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Thread: The Seduction of Eve

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    CPM's Gospel of LUKE

    Christogenos 10-16-09 Extra Part 2

    Christogenos 10-16-09 Extra Part 2

    119:47 minutes (13.71 MB)Two Seedline Explained, A Conversation with Pastor J. Visser

    Source: Christogenos 10-16-09 Extra Part 2

    More @ The Christian Identity Forum...

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    Re: The Seduction of Eve

    via e-mail:

    Dear Pastor Visser,

    I search your website today, as it has much deep information, regarding "trees" and Lucifer-Satan and so forth...

    (This sounds like a shortwave radio study about 20 years ago on WWCR by Terry Parker of "Morning Watch Chapel"
    but he disappeared... after some argument with stateover weapons he had? Never could find him again!
    But I came across a similar messenger nearer to you, I think. Arnold Murray was his name, if I remember.
    Do you know Terry Parker, or this other man? I'm just curious. Anyhow Terry began by study into deep stuff.)

    Since then I have developed some logical keys to interpretation, and not all are generally understood.
    For example, always identify who is being addressed; try to place his lineage (some are cursed, others blessed).

    And I find that Scripture is filled with identities, and mysteries too!
    And the mysteries finally give way when you begin to list and integrate actual identities.

    And so Christian IDENTITIES (plural!) are absolutely crucial to knowing God's Word... and it goes waay beyond
    just knowing migrated whites who are lost Israelites versus modern "jews" who are not true Israelites of old - which point
    seems to be hyped as "the identity" of "Christian Identity" (singular) being a specific teaching ("usually tarred as a "cult")
    that churches & groups like SPLC/ADL love to target as evil! Not only are they wrong to deny this element of CI,
    but the entire propaganda against identities, exactly knocks out ALL IDENTITIES, which are crucial to know what to do right now!

    OK, here is another simple identity example. John 14 talks about Jesus departing but he gives us a Comforter,
    and that word is both defined as the Holy Spirit/Ghost and as the Spirit of Truth. see v 16 & 26.

    OK, so one tool of LOGIC is that if A=X and B = X. Then A=B.
    So the Holy Ghost/Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.
    A Spirit is a mentality. (See word study in AST Anointed Standard Translation by V s Herrell, now literal Greek NT from Kodak, TN)
    Herell also gets into the fact Holy means set aside (separated) for God, in original Greek usage.
    So the Mentality of Holy/Separatedness is the Mentality of Truth... so Truth is Holy/Separatedness (in a mentality, viewpoint way)
    We have to set things aside, in their proper place... which itself is the action of identification.

    "The Truth will set you free!" Is in John 10:32, amidst a long passage on crucial identities, John 10:31-44, which I'm sure you know!
    So the key TRUTH we need to know is that the "jews'" are not Israelites, but exactly the opposite sort of lineage group. As in John 10:31-44.

    Other Truths will also set you free, to a lesser extent, and many are needed to solve some Bible mysteries.

    I focus on several really crucial ones that are tough...

    Not convinced we are forever to be clueless about time of the Second Advent of Jesus Christ
    (dumbness being a point most commercial Churches insist is how to handle this!),
    I began examining lines about knowing the time. Well, we cannot know the Day AND Hour (Mat 24:36)
    however that surely means we can know the day... if we do not also claim to know the hour!

    In fact, we are told we don't know the hour. Mat 24:42. (And I find no clue as to exact hour either!)

    Critics will sometimes read the same passage in Mark 13:32, quoting RSV/NRSV (or worse ones!)
    and it says "But of that day OR that hour no one knows..." So, we cannot know either the hour, nor even the day!
    But... the KJV says AND here, not OR. the original word is simple conjunction for AND. It repeats Mat 24:36.
    So in fact we can possibly know the day!

    Oops... until you find Mat 25:13 and even in KJV it says
    "Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day NOR the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh."

    Ah, but let us ask WHO IS BEIGN ADDRESSED HERE?
    This Mat 25 parable is entirely different from JEsus talking to his followers at large,
    since it ends up talking to the FOOLISH VIRGINS, unprepared ones. These five do not know
    either the day nor the hour of Second Advent... but surely the wise five virgins who
    intensively studied Scripture and times could know the day!

    In fact, even the foolish ones are told initially to WATCH THEREFORE...
    Watch for what? Watch for the time, dummies! Learn what the time is to be like!
    (Some versions totally leave out this watch therefore.)

    I Thes 5:4-6 says of Children of Light that they will be altert to the time of Christ's Second Advent!
    They will surely know the events to watch for, very specific signs...

    In fact, I have deciphered this puzzle, but first you must solve a really tough two...

    When and why did our Father become really angry at us?

    Where were we put, in a cryptical key word sense?

    For how long? Starting when?

    These questions have exacting answers!

    But not simple answers! Indeed, the time factor is a number given cryptically,
    and it stands for two segments of time (totalling the fulll run), and that is
    good because it then gives us two actual event handles to fix the time of return!

    And one of these time handles pertains to a crucial even in the life of Jesus.

    Have you or your group delved into this whole problem?

    Do you have the answer?

    Oh, there is also a way whereby the Father does do the finaly determinging of the time...


    Well, to solve that you haveto know AND KEEP the SIGN we are to give God, the Father.

    That sign is... keeping the Sabbaths. Sabbaths Plural!
    Read Ezek 20:12-20.

    Sabbath was Saturday, the seventh day of original weeky cycle.
    It is NOT just for "Jews." (If they keep it, they are in any event a cut off or axed root,
    like the "Vipers" that attacj=hed to John Baptist, Luke 3:7-9 and so forth, ones to finally
    get a "baptism of fire" or incineration when the "tares burn", Mat 13:37-43.)

    *** I wonder if your group keeps the original Saturday Sabbath as day of rest and assembly?
    (I had not grown up with this, but kept Sundays, not I do the right day to best of my ability.)

    And there are other "sabbaths" in Lev 23 (Holy Days, not abolished but crucial to knowing God's calendar
    and Chronology and his prophecy too! Including Second Advent!) And LEv 25 lists obscure other sabbaths, the
    sabbatic year (not debts longer than this six-year work cycle followed by a rest, which would radically
    transform our polluted BABYLONIZED economic mess! We simply get into too much debt!!!)

    So, does your group delve into Sabbaths of all 4 sorts? Do you try to keep them? I do now, at last!

    I probably wrote enough for a start. Hope you can answer some of my questions.

    regards, Tom

    PS: I'm way off, 150 miles west of Brooks... Brooks, Alberta, western Canada!

    Right now I focus on the fact we are to get out of manmade law (traditions) as in Mat 15,
    and we are even to have our own Bible LAw courts (I Cor 6:1-7) which law is totally
    unlike the manmade democratic law pushed by humanist regimes.
    (Obamanation law is really bad!) There is absolutely no call for DEMOCRACY, another false god.
    And that regime long ago allowed Jewry to run the Fed Reserve phoney paper usury "money"
    another toxic "god" to repudiate! We need zones outside Babylon of manmade law!

    Oh, but how can we confront massive manmade regimes and their armed goons?
    (Look at what happened at Branch Davidians, Waco, TX... and they were even Sabbath Saturday kepers.)

    Well, we could ask God to revoke the sevenfold vengeance Cain was allowed (Gen 4:15)
    at least regarding his CALLED ONES REMOVING THEMSELVES FROM BABYLON (manmade law, money)

    That is part of a key nobody ever talks about!

    We are in Satan-ruled Earth now, but it will end... not too long down the line.
    using spring ripening of barley to start new years, and new months are new moon observations)

    Manmade law/money/gods/humanism are "babylon" and we are to GET OUT, or get destroyed with its fall!
    Rev 17:18-19:3... jusr before Second Advent return of our Warrior King (Jesus) Rev 19:11-21. See?

    And we have marching orders to leave manmade regimes!

    To where? Our own zones, obviously!

    So God MUST havea way for us to "turn off" Babylon forces aimed against us!

    Let us ASK him to remove their powerover us, as we try to exit "babylon."

    ASK and it will be given... instructs Mat 18:18-20 and around John 14:14 also!

    Ah.... but in both cases we're to ask IN THE NAME of the Lord.

    Here is where Identities really come into play. In these end times, we had better know the
    HIDDEN NAME of our returning Warrior (JC) as instructed in Rev 3:12.... and note it
    is also the name of Jesus' God! His "god" is his father, is our (Called ones) Father and our God -
    says the key identity in John 20:17.

    But what is that name? Well, contrary to "popular opinion" (in commercial churching)
    the name is knowable by a mere man (Child of Adam, son of God, Luke 3:38) - me!
    Yes, I have at long last been given the name! (One can know it, says Rev 2:17.
    And one who has wisdom will know the name, informs obscure Micah 6:9)
    Wisdom in this case means having spent most of my adult life searching for Truth,
    solving the apparent contradiction in geoscience creation vs Scripture Creation,and more.

    Once you see the name, it fits alluses of that concept in Scripture, unlike false guesses...
    Branch Davidians had guessed it was "branch" or "branch of David." that is part of the
    description and lineage of the Messiah, but not his actual name. And that group had to fold.

    Has your group ever dealt with GETTING OUT OF BABYLON?

    Has it yet solved the riddle of the new name of Jesus?

    Time to get to bed as I have a early morning task. Sorry for any typos, I'llcorrect any that puzzle you!

    PPS: I have a flag for separated zones, with a cental Alpha & Omega, until the name is openly revealed..
    at which time the anti-Christ commercial churches will rise to denounce it,I'm sure! (Perhaps he will put his
    own face in that spot when he returns? Why not? It is not idolatry to worship our King over all aEarth, Zech 9:14
    who comes in ONE NAME: since he and Father and Holy Ghost all have one name, the family name of God
    in heaven and Earth Eph 3:14-15. The one name (not plural names!) to baptize in , Mat 28:19.

    Oh, so far I have not found anyone to baptize me in that one name. That must be done soon.
    Or perhaps I'll simply have to baptize myself, calling on the Holy Ghost to be present... that is now a subject of my study.
    In any event, I can guide our apparently called ones, but I wil not just tell then the name and say "beleive me" its the name etc!
    I really hunt for our called folks who know that name already. Do you know any such folks?
    Until we have a literal group of such folks, we cannot really get EMPOWERED to really separate from Babylon. Right?
    We certainly do not need another Waco massacre... but now a separating community actually obeying God's Plan.
    The time is getting very ripe! Waco came too early. (Jonestown Guyana was a joke, bringing in all races of misfits!)

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    Re: The Seduction of Eve

    Isaiah says:---"Arise and shine for thy light has come, and the Glory of God has risen upon thee."

    A Glory that was lost, a Glory that disappeared in the days of Adam and Eve, is about to be restored upon every one of the son's and daughter's of God, according to their order, according to their responsibility, to his law, and to His purpose in this vital hour. In the fullness of time he has predestinated every last one of His Son's and Daughters to conform to his own image. In the fullness of time, the majesty of the Divine pattern shall be revealed upon all of those who constitute the household. Back into this pattern of the 'tree of life' we see this effulgent mystery. We discover that as death had descended upon this Divine race, even tho they did not die the very moment that violated the Divine Law, yet it was in this cyclic day, Within this 1000 years that death came upon Adam and Eve, and upon some of their posterity. And death has passed down upon all men thru out all generations from that day to this, except where special dispensations of wisdom and Grace on the part of God intervened. And there has been recorded true instances of this inside biblical record.

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    Re: The Seduction of Eve

    In reference to your question as to 'why' God would allow this, we aren't really told. We learn many beautiful things along the way, but we never can or will understand God and His divine plan. I believe that through our free-will, Adam would have ultimately messed up, and Yahweh, wanting His perfect creation to glorify Him, creates a quest of salvation for Adamic peoples. It is through our choices and actions as people, that we put ourselves where we are. For us to learn to rely on Him in ALL things, we must suffer to the utmost before realizing this simple truth. This is why as we get older, we look back and realize just how silly we were in our youth. We have learned through our mistakes, which is where we also gain wisdom.

    Yahweh IS all things, to all people. If all things consist through Him, then I must trust that the seduction of Eve was designed for our ultimate benefit. In the end, He will return as Christ our King, and our race will witness the destructin of everything which was not planted in the beginning. No more evil in this world, and a government of Christ. But we aren't ready for that yet, that is blatantly apparant, so we will suffer more and learn WHY we must turn to Christ in all things.
    James 1:22 - "But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."

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    Trees & Stars In the Garden of Yahweh

    Please note this thread is automatically generated whenever new uploads become available on - we invite you to discuss this sermon here. All threads with zero replies after thirty days will be merged in The TalkShoe Consolidated Thread. -admin

    In Stars and Trees In The Garden of Yahweh we examine the "beguilement" of Eve and probe even deeper into the specific curses placed upon her and the heads of Adam, Cain and Satan. Pastor Visser has also included his trendy God Blessed The Seventh Day study to this particular version in order to prove the point that we must labor for Yahweh and not work for corrupt man.


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    Trees and Stars

    Please note this thread is automatically generated whenever new uploads become available on - we invite you to discuss this sermon here. All threads with zero replies after thirty days will be merged in The TalkShoe Consolidated Thread. -admin

    In the 32 minute sermon called Trees and Stars In The Garden of Yahweh, Pastor Visser sheds some extra light on the creation account with a major focus on Satan and how he arrived in the garden of Eden to beguile Eve. The added music of Georgia's own All She Had makes this an in-depth Bible study that you will want to listen to more than just once.


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