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Thread: Rev. William P. Gale

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    Re: Rev. William P. Gale

    If I'm not mistaken, William Gale was the one who coined the term or title "Christian Identity".

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    Arrow Israel Became Christians

    William P. Gale - Israel Became Christians - March 4, 1973


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    Arrow Wolves in Our Midst

    William P. Gale - Wolves in Our Midst - June 25, 1972


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    Arrow The Mark of the Beast

    William P. Gale - The Mark of the Beast - May 6, 1973


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    Arrow Prophecy of the Psalms

    William P. Gale - Prophecy of the Psalms - July 15, 1973


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    Arrow Keep Liberty Give Them Death

    William P. Gale - Keep Liberty Give Them Death - July 29, 1973


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    Arrow The Lamb and the Bread

    William P. Gale - The Lamb and the Bread - August 20, 1972


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    Re: The Lamb and the Bread


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    Re: The Lamb and the Bread

    No doubt. I've been looking for these.
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: Rev. William P. Gale

    I found this article after googling Col. Gale's name. Check out the false bs this jew is spewing on a man dead since 88'.
    Also to note. Rev. Gale opened Manasseh Ranch in Mariposa. Swift started Aryan Nations Idaho with Butler.

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