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Thread: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper


    Thank you for everything you've done and are doing for this ministry.

    It is much appreciated.

    Under the Blood,
    Pastor Visser @
    Covenant People's Ministry & Forums
    Box 256, Brooks, GA 30205

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    What a long-haired lout!

    I can talk. Here is one of me circa 1970. Don't laugh. The hair and gear were all the rage back then.

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    Pastor Visser, I do very little IMHO, but I appreciate your appreciation!!! And Obie, I still have to say look at the size of that tie! Er.. cravat sorry :P

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    Sleazy M*rty says he looks like Bobby Sherman, but I LIKE the tie.

    I wear a fat one like that today.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    Quote Originally Posted by Green Ghost View Post
    Sleazy M*rty says he looks like Bobby Sherman
    A one and a two and a ...

    Julie, Julie, Julie, do you love me?
    Julie, Julie, Julie, do you care?

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    A quick addition if you liked the titled version

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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper


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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    Here is the link for wide screens (almost forgot :P)


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    Re: CPM Desktop Wallpaper

    What a striking image! That's far and away your best.

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