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Thread: Bob Jones (Rabbi Abe Finkelstein) & The Luke 22:36 Show

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    Re: Pastor Bob Jones & The Luke 22:36 Show

    Oh no! Lying Boob Jones from Nevada is about to meet its creator Satan in the bowels of Hell?

    ...and to think after three years it never got to upload the thousands of Dr. Wickstrom sermons it destroyed and blamed on Pastor Visser, huh?

    Today if you want to hear Jim you have to come here. Have you idiots even remotely started to figure this blatantly obvious out yet?

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    Re: Pastor Bob Jones & The Luke 22:36 Show

    We will allow this thread to remain until this lying bastard croaks off and faces Satan for dispatch. After which we're pulling the plug on this discussion.

    This way, unlike the four people that actually cared about Dr. Wickstrom, literally nobody left on earth will know nor even care who he was rendering his entire life trying to disprove our Saxon Bible for Satan vain as he was always warned in the Word he attacked in life. Good luck saying "I don't believe your Bible" to God.

    Bob might die and get away with his evils here but Yahweh is not mocked, nor are His people.
    Suggested CPM Sermon: Kingdom Parables (August 18th, 2021)

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