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Thread: Framing Christians - Making Christian Morals Immoral Through the Media

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    The major and minor negative impact of diversity on white society

    It's no secret that non-white immigration has a profoundly negative impact on white countries in many obvious ways, e.g. exponential increases in...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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    Framing Christians - Making Christian Morals Immoral Through the Media

    OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) - Teachers in Kentucky are not allowed to teach Bible classes in public schools but a new bill in Frankfort could change that.

    "It is basically is designed to use the Bible as a teaching tool for arts and entertainment and music and other aspects of education," State Sen. David Boswell, who sponsored the bill, said.

    The bill would allow schools to offer courses in Bible study as an elective.

    The book would be taught as a literary piece rather than a religious one.

    "The course should be taught and not preached," Boswell said. "That would be up to the school to make sure the right teacher is teaching the course."

    Currently, 23 states allow the Bible to be taught in public schools, but would it work for Kentucky?

    "That would be a good approach if you don't start getting people to interpret it differently," Kandia Burden, who favors teaching the Bible in public schools said. "It was written the way it was written for a reason."

    "It's a great history book," Alvin Moore, who favors teaching the Bible in public schools said. "Sure, if you want to believe in God there's nothing wrong with that, I just don't believe in God. I think people need to understand where the Bible is coming from and all the religious books, the Koran, all of them."

    Proponents say teaching the Bible in schools is not necessarily violating the separation of church and state.

    "It'll draw some opposition," Boswell said. "But I think before people should be critical of the movement to do this, they should read the bill and make sure they understand it because there are built-in safeguards throughout the bill."


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    Indian state removes book with Jesus holding beer

    GAUHATI, India—Authorities in a Christian-majority state in India's remote northeast have confiscated all copies of a school textbook that carried a picture of Jesus Christ holding a can of beer and a cigarette, an official said Saturday.

    The primary school textbook, which teaches cursive handwriting, used the picture of Jesus on the page for the letter 'I'—to represent Idol.

    Ampareen Lyngdoh, education minister of Meghalaya state, strongly criticized the illustration.

    "I am appalled and condemn the violent pictorial presentation of Christ. The children for whom the textbook was meant look up to Christ with reverence, and they are shocked beyond words," Lyngdoh said.

    The government has seized all copies of the textbook from schools and bookshops in Meghalaya for offending public sentiment, she said.

    The book, published by a New Delhi-based company that specializes in textbooks, was being used by a chain of privately run primary schools in Meghalaya.
    More than 70 percent of the state's 2.32 million people are Christian.

    Copies of the textbook were ready for distribution in at least 10 more schools in Meghalaya before the picture was brought to the notice of authorities.
    "We have directed the district magistrate to go ahead with legal proceedings against the publisher," Lyngdoh said. She did not say what legal proceedings the government planned to pursue.

    Christians leaders in Meghalaya were outraged by the book and called on federal Education Minister Kapil Sibal to take action against the publisher.

    "We are shocked to say the least. How can anyone think of publishing such a picture?" said Dominic Jala, the archbishop of Shillong, the state capital.
    "This has been done deliberately with malicious intent," Jala said.

    In New Delhi, a spokesman for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India said it had ordered Christian schools across the country to remove all textbooks published by the company.

    "We have taken a strong stand and decided to boycott the publisher," said CBCI spokesman Babu Joseph.
    In 2006, the government in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh banned a school textbook that carried portraits of the Prophet Muhammad and arrested the publisher after Muslim leaders protested. Islam generally does not allow depictions of Muhammad. The case against the publisher is still in court.


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    NC County Official Suggests Conservative Christians are Racist - Los Angeles Times

    WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. - Forsyth County Commissioner Walter Marshall stirred the debate over prayer before Forsyth County Commissioners' meetings when he said in a radio interview that people pushing for the right to pray before meetings are the same people who were opposed to desegregation.

    Marshall said he was talking about the Christian Right, and particularly southern evangelical Baptists, and how their push to keep prayer before meetings stems from a history of majority bullying and racism.

    "The southern fundamentalist, evangelical Baptist during slavery used the Bible to justify slavery, and they used the same Bible to justify segregation during the civil rights movement." Marshall said.

    Marshall, who is black, came under fire after making comments linking the groups pushing for prayer with segregation and the suppression of women. He made the comments Tuesday during an interview on 94.5 The Rush, a conservative news talk radio station.

    "In my case the same folks who are pushing for the right to pray are the ones who were opposed to desegregation." Marshall told 94.5. "I'm talking about the Christian Right, the Christian Right were the same folks who opposed, in the name of Jesus, segregating the public schools. They were opposed to district elections, they supported a submissive role for women and for blacks in government."

    Marshall says his life experiences and personal research show the groups pushing for prayer before meetings have a history of imposing their majority beliefs on minorities.

    "It's nothing of race with them, but the history of it is race. The leadership, these folks are like being brain washed, Jim Jones syndrome. They have been brain washed into believing that a majority must always rule -- the minority has no rights." Marshall said.

    Berean Baptist Church Pastor Dr. Ron Baity disagrees with Marshall's comments. He thinks prayer before meetings should be allowed.

    "The majority of the people of Forsyth County would say to the commissioners 'lets defend prayer in Jesus' name.'" Baity said.

    Pastor Baity says the U.S. is a nation that votes by majority, and it's a majority that put Walter Marshall in office.

    "I think he's living in yesterday, and this is today." Baity said. "I'm very disappointed that Mr. Marshall would take on the southern Baptist or Baptist in general because that is certainly a inaccurate statement. People across the line, denominational line, are getting on-board and supporting the prayer issue. The fact that he's taken on the Baptist convention certainly teaches us that he's out of touch with the mainstream reality."

    Baity is one of many raising money to help the county fight an appeal to the court ruling that prohibited prayer before county commission meetings. County commissioners will decide whether to appeal when they vote on Monday.


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    Ministers go online to meet spouses - Associated Baptist Press

    Ministers go online to meet spouses - Associated Baptist Press


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    Coerced to convert: Peer pressure at church - Houston Chronicle

    Coerced to convert: Peer pressure at church - Houston Chronicle


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    N. Texas county to take televangelist's jet off tax rolls - AP

    N. Texas county to take televangelist's jet off tax rolls - AP


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    At Ivor church, clothing is optional - WVEC

    At Ivor church, clothing is optional - WVEC


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    Bible Pages Used To Set Church Bus On Fire - WTVF-TV

    Bible Pages Used To Set Church Bus On Fire - WTVF-TV


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    College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy - WorldNetDaily

    College students urged: Trade Bible for Playboy - WorldNetDaily


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