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Thread: Dead Sea Scrolls: Sarah's Saxon Bloodline

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    Dead Sea Scrolls: Sarah's Saxon Bloodline

    There is a description of Sarah, "In the seventh Dead Sea Scroll, whoever wrote this extolled Sarah's perfection from head to foot and while it was written in prose poem, the description as it appeared in the news media was as follows:

    'Her skin was pure white;
    'She had long lovely hair;
    Her limbs were smooth and rounded (her thighs were shapely)
    'She had slender legs and small feet;
    'Her hand were slim and long and so were her fingers.'

    We all knew she was a Caucasian to begin with but, I thought I'd add some more proof.

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    Dead Sea Scrolls: Sarah's Aryan Line

    The following is a description of Sarah from the Genesis Apocryphon; the version I am reading is page 486 published by Penguin Classics

    .....and beautiful is her face! How...fine are the hairs of her head!

    How lovely are her eyes!

    How desirable her nose and all the radiance of her countenance...

    How fair are her breasts and how beautiful all her whiteness!

    How pleasing are her arms and how perfect her hands!

    How fair are her palms and how long and slender are her fingers!

    How comely are her feet, how perfect her thighs!

    No virgin or bride led into the marriage chamber is more beautiful than she; she is fairer than all other women.

    Truly her beauty is greater than theirs Yet together with all this grace she posses abundant wisdom, so that whatever she does is perfect.

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