some of the attacks against paul are from pre-millinialists and other judaisers because they don't like the book of hebrews because it documents the many ways the old covenant was replaced by the new. except there are those that say hebrews was written by a counsel, and only concluded by paul. this view makes the most sense to me, since it is one of the most important new testament books defining the ways the new covenant replaces and merges the inferior old covenant within the new covenant replacement. the old is still there, but submerged and fulfilled thru new covenant expression. This ends all modern judaiser's fantasies of a future coming of another messiah to fulfill the prophesy they claim yahshua, the anonted-messiah didn't do the first time around (in effect making it impossible for him to be the messiah at all, failing to fulfill all the promises). judeo-christianity needs a future fulfillment of prophesy to support their belief the messiah is yet to come, and their fantasies about the modern temple in jerusalem and other zionist political mythology.

how does this relate to melchizedek? new covenant creation is in effect restoring the 'paradise' that adam lost from the fall out of the garden.... restoring the existing royal-priesthood order that melchizedek personifies... thus the anointed-messiah had to be made a high priest after the order of melchizedek to forever exclude all levitical / old covenant priestcraft (i.e. what was added because of transgression). as the new/2nd adam and a son of elohim he is a new creation making the old obsolete and replaced. so all redeemed-kinsmen are "sons of adam" & "sons of elohim" making them born in image of the 2nd adam (or Adam 2.0 in a new "eden / paradise restored" in a spiritual covenant creation of heaven and earth).

heady stuff, but indeed powerful and necessary of wiping away the old order so the anointed-messiah can truly put ALL those who will not have him rule over them, his enemies, under his feet as the judge of all righteousness that governs the people with equity (Ps 98:9, acts 17:31)