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Thread: Framing Christians - Making Christian Morals Immoral Through the Media

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    School Official: Carrying Bible Could Lead to Fight - WTMJ

    School Official: Carrying Bible Could Lead to Fight - WTMJ


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    Study links violent video games to violent thought, action - Washington Post

    Study links violent video games to violent thought, action - Washington Post


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    Dallas Housing Authority halts church services at complex for seniors - Dallas

    Dallas Housing Authority halts church services at complex for seniors - Dallas Morning News


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    'In the Land of Believers' by Gina Welch / A writer goes undercover as a 'church lady

    'In the Land of Believers' by Gina Welch / A writer goes undercover as a 'church lady' to write an account of being a member of an evangelical church - Los Angeles Times


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    Postal worker threatens Christian with arrest / Post office backs down, allows man to

    Postal worker threatens Christian with arrest / Post office backs down, allows man to pass out religious tracts - WorldNetDaily


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    Controversy over great big roadside crosses - Houston Chronicle

    Controversy over great big roadside crosses - Houston Chronicle


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    Living Together First Doesn't Make Marriage Last, Study Says - New York Times

    Living Together First Doesn't Make Marriage Last, Study Says - New York Times


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    Christian "Zionists"

    It is Zionist Christians beliefs about the end times which drive their activism. The traditional fundamentalist leaders of the movement preach that Jews returning to the Holy Land are a necessary part of the end times in which born-again Christians will escape death as they are raptured into heaven. Jews and other nonbelievers will remain on earth to suffer under the seven-year reign of the anti-Christ. Then, as the story goes, Jesus will come back with his armies, be accepted by the surviving Jews, and reign for a thousand years. This belief motivates adherents to send funds for West Bank settlements, to lobby for preemptive wars seen as precursors to the end times, and support Jews in the diaspora to make “aliyah” and move to Israel.

    Now Christian Zionism – along with much of evangelicalism – is being swept by a charismatic movement which has rewritten the role of Jews in their end times narrative. [4] These charismatics, like Pentecostals, believe that they are endowed by God with supernatural spiritual gifts such as speaking in tongues and faith healing. However, these charismatic also believe that God directly reveals new prophecy to their leaders who are unifying the church in preparation for the end times. In their increasingly popular narrative, it is not unconverted but only converted or so-called Messianic Jews who will serve as the trigger for the return of Jesus and the advent of the millennial (thousand year) kingdom on earth. This growing belief is driving the movement to aggressively proselytize Jews and to support “Messianic” ministries in both Israel and Jewish communities worldwide. One splinter group has even taken this story to an extreme, saying they themselves are the “true Israelites” who will play the prophetic role of establishing heaven on earth by moving to Israel. ......

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    Amerika acting like the land of Edomites

    The Rogue Nation
    Phillip Girald – via ICH March 11, 2010

    In spite of the fact that the United States faces no enemy anywhere in the world capable of opposing it on a battlefield, the Defense budget for 2011 will go up 7.1 percent from current levels. A lot of the new spending will be on drones, America’s latest contribution to western civilization, capable of surveilling large areas on the ground and delivering death from the skies. It is a peculiarly American vision of warfare, with a "pilot" sitting at a desk half a world away and pressing a button that can kill a target far below. Hygienic and mechanical, it is a bit like a video game with no messy cleanup afterwards. The recently released United States Quadrennial Defense Review reports how the Pentagon will be developing a new generation of super drones that can stay airborne for long periods of time and can strike anywhere in the world and at any time to kill America’s enemies. The super drones will include some that can fly at supersonic speeds and others that will be large enough to carry nuclear weapons. Some of the new drones will be designed for the navy, able to take off from aircraft carriers and project US power to even more distant hot spots. Drones are particularly esteemed by policymakers because as they are unmanned and can fly low to the ground they can violate someone’s airspace "accidentally" without necessarily resulting in a diplomatic incident.

    Washington’s embrace of drones as the weapon of choice for international assassination is one major reason why the United States has become the evil empire. Drones are the extended fist of what used to be referred to as the Bush Doctrine. Under the Bush Doctrine Washington asserted that it had a right to use its military force preemptively against anyone in the world at any time if the White House were to determine that such action might be construed as defending the United States. Vice President Dick Cheney defined the policy in percentage terms, asserting that if there was a 1% chance that any development anywhere in the world could endanger Americans, the United States government was obligated to act. It should be noted that President Barack Obama has not repudiated either the Bush doctrine or the 1% solution of Dick Cheney and has actually gone so far as to assert that America is fighting Christianity-approved "just wars," a position disputed by Pope Benedict XVI among others. Far from eschewing war and killing, the number and intensity of drone attacks has increased under Obama, as has the number of civilian casualties, referred to by the splendid bloodless euphemism "collateral damage."

    Drones are currently killing people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. It should be noted that the United States is not at war with any of those countries, which should mean in a sane world that the killing is illegal under both international law and the US Constitution. America’s Founding Fathers used constitutional restraints to make it difficult for Americans to go to war, requiring an act of war by Congress. Unfortunately it has not worked out that way. The US has been involved in almost constant warfare since the Second World War but the most recent actual declaration of war was on December 8, 1941. And then there are the special and clandestine operations that span the globe. Apart from Israel, no other country in the world has an openly declared policy of going around and killing people. One would think that the international community would consequently regard both Tel Aviv and Washington as pariahs, but fear of offending the world’s only super power and its principal client state has aborted most criticism. Most nations are resigned to letting assassination teams and hellfire armed drones operate as they please. If Iran were operating the drones and bumping off its enemies in places like Dubai you can be sure the reaction would be quite different.

    And it doesn’t stop there. Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has effectively blocked any inquiry into the use of torture by US government officials, mostly from the CIA. The Administration claims to have stopped the practice but has declared that no one will be punished for obeying orders to waterboard prisoners, an argument that was not acceptable at the Nuremberg trials in 1946 and should not be acceptable now. The United States is a signatory to the international agreement on torture and there are also both federal and state laws that prohibit either carrying out or enabling the practice, so the ruling by Holder is essentially a decision to ignore serious crimes that were committed against individuals who, in many cases, were both helpless and completely innocent. It also ignores the participation of Justice Department lawyers and CIA doctors in the process, involvement that most would consider both immoral and unethical. Worst of all, it lets off the hook the real war criminals, people like George Tenet and those in the White House who approved the practice. Tenet, one recalls, received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and a $4 million book deal. He still teaches at Georgetown University. Justice Department lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee, who made the legal arguments for torture are now respectively a tenured professor at Berkeley and a federal appeals court justice. One assumes that the actual CIA torturers continue to be employed by the federal government or are enjoying a comfortable retirement. So much for accountability for war crimes under President Obama.

    Finally there is assassination. On February 3rd Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair commented during a congressional briefing that the United States reserves the right to kill American citizens overseas who are actively "involved" with groups regarded as terrorist. Involvement is, of course, a very slippery expression providing maximum latitude for those seeking to make a case for summary execution. The death list involves a due process of sorts in that a government official makes the decision who shall be on it based on guidelines but it does not allow the accused to challenge or dispute evidence. It should also be noted that no one in Congress objected to the Blair statement and the media hardly reported the story, suggesting that tolerance of illegal and immoral activity now pervades the system. As former Reagan Deputy Attorney General Bruce Fein has commented, the claimed authority to suspend one’s constitutional rights overseas can be extended to anyone in the United States by declaring one an enemy combatant under the terms of the Military Commissions Act. Jose Padilla was denied his constitutional rights to a fair trial even though he was an American citizen and was arrested in Chicago, not overseas. Can we anticipate extrajudicial killing of American citizens in America as part of the war on terror? Of course we can.

    Three strikes and you’re out, Mr. Obama. Your government stands for preemptive killing and missile strikes on people living in countries with which America is not at war, lets torturers and torture enablers go free, and has asserted the right to assassinate its own citizens anywhere in the world based on secret evidence. Ronald Reagan once described his vision of America as a shining city on a hill. Over the past ten years the shining city has become the ultimate rogue nation, pumped up with power and hubris in spite of the clearly visible signs of decline and moving inexorably towards a catastrophic fall.

    Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, is a contributing editor to The American Conservative and a fellow at the American Conservative Defense Alliance.
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    United Identity Church of Christ

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    Re: ChristianZionists-Jews love affair

    With respect to an Oath to the Constitution putting us at irreconcilable
    odds with the present power ruling this Nation... I would say that this
    Country is under the tight control of offshore banks, the Federal Reserve
    and its sister institutions, the Bank of England, etc. They, along with the
    Zionist element and an ill-defined cabal of Anglo-American, masonic go-
    alongs (for lack of a better handle), have our political and credit systems
    sewn-up. Yes, our Oath to protect and defend makes us the bitter enemy
    of the grotesque thing that presently claims to be our government.

    Our "representatives" to Congress and our "senators" are whores paid to
    enact a stage play contrived to beguile us into thinking that the power of
    government is still in our (the people's) hands if we would but take it up,
    i.e. write more letters, send more emails and telegrams, make more phone
    calls to our "elected representatives," become precinct delegates, what-

    Its all a bunch of hooey. The Country has been under a coup since at least
    1963, some would say 1861.

    Certainly, our currency has been controlled by a private institution, in flag-
    rant violation of the Constitution, since 1913, and not much else matters
    once that particular power slips from the hands of the people.

    If you take a realistic look at the elective process, you will find that both
    the favored, or seated, candidate and all of the "viable" alternative can-
    didates in any given election are consistent in their policies with respect
    to the big agenda items of the New World Order. No coincidence.

    Sure, they will vary in a few domestic policies, like gun control, incremental
    tax code changes, etc. But with respect to keeping our southern border
    wide open, intensifying the domestic security state (controlling "Bubba"),
    maintaining the post 9-11 foreign wars, integrating us into the North
    American Union, and thence into the One World, they are the same.

    No significant coalition of anti-establishment candidates will ever receive
    sufficient funding, or sufficiently fair treatment in the controlled press, to
    become a countervailing force against these traitors in our Federal Legis-

    The overthrow of the present system of controlled opposition, two-parties
    -that-are-one, the phony dialectic -- whatever one wishes to call it --
    cannot be enacted through that system. And, thus shall things remain until
    the people at large are made so materially uncomfortable that they are
    forced to resist. By that time, the gulag state we now see taking shape
    will have matured, accommodations for the non-compliant made ready.

    The coming conflict, one sided as it now seems, will definitely be for keeps.
    Refusniks in the death camps. The rest quiet and Soviet.

    The hand of the people whom I am attempting to describe, the haters of all
    things Western, all things Caucasian, will also soon be forced. More moder-
    ate, intermediate methods of control are going to obsolesce pretty quickly
    in the coming drama because the alternative media has created, in the last
    few years and perhaps unexpectedly, a faction in the population, albeit a
    modest minority, which is fully awake to the vile end-game the powers have
    in mind for this continent. There will be resistance. Not as much as we might
    hope for. But as the violence displayed in reaction to this non-compliance
    intensifies, the "authorities" might have a more difficult task than they
    presently anticipate -- by dint of the alienation their methods will have
    sewn. Admittedly, "more difficult" would have to be pretty heavy, though,
    because the Powers already look like they're getting ready for a war here.

    Ironically, there was an accommodation made by the Founders for a political
    solution to just the kind of crack we presently find ourselves in. Its a long
    shot, though. And, I can't see it ever being allowed, by the people who
    hold the purse strings, to flourish.

    In the 1990s the British called it devolution, though that term isn't legally
    accurate when applied to the United States because the States never sur-
    rendered their sovereignty when forming the Union. But, it serves to convey
    the general idea.

    In essence, as the Federal hegemon becomes sufficiently intrusive in the
    coming years, such that even the most complacent "citizen" will have dif-
    ficulty maintaining his non-involvement in politics, State sovereignty move-
    ments may become viable. States can interfere with unjust, unconstitutional
    Federal mandates through nullification (messy, complex process) or through
    outright secession. The seeds of this process are already germinating in
    Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming and, depending on your interpretation, a number
    of other states. But, the people at large still often confuse such movements
    with disloyalty to America. Hopefully the Rahm Emanuels and David Axelrods
    of this world will keep pushing until more people look to their own State for
    shelter from the Feds. This would be a welcome "devolution," by any name.

    Some hope to see a number of States combine into coalitions in order to
    fortify one another's resolve to break central government tyranny. Later,
    if desired, the United States, in its original conception as a mutual defense
    pact between sovereign states, might be reconvened.

    As far as I understand my own obligation to Country and Constitution,
    helping this process along is the essence of the Oath to which your question
    refers, and the definition of Duty as defined by the Declaration of Independ-

    The current junta which runs this cattle-yard we still call the United States
    has no more regard for the will of the people than any third world dictator-
    ship has for its population.

    As evidence of this, I suggest that one look at the poll numbers regarding
    foreign wars, foreign aid, immigration policy, national sovereignty and tax-
    ation. Then compare those numbers to the voting record of our rep.s.
    One quickly finds that there is no representative government here and,
    thus, no duly elected government. The two sets of numbers really are
    that disparate.

    The current system not only stands athwart the rights of the people but
    is, in fact, the mortal enemy of every single soul who takes to heart the
    Oath you mentioned in your email.

    Thin as the chance of the States reclaiming their lawful sovereignty is, I
    believe that such a pass is the one hope of liberty on this continent. And,
    if hope is that thin here, it leaves pretty slim pickens for the rest of the
    world, doesn't it?
    United Identity Church of Christ

    Now It's Your Choice! Will You take a Stand for God, Race, and Nation?

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