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Thread: Tithes: CPM "Support" Thread

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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    Support those who support your faith.

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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by ArchType View Post

    Support those who support your faith.


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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    Bump! I for one would like some new teachings:

    Covenant People's Ministry
    P.O. Box 256
    Brooks, GA 30205

    "The workman is worthy of his hire."

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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    There's not much left to say nor preach after all the horseleeches have sucked us dry.

    When our ledger balance is made correct there will be fresh teachings, until then you'll only have sockpuppet imposters like Rabbi Finck, lol.

    Suggested CPM Sermon: Kingdom Parables (August 18th, 2021)

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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    I'll send a letter on Monday, brother.

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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    I love that word Horseleech, it's so King James era, lol.

    Proverbs 30:15; "The horseleech hath two daughters, crying, Give, give. There are three things that are never satisfied, yea, four things say not, It is enough."

    I never went to public school so "free education" never really profited me. You get what you pay for.
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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    I'll send a letter on Monday, brother.

    Received your package this afternoon and thank you.

    Look for brand new CPM pulpit sermons forthcoming.

    Under the Blood,
    Pastor Visser @
    Covenant People's Ministry & Forums
    Box 256, Brooks, GA 30205

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    Re: The CPM "Support" Thread

    We've added the option to use PayPal if desired:
    Suggested CPM Sermon: Kingdom Parables (August 18th, 2021)

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    Alternative Payment methods

    OK. I mainly post this for CPM and other groups suffering from oppression, like WN-groups in Spain/Germany.

    I try to keep it simple, but it is a tough topic for someone like me who didn’t study neither informatics nor math and I didn't.

    Everyone likes cash, but Bitcoins and Paypal are especially valuable for tipping/tieing online for people in different countries. Since checks and cash ain’t viable in that case, one could offer a Paypal/ Bitcoin possibility as payment method.

    Jewish or not, Paypal still works for online donating/ sending money to family and friends.
    However, Paypal is owned by a company that needs to keep in business and make revenues. Bad reputation is bad for business. And some “evil pressure groups” can of course attack a company’s reputation by using main-stream media to slander the company, claiming that it enables “evul raisists” to be allowed as clients. Since that hurts the company, the company (or bank) is likely to exclude a group like CPM from using e.g. Paypal service, if it grew too big.

    BITCOIN is something entirely different. There is no central organization that manages it, no company behind it that can exclude you. It is composed of 2 things.
    All YOU as a client need is internet and a software called 1. “wallet” (to store and transfer bitcoins).
    The only thing that keeps BITCOIN alive is a huge, powerful, decentralized network, that runs the more complex part of software/hardware called 2. “mining”.

    See this funny short video to have a glimpse:

    Or check out the hard-core techy English video to understand BITCOIN in its entirety (You have to watch it several times just like the bible, it is hard-core).

    CPM should provide for Paypal AND Bitcoin for donation purposes especially for Israelites OUTSIDE the U.S. to appreciate a great bible study ministry. Even non DSCI, hell even for not-yet-CI people Vissers material is of value.

    In short: Advantages(+) / Dangers(-) from a mere transaction standpoint:
    (+) completely decentralized. No pressure group can ever block anyone from using it.
    (+) no inflation by design
    (+) pretty secure
    (+) pretty fast (~10 minutes per transaction)

    Dangers of Bitcoin:
    (-) since no company is behind it, like with cash, YOU are to blame if You loose Your Bitcoin digital codes/wallet or a Virus steals/deletes them, no company can help You recover them because there is none. Best practice: use a separate computing device (an old notebook freshly set-up with linux or a 30$ raspberry pi 3 does the trick) for Bitcoin ALONE. Or use a 3rd party service (e.g. for Europe) to store them, IF You trust them.
    (-) since most of the “mining” software/hardware is located in China, the Chinese gov. could mess with the service. Again: One cannot be excluded, but if the Chinese gov. had 50% of the networks computing power under their control, they could kill the whole service. However the Chinese are likely to mind their business and don’t give a rats ass about DSCI even if the ministry had millions of followers. Best practice: Cash in received Bitcoins on a regular basis
    (-) Due to it’s decentralized nature, it is hard to find offline exchange points (Bitcoin – US $) because banks have no contact person of the Bitcoin network, because again: There is none. In Germany/ Spain (besides online companies that take Bitcoin for sure) You can only:
    - cash in at a few Banks
    - cash in at a few fancy city restaurants
    - cash in at a local dealer
    - maybe cash in at gambling parlours (?)
    (-) might have deflation (and loss of users in the future due to deflation) in the future. However this is only a danger, if You want to store money in Bitcoins. For mere transactions this is unimportant.
    (-) energy consumption of the network (not Your “wallet”, but the “mining” part) is what gives Bitcoin the security and the value. It is like the effort to mine for gold, what gives gold it’s value. So from an environmental perspective it is of course irresponsible ;-). But then what is in today’s tech world…see the hang-wang-feng video below:

    Give it a try – every item paid for with Bitcoin is a nail in the coffin for the banksters and the FED.

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    Re: Alternative Payment methods

    Great American video about FED, crash, inflation... and using Bitcoin as a possible value vault (in addition to the already working transfer aspect).


    End the FED! (But Caution, Bitcoins are still very volatile in both directions up and down and might be that way forever).

    Wisdom will increase dramatically in the end times. Here is the payment/transfer method for the early end times when Internet is still available.
    War for Christ.

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