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Thread: Are non-white soulless?

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    Re: Are non-white soulless?

    Only the Pre-Adamics have souls, and only we can have a direct relationship with Christ our Lord.
    Only those who are passionate themselves, can arouse passion in others.

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    Re: Are non-white soulless?

    I think this is a problem that has to be solved somewhat conceptually. For example, the word "soul" often corresponds to H5315, "nephesh", which is used to discuss Israelites, but also those the Israelites were expected to eradicate. For example, Joshua 10:32 reads
    32 And the Lord delivered Lachish into the hand of Israel, which took it on the second day, and smote it with the edge of the sword, and all the souls that were therein, according to all that he had done to Libnah.
    Those were Amorites, who were Canaanites, i.e. sprung from Ham's sexual act with his mother, who was Noah's father. So as a turn of phrase at least, their souls were vanquished entirely. The same Hebrew word is used e.g. to say that the Israelites must keep the commandments with all their heart and soul (e.g. Deut 30:10).

    I think the real issue is, are the Israelites (and a few other clean lines) fundamentally different from those descended from Cain, those cursed e.g. Lot's daughters' lines, Canaan's lines, pre-Adamite lines, etc. And there is no doubt that they are, from all sorts of inferences and overt statements.

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    Re: Are non-white soulless?

    I think that blacks have souls just not living souls like ours. One interesting story
    H. A. Covington (yes I know he's an unpleasant atheist) told. He was talking about
    a girlfriend of his back in the day she said she was psychic. She'd talk about the
    auras people had. Mulattos had these weird spiky auras but everyone had something.
    Except jews, she could always tell a jew because with jews there was nothing there,
    blank space.

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    Re: Are non-white soulless?

    A lot of good information in this thread. I voted nonwhites have a soul. What differentiates us from them is we have a Spirit and they don't.

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