border of Moab: for Arnon was the border of Moab. And Israel sent messengers unto Sihon, king of the Amorites, the king of Heshbon; and Israel said unto him, Let us pass, we pray thee, through thy land into my place. But Sihon trusted not Israel to pass through his coast: but Sihon gathered all his people together and pitched in Jahaz, and fought against Israel. And Yahweh, God of Israel delivered Sihon and all his people into the hand of Israel, and they smote them: so Israel possessed all the land of the Amorites, the inhabitants of that country. And they possessed all the coasts of the Amorites from Arnon even unto Jabbok, and from the wilderness even unto Jordan. While Israel dwelt in Hershbon and her towns, and in Aroer and her towns, and in all the cities that be along the coasts of Arnon, three hundred years, why therefore did ye not recover them within that time?" The Israelites had held unbroken possession of the land of Moab and Ammon all that time.

    Right in the middle of this period about 1322 B.C., or 130 years after the Israelites of the tribes of Reuben and Gad had occupied the land of Moab, Elimelech a man of Judah, with his wife Naomi and his two sons were driven by famine out of Judah. Ruth 1:1 records that he "went to sojourn in the country of Moab." Note the accuracy of that expression, it doesn't say among the people, but in the country of Moab, which was occupied by Israelites exclusively. Elimelech's sons married women of this country, one of them being Ruth, who became an ancestor of David and through David, an ancestor of Yahshua. She could not have been of any race except Israel, for no others lived there.

    Indeed, it could not have been otherwise, because from the beginning Yahweh very strongly condemned the Moaabites and Ammonites. In Deuteronomy 23:3 Yahweh commanded, "An Ammonite or Moabite shall not enter into the congregation of Yahweh; even to their tenth generation shall they not enter into the congregation of Yahweh forever." In the tenth generation there could be as little as one part in 1,056 of Moabite blood. Even still, a person with even one part in a thousand of Moabite blood could not enter into the congregation of Yahweh forever.

    Yahweh was always consistent in this as in other matters. In Zephaniah 2:9 we read, "Therefore, as I live, saith Yahweh the God of Israel, surely Moab shall be as Sodom and the children of Ammon as Gomorrah." Jeremiah chapter 48, the whole chapter is a condemnation of the people of Moab. In prophesying the triumphant return of Yahshua Isaiah 25:10 tells us, "For in this mountain shall the hand of Yahweh rest, and Moab shall be trodden down under Him, even as straw is trodden down for the dunghill." Certainly Yahweh would not take from a people, whom He condemns like Sodom, a woman to be an ancestor of Yahshua.

    Never let anyone tell you Yahshua was only a mongrel, with the blood of other races in His veins. Yahweh was so insistent that even the least peasant, among His people Israel, must keep the bloodline pure, under penalty of being cut off from His people for violation of this law. Yahshua said in Matthew 5:17, "Think not that I am come to destroy the law or the prophets: I came not to destroy, but to fulfill".

    We have the clearest proof, both as God the Father and as God the Son; Yahweh was consistently true to His own commandments. Ruth was a pure Israelite, from the land of Moab, but not from the race of Moab.

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    I think it’s generally understood that those who teach what Swift, Comparet and Butler did are the closest to the original vision of Church of Jesus Christ Christian.

    There’s a lot of folk who want to add their own twists on Identity.

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    I think it’s generally understood that those who teach what Swift, Comparet and Butler did are the closest to the original vision of Church of Jesus Christ Christian.

    There’s a lot of folk who want to add their own twists on Identity.
    Almost everybody likes Swift but I prefer Comparet. He was a lawyer so he really could "sell" the messege.

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    Thanks to all for the info on Comparet. I've been listening to him on mp3 lately and really appreciate his contribution to True Christianity. He was a brilliant man of great peace, wisdom, and meekness, as his teachings reflect.

    According to Comparet, his wife did a great amount of research work in biblical, archeological, and historical fields, which he used for his own study and teaching. She was an accomplished speaker and was used on his broadcast several times. Here's a message from Mrs. Comparet:

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    Quote Originally Posted by DunaMiss View Post
    Thanks to all for the info on Comparet. I've been listening to him on mp3 lately and really appreciate his contribution to True Christianity. He was a brilliant man of great peace, wisdom, and meekness, as his teachings reflect.

    According to Comparet, his wife did a great amount of research work in biblical, archeological, and historical fields, which he used for his own study and teaching. She was an accomplished speaker and was used on his broadcast several times. Here's a message from Mrs. Comparet:
    I thought women were not meant to be preachers?

    # A Woman's Role - * Old Testament

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    Quote Originally Posted by malachi83 View Post
    I thought women were not meant to be preachers?

    # A Woman's Role - * Old Testament
    It would be a tremendous stretch of scripture to say that women are not allowed to speak, proclaim, or declare the gospel to those in their sphere of influence. Women, like men, must believe and obey the doctrines of Jesus Christ and tell the Truth--the Truth that makes people free.

    Critical note of Mrs. Comparet's teaching by Clifton A. Emahiser:

    (Here's the link for the complete article "THE COMFORT OF THE SCRIPTURES" by Inez Comparet with Emahiser's critical notes: )

    I never had the privilege to personally meet either Bertrand L. Comparet or his wife Inez. I am only acquainted with their respective voices on audiocassette tape. I think I have only two or three recordings of Inez speaking. I know in some circles in Israel Identity that some men get quite offended if a woman is allowed to speak. I realize that it is Biblical for a woman to be quiet during a worship service. But I’m fully persuaded that if the men are not doing their duty, sometimes a woman must step in and do the job the men are failing to do. I have three particular woman in history that fit such a criteria. These three women in history for which I have special admiration are: Queen Boadicea, Queen Tomyris and Elisabeth Dilling. I don’t know if you have ever heard of Queen Tomyris or not, but she was of the tribe of Massagetae (of Royal blood), and after her husband the King had died, she had to take charge of their army, and she out-maneuvered and outwitted the Biblical Cyrus who was killed in battle when he tried to subdue her an her tribe (Herodotus 1.205 through end of book 1).

    Next we shall consider one of the brilliant lady military leaders of her time. Her name was Boadicea. I will quote from Father Abraham’s Children, by Perry Edwards Powell, Ph. D., pages 108-109: “ The last phase of this War of Independence is called the Boadicean War. The Iceni and Coranidae as allies of Rome had as yet been peaceful. King Prasutagus had borrowed two million pounds sterling of Seneca, Nero’s minister, and had given all his public buildings as security. He died at the commencement of the war and made Nero heir with his two daughters. Caius Decius was ordered to collect and he did so with a ferocity and a barbarity, levying on the noble’s palaces as well as the royal properties, that he inflamed the whole island. He seized Queen Boadicea and her daughters and among [his] outrageous acts lashed the Page 4 bare back of the Queen. Now no Cymro will stand for that. When she made her appeal to the men and pulled her long tresses apart and showed her welted back all the men asked to march behind her. The army began with 120,000 men and at its height numbered 230,000. Eighty thousand Romans perished. The Roman army advanced not a step. No quarter was asked or given. Forty thousand Romans were slaughtered in London. In the midst of the conflict Boadicea died, according to Tacitus, of poison. She had earned her name, Victoria. Her successors as generals were Arviragus, Venusius, and Gwallog of Galgacus. The power of the whole Empire of Rome was paralyzed.”

    The third lady I have in mind is Elizabeth Dilling whose legacy has left to us a monumental record of the machinations of our common enemy. She fought not with an army under her command, but with her pen. Are we supposed to burn all of her books, as a woman is not to speak out in our assemblies? There are men in Israel Identity today who really think they are hotshots, who can’t hold a candle to Elizabeth Dilling! And if Elizabeth were living today, these same hotshots would refuse to let her to speak at their meetings! Retrospectively, Elizabeth Dilling should have been invited to speak by every church in the America and all White Israel nations.

    That brings us to a fourth lady in the person of Inez Comparet. In this article which you have just read, you have witnessed a work that few men in our movement have the capability of composing. Let me repeat just one short passage that everyone should take to heart: “We have been given plenty of warning not to help our enemies. For example, ‘ Give not thine honor to another, nor the things that are profitable unto thee to a strange nation.’ Strange here means foreign. Baruch 4:3 and Ecclesiasticus 12:5 instructs us, ‘ Do well unto him that is lowly, but give not to the ungodly: hold back thy bread, and give it not unto him, lest he overmaster thee thereby: Else thou shalt receive twice as much evil for all the good thou shalt have done unto him.’ Deuteronomy 23:6 also tells us, ‘ Thou shalt not seek their peace nor their prosperity, all thy days forever ’.”

    Surely it is evident that Inez would not have sent Bibles to Nigeria as did Ted R. Weiland! Not only did Inez show her composing ability, but she must have been a wonderful wife to Bertrand. We should honor Bertrand L. Comparet for his excellent teachings, which I would rate percentage wise in the +90s, but had he not had a woman of the caliber of Inez behind him, chances are he would not have done nearly as well.

    -Clifton A. Emahiser

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    Pastor Bill

    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    The Bible says for women to not usurp authority from men and the verse where Paul tells the women to be quiet in Church he was not saying that they may not make relevant comments. What was happening is that women were constantly asking their husbands to explain this and that to the point where it disrupted the service. Paul simply told the women who needed an explanation from their husbands to wait till they got home to ask. I see no problem with knowledgable and respectful women speaking in Church.

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    Dr. Comparet was (is still) good folk.

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    Re: Dr. Bertrand L. Comparet

    by Pastor Bertrand L. Comparet, A.B., J.D.

    In the Bible, God repeatedly warns us against any mixing of races and especially against intermarriage and mongrelization. Some of this has been overlooked because of imperfect translation out of the Hebrew and Greek languages in which the Bible was written. Let us examine some of these passages, carefully noting the exact meaning of the words used in the original tongues.

    From the very beginning, the commandment not to permit mongrelization is strongly emphasized. For example:

    EXODUS 33:16 "So shall we be separated, I and all of Thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth."

    LEVITICUS 20:24 "I am the Lord thy God, which have separated you from other people."

    JOSHUA 23:12-13 "if ye do in any wise go back and cleave unto the remnant of these nations, even these that remain among you, and shall make marriage with them and go in unto them and they unto you: know for a certainty that they shall be snares and traps unto you and scourges in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish off from this good land which the Lord your God has given you."

    DEUTERONOMY 7:3 "NEITHER SHALT THOU MAKE MARRIAGE WITH THEM: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son."

    Many warnings are given in the Bible not to mate with "the stranger. "But the Hebrew words translated "stranger" in these verses are "ZUWR", "NEKAR", and "NOKRI" and each one means A PERSON OF A DIFFERENT RACE FROM OURS. (There are other Hebrew words, "ger" and "toshab", meaning persons who are aliens only in a political sense, but of our race.) The warning against race mixing is always against those "strangers" who are ZUWR, NEKAR, or NOKRI. For example.

    PROVERBS 23:27 "For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange (ZUWR) woman is a narrow pit.

    The reason for the warning is clear. MONGRELIZATION IS THE WORST FORM OF "GENOCIDE". If you kill 99% of a race, but leave the other 1% pure blooded, they will in time restore the race. But, when you mongrelize them, you have destroyed that race eternally. Once mixed with the Black or Yellow Races, the White Race would be totally and forever destroyed. Hence, God has forbidden it.

    PSALM 144:11-12 "Rid me and deliver me from the hand of a strange (NEKAR) children, whose mouth speaketh vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of falsehood: That OUR SONS may be as plants grown up in their youth, that OUR DAUGHTERS may be as the polished cornices of a palace."

    JEREMIAH 2"21,25 "Yet I planted thee a noble vine, wholly a right seed. HOW THEN, ART THOU TURNED INTO THE DEGENERATE PLANT OF A STRANGE (ZUWR) VINE UNTO ME? Withhold thy foot from being unshod, and thy throat thirst: but thou saidest There is no hope: no: for I HAVE LOVED STRANGERS (ZUWR) AND AFTER THEM I WILL GO.

    HOSEA 5:6-7 "They shall go with their flocks and their herds to seek the Lord, but they shall not find Him: He hath withdrawn Himself from them. THEY HAVE DEALT TREACHEROUSLY AGAINST THE LORD: FOR THEY HAVE BEGOTTEN STRANGE (ZUWR) CHILDREN."

    NOAH WAS SAVED BECAUSE HE WAS PURE BLOODED, WHILE THOSE AROUND HIM WERE MONGRELIZED. Genesis 6:2,4-5, records the forbidden mixing of races and the evil results thereof. But of Noah,

    GENESIS 6:9 "Noah was a just man and perfect (Hebrew 'taw-meem - without blemish) in his generations (Hebrew 'to-led-aw'- descent, ancestry). Hence, Noah and his family were saved while the mongrels were wiped out.


    JUDE 7 "Even as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication and GOING AFTER STRANGE FLESH, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire."

    Those who seek to force integration in the schools and churches are new beginning to admit that their real purpose is to bring about RACIAL INTERMARRIAGE. They have even deceived certain well meaning but ignorant clergymen into helping them. Even without inter-marriage, JUST ALLOWING NEGROES INTO THE WHITE CHURCHES IS DISOBEDIENCE TO GOD. Do you say, "I didn't see that in my Bible?" That is only because mis-translation conceals it from you. No doubt, you were puzzled when you read the following:

    DEUTERONOMY 23:2 "A bastard shall not enter into the Congregation of the Lord: even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the Congregation of the Lord."

    You wondered at this, because an illegitimate child is not to blame for the sins of its parents; and why should the penalty extend for ten generations? They might all be legitimately born.

    But the Hebrew word mistranslated "bastard" is the word "MAMZER": It means a MIXTURE, A HALF-BREED OR MONGREL. It has nothing to do with whether a child's parents were married, but it refers to THE FORBIDDEN INTERMIXTURE OF RACES. THAT IS WHY THE PENALTY EXTENDS FOR TEN GENERATIONS: and it shows how seriously God treats this sin. It is true that the mulatto child is not to blame for his parents' sins: BUT HE IS STILL A MULATTO. The first generation would be a half-breed; the second would have at least a quarter of the black blood; the third at least 1/8; the fourth 1/16; and so on. IN THE TENTH GENERATION, THE NEGRO BLOOD MAY BE AS SMALL AS ONE PART IN 1,024, YET GOD HIMSELF SAYS THAT THIS IS TOO MUCH TO BE ALLOWED TO "ENTER INTO THE CONGREGATION OF THE LORD."

    If you admit that YOUR church is not worthy to be called "the Congregation of the Lord," then perhaps this doesn't concern you. But if your church is, or trying to be, "the Congregation of the Lord," HADN'T YOU BETTER OBEY GOD'S OWN COMMANDMENT CONCERNING IT? CALL THIS TO THE ATTENTION OF YOUR MINISTER.

    The unfortunate children of such marriages are not the guilty ones of course, the sin is that of their parents. Yet the fact that they cannot help what they are does not change the permanent fact THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE. The experience of thousands of years has demonstrated that the dark races do not have what it takes to produce the White Man's high civilization. They have never had it in their own lands and they only have it here because we, the White Majority, make it so.

    The mixed breed is the same. It does not have in proper measure those qualities which God so carefully implanted in the White Race to carry out certain purposes which He has assigned to them. Recognition that God Himself, made the races different does not imply hatred or contempt for any of them. Difference has its purposes, which must be respected. I do not expect the family cat to sing like a canary, nor the canary to keep mice out of the kitchen. If I went quail hunting, I would not expect a horse to point quail for me, neither would I try to saddle and ride the best hunting dog in the world. All the family pets are equally loved and neither is despised because he can't do what some other does. Each has his own purpose and trying to mix them up or interbreed them can only harm them.

    I know that there are many people to whom these facts are new. There are also many who have learned the evil lesson that they can get more money or more political popularity by violating these laws of God than by obeying them.

    Some of you might not like being reminded of these things. But remember, I did not write the Bible, God wrote it, through His prophets. His commandments are always right. FOR OUR OWN GOOD, FOR THE VERY SURVIVAL OF OUR WHITE RACE UPON THE EARTH AND THAT WE MAY FACE OUR GOD WITH A BETTER CONSCIENCE, WE HAD BETTER OBEY THESE LAWS OF GOD.

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    An excellent sermon by BC

    It's old, but still very good and valid. I have been listening to it.

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