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Thread: Have you read Jewish Talmud lately?

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    Have you read Jewish Talmud lately?

    by Rev. Ted Pike

    In my last e-alert, I was the bearer of bad news: Deep within Judaism's most sacred rabbinic writings, the Talmud and Zohar (Kabbalah), there exists the obligation to overthrow existing Gentile and Christian society and establish a “new Jewish order.” Such Judaic teaching powerfully diminishes the value of Gentile lives, particularly today in Israel’s occupied territories and Lebanon.

    I was consequently vilified by a number of readers. One asked, “Where do you get this trash?” He said that if he needed to know the dark side of Judaism, he’d rather do it from Mein Kampf!

    The truth is that, with the possible exception of some secular Jewish congregations, every synagogue in the world contains the Talmud and Zohar. It’s from these works that my assertions came. They are the two most important sources of inspired literature for observant Jews, greatly surpassing the Bible. The Talmud however, is the most universally read and applied.

    Herman Wouk, Orthodox Jew and famed author of The Cain Mutiny, affirms, “The Talmud is to this day the circulating heart’s blood of the Jewish religion. Whatever laws, customs, ceremonies we observe—whether we are Orthodox, Conservative, Reform or merely spasmodic sentimentalists—we follow the Talmud. It is our common law.” 1

    One would think that religious literature so centrally important to one of the world’s great religions would be easily located in local libraries. It is certainly easy to find the Bible or Koran.

    Not so the Talmud. While the very largest municipal libraries in a state may possess the Talmud and Zohar, they are almost always absent elsewhere, except in synagogues. In almost every synagogue in the world, the Talmud and Zohar loom above every other piece of literature in authority and appreciation.

    Why are library shelves vacant of the Talmud and Zohar? Quite simply, it’s because Judaism teaches that the law they contain was given to Jews alone and it’s wrong for Gentiles to read that law. The Talmud says, “The goy who pries into the law is worthy of death.” 2

    The Jewish Encyclopedia tells us, “Hence the Talmud prohibited the teaching to a Gentile of the Torah [Talmud and Zohar] “the inheritance of the congregation of Jacob…” R. Johanan says of one so teaching, “Such a person deserves death.”—Sanh. 59a, Hagigah.” 3

    Accordingly, Jewish leaders make it clear to Christian seminaries and scholars that they will not tolerate published research into the Talmud’s real teachings about Christ, Christianity, and Gentiles. Christian academics obey, terrified of being smeared as “anti-Semites.”

    In the early '80s, as part of research for my book, Israel: Our Duty, Our Dilemma, I visited the Judaic section of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. to study various versions of the Zohar, or Kabbalah.

    On my first visit, I asked the Jewish librarian where to find the Soncino English translation. He became disturbed and replied, “I don’t think you want to read that. You might misunderstand it.” I couldn’t believe my ears. I’m afraid I showed my anger. He relented.

    Since publication of my book in 1984 and release of my first video documentary on this subject, “The Other Israel,” many people, confronted with the dark side of Judaic ethics, have rejected my message outright. Their reasoning is simple and direct: “What Pike says can’t be true because our Christian leaders and national media have never given us a hint of confirmation for what he says.” A smaller number contend that I quoted out of context or, even worse, forged documents. They think I faked the Xerox copies of the Talmud and Zohar in the appendix of my book, to create the illusion of a Judaic conspiracy.

    Such skepticism has been flying at me via email this week. I will therefore conclude by reproducing a few pages from the Talmud and Zohar, displaying the antipathy of the Talmud and Zohar toward Gentiles.

    Where do I get this stuff? See you at the Library of Congress!

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    Re: Have you read Jewish Talmud lately?

    The Talmud is eye-opening to say the least.

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    Re: Have you read Jewish Talmud lately?

    Lots of information on the Talmud here.
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    Martin Luther - On the Jews and Their Lies (1543)

    by Sol (Posted Mon, 29 Mar 2010 14:39:30 +0000)
    “Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.” - Adolf Hitler

    "...the question is whether Christianity stands or falls.... We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity... in fact our movement is Christian..." - Adolf Hitler

    The Christianity of Adolf Hitler revealed in his Speeches and Proclamations

    A Truly Christian Perspective

    Written & Compiled by Pastor Joe Johnson
    In Defence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: 26 October 2007 A.D.

    Through ignorance, delusion, denial of the facts, subterfuge and concealment, many modern day historians, Church leaders and faithful Christians have hidden or camouflaged the Christianity of Adolf Hitler. These people are either ignorant of the facts or because of some agenda of their own have purposefully distorted the truth and have attempted to mark Hitler as an atheist, or a pagan, or a false Christian who helped to found and uphold perhaps the most evil cult to ever flourish on the face of the earth. These distorters of the truth have been extremely successful in their mission to rewrite the history of World War II and the Nazi struggle against Communism. However the fact remains that, from the earliest formation of the Nazi party and throughout the period of the struggle, conquest and growth of Nazism, Hitler expressed his firm support of Christianity to the German folk and soldiers. In the 1920's, Adolf Hitler's National Socialist German Workers' Party, the party that laid the foundation of Nazism and became known as the Nazi Party, adopted a ‘Programme’ or ‘Platform’ with twenty-five points; this was somewhat of a Nazi Party Constitution. The 25 points of the NSDAP Program were composed by Adolf Hitler and Anton Drexler, these 25 points were the guiding principles and political creed of the Nazi Party. In point twenty-four the intention and assurance that the Nazi Party was indeed Christian and would remain so is clearly stated. This Point 24 of the 25 Points clearly and undeniable demonstrates that, from the very beginning, the Nazis took a firm stand in favor of positive Christianity:

    24. We demand liberty for all religious denominations in the State, so far as they are not a danger to it and do not militate against the morality and moral sense of the German race. The Party, as such, stands for positive Christianity, but does not bind itself in the matter of creed to any particular confession. It combats the Jewish-materialist spirit within and without us, and is convinced that our nation can achieve permanent health from within only on the principle: the common interest before self-interest.

    Therefore we might rightly inquire what exactly ‘positive Christianity’ is, but that is a topic for another essay, and is easily researched by any scholar or inquiring mind. Suffice it to say at this point that the Keltic Klan Kirk does not exclusively teach or uphold what the Nazis referred to as positive Christianity, and that we firmly believe there is a serious lack of attention to doctrine built into the tenets of positive Christianity. None the less, flawed though it is, positive Christianity is still a branch or stem of the Christian Faith. In addition take note that the Nazis did not stand exclusively for positive Christianity to the exclusion of all other branches and stems of the Christian Faith. That is clear enough in Point 24 and becomes even more clear and undisputed when we read and study the words and actions of leaders within the Nazi Party and the German people in general. Nazism was firmly embraced by both the Roman Catholic Church and the Protestant Church in Germany and throughout much of Europe during the World War II era; this includes a lengthy span of time leading up to that epic struggle. The Nazi Party rose to power predominately as a vehicle and means to combat Communism. The Nazi Party was rightly seen as upholding and defending the Christian Faith whereas Communism was rightly seen as upholding and defending Atheism and Secular Humanism. Throughout Europe devout and sincere Christians flocked to the Nazi Party and rallied around Nazi banners by the hundreds of thousands and eventually by the millions.

    The mere fact that Adolf Hitler would rise to a position of leadership within the Nazi Party is indication that he was probably a Christian or at the very least strongly sympathetic to the Christian religion. The speeches and proclamation of Adolf Hitler, even more clearly, reveal his Faith and feelings towards Christianity and a firmly Christianized Germany. The overwhelming majority of the common folk of Germany were without doubt devoutly Christian and they loved Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. These facts about Nazism present an embarrassment to that apostate heresy known as Judeo-Christianity and demonstrate that a different kind of Christian Faith was once the norm. Judeo-Christianity is a relatively modern form of Christianity and is not at all the Faith of our Fathers; a study of the Holy Bible, Church History, and World History proves this beyond dispute. Judeo-Christianity is in fact an oxy-moron and is a bastardized perversion of the Christian Faith. The Christian Faith practiced by German Christians in general and in particular by devoted Nazis who were also Christians is much more orthodox, traditional and biblical than the modern forms of apostate Christianity practiced by most so-called Christians in the world today. This presents a serious problem for the theologians, pastors, educators, manipulators, politicians, and police of the modern democratic “freedom-loving” Nations. Therefore they are firmly intent upon suppressing and distorting the truth about the firm ties between Nazism and true Christianity. One ploy is to portray the Nazis as being mostly anti-Christian and Pagan, thereby relegating Nazism to the role of a powerful Cult. Most people today have swallowed this deception hook, line and sinker. It is true that a few of the Nazis, even some of the prominent leaders were Pagans and or occultists; this however was not the mainstream nor the normal practice and belief of the mainstream of Nazism. Remember and take note that nowhere in the 25 Points is Christianity condemned, ridiculed or made light of, and nowhere in the Party Platform is Paganism or Occultism promoted or even mentioned. Compare this to the fact that Christianity is mentioned, upheld and promoted in the 25 Points of the Nazi Party Platform. The simple fact is that most Nazis were Christians!

    The following words of Adolf Hitler from some of his many speeches and proclamations clearly show his utter disdain and contempt for atheism, paganism, and cults. These words of Hitler reveal the strength of his Christian beliefs, convictions, and feelings:


    "My feelings as a Christian points me to my Lord and Savior as a fighter. It points me to the man who once in loneliness, surrounded only by a few followers, recognized these Jews for what they were and summoned men to fight against them and who, God's truth! was greatest not as a sufferer but as a fighter. In boundless love as a Christian and as a man I read through the passage which tells us how the Lord at last rose in His might and seized the scourge to drive out of the Temple the brood of vipers and adders. How terrific was His fight for the world against the Jewish poison. To-day, after two thousand years, with deepest emotion I recognize more profoundly than ever before in the fact that it was for this that He had to shed His blood upon the Cross. As a Christian I have no duty to allow myself to be cheated, but I have the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice.... And if there is anything which could demonstrate that we are acting rightly it is the distress that daily grows. For as a Christian I have also a duty to my own people.... When I go out in the morning and see these men standing in their queues and look into their pinched faces, then I believe I would be no Christian, but a very devil if I felt no pity for them, if I did not, as did our Lord two thousand years ago, turn against those by whom to-day this poor people is plundered and exploited."

    -Adolf Hitler, in his speech in Munich on 12 April 1922

    [Note: "brood of vipers" appears in Matthew 3:7 & 12:34. John 2:15 depicts Jesus Christ driving out the money changers (adders) from the temple. The word "adders" also appears in Psalm 140:3]


    Just as the Jew could once incite the mob of Jerusalem against Christ, so today he must succeed in inciting folk who have been duped into madness to attack those who, God's truth! seek to deal with this people in utter honesty and sincerity.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Munich, 28 July 1922


    In the Bible we find the text, 'That which is neither hot nor cold will I spew out of my mouth.' This utterance of the great Nazarene has kept its profound validity until the present day.

    -Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich, 10 April 1923

    [This Holy Bible quote comes from Jesus speaking in Revelation 3:16]


    In the life of nations, what in the last resort decides questions is a kind of Judgment Court of God.... Always before God and the world the stronger has the right to carry through what he wills.

    -Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich, 13 April 1923


    There are three words which many use without a thought which for us are no catch-phrases: Love, Faith, and Hope.... We are fanatical in our love for our people....

    We have faith in the rights of our people, the rights which have existed time out of mind. We protest against the view that every other nation should have rights - and we have none. We must learn to make our own this blind faith in the rights of our people, in the necessity of devoting ourselves to the service of these rights; we must make our own the faith that gradually victory must be granted us if only we are fanatical enough. And from this love and from this faith there emerges for us the idea of hope. When others doubt and hesitate for the future of Germany - we have no doubts. We have both the hope and the faith that Germany will and must once more become great and mighty.

    We have faith that one day Heaven will bring the Germans back into a Reich over which there shall be no Soviet star, no Jewish star of David, but above that Reich there shall be the symbol of German labor - the Swastika. And that will mean that the first of May has truly come.

    -Adolf Hitler, speech in Munich, 01 May 1923

    [Love, Faith, and Hope comes from I Corinthians 13:13 of the Holy Bible]


    People ask: is there someone fit to be our leader? Our task is not to search for that person. Either God will give him to us or he will not come. Our task is to shape the sword that he will need when he comes. Our task it to provide the leader with a nation which is ready for him when he comes! My fellow Germans, awaken! The new day is dawning!

    -Adolf Hitler, 04 May 1923


    It matters not whether these weapons of ours are humane: if they gain us our freedom, they are justified before our conscience and before our God.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Munich, 01 Aug. 1923


    It will at any rate be my supreme task to see to it that in the newly awakened NSDAP, the adherents of both Confessions can live peacefully together side by side in order that they may take their stand in the common fight against the power which is the mortal foe of any true Christianity.

    -Adolf Hitler, in an article headed "A New Beginning," 26 Feb. 1925


    A few days ago I was in Eisenach and stood on top of the Wartburg, where a great German once translated the Bible.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Schleiz, Thuringia, 18 Jan. 1927

    [The great German Hitler speaks of course about Martin Luther, and describes the Protestant Reformation Church leader in glowing terms of admiration and inspiration.]


    We are a people of different faiths, but we are one. Which faith conquers the other is not the question; rather, the question is whether Christianity stands or falls.... We tolerate no one in our ranks who attacks the ideas of Christianity... in fact our movement is Christian. We are filled with a desire for Catholics and Protestants to discover one another in the deep distress of our own people.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech in Passau, 27 October 1928, Bundesarchiv Berlin-Zehlendorf, [cited from Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich. The statement about people of different faiths refers to the fact that there were people of the Roman Catholic Faith and of the Protestant Faith throughout Germany and does not mean paganism or any other occult religion; other statements made by Adolf Hitler make this crystal clear and beyond dispute!]


    We are determined, as leaders of the nation, to fulfill as a national government the task which has been given to us, swearing fidelity only to God, our conscience, and our Volk.... This the national government will regard its first and foremost duty to restore the unity of spirit and purpose of our Volk. It will preserve and defend the foundations upon which the power of our nation rests. It will take Christianity, as the basis of our collective morality, and the family as the nucleus of our Volk and state, under its firm protection....May God Almighty take our work into his grace, give true form to our will, bless our insight, and endow us with the trust of our Volk.

    -Adolf Hitler, on 1 Feb. 1933, addressing the German nation as Chancellor for the first time, Volkischer Beobachter, 5 Aug. 1935, [cited from Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich]


    Except the Lord built the house they labour in vain.... The truth of that text was proved if one looks at the house of which the foundations were laid in 1918 and which since then has been in building.... The world will not help, the people must help itself. Its own strength is the source of life. That strength the Almighty has given us to use; that in it and through it we may wage the battle of our life.... The others in the past years have not had the blessing of the Almighty-- of Him Who in the last resort, whatever man may do, holds in His hands the final decision. Lord God, let us never hesitate or play the coward, let us never forget the duty which we have taken upon us.... We are all proud that through God's powerful aid we have become once more true Germans.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech in March 1933

    [Note: "Except the Lord built the house, they labour in vain" comes from Psalm 127:1 of the Holy Bible.]


    The Government, being resolved to undertake the political and moral purification of our public life, are creating and securing the conditions necessary for a really profound revival of religious life.... The National Government regard the two Christian Confessions as the weightiest factors for the maintenance of our nationality. They will respect the agreements concluded between them and the federal States. Their rights are not to be infringed.... It will be the Government's care to maintain honest co-operation between Church and State; the struggle against materialistic views and for a real national community is just as much in the interest of the German nation as in that of the welfare of our Christian faith. The Government of the Reich, who regard Christianity as the unshakable foundation of the morals and moral code of the nation, attach the greatest value to friendly relations with the Holy See and are endeavouring to develop them.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his speech to the Reichstag on 23 March 1933


    The Catholic Church considered the Jews pestilent for fifteen hundred years, put them in ghettos, etc, because it recognized the Jews for what they were".... I recognize the representatives of this race as pestilent for the state and for the church and perhaps I am thereby doing Christianity a great service by pushing them out of schools and public functions.

    -Adolf Hitler, 26 April 1933, [cited from Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich]


    We want honestly to earn the resurrection of our people through our industry, our perseverance, our will. We ask not of the Almighty 'Lord, make us free'!-- we want to be active, to work, to agree together as brothers, to strive in rivalry with one another to bring about the hour when we can come before Him and when we may ask of Him: 'Lord, Thou seest that we have transformed ourselves, the German people is not longer the people of dishonour, of shame, of war within itself, of faintheartedness and little faith: no, Lord, the German people has become strong again in spirit, strong in will, strong in endurance, strong to bear all sacrifices.' 'Lord, we will not let Thee go: bless now our fight for our freedom; the fight we wage for our German people and Fatherland.'

    -Adolf Hitler, giving prayer in a speech on May Day 1933


    This is for us a ground for satisfaction, since we desire that the fight in the religious camps should come to an end... all political action in the parties will be forbidden to priests for all time, happy because we know what is wanted by millions who long to see in the priest only the comforter of their souls and not the representative of their political convictions.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech to the men of the SA. at Dormund, 9 July 1933 on the day after the signing of the Concordat.


    National Socialism has always affirmed that it is determined to take the Christian Churches under the protection of the State.... The decisive factor which can justify the existence alike of Church and State is the maintenance of men's spiritual and bodily health, for if that health were destroyed it would mean the end of the State and also the end of the Church.... It is my sincere hope that thereby for Germany, too, through free agreement there has been produced a final clarification of spheres in the functions of the State and of one Church.

    -Adolf Hitler, on a wireless on 22 July, the evening before the Evangelical Church Election


    The fact that the Vatican is concluding a treaty with the new Germany means the acknowledgement of the National Socialist state by the Catholic Church. This treaty shows the whole world clearly and unequivocally that the assertion that National Socialism [Nazism] is hostile to religion is a lie.

    -Adolf Hitler, 22 July 1933, writing to the Nazi Party (quoted from John Cornwell's "Hitler's Pope")


    Among the congregations of the Protestant confessions there has arisen in the "German Christians' a movement that is filled with the determination to do justice to the great tasks of the day and has aimed at a union of the Protestant state churches and confessions. If this question is not really on the way towards a solution, in the judgment of history no false or stupid objections will be able to dispute the fact that this service was rendered by the volkisch movement at a time when, unfortunately, just as in the Roman Church, many pastors and superintendents without reason have opposed the national uprising in the most violent, indeed, often fanatical, way.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a radio address on 22 July 1933 to the German people after a performance of Wagner's Christian allegory Parsifal in Bayreuth. [from Richard Steigmann-Gall's The Holy Reich]


    We were convinced that the people needs and requires this faith. We have therefore undertaken the fight against the atheistic movement, and that not merely with a few theoretical declarations: we have stamped it out.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech in Berlin on 24 Oct. 1933

    [This statement clearly refutes modern Christians who claim Hitler was guilty of favoring atheism.]


    I believe that Providence would never have allowed us to see the victory of the Movement if it had the intention after all to destroy us at the end.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech to old members of the Party at Munich on 8 Nov. 1933


    The German Church and the People are practically the same body. Therefore there could be no issue between Church and State. The Church, as such, has nothing to do with political affairs. On the other hand, the State has nothing to do with the faith or inner organization of the Church. The election of November 12th would be an expression of church constituency, but not as a Church.

    -Adolf Hitler, answering C. F. Macfarland about Church & State (in his book, The New Church and the New Germany)


    While we destroyed the Centre Party, we have not only brought thousands of priests back into the Church, but to millions of respectable people we have restored their faith in their religion and in their priests. The union of the Evangelical Church in a single Church for the whole Reich, the Concordat with the Catholic Church, these are but milestones on the road which leads to the establishment of a useful relation and a useful co operation between the Reich and the two Confessions.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his New Year Message on 1 Jan. 1934


    Imbued with the desire to secure for the German people the great religious, moral, and cultural values rooted in the two Christian Confessions, we have abolished the political organizations but strengthened the religious institutions.

    -Adolf Hitler, speaking in the Reichstag on 30 Jan. 1934


    It would have been more to the point, more honest and more Christian, in past decades not to support those who intentionally destroyed healthy life than to rebel against those who have no other wish than to avoid disease. Moreover, a policy of laissez faire in this sphere is not only cruelty to the individual guiltless victims but also to the nation as a whole.... If the Churches were to declare themselves ready to take over the treatment and care of those suffering from hereditary diseases, we should be quite ready to refrain from sterilizing them.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his speech on 30 Jan. 1934


    We have experienced a miracle, something unique, something the like of which there has hardly been in the history of the world. God first allowed our people to be victorious for four and a half years, then He abased us, laid upon us a period of shamelessness, but now after a struggle of fourteen years he has permitted us to bring that period to a close. It is a miracle which has been wrought upon the German people.... It shows us that the Almighty has not deserted our people, that He received it into favour at the moment when it rediscovered itself. And that our people shall never again lose itself, that must be our vow so long as we shall live and so long as the Lord gives us the strength to carry on the fight.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech to the "Old Guard" of the Party at Munich on 19 March, 1934


    The National Socialist State professes its allegiance to positive Christianity. It will be its honest endeavour to protect both the great Christian Confessions in their rights, to secure them from interference with their doctrines (Lehren ), and in their duties to constitute a harmony with the views and the exigencies of the State of to-day.

    -Adolf Hitler, on 26 June 1934, to Catholic bishops to assure them that he would take action against the new pagan propaganda.


    No, it is not we that have deserted Christianity, it is those who came before us who deserted Christianity. We have only carried through a clear division between politics which have to do with terrestrial things, and religion, which must concern itself with the celestial sphere. There has been no interference with the doctrine (Lehre ) of the Confessions or with their religious freedom (Bekenntnisfreiheit ), nor will there be any such interference. On the contrary the State protects religion, though always on the one condition that religion will not be used as a cover for political ends....

    National Socialism neither opposes the Church nor is it anti-religious, but on the contrary it stands on the ground of a real Christianity.... For their interests cannot fail to coincide with ours alike in our fight against the symptoms of degeneracy in the world of to-day, in our fight against a Bolshevist culture, against atheistic movement, against criminality, and in our struggle for a consciousness of a community in our national life... These are not anti-Christian, these are Christian principles! And I believe that if we should fail to follow these principles then we should to be able to point to our successes, for the result of our political battle is surely not unblest by God.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his speech at Koblenz, to the Germans of the Saar, 26 Aug. 1934


    So far as the Evangelical Confessions are concerned we are determined to put an end to existing divisions, which are concerned only with the forms of organization, and to create a single Evangelical Church for the whole Reich....

    And we know that were the great German reformer Martin Luther with us to-day he would rejoice to be freed from the necessity of his own time and, like Ulrich von Hutten, his last prayer would be not for the Churches of the separate States: it would be of Germany that he would think and of the Evangelical Church of Germany.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his Proclamation at the Parteitag at Nuremberg on 5 Sept. 1934

    [Note: Martin Luther provided Germany with the seeds of violent anti-Zionism "anti-Semitism" in the truthful teachings of the Christian Faith. True Christianity stands firmly against the Jews and their apostate religion of Judaism; Jesus Christ referred to their Talmud as the Traditions of the Elders and the followers of their corrupt religious faith He called Pharisees. Read your Holy Bible and see what Jesus Christ said to and had to say about the Pharisees. Read the writing of Jewish Rabbis and discover that truth that Judaism is the religion of the Pharisees, the Rabbis admit this!]

    Many of the European Nazis of World War II were devout Lutherans & Calvinists.


    So we have come together on this day to prove symbolically that we are more than a collection of individuals striving one against another, that none of us is too proud, none of us too high, none is too rich, and none too poor, to stand together before the face of the Lord and of the world in this indissoluble, sworn community. And this united nation, we have need of it.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Berlin, 01 May 1935


    What we are we have become not against, but with, the will of Providence. And so long as we are true and honourable and of good courage in fight, so long as we believe in our great work and do not capitulate, we shall continue to enjoy in the future the blessing of Providence.

    -Adolf Hitler, at Rosenheim in Bavaria, 11 Aug. 1935


    Only so you can appeal to your God and pray Him to support and bless your courage, your work, your perseverance, your strength, your resolution, and with all these your claim on life.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech at Frankfurt on 16 March 1936


    In this world him who does not abandon himself the Almighty will not desert. Him who helps himself will the Almighty always also help; He will show him the way by which he can gain his rights, his freedom, and therefore his future.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech at Hamburg on 20 March 1936


    Providence has caused me to be Catholic, and I know therefore how to handle this Church.

    -Adolf Hitler, reportedly to have said in Berlin in 1936 on the enmity of the Catholic Church to National Socialism


    I believe in Providence and I believe Providence to be just. Therefore I believe that Providence always rewards the strong, the industrious, and the upright.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech to National Socialist women at the Nuremberg Parteitag of 1936 [11 Sept. 1936]

    [Note: Providence is a very strong theme in Calvinism!]


    I say that they can be solved; there is no problem that cannot be, but faith is necessary. Think of the faith I had to have eighteen years ago, a single man on a lonely path. Yet I have come to leadership of the German people....

    Life is hard for many, but it is hardest if you are unhappy and have no faith. Have faith.

    Nothing can make me change my own belief.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Nuremberg, 12 Sept. 1936


    This is probably the first time and this is the first country in which people are being taught to realize that, of all the tasks which we have to face, the noblest and most sacred for mankind is that each racial species must preserve the purity of the blood which God has given it....

    The greatest revolution which National Socialism has brought about is that it has rent asunder the veil which hid from us the knowledge that all human failures and mistakes are due to the conditions of the time and therefore can be remedied, but that there is one error which cannot be remedied once men have made it, namely the failure to recognize the importance of conserving the blood and the race free from intermixture and thereby the racial aspect and character which are God's gift and God's handiwork. It is not for men to discuss the question of why Providence created different races, but rather to recognize the fact that it punishes those who disregard its work of creation....

    As I look back on the great work that has been done during the past four years you will understand quite well that my first feeling is simply one of thankfulness to our Almighty God for having allowed me to bring this work to success. He has blessed our labors and has enabled our people to come through all the obstacles which encompassed them on their way....

    Today I must humbly thank Providence, whose grace has enabled me, who was once an unknown soldier in the War, to bring to a successful issue the struggle for the restoration of our honor and rights as a nation.

    -Adolf Hitler, before the Reichstag, 30 Jan. 1937


    So long as they concern themselves with their religious problems the State does not concern itself with them. But so soon as they attempt by any means whatsoever-- by letters, Encyclica, or otherwise-- to arrogate to themselves rights which belong to the State alone we shall force them back into their proper spiritual, pastoral activity.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech delivered in Berlin on the May Day festival, 1937


    We National Socialists, too, have deep in our hearts our own faith. We cannot do otherwise. No man can mould the history of peoples or of the world unless he has upon his will and his capacities the blessing of Providence.

    -Adolf Hitler, to Nazi leaders on 2 June 1937, as reported by a correspondent of the "Daily Telegraph"


    I will never allow anyone to divide this people once more into religious camps, each fighting the other....

    You, my Brown Guard, will regard it as a matter of course that this German people should go only by the way which Providence ordained for it when it gave to Germans the common language. So we go forward with the profoundest faith in God into the future. Would that which we have achieved have been possible if Providence had not helped us?

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech at Regensburg on 6 June 1937


    If we pursue this way, if we are decent, industrious, and honest, if we so loyally and truly fulfill our duty, then it is my conviction that in the future as in the past the Lord God will always help us. In the long run He never leaves decent folk in the lurch. Often He may test them, He may send trials upon them, but in the long run He always lets His sun shine upon them once more and at the end He gives them His blessing.

    -Adolf Hitler, at the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival on the Buckeburg held on 3 Oct. 1937


    This Winter Help Work is also in the deepest sense a Christian work. When I see, as I so often do, poorly clad girls collecting with such infinite patience in order to care for those who are suffering from the cold while they themselves are shivering with cold, then I have the feeling that they are all apostles of a Christianity-- and in truth of a Christianity which can say with greater right than any other: This is the Christianity of an honest confession, for behind it stand not words but deeds.

    -Adolf Hitler, speaking of the Winter Help Campaign on 5 Oct. 1937


    Remain strong in your faith, as you were in former years. In this faith, in its close-knit unity our people to-day goes straight forward on its way and no power on earth will avail to stop it.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech at Coburg on 15 Oct. 1937


    In this hour I would ask of the Lord God only this: that, as in the past, so in the years to come He would give His blessing to our work and our action, to our judgment and our resolution, that He will safeguard us from all false pride and from all cowardly servility, that He may grant us to find the straight path which His Providence has ordained for the German people, and that He may ever give us the courage to do the right, never to falter, never to yield before any violence, before any danger.... I am convinced that men who are created by God should live in accordance with the will of the Almighty.... If Providence had not guided us I could often never have found these dizzy paths.... Thus it is that we National Socialists, too, have in the depths of our hearts our faith. We cannot do otherwise: no man can fashion world-history or the history of peoples unless upon his purpose and his powers there rests the blessings of this Providence.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a speech at Wurzburg on 27 June 1937


    National Socialism is not a cult-movement-- a movement for worship; it is exclusively a 'volkic' political doctrine based upon racial principles. In its purpose there is no mystic cult, only the care and leadership of a people defined by a common blood-relationship.... We will not allow mystically-minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our Movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but something else-- in any case something which has nothing to do with us. At the head of our programme there stand no secret surmisings but clear-cut perception and straightforward profession of belief. But since we set as the central point of this perception and of this profession of belief the maintenance and hence the security for the future of a being formed by God, we thus serve the maintenance of a divine work and fulfill a divine will-- not in the secret twilight of a new house of worship, but openly before the face of the Lord.... Our worship is exclusively the cultivation of the natural, and for that reason, because natural, therefore God-willed. Our humility is the unconditional submission before the divine laws of existence so far as they are known to us men.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Nuremberg on 6 Sept. 1938.

    [Judeo-Christians have always accused Hitler of believing in pagan cult mythology. Here he clearly expresses his stand against cults and reinforces his Christian views.]


    Thus one of Europe's most serious crises will be ended, and all of us, not only in Germany but those far beyond our frontiers, will then in this year for the first time really rejoice at the Christmas festival. It should for us all be a true Festival of Peace....

    -Adolf Hitler, in Berlin, 05 Oct. 1938

    [This statement disputes some who claim that Hitler outlawed Christmas.]


    God helps only those who are prepared and determined to help themselves.

    -Adolf Hitler, 06 Nov. 1938, Weimar


    The National Socialist Movement has wrought this miracle. If Almighty God granted success to this work, then the Party was His instrument.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his proclamation to the German People on 01 Jan. 1939


    We are indeed perhaps better able than other generations to realize the full meaning of those pious words "What a change by the grace of God".

    Amongst the accusations which are directed against Germany in the so called democracies is the charge that the National Socialist State is hostile to religion. In answer to that charge I should like to make before the German people the following solemn declaration:

    1. No one in Germany has in the past been persecuted because of his religious views (Einstellung), nor will anyone in the future be so persecuted.... The Churches are the greatest landed proprietors after the State... Further, the Church in the National Socialist State is in many ways favoured in regard to taxation, and for gifts, legacies, &c., it enjoys immunity from taxation.

    It is therefore, to put mildly-- effrontery when especially foreign politicians make bold to speak of hostility to religion in the Third Reich.... I would allow myself only one question: what contributions during the same period have France, England, or the United States made through the State from the public funds?

    3. The National Socialist State has not closed a church, nor has it prevented the holding of a religious service, nor has it ever exercised any influence upon the form of a religious service. It has not exercised any pressure upon the doctrine nor on the profession of faith of any of the Confessions. In the National Socialist State anyone is free to seek his blessedness after his own fashion.... There are ten thousands and ten thousands of priests of all the Christian Confessions who perform their ecclesiastical duties just as well as or probably better than the political agitators without ever coming into conflict with the laws of the State.... This State has only once intervened in the internal regulation of the Churches, that is when I myself in 1933 endeavoured to unite the weak and divided Protestant Churches of the different States into one great and powerful Evangelical Church of the Reich. That attempt failed through the opposition of the bishops of some States; it was therefore abandoned. For it is in the last resort not our task to defend or even to strengthen the Evangelical Church through violence against its own representatives.... But on one point it is well that there should be no uncertainty: the German priest as servant of God we shall protect, the priest as political enemy of the German State we shall destroy.

    -Adolf Hitler, a speech in the Reichstag on 30 Jan. 1939

    [That last sentence sums up Hitler's stand on the priesthood. Rather than standing for atheism, as today's Mediocre Christians and Judeo-Christians would like you to believe, Hitler attacked the priesthood only if they stood in opposition to Hitler's political path of the folk.]


    If positive Christianity means love of one's neighbour, i.e. the tending of the sick, the clothing of the poor, the feeding of the hungry, the giving of drink to those who are thirsty, then it is we who are the more positive Christians. For in these spheres the community of the people of National Socialist Germany has accomplished a prodigious work.

    -Adolf Hitler, in his speech to the "Old Guard" at Munich on 24 Feb. 1939


    Help yourself, then God will also help you!

    The German people was created by Providence, not in order to obey a law which suits Englishmen or Frenchmen, but to stand up for its vital right. That is what we are there for!

    -Adolf Hitler, at Wilhemshaven, 01 April 1939


    I can give vent to my inmost feelings only in the form of humble thanks to Providence which called upon me and vouchsafed it to me, once an unknown soldier of the Great War, to rise to be the Leader of my people, so dear to me.
    Providence showed me the way to free our people from the depths of its misery without bloodshed and to lead it upward once again. Providence granted that I might fulfill my life's task-to raise my German people out of the depths of defeat and to liberate it from the bonds of the most outrageous dictate of all times....

    I have regarded myself as called upon by Providence to serve my own people alone and to deliver them from their frightful misery.

    -Adolf Hitler, before the Reichstag, 28 April 1939


    As Fuehrer of the German people and Chancellor of the Reich, I can thank God at this moment that he has so wonderfully blessed us in our hard struggle for what is our right, and beg Him that we and all other nations may find the right way, so that not only the German people but all Europe may once more be granted the blessing of peace.

    -Adolf Hitler, before the Reichstag, 06 Oct. 1939


    [I] never lost my belief, in the midst of setbacks which were not spared me during my period of struggle. Providence has had the last word and brought me success.

    -Adolf Hitler, speech of 23 Nov. 1939


    It would be easier for the Devil to go to church and cross himself with holy water than for these people to comprehend the ideas which are accepted facts to us today.

    -Adolf Hitler, 10 Dec. 1940, in Berlin


    The conception of the new Movement, whose fundamentals can be expressed in a single sentence: "The Lord helps those who help themselves," opposed this. That is not only a very pious phrase, but a very just one. For one cannot assume that God exists to help people who are too cowardly and too lazy to help themselves and think that God exists only to make up for the weakness of mankind. He does not exist for that purpose. He has always, at all times, blessed only those who were prepared to fight their own battles....

    Providence has not led us along these amazing paths in vain. On the day that the party was founded I recalled that our nation once gained immense victories. Then it became ungrateful, disunited, sinned against itself. Thereupon it was punished by Providence. We deserved our defeat. If a nation forgets itself as completely as the German nation did at that time, if it thinks that it can shake off all honor and all good faith, Providence can do nothing but teach it a hard and bitter lesson. But even at that time we were convinced that once our nation found itself again, once it again became industrious and honorable, once each individual German stood up for his nation first and not for himself, once he placed the interests of the community above his own personal interests, once the whole nation again pursued a great ideal, once it was prepared to stake everything for this ideal, the hour would come when the Lord would declare our trials at an end.

    If fate should once more call us to the battlefield, the blessing of Providence will be with those who have merited it by years of hard work. When I compare myself and my opponents in other countries in the light of history, I do not fear the verdict on our respective mentalities. Who are these egoists? Each one of them merely defends the interests of his class. Behind them all stands either the Jew or their own moneybags. They are all nothing but money-grubbers, living on the profits of this war. No blessing can come of that. I oppose these people merely as the 0 champion of my country. I am convinced that our struggle will in the future be blessed by Providence, as it has been blessed up to now.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Munich, 24 Feb. 1941


    But he who dares to use the word "God" for such devilish activity blasphemes against Providence and, according to our belief, he cannot end except in destruction.

    -Adolf Hitler, speaking about Jews and international "warmongers," on 04 May 1941, before the Reichstag


    I did not want this struggle. Since January, 1933, when Providence entrusted me with the leadership of the German Reich, I had an aim before my eyes which was essentially incorporated in the program of our National Socialist party. I have never been disloyal to this aim and have never abandoned my program....

    Only when the entire German people become a single community of sacrifice can we expect and hope that Almighty God will help us. The Almighty has never helped a lazy man. He does not help the coward. He does not help a people that cannot help itself.

    The principle applies here, help yourselves and Almighty God will not deny you his assistance.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a broadcast from Berlin, 03 Oct.1941


    If the Providence has so willed that the German people cannot be spared this fight, then I can only be grateful that it entrusted me with the leadership in this historic struggle which, for the next 500 or 1,000 years, will be described as decisive, not only for the history of Germany, but for the whole of Europe and indeed the whole world. The German people and their soldiers are working and fighting today, not only for the present, but for the coming, nay the most distant, generations. A historical revision on a unique scale has been imposed on us by the Creator....

    The next incursion against this homestead of European culture was carried out from the distant East. A terrible stream of barbarous, uncultured hordes sallied forth from the interior of Asia deep into the hearts of the European Continent, burning, looting, murdering-a true scourge of the Lord....

    From the time when the Movement I consisted of seven men, until we took over power in January 1933, the path was so miraculous that only Providence itself with its blessing could have made this possible....

    Our enemies must not deceive themselves-in the 2,000 years of German history known to us, our people have never been more united than today. The Lord of the Universe has treated us so well in the past years that we bow in gratitude to a providence which has allowed us to be members of such a great nation. We thank Him that we also can be entered with honor into the ever-lasting book of German history!

    -Adolf Hitler, on 11 Dec.1941 before the Reichstag


    My fame, if Providence preserves my life, will consist in ... works of peace, which I still intend to create. But I think that if Providence has already disposed that I can do what must be done according to the inscrutable will of the Providence, then I can at least just ask Providence to entrust to me the burden of this war, to load it on me. I will beat it! I will shrink from no responsibility; in every hour which ... I will take this burden upon me. I will bear every responsibility, just as I have always borne them."....

    Thus the home-front need not be warned, and the prayer of this priest of the devil, the wish that Europe may be punished with Bolshevism, will not be fulfilled, but rather that the prayer may be fulfilled: "Lord God, give us the strength that we may retain our liberty for our children and our children's children, not only for ourselves but also for the other peoples of Europe, for this is a war which we all wage, this time, not for our German people alone, it is a war for all of Europe and with it, in the long run, for all of mankind."

    -Adolf Hitler, 30 Jan. 1942, in Berlin (note the prayer at the end of the speech.)


    May therefore God give us the strength to continue to do our duty and with this prayer we bow in homage before our dead heroes, before those whom they have left behind in bereavement, and before all the other victims of this war.

    -Adolf Hitler, in prayer at the end of a radio address on 15 March 1942.


    I, for my part, acknowledge another precept which says that man must deal the final blow to those whose downfall is destined by God.

    -Adolf Hitler, in an address to the Reichstag, 06 April 1942


    In my eyes, the year 1942 already has behind it the most fateful trial of our people. That was the winter of '41 to '42. I may be permitted to say that in that winter the German people, and in particular its Wehrmacht, were weighed in the balance by Providence. Nothing worse can or will happen. That we conquered that winter, that "General Winter," that at last the German fronts stood, and that this spring, that is, early this summer, we were able to proceed again, that, I believe, is the proof that Providence was content with the German people....

    You do not realize what is hidden beneath these words in the way of human heroism, and also of human pain, and suffering, and we may say, often anxiety too, naturally, deathly anxiety on the part of all those who, especially for the first time, are placed before the trial of God in this highest court.

    -Adolf Hitler, 30 Sept. 1942, in Berlin


    And today I stand by this same view. Fate, or Providence, will give the victory to those who most deserve it....

    And when now, after 10 years, I again survey this period, I can say that upon no people has Providence ever bestowed more successes than upon us. The miracles we have achieved in the last three years in the face of a whole world of enemies are unique in history, especially the crises we very naturally often had in these years.

    -Adolf Hitler, in Munich, 08 Nov. 1942


    The bomb which was planted by Colonel von Stauffenberg exploded two meters to my right. It seriously injured a number of my colleagues who are very dear to me; one has died. I myself am completely unhurt apart from a few minor skin abrasions, bruises and burns. I interpret this as confirmation that Providence wishes me to continue my life's mission as I have in the past.

    Few people can begin to imagine the fate which would have overtaken Germany had the assassination attempt succeeded. I myself thank Providence and my Creator not for preserving me - my life consists only of worry and work for my People - I thank him only for allowing me to continue to bear this burden of worry, and to carry on my work to the best of my ability.

    Once again I take this opportunity, my old comrades in arms, to greet you, joyful that I have once again been spared a fate which, while it held no terror for me personally, would have had terrible consequences for the German People. I interpret this as a sign from Providence that I must continue my work, and therefore I shall continue it.

    -Adolf Hitler, speaking about the attempt to kill him, in a radio broadcast on 20 July 1944


    God the Almighty has made our nation. By defending its existence we are defending His work....

    Only He can relieve me of this duty Who called me to it. It was in the hand of Providence to snuff me out by the bomb that exploded only one and a half meters from me on July 20, and thus to terminate my life's work. That the Almighty protected me on that day I consider a renewed affirmation of the task entrusted to me....

    Therefore, it is all the more necessary on this twelfth anniversary of the rise to power to strengthen the heart more than ever before and to steel ourselves in the holy determination to wield the sword, no-matter where and under what circumstances, until final victory crowns our efforts....

    In the years to come I shall continue on this road, uncompromisingly safeguarding my people's interests, oblivious to all misery and danger, and filled with the holy conviction that God the Almighty will not abandon him who, during all his life, had no desire but to save his people from a fate it had never deserved, neither by virtue of its number nor by way of its importance....

    In vowing ourselves to one another, we are entitled to stand before the Almighty and ask Him for His grace and His blessing. No people can do more than that everybody who can fight, fights, and that everybody who can work, works, and that they all sacrifice in common, filled with but one thought: to safeguard freedom and national honor and thus the future of life.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a radio address, 30 Jan. 1945


    Providence shows no mercy to weak nations, but recognizes the right of existence-only of sound and strong nations....

    This Jewish bolshevist annihilation of nations and its western European and American procurers can be met only in one way: by using every ounce of strength with the extreme fanaticism and stubborn steadfastness that merciful God gives to men in hard times for the defense of their own lives....

    We have suffered so much that it only steels us to fanatical resolve to hate Our enemies a thousand times more and to regard them for what they are destroyers of an eternal culture and annihilators of humanity. Out of this hate a holy will is born to oppose these destroyers of our existence with all the strength that God has given us and to crush them in the end. During its 2,000-year history our people has survived so many terrible times that we have no doubt that we will also master our present plight.

    -Adolf Hitler, in a recorded radio address, 24 Feb. 1945

    [Note: Hate - Psalm 139 of the Holy Bible, verses 21 & 22, as follows:

    21 Do not I hate them, O LORD, that hate thee? and am not I grieved with those that rise up against thee?

    22 I hate them with perfect hatred: I count them mine enemies.]

    (2005-2010) Destroyed by Amy Rose!

  5. #5

    Talmudic pedophile Jews

    20 Rabbi Pedophiles

    If they were Catholics, this would be all over the news and there would be lawsuits against them.

    Police: Israeli pedophile solicited 1,000 underage girls via Internet

    Long list of Jewish Child Molestor Rabbis gets no media coverage and Jewish homosexual pedophiles are undisturbed. Cases of Clergy Abuse.

    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND --According to allegations in a British newspaper, a Lubavitcher Hasidic rabbi has been photographed consorting with whores. Prior to this event, he announced on TV that, for religious reasons, he is unable to shake hands with a woman.

    This jew was exposed by the media; the jews listed below, were not.

    I am still bemused by the term "cult-like practices" and exactly what jews mean when they use it in terms of criminal behavior.

    Long list of Jewish Child Molester Rabbis gets no media coverage

    1. Case of Rabbi Yoram Aberjil (Netivot, Israel)

    (Accused of cult like practices and sexual harassment of young women and threatening the lives of the survivors and those who support them.)

    2. Case of Rabbi Shlomo Aviner (Beit El, Israel)

    (Two women accused the rabbi of creating emotionally intimate relationships with them. These relationships included his expressions of his love for them during regular late-night phone conversations, extracting details from them of their sexuality and promoting an unhealthy emotional dependence on him).

    3. Case of Rabbi Aryeh Blaut (AKA: Louis Blaut, Louis Steven Blaut, Louis A. Blaut, Louis S. Blaut) (Seattle, WA)

    (Convicted sex offender on federal charges of possession of child pornography. According to the United States Department of Probation, Louis Blaut is not allowed contact with anyone under the age of eighteen on the INTERNET or in person).

    4. Case of Rabbi Jerry Brauner (Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY)

    (Convicted on the charges of Sexual Abuse-1st Degree and Sexual Abuse-3rd: Subject Another Person to Sex Contact Without Consent. He was sentenced to 11 years probation, with the condition he must participate in a sex offender treatment program. Brauner has been on probation since 2002 for the sexual abuse of a 15-year-old boy.

    On December 27, 2006, Jerry Brauner was arrested on charges of stealing a half-million-dollar home from a cancer-stricken woman, using a forged power of attorney to sell it and pocket the profits. Brauner is being held in lieu of $85,000 bail for lying about prior sex-abuse convictions when he applied for his notary's license.)

    5. Case of Rabbi Lewis Brenner (AKA: Lippa Brenner) (Brooklyn, NY)

    (Convicted of child molestation. The original charges included 14 counts of sodomy, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. He agreed to plead guilty to one count of sodomy in the third degree,
    a Class E felony, in exchange for a sentence of five years' probation.)

    6. Case of Rabbi Yaakov Yitzhak Brizel (Jerusalem, Israel)

    (Accused of child molestation)

    7. Case of Rabbi Ephraim Bryks (Winnipeg, Canada, New York, NY)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accusations about sexual inappropriate behavior with children started surfacing in the 1980's. Rabbi Bryks is currently a member of the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. The Vaad is a Rabbinical committee that makes important decisions within an orthodox community.)

    8. Case of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of several cases of child molestation, and sexual assault of young adult women)

    9. Case Rabbi Perry Ian Cohen - Montreal and Toronto Canada

    (Accused of sexual abuse of a seventeen year old. Fired for sexual impropriety with congregants)

    10. Case of Rabbi Yitzchak Cohen (Israel)

    (Accused of sexually harassing students at Bar-Ilan University)

    11. Case of Rabbi Asher Dahan, Be'er Sheva, Israel

    (Arrested after being accused of raping and sexually abusing two 17-year-old girls after he offered "to redeem them of sin and evil inclinations.")

    12. Case of Rabbi Anthony Dee (Blackpool England; Portsmouth, England)

    (Former synagogue minister Reverend Anthony Dee found guilty of sexually abusing two boys and a girl in Blackpool and Portsmouth, England. This is the first set of convictions, there was a second set of
    convictions in 1997.)

    13. Case of Rabbi Moshe Eisemann (AKA: Moshe Eiseman) -

    Mashgiach Ruchni Ner Israel Rabbinical College (Baltimore, MD) (There is a Call for Action on this case - Accused of child sexual abuse)

    14. Case of Rabbi Eliezer Eisgrau - Principal, Torah Institute (Baltimore, MD)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of physically abusing and sexually assaulting one of his children. There have also been allegations that two families were "run out of Baltimore" because they wanted to go to secular legal authorities to deal with the accusations of child abuse)

    15. Case of Rabbi Arnold Fink - Beth El Hebrew Congregation - Alexandria, VA

    (Accused of Professional Rabbinic Sexual Misconduct)

    16. Case of Rabbi Benyamin Yaakov Fleischman (AKA Benyamin Fleischman, Ben Fleischman)-

    Photographer (Baltimore, MD) (Convicted of sexually assaulting a minor.)

    17. Case of Rabbi Gershon Freidlin (Colonia, NJ; Pittsburgh, PA; Washington, PA)

    (Rabbi Gershon Freidlin pleaded guilty to one count of child endangerment , saying he had touched the youth's *BadWord* and buttocks while applying tanning lotion on the boy on July 10, 1995 Under the terms of a plea agreement, the rabbi will not be jailed for the crime, but faces up to five years probation.)

    18. Case of Yehudah Friedlander - Rabbi 's Assistant (Brooklyn, NY)

    (Accused of molesting a 15 year old on a 1995 plane flight from Australia to LA. Friedlander was the assistant to the chief rabbi of an Hungarian Hasidic congregation in Brooklyn, known as the Pupas)

    19. Case of Cantor Stuart Friedman (Halifax,Canada-Philadelphia, Detroit, Boston, Los Angeles, Baltimore)

    (Convicted and sentanced to 15 months in federal prison on one count of distributing child pornography).

    20. Case of Cantor Philip Friedman (Albany, NY, Queens, NY, Long Island, NY)

    (Temple Israel fired its longtime cantor for "inappropriate behavior" toward a member of the congregation, and the Albany County district attorney's office confirmed Tuesday that it is investigating the matter.)

    21. Case of Rabbi Jacob Frank (AKA: Yaakov Frank)

    and the Frankist Movement (Convicted of cultic type practices and sexual offenses.)

    22. Case of Rabbi Lewis Furman of Ohr Somayach, Johannesburg, South Africa

    (Prominent South African rabbi who was allegedly caught having an affair with a married woman. He is also accused of being "serial philanderer" — was forced to resign his position in South Africa and will not practise as a rabbi in this country again.)

    23. Rabbi Tobias Gabriel (Toronto, Canada)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused by more then one woman of clergy sexual abuse / professional sexual misconduct).

    24. Case of Rabbi Mordechai Gafni (aka: Marc Gafni, Mordechai Winiarz, Marc Winiarz)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused sexually abusing teenage girls, attempted sexual assault of a young adult, and also accused of cult like practices).

    25. Case of Rabbi Shimon Gerlick (Nahariya, Israel)

    (Arrest for allegedly committing indecent sexual acts with a two minors and and adult woman)

    26. Case of Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg (St. Paul, MN)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Resigned as senior rabbi at Temple of Aaron, shortly after reaching an out-of-court settlement with a former congregation member who accused him of sexual misconduct. A criminal investigation into the case also is being closed, with no charges forthcoming).

    27. Case of Rabbi Ephraim Goldberg (Boca Raton, FL)

    (Pled guilty to one misdemeanor count of exposure of sexual organs in a washroom at a Palm Beach Mall.)

    28. Case of Rabbi/Cantor Sidney Goldenberg (Levittown,NY; Seaford, NY; Bayshore, NY; Petaluma, CA; Coney Island, NY)

    (Convicted of molesting children. The first complaints came in 1971. He was finally convicted in 1997.)

    29. Case of Cantor Joel Gordon (Buffalo Grove, IL)

    (Convicted of having keeping a house of prostitution and involvement in a prostitution ring.)

    30. Case of Rabbi Mark A. Golub - Mental Health Counselor (Newport, Virginia)

    (Had professional counseling license revolked for having sex with a female client, according to a state disciplinary order).

    31. Case of Rabbi Yisrael Menachem Grunwald (AKA: Israel Grunwald) (Borough Park/Brooklyn NY)

    (In a plea bargin agreement Rabbi Israel Grunwald agreed to 500 hours of community service and counseling after being accused of fondling a 15-year-old on a 1995 plane flight from Australia. The charges against him were then dropped.)

    32. Case of Rabbi Solomon Hafner (Borough Park/Brooklyn, NY)

    (Accused of sexually abusing a developmentally disabled boy)

    33. Case of Cantor Mark Horowitz, Temple Beth Am in Amherst (Getzville, NY)

    (Charged with committing lewd acts on an undercover police officer.)

    34. Case of Rabbi (Alan J.) Shneur Horowitz (Hagerstown, MD; Israel; Schenectady, NY; California; Iowa)

    (Convicted and sentenced to 10 - 20 years in prison for sodomizing a nine-year-old psychiatric patient. Allegedly, he has assaulted a string of children from California to Israel to New York in the past twenty years. Alan J. Horowitz is an Orthodox rabbi, magna *BadWord* laude, M.D., Ph.D. A graduate of Duke University, and was a writer for NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association).

    35. Case of Rabbi Steven J. Kaplan (Saskatoon, Canada)

    (Allegations, detailed in court documents, that he lacked proper ordination, sexually harassed female congregants and committed adultery with one of them).

    36. Case of Rabbi David Kaye (Potomac, MD; Rockville, MD; San Antonio, TX)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Featured on "Dateline NBC" for seeking a sexual encounter with an underage boy in a chat room. NBC News conducted a sting in August, (2005) working with a group called "Perverted Justice." Members of the group, posing as underage boys and girls, entered Internet chat rooms and waited for adults to engage them in conversations)

    37. Case of Rabbi Israel Kestenbaum (New York, NY)

    (Convicted of child pornography on the internet)

    38. Case of Rabbi Robert Kirschner (San Francisco, CA)

    (Confessed to sexually exploited or harassing three congregants and a synagogue employee)

    39. Case of Rabbi Yisucher Kohn (AKA: Barry Kohn) (New Square, NY)

    (Convicted of Sexual Abuse 1st: Sexual Contact With Individual Less Than 11Years Old.)

    40. Case of Rabbi Yehuda Kolko (AKA: Joel Kolko, Yudi Kolko) - Yeshiva Torah Temimah (New York, NY)

    (Arrested in New York City on December 7, 2006 following a long-term police investigation. He was charged with four counts of sexual abuse, including two felony counts, and endangering the welfare of a child.

    The most recent sexual abuse was allegedly against an 8-year-old boy, who says he was abused while he was in the first grade during the 2002-03 school year.

    Rabbi Yudi Kolko and Yeshiva Torah Temimah were hit with a $20 million civil lawsuit on May 5, 2006, accusing him of molesting two students more than 25 years ago. One of the alleged victims said Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, 60, sexually assaulted him when he was a seventh-grade student).

    41. Case of Rabbi Ze'ev Kopolevitch (Jerusalem, Israel)

    (Convicted of molesting students at Rosh Yeshiva, Netiv Meir yeshiva high school)

    42. Case of Rabbi Avraham M. Leizerowitz (AKA: Avraham Mordecai Lazerewitz) -

    Geres Misivta Bais Yisroel School, Borough Park Brooklyn) - (A civil suit was filed against Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Leiverowitz of the Gerrer Mesivta High School in Borough Park Brooklyn.

    The charges include improperly touching a boy during a one-on-one help session in the rabbi's office in the Borough Park secondary school. Three other older boys have also come forward making similar allegations.)

    43. Case of Rabbi Baruch Lanner (New York, NY)

    (Convicted - child molestation. Sentancing still pending after 2 years)

    44. Case of Cantor Steven Joel Levin (AKA: Steven Levin, Steve Levin, Steven J. Levin)

    (Allegations were made against Cantor Steven Joel Levin of child molestation. There was also a seperate allegation of professional sexual misconduct by another party.)

    45. Case of Rabbi Jerrold Martin Levy (Boca Raton, FL)

    (Convicted of two counts of soliciting sex through the Internet and two counts of child pornography. He was sentenced to six years and sex in prison. He was caught in the "Candyman" year-long sting operation by the US government.)

    46. Case of Rabbi Pinchas Lew (Pottville, IA and Chapel Hill, NC)

    (Accused of exposing himself and touching his genitals repeatedly in front of an unrelated woman in his home)

    47. Case of Rabbi David E. Lipman - Kiruv Rabbi (Prescott, AZ; Cranston, R.I.)

    (Pleaded guilty to one count of sexual exploitation of a minor, a Class 2 felony, and three counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, Class 3 felonies. Lipman pleaded guilty to pertain to the computer images of children younger than the age of 15. ).

    48. Case of Rabbi/Psychologist Mordecai Magencey (St. Louis, MO)

    (Lost his license to practice in the State of Missouri because of his sexual misconduct with his patients.)

    49. Case of Rabbi Richard Marcovitz (Oklahoma City, OK)

    (Convicted of indecent or lewd acts with a child, and sexual battery)

    50. Case of Rabbi Michael David Mayersohn (Westminster, CA) (

    Accused of "groping" a female congregant who was undergoing pastoral counseling with the rabbi, due to marital problems. The rabbi is also accused of tring to "convince the congregant to have sex with him" in a second meeting. The female congregant refused).

    51. Case of Rabbi Samuel Mendelowitz - Licensed Marriage Counselor (Teaneck, NJ)

    (Accused of gross malpractice with four female patients between 1981 and 1992. He allegedly pressured women to remove their blouses and touched them sexually, engaged in m asturbation and oral sex with one patient, and disparaged their husbands and urged them to have extramarital sex with what he called "surrogate lovers" male patients in his group sessions.)

    52. Case of Rabbi Yaakov Menken (Baltimore, MD)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case.)

    "Serious allegations have been made against Rabbi Yaakov Menken which include sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault. Menken's alleged modus operandi (M.O.) is of becoming a father figure to vulnerable young women and eventually allegedly sexually assaulting them.)

    53. Case of Rabbi Yona Metzger (Jerusalem, Israel)

    (Accused of sexual misconduct with four men)

    54. Case of Rabbi Juda Mintz - AKA: Yehuda Mintz (Montreal, Canada; Williamsburg, NY; Atlanta, GA; Mt. Freedom, NJ; Los Angeles, CA; Venice, CA)

    (Convicted - internet sting on child pornography)

    55. Case of Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, M.Sc., Ph.D., L.N.H.A. (Chicago, IL; Brooklyn, NY; Jerusalem, Israel)

    (Accused of two counts of sex abuse with boys at a special education school in New York. He is currently a college professor in Jerusalem, Israel).

    56. Case of Rabbi Shalom Nagar - AKA Shlomo Nagar (Ariel, Israel)

    (Arrested for allegedly raping a woman who had turned to him for advice. Nagar, married with children, has served for many years as the chief rabbi of this mainly secular town, the largest Jewish settlement in Samaria)

    57. Case of Cantor Howard Nevison (New York, NY)

    (Nevison pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of indecent assault, terroristic threats, simple assault, corruption of minors and endangering the welfare of children.

    Two felony counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse will be dismissed when Nevison is sentenced. A sentencing hearing has not been scheduled.)

    58. Case of Rabbi Gabriel Ohayon (Boca Raton, FL)

    (Alleged rabbinical sexual misconduct. A former employee sued a Boca Raton Judaic studies institute, alleging that Rabbi Gabriel Ohayon groped and sexually harassed her).

    59. Case of Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Oratz (AKA: Yehoda A. Oratz) (LAKEWOOD, NJ; Marietta, GA; Brooklyn, NY)

    (Convicted of stalking children under the age of thirteen, and then sexually assaulting them. The Victims did NOT know the offender.

    Please note that there is more then one Rabbi Yehuda Oratz. This convicted offender was born on April 11, 1967).

    60. Case of Rabbi Michael Ozair (Beverly Hills, CA)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Convicted, pleaded no contest to oral copulation with a 14-year-old minor. )

    61. Case of Cantor Alain Oziel (New York, NY; Toronto, Canada)

    (Convicted on one count of indecent assault, gross indecency and attempted buggery during the period January 1, 1981, to December 31, 1982, of a teenage boy. He was sentenced to five years' in prison. Oziel's sentence was reduced due to his deteriorating health).

    62. Case of Rabbi Haim Pardes - Former President of the Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court (Israel)

    (Convicted of sexually blackmailing" and performing "licentious acts" with women who sought his counsel in a synagogue. Pardes was sentanced to six months in prison and given an 18-month suspended prison sentence and fined 25,000 shekels ($12,500).

    63. Case of Lou Pearlman - Mentor to the Stars (Queens, NY, Hollywood, CA)

    (Alleged child molester)

    64. Case of Shimon Rosen (Monsey, NY)

    (Convicted sex offender)

    65. Case of Cantor Stanley Rosenfeld (Warwick, RI)

    (Convicted of molesting a 12-year-old boy he was tutoring.)

    66. Case of Rabbi Edward Schlaeger (Shelton, CT; West Haven, CT)

    ( Arrested on a warrant Saturday and charged with one count of third-degree possession of child pornography.)

    67. Case of Rabbi Arthur Charles Shalman (AKA Charles Friedman, Charlie Frideman, Arthur Friedman, Arthur Shalman) (Buffalo, NY)

    (The Rabbinical Assembly concluded that Rabbi Shalman violated several principles of rabbinic conduct. Accused of sexual misconduct toward female congregational members. )

    68. Case of Rabbi Ephraim Shapiro (Baltimore, MD)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of molesting several boys.)

    69. Case of Cantor Robert Shapiro (Detroit, MI)

    (Pleaded guilty to 14 counts of indecent assault and battery on a mentally retarded person. In return, Norfolk County prosecutors dropped seven counts of rape.)

    70. Case of Yisroel Shapiro (Baltimore, MD)

    (Accused of molesting children)

    71. Case of Cantor Michael Segelstein (Las Vegas, NV)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Originally arraigned on one count each of attempted sexual assault, battery with intent to commit sexual assault and open and gross lewdness.

    On December 19, 2002, Michael Segelstein pled guilty to the lessor charges of open or gross lewdness, in which he received one year suspended sentence with conditions and court ordered into counseling.

    According to court documents, Segelstein's probation was successfully completed. He has since been discharged. A civil suit is currently pending.)

    72. Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel (New York, NY; Jerusalem, Israel) ("Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel is one of the most notorious pedophiles known leaving hundreds of boys he has victimized. At one point Rabbi Shach made a rabbinic decree stating that Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel could NEVER teach again."

    "Ben Zion has left survivors in both the United States and Israel." "His modus operandi was extremely violent and barbaric."

    73. Case of Rabbi David Alan Stein (AKA: David Stein, David A. Stein) - Dean of Jewish Life,

    American Hebrew Academy's former director of campus (Greensbors, NC) charged with eight counts of having sex with a student. The sex acts occurred on campus during the 2006-07 school year. The student was a 16 year old male.

    74. Case of Robert Sternberg (AKA: Yerachiel Sherberg, Robert Stein) (Monsey, NY)

    (Convicted sex offender)
    75. Case of Rabbi Ze'ev Sultanovitch (Jerusalem, Israel)

    Accused of sexually molesting a number of adult yeshiva students at the Merkaz Harav Yeshiva.

    76. Case of Rabbi Melvin Teitelbaum (Los Angeles, CA)

    Charges dismissed at the request of the District attorney's Office. Teitelbaum then filed a $10 million damage suit in Los Angeles Superior Court. In his suit [he claimed] that the Jewish Federation Council of Greater Los Angeles, the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles and the family that accused him conspired to have him arrested and charged.

    77. Case of Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler (Los Angeles, CA; North Hollywood, CA)

    Accused of sexually molesting teenage girls. Please Note: There is more than one Rabbi Aron Tendler. This page is about Rabbi Aron Boruch Tendler, who was born on January 15, 1955.

    78. Case of Rabbi Mordecai Tendler (AKA: Mordechai Tendler) (Monsey, NY)

    Accused of innapropriate sexual behavior with women he counseled that had gone on for years. According to Rabbi Benzion Y. Wosner, head of the Shevet Levi Rabbinical count in Monsey, one should never allow their wives or daughters to go to Rabbi Mordecai Tendler at all including [for] counseling.

    79. Case of Rabbi Isadore Trachtman (Chicago, IL and Jerusalem, Israel)

    Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses.

    80. Case of Rabbi Hirsch Travis (Monsey, NY)

    Charged with the sexual abuse of an unidentified 27 year old female patient. He was also charged with posing as a Brooklyn doctor specializing in infertility problems, and illegally operating the Fertility Foundation in the Borough Park Section of Brooklyn

    81. Case of Rabbi Eliyahu Tzabari - Former chief rabbi of Ganei Tikva, Israel

    Charged with sexually abusing women with whom he counseled

    82. Case of Rabbi Ivan Eachmann - Manchester, England

    Accused of sexual misconduct with women from his Manchester synangogue

    83. Case of the Rabbi Tzvi Wainhaus (AKA: The Rabbi at Hillel Torah (Chicago, IL)

    Accused of child molestation at a private day school.

    84. Case of Rabbi Matis Weinberg (Baltimore, MD, Santa Clara, CA and Har Nof, Israel)

    There is a Call for Action on this case. Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses.

    85. Case of Rabbi Yakkov Weiner (New York, NY and Israel)

    Accused of molesting a boy at Camp Mogen Avraham, New York

    86. Case of Rabbi Nachman Weisfeld (Northern, Israel)

    (Convicted of physically and sexually abusing children under his care in an education institution)

    87. Case of Rabbi Don Well - Principal (Brooklyn, NY)

    Accused and charged with Rabbi one count of third-degree sexual abuse).

    88. Case of Cantor Phillip Wittlin (Harrisburg, PA)

    (Convicted of molesting two girls)

    89. Case of Rabbi Hershel J. Worch (Manchester, England, Mbale, Uganda; Melbourne, Australia; Pawtucket, RI; Chicago, IL; Istanbul, Turkey)

    (There is a Call for Action on this case. Formerly known as the Case of the Unnamed Rabbi in West Rogers Park).

    Accused of cult like practice which include BDSM (Bondage, Domination, Sadism, Masochism). The alleged offender originially meets his victims on line. Allegations include using a mixture of kabbalah, hypno-eroticism and other manipulative techniques to enagage his potential victims prior to sexually assaulting them.

    90. Case of Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov (Los Angeles, CA)

    (WARNING: Rabbi Mordechai Yomtov, is in violation of sex offender registration requirements in California for past 2 years. If you know his whereabout please notify the California authorities at: (916) 227-4974. Convicted of sexual abuse and committing lewd acts against three boys)

    91. Case of Sabbatai Zev

    (Accused of cultic type practices and sexual offenses.)

    92. Case of Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman (New York, NY)

    (Suspended from the Reform movement's rabbinic organization because of sexual impropriety was later hired to a top position by a program that sends thousands of young Jews on free trips to Israel.

    Sheldon Zimmerman was based in Cincinnati, OH, yet, also had responsibility for the Hebrew Union College's campuses in New York, NY; Los Angeles, CA and Jerusalem, Israel .)

    93. Case of the Rabbi Max Zucker (Dallas, TX)

    (Accused by three women of improperly touching)

    94. Case of a List of Abuses at Ner Israel (Toronto, Canada)

    (High school student, said he was assaulted by two college students)

    95. Case of The Zwi Migdal Society (Brazil, South Africa, India, China and Poland)

    (According to reports there were rabbis who were members of the society.

    From the 1860s to the beginning of the Second World War, thousands of naive, impoverished Jewish girls from eastern Europe were sold by Jewish mobsters into sexual slavery.

    This hugely profitable (annual revenues of $50 million in the 1890s) commerce in flesh was operated by the Zwi Migdal, a criminal association)

    96. Case of The Unnamed Kidnapping Chazen /Cantor (Toronto, Canada)

    (Accused of kidnapping young boys from Europe and bringing them to Toronto, Canada)

    97. Case of the Unnamed New York Rabbi

    Who Has An Unhealthy Interest In Teenage Boys

    98. Case of the Unnamed Rabbi - Principal

    Who Inpregnated A Girl With Learning Disabilities (There is a Call for Action on this case. The Awareness Center is looking for all the information we can find regarding the Rabbi-Prinicipal who inpregnated a girl with learning
    disabilities at school he was principal at.)

    99. Case of The Unnamed Orthodox Rabbi (Quebec, Canada)

    (An undercover reporter posed as an employee of an escort service. One of her two clients included a Hasidic rabbi, who *BadWord* in a motel room while looking at pornography on television and at the reporter in her underwear.)

    100. Case of 40-year-old man residing in an ultra-orthodox yeshiva

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    Re: Talmudic pedophile Jews

    Here's another Jew under investigation for participating in or at least covering up child sexual abuse:

    Pope Benedict.

    Nobody can tell me that this thing isn't an Ashkenazi/Khazar Jew.

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    Re: Have you read Jewish Talmud lately?

    Anyone that claims kikes are “God’s chosen” are either uneducated or never read the jewish Talmud;

    by Pastor Sheldon Emry


    I understand you believe that the people we know today as "Jews" are God's "Chosen People," the Israel people of the Bible. You, and others, call them "The Chosen Race," "God's Chosen People," "Israel," "The Children of Israel," and other very complimentary names in relation to God. I also understand you believe the Jewish occupation of Palestine to be the prophetic "return of Israel" to "their" land.

    Since it is Israelites "to whom pertainith the adoption, and the glory, and the covenants, and the giving of the law, and the service of God, and the promises" (ROMANS 9:4) it behooves us as Christian Americans to know as much about God's Chosen Israel and His Book as we can.

    The information on these pages has been compiled in Christian love and a desire to stimulate your study of "the People of the Book".


    1. Regarding the migration of the Jews to Palestine: by 1976, 28 years after the United Nations' approval of the Jewish occupation of that land, there were only 2.9 million Jews there compared to over 8 million in the United States.

    2. Jews can leave "communist" nations almost at will, yet few choose to do so, and more remain in Russia than are in the Jewish state in Palestine. By 1975 Jews were leaving Palestine faster than they were moving there. The following is a direct quote from Parade Magazine November 23, 1975: "Three years ago more than 50,000 immigrants settled in Israel. Last year only 22,000 settled there. This year the estimate is only 15,000...Last year 21,000 Israelis left their country. This year a similar number will depart." Other sources indicate many come to the U.S. and some return to Russia.

    3. Of all the followers of Judaism in the world, less than 17% are now in Palestine.

    4. God prophesied to dispersed Israel: "I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land." (EZEKIEL 36:24) Are these Jews being gathered from heathen lands? - or from Christian?

    5. God goes on: "Then will I sprinkle clean water upon you, and ye shall be clean...A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: And I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, And I will give you a heart of flesh." Should this mean the Israelites were to become Christians in their new land?

    6. The balance of EZEKIEL 36 promises great material blessings which would bring awe from among the heathen. The Jewish Committee for Israeli, to the contrary, admits that if it were not for American money and from the Israeli Bonds sold in America, ISRAELI WOULD BE BROKE AND WOULD COLLAPSE! (Read EZEKIEL 36)

    7. Most Christian ministers preach from EZEKIEL 38 and 39 to prophesy an invasion of Jewish Palestine by Russia (Gog and Magog). But 38:11 describes the land of Israel to be invaded as "the land of unwalled villages...them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates." Israeli villages are walled and its borders wire, mine fields, machine gun nests, and tanks to keep out the "heathen" who are in awe, not of the Jew's blessings, but of their armaments AND AMERICA'S PROMISE TO PROTECT THEM!



    8. Some of you preach the Jews who came back from Babylon (4th century B.C.) are "all of Israel," but Dr. Scofield states on page 529 of THE SCOFIELD REFERENCE BIBLE, "Probably individuals from all of the tribes returned to Jerusalem under Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah; but, speaking broadly, the dispersion of the ten tribes, Ephraim-Israel, still continues: NOR CAN THEY NOW BE POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED." In other words, of the Israelites dispersed in the ASSYRIAN CAPTIVITY (2 KINGS 17:6-23), most never returned to Palestine AND THEIR DECENDANTS ARE NOT NOW KNOW AS "JEWS!"

    9. Cruden, compiler of CRUDEN'S CONCORDANCE, has stated: "And it is generally believed that there was no return from this captivity (referring to the Assyrian Captivity of the Ephraim-Israel, or northern, kingdom), and that the 10 Tribes never came back after their dispersion." So we see that both Scofield and Cruden agree there must now be descendants of Israelites NOT KNOWN AS "JEWS".

    10. Flavius Josephus, in his ANTIQUITIES OF THE JEWS, says in Book XI, Chapter V, "Wherefore there are but two tribes in Asia and Europe subject to the Romans, while the ten tribes are beyond the Euphrates till now, and are an immense multitude, and not to be estimated by numbers." He wrote about the time of Christ.

    11. The 1905 JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, Vol. 21, page 249 reads: "If the Ten Tribes have disappeared, they must exist UNDER A DIFFERENT NAME." Again, they must be a people NOT called "Jews."

    12. From the JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW of July 1903, page 106: "The career of the Jews can be traced without difficulty...until the present day. OF THAT OF THE ISRAELITES (emphasis added), however, nothing authentic is known after their departure from their fatherland to Halah and Hebor...and the cities of the Medes. (2 Kings 17:6) With the beginning of their captivity they seemed to have passed from all human knowledge." Yet you ministers stand in front of your congregations and tell them, "The Jews are all of Israel."

    13. Many other Jewish sources verify that those we call "Jews" are NOT all of Israel. Isaac Leiser, in THE JEWISH RELIGION, Vol. 1, page 256, writes, "By this return of the captives (from Babylon) the Israelitish nation was not restored, SINCE THE TEN TRIBES...WERE YET IN BANISHMENT."

    14. THE JEWISH CHRONICLE, May 2, 1879: "There has always been, however, an unwillingness to admit that a fate which has befallen so many nations has overtaken the Ten Tribes. Why should they have been less tenacious of life than their brethren of Judah? Nay, the Scriptures speak of a future restoration of Israel, which is clearly to include both Judah and Ephraim. THE TEN TRIBES ARE CERTAINLY IN EXISTENCE, ALL THAT HAS TO BE DONE IS TO DISCOVER WHICH PEOPLE REPRESENT THEM." (emphasis added .)

    15. The JEWISH QUARTERLY REVIEW of October 1888 carried an article by Dr. Ad. Neubauer titled "Where are the Ten Tribes?" It is too long to be quoted in its entirety, but he does arrive at the conclusion the Ten Tribes are still "missing." Do you still insist the present-day "Jew" represents "all of Israel?"



    16. Most of you ministers call Abraham a "Jew", but no people in the Holy Scripture were called "Jews" until 2 Kings 16:6, over 1,000 years after Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

    17. You preachers often speak of the Exodus as being the deliverance of the "Jews" from Egypt; but the Holy Bible calls them "Israelites," the "House of Jacob," "Hebrews," "Israel," and God calls them "the children of Israel" 122 times in the Boo k of Exodus. Neither Moses nor God EVER called them "Jews," yet you do. Why?

    18. You often quote the promises in GENESIS to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as referring to the Jews. In Genesis 17:5, God promised Abraham he would be "a father of many nations." The Jews are not "many" nations.

    19. In GENESIS 22:12 God said to Abraham, "In Isaac shall they seed be called." Are the Jews called "sons of Isaac," or "Isaacsons," or "Saacsons," or "Saxons?"



    20. Abraham's seed were to be as "The sands of the sea" as promised in GENESIS 22:17, In GENESIS 24:60 Rebekah, Isaac's wife, was promised to be "mother of thousands of millions." At the time of the Exodus, Moses prophesied to Israel that God was t o make of them "a thousand times so many as ye are." (DEUT 1:11) There were over 3,000,000 Israelites then, and over 15,000,000 at the time of David, yet you insist that 15,000,000 Jews today, 3000 years after David, are "all of Israel!" How do you give honor to God when your teachings make Him a liar?

    21. The "New Covenant," as recorded in JEREMIAH 31, was made with "the house of Israel." Hebrews 8 verifies it with "the house of Israel and with the house of Judah." Yet your teaching is to the effect that this Covenant, which was to make Israel a Christian people, just didn't work with "God's People the Jews," but that a "Gentile" Race, the White Race, somehow just happened to accept the "New Covenant." Just who is this "Race" which seems to have "usurped" Israel's place?

    22. Israel was divided after the death of Solomon. Millions of Israelites of the Northern Kingdom called "the house of Israel" went into the Assyrian captivity after 740 B. C. and were lost to Bible History. But secular histories recorded millions of the White Race appeared suddenly in that same area about 700 B. C.! They became the Christian people of Europe and then America. Hosea had prophesied to the house of Israel before they went into captivity, "Yet the number of the children of Israel shall be as the sand of the sea...and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said unto them, Ye are not My people, there is shall be said unto them, Ye are the sons of the living God." In Europe, America, South Africa, and Austral ia, where we are told we are NOT God's People (Israel), we are told by the millions that we "are the sons of the living God!"

    23 You insist that Jesus came to the Jews, but in John 10:25 Jesus said to the Jews, "But ye believed me not BECAUSE YE ARE NOT OF MY SHEEP (emphasis added) as I said unto you. My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow Me." Which people are the "sheep" who knew Him and have followed Him the last 1,900 years?

    24. At the time of Judah Kingdom was destroyed in 586 B. C. by the King of Babylon, the prophet Jeremiah prophesied to the house of Israel, "You are my battle ax and weapons of war. With you I will break in pieces the nations, and with you I will destroy kingdoms." Since that time have the Jews broken up heathen nations and destroyed pagan rule?

    25. Airplanes were prophesied for Israel. "Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves to their windows?" (ISAIAH 60:8) What people make and fly 99% of the world's airplanes?

    26. "The abundance of the sea shall be converted unto thee." (ISAIAH 60:5) What people build and operate the great merchant and fishing fleets of the earth?

    27. "In DEUTERONOMY 15:6 God promised Israel that "Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow: and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee." What people lend and give money to the heathen nations? What people have always been rulers of the heathen, but have never had any other Race rule over them?

    28. A detailed blessing was given to Joseph through Moses in DEUTERONOMY 33:13-16. "And of Joseph he said, Blessed of the LORD be his land. (his own land separate from the rest of Israel?) for the precious things of heaven (spiritual) for the dew, and for the deep that coucheth beneath (rain and wealth of the seas), And for the precious fruits brought froth by the sun, and for the precious things put forth by the moon (abundant harvest of agricultural products) And for the chief things of the ancient mountains, and for the precious things of the lasting hills, And for the precious things of the earth and fullness thereof (mineral wealth, oil and coal, gas, etc.) and for the good will of Him that dwelt in the bush (the favor of God, who a ppeared to Moses in the bush) let the blessings come upon the head of Joseph." This prophesy promised Joseph's descendants great material wealth, blessings and protection. One Race of people on this earth have always had abundant harvests. All oth ers have always been short of food. One Race mines the ores, drills the oil wells, digs the coal and converts the "precious things of the earth" into the goods and services of "Modern civilization." Other Races live as they did millenniums ago!

    29. Israel was the only people ever promised by God that He would answer their prayers and watch over them. What people have prayed to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob down through the last score of centuries, have had their prayers answered, an d have been prospered by Him while the other Races sit in heathen darkness? If the White, Nordic Race is REALLY just like the colored Races, why did the God of Abraham, choose ONLY the white Race in which to establish HIS WORSHIP? Why are only WHIT E nations known as CHRISTIAN nations?

    30. In PSALM 147 God said, "He sheweth His Word unto Jacob, His statutes and His judgements unto Israel, HE HATH NOT DEALT SO WITH ANY NATION AS FOR HIS JUDGEMENTS THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN THEM." The White Race prints and worships from millions of copies of "His statutes and His judgements:" and only Israel was to have them. Does this make God a liar; or is the White Nordic Race Israel?

    31. In MATTHEW 15:24 Jesus said, "I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Was His entire mission a farce? Your teaching seems to make it so.

    32. In ISAIAH 62:2 God said to Israel, "Thou shalt be called by a new name which the mouth of the Lord shall name." HOSEA 2:17 reads, "They shall no more be remembered by their name." In ISAIAH 65 God said to the enemies of His servant Israel, "An d ye shall leave your name for a curse unto My chosen: for the Lord GOD shall slay thee, AND CALL HIS SERVANTS BY ANOTHER NAME." (emphasis added) These "enemies" are yet called by their ancient name of "Jew," but Israel lost her name and identity, became the "Caucasian" Race (from the mountains of our captivity), and now the "Christian" nations, named after the Name of our God and our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, FULFILLING HIS PROPHECIES TO ISRAEL!"

    33. Through JEREMIAH the Lord God told Israel, "I will take you one of a city, and two of a family and bring you to Zion: And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding." (3:14-15) God brought over 40 million Caucasians to America (Zion) in one 50 year period, the greatest mass migration in all of human history, AND THEY HAD BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN MINISTERS! Yet you preach the migration of a handful of atheistic and agnostic "Jews" t o old Palestine, with their Rabbis who curse the Name of Jesus Christ, is "the fulfillment of the prophecies of the regathering of God's People Israel to their land!" What nonsense you preach from God's pulpits.



    34. In the GENESIS 25 story of Esau selling the birthright to Jacob, we read that he sold it for "red pottage...therefore was his name called Edom." Edom means "Red."

    35. GENESIS 28:9 tells us that ESAU went "unto Ishmael and took unto the wives he had Mahalath the daughter of Ishmael," GENESIS 36:2 says he also "took his wives of the daughters of Canaan; Adah the daughter of Elon the Hittite, and Aholibaman the daughter of Anah the Daughter of Zibeon the Hivite." So these descendants of Esau would be called ISHMAELITES, CANAANITES, HITTITES, AND HIVITES! The very people God later ordered Israel NOT to marry!

    36. God makes sure we know of the separation of Esau and Jacob (Israel), for GENESIS 36:6 tells us, "Esau took his wives, and his sons, and his daughters...and went into the country from the face of his brother Jacob." Therefore Esau's offspring would NOT take husbands and wives from the Hebrews, BUT FROM THE ISHMAELITES AND CANAANITES AMONG WHOME THEY DWELT! In a few generations they would be almost full-blooded Ishmaelites and CANAANITES.

    37. The rest of GENESIS 36 tells us four times that Esau "is Edom" and the "father of Edomites." Adding this up we would expect Esau's progeny to be known as Ishmaelites, Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, or collectively as "EDOMITES." Remember as you read on that Edom means "Red."

    38. Several hundred years later when God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, NUMBERS 20 tells us THE FIRST PEOPLE TO FIGHT THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WERE THE "EDOMITES!" All the books of history in the Bible tell of enmity and war between Israel and "Edom." AS I've shown, the Exodus Israelites were NOT called "Jews". Only Israelites of the Judah Kingdom (500 years after the Exodus) were called Jews, from the name "Judahite," (2 Kings 16:6)

    39. In the book of Esther, when the king sent out the decree to protect the "Jews" (who were the Judahites of the Babylonian captivity), "many of the people of the land BECAME JEWS: for the fear of the Jews fell upon them." (ESTHER 8:17) This king ruled "from India unto Ethiopia" compassing the territory occupied by the Hittites, Hivites, Jebusites and Canaanites, so it is probable that tens of thousands of these people collectively known as "EDOM" professed the name "Jew" to escape the king's wrath. They were NOT descendants of Jacob-Israel, though they had now become "Jews." This was 500 years BEFORE Christ.

    40. EZRA 9:1 after the Jewish remnant returned to Palestine, we find they took wives among the Hittites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Ammonites, Moabites, Egyptians, and the Amorites; thereby adding more of "Edom" to the "Jews" who lived in Jerusalem at the coming of Jesus Christ.

    41. Coming down through history to near the time of Christ we find that Flavius Josephus states that the "Idumeans" (Edomites) became part of "Jewry," as we have seen from the book of ESTHER. This would explain why some "Jews" believed the Christ, and other "Jews" hated Him. Those who believed were simply the ones of Israelite ancestry; while those who hated Him were of Esau-Edom! Now go back and read #23 and 32 before you go on!

    42. The BIBLICA ENCYCLOPEDIA, Vol. 2, Col. 1187, says that the Edomites are part of Jewry. The scientist and historian Dr. David Davidson wrote: "Indeed the Edomites later became completely absorbed in Jewry and under their aggressive intrusion the Jews became racially the medium of expression for the Edomite ideal for which Herod the Great had first given political formation. The Edomite intrusion into Judaism AT EVERY HISTORICAL POINT OF CONTACT is fully discussed in the volumes of the Camb ridge Ancient History. The History of the latest phase of the intrusion (absorption or inter-marriage) is in the summary of the Encyclopedia Biblica, Volume 2, Col 1187 (he then quotes that). Even the fact that the Edomites have at length BECOME JE WS was soon completely forgotten by the exponents of Jewish tradition." (It is this "tradition" which Christian ministers have been tricked into preaching instead of the truth.)

    43. The JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, edition of 1925, Vol. 5, page 41, states "Edom is in modern Jewry."



    44. H. G. Wells, in his great OUTLINE OF HISTORY verifies what we have just read, that millenniums ago the Edomites became "Jews." But then he goes on and gives us another trial to follow in correctly identifying the people today "who call themselves Jews." He says that these "Idumeans" joined with a "Turkish" people of Southern Russia (the Khazars), who also "became Jews," and BOTH make up the present day "Jews." Mr. Wells concludes, "The main part of Jewry NEVER WAS IN JUDEA AND HAD NEVER COME OUT OF JUDEA!" (emphasis added) How about reading some history Reverend Minister?

    45. Funk & Wagnall’s JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA has a map showing the religions of Europe in the 10th century. And area north of the Black sea is marked "JEWS (Chazars)" and the two words are used INTERCHANGEABLY in many old Jewish books. Speaking of these "Jews." Col. John Beaty, former U.S. Intelligence Officer, writes in his book IRON CURTAIN OVER AMERICA, "As time passed, it came about that these Khazar people of mixed non-Russian stock, who hated the Russians and lived under Babylonian Talmudic law, became known in the western world, from their place of residence and their legal-religious code, as Russian Jews." Tens of thousands of these non-Israelite "Jews" migrated to America prior to 1880. Millions have come since.

    46. Prof. Roland B. Dixon, of Harvard, wrote in 1923, "The most important single factor, however, in the differentiation of these Jews of the Asiatic borderland...WAS THE CONVERSION TO JUDAISM IN THE EIGHTH CENTURY OF THE KHAZARS. In these (Khazars )...We may in all probability see the origin of the great mass of the east European Jews of today."

    47. Nathan M. Pollock, A Khazar-Jew, spent 40 years researching the origin of his fellow "Jews". He says that six out of ten in Palestine, AND NINE OUT OF TEN IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE (AMERICA) ARE NOT REAL JEWS, BUT DESCENDANTS OF THE FIERCE KHAZ AR TRIBES WHICH ROAMED THE STEPPES OF SOUTHERN RUSSIA MANY CENTURIES AGO." He states that the names Halperin, Halpern, Alpert, Galpern, etc. are 100% Khazar. Also Kaplan, Caplon, Koppel, Kogan, Kaganovich (Russianized) and similar derivative names. (THE JEWS THAT AREN'T, San Diego Union. Aug 28, 1966) His findings, and many others too numerous to list in this tract, corroborate the Khazar ancestry of most modern "Jews."

    48. The Khazar-Jews of Europe and America have always had an affinity to their Mongol brethren of Asia. The Jewish movie "czars" of filthy, corrupting Hollywood are often called "moguls," a term dating back to the Khan "Moguls," or "rulers," of Genghis Khan. It is simply a Mongol identification, NOT an Israelite one.



    49. Professor H. Graetz, in his long HISTORY OF THE JEWS, Vol. II, Pub. 1893, page 631, says of the Jewish Talmud, among many other things, "The Babylonian Talmud is especially distinguished from the Jerusalem or Palestine Talmud...(then follows the comparisons) was for this reason that the BABYLONIAN rather than the Jerusalem Talmud became the fundamental possession of the Jewish Race, its life breath, its very soul..."

    50. In Harmsworth's HISTORY OF THE WORLD is a section on "The Hebrew Peoples" written by Dr. H. Winckler, L.M. King, Dr. R. G. Brandis, and H. R. Hall. On pages 1781-4, Vol. 3 they show that, "Judaism was not evolved in Judah; it was in Babylon th at Judaism first became that which it was and still is." In other words, JUDAISM, rather than being the religion of ancient Israel, as you tell your flock, IS THE RELIGION OF ISRAEL'S ANCIENT, PAGAN ENEMY, BABYLON!

    51. In the same book above the same authors say the distinction between Israel and Judah "can best be expressed in the phrase, which may sound paradoxical, but yet aptly characterizes the true relationship of the two people: THE ISRAELITES WERE NOT JEWS!" (emphasis added)

    52. Quoting H. G. Wells' OUTLINE OF HISTORY again, "Judaism is indeed the reconstructed political ideal of many shattered is to the Phoenician contingent and to Aramean accessions IN BABYLON that the financial and commercial tradition i s to be ascribed." So even their "economic" ideas come from Babylon! It is much more than coincidental that "BABYLON THE GREAT, MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH" (REV. 17 & 18) is an "economic" system of oppression!



    53. Speaking of an "economic system of oppression," that fits communism (socialism), and Rev. Denis Fahey, in his THE MYSTICAL BODY OF CHRIST IN MODERN WORLD writes, "According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important function aries of the Bolshevik State (1918-1919)...457 (were) Jews." (Reverend, as you know by reading the precious points, the name "Jew" no longer means "Israelite", so you know the ones we speak of from here on are of Esau- Edom, Khazar, and Mongol ancestry, now called "Jews")

    54. Six men led the Bolshevik revolt in Russia: Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Sverdlev, and Lunacharsky. Five were Jews, Trotsky's real name was Lev Bronstein, Lenins was Hiam Goldmann. Their plan was written by Karl Marx, son of a Jew Rabbi.

    55. Michal Hrushevsky in his A HISTORY OF THE UKRAINE, Yale University Press, 1941, says, "In 1897 was founded the Bund, the union of JEWISH WORKERS in Poland and Lithuania...They engaged in revolutionary activity upon a large scale, and their energy made them THE SPEARHEAD OF THE (communist) PARTY."

    56. You know the story of Lenin and the sealed train crossing Europe with his followers to take control of the Russian revolution. But did you know that "Out of a list of 165 names published, 23 are Russian, 3 Georgian, 4 Armenian, 1 German, and 12 8 JEWISH?" (The SURRENDER OF AN EMPIRE, N.H. Webster, 1931, p. 77)

    57. The same source above states, "At about the same time, Trotsky (Jew) arrived from the United States, followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York," (page 73)

    58. Edward Ross in his RUSSIAN BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION writes, "This is why refugees, obscure to us although not to the Russians, who in exile had been obliged to work in our steel mills and tailor shops for a living, former residents of New York's East side, '...will rise to be the heads of the soviets and, later, cabinet ministers of a government ruling a tenth of the human race." Ross was in FAVOR of them and he ends this portion with, "In all modern history there is no romance like it!"

    59. Frank Britton put it a little more bluntly, "Soon these hords of returning Jews would exercise the power of life and death over 150 million Christian Russians. Soon every factory, every government bureau, every school district, and every army would function under the gimlet eye of a Jewish Commisar. Soon the blood of human beings would be oozing from under the doors of the communist execution chambers as tens of thousands of Christian men and women were butchered like cattle in a slaughter house. Soon five million landowners would be deliberately starved to death as part of a premeditated plan. Soon a move would be under way to exterminate the gentile leader class of the entire nation by murdering every Christian factory owner, and lawyer, and government leader, and army officer, and every other person who had been, or might be, a potential leader. soon the standing population of the slave-labor camps would exceed 16 million. Soon every church and cathedral would be gutted, and every priest and preacher would become a criminal in his own community. Soon Russia would have a zombie- proletariat, docile, willing to work, easily controlled, incapable of revolt...When the Bolsheviks came to power, they systematically undertook to destroy every vestige of opposition by exterminating the upper classes of Russian society. The fury of the RED Terror can be explained ONLY AS A MANIFESTATION OF JEWISH HATRED AGAINST CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION. (emphasis added)...Such was the 'romance' of the Bolshevik revolution." Frank Britton gives many pages of documented terror, and then sums it up, "the total effect was much the same as it would be in any country. With its small middle and upper class exterminated, Russia's peasant an d worker population accepted Jewish Bolshevism without protest. The Russian masses, deprived of its spokesmen and leaders WAS SIMPLY INCAPABLE OF COUNTER-REVOLUTION. That was what the RED Terror set out to accomplish." (above from BEHIND COMMUNISM, 96 pages, profusely illustrated and documented.) Without going into more gory details of the Jewish murder of millions of their Christian captives, of which you can plead ignorance, it hardly seems possible you can be ignorant of more recent news a bout "communism, such as:

    60. After World War II the following Jews ruled in Europe: Rakosi in Hungary, Jacob Berman in Poland, Anna Pauker in Roumania, Rudophy Slansky in Czecholslovakia, and Kagonovich in Russia (through Stalin). Even non-Jews such as Tito of Yugoslavia w ere controlled by Jews. John Gunther in BEHIND THE IRON CURTAIN writes of the Jew Mosa Pijade, "He is Tito's mentor -- whatever ideological structure Tito may have, he got from his shrewd old man."

    61. In America the Jew Gerhart Eisler ran the Communist Party from 1935 to 1947. His right hand man was J. Peters whose real name was Goldberger and he is Jewish. Today, 6 of the top 9 Party officers are Jews.

    62. In 1945 6 men were arrested fro stealing government secrets in the "Amerasia" case. 3 were Jews.

    63. In 1946, a Canadian spy ring was broken up. Among its members were Dr. Ravmond Bover (wife Anita Cohen - Jewess), David Shugar, J. Isador Gottheir, Israel Halperin, and Samuel Carr (Cohen), Its leader was Fred Rose (Rosenberg).

    64. In 1949 the 12 members of the National Secretariat of the American Communist Party were tried under then existing laws. 6 of the 12 were known Jews, 3 more may have been. All were convicted and served short sentences or were fined.

    65. In 1950 ten Hollywood writers and directors were convicted of contempt of Congress for refusing to answer quesitons about their communist connections. 9 WERE JEWS and 6 of them were party members!

    66. After the conviction of the above, the 2nd string "politburo" took over the American Communist Party. Of these 21, 14 were Jews, 1 was mistress of a Jew, and 2 were colored.

    67. The spy trials of the 1950's, which you must remember, were almost 100% Jewish. The Jew Klaus Fuchs (who was admitted to the U. S. at the request of Albert Einstein) was found out first; then followed Harry Gold, David Greenglass, Abraham Broth man, Miriam Moskowitz, Sidney Weinbaum, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg (who received the death sentence) and Morton Sobell. Before the whole thing was over others such as J. Robert Oppenheimer, Frank Oppenheimer, and a "Steve Nelson" came under investig ation. "Steve Nelson" turned out to be a Mr. Mesarosh, a jew, and his contact was a Joseph W. Weinberg of the University of Minnesota!

    68. "Civil Rights" movements, negro agitation organizations such as the NAACP, CORE, SNCC, etc are organized and controlled by Jews. The "anti-war," "peace," "Women's Lib," and other "minority" agitation and revolutionary groups have mostly Jews in their upper leadership. Hasn't this made you at least curious?

    69. Hollywood studios turn out hundreds of anti-nazi movies, thousands of pro-communist ones, AND NO ANTI-COMMUNIST MOVIES. Jewish control of that "industry" is known by all and is openly admitted. Why haven't you ministers even wondered about that? Television, with Jewish control of the networks and productions, follows the same line. The same corrupting influence can be traced in liquor, pornography, prostitution, rock music, drugs, sex-education, sensitivity training, subtle and open promotion of youth rebellion, anti-Bible and anti- Christian laws and court decisions and attitudes, and on and on and on. You express sorrow; sometimes even anger, at the corruption, BUT YOU NEVER EXPOSE ITS JEWISH SOURCE, WHY?


    70. God's Holy Word, the bible, warns His Israel People of her enemies in the end of the age. A great invasion of Israel nations is foretold, especially in EZEKIEL 38 and 39. It takes but little vision to see that if the "Jews" of today are actually the Edomite-Khazar-Mongols (Magog of Ezekiel 38) who are behind and ruled Russian and World Socialism, then Ezekiel really prophesied an invasion of the Saxon Israel nations by the people we call "Jews." AND THAT INVASION IS WELL UNDER WAY! Meanwhile you hide it from Christian-Israel by telling your flock that Ezekiel 38 and 39 is a prophecy of a future invasion of Jewish-occupied Palestine by the "Russians." The Khazar-Jews in Palestine and their counterparts in Moscow carry out a so-called "war", in which only Arabs get hurt, AND YOU PREACH THAT SHAM IS A FULFILLMENT OF BIBLE PROPHECY! True Israel remains blind to her danger, and to her destiny.



    This is not numbered and is directed to those who think they follow the teachings of Martin Luther, the great German reformer. (Translated from BIBLISCHES SPRUCH U. SCHATZ-KASTLEIN by Karl Fliedner.) In the first part Luther complains of the Jews "squeezing from us our money and goods," and of their, "lying, blaspheming, and cursing," and then he admonishes "We should not suffer it...lest we become partakers of their sins."

    Then he goes on. "I will give you my true council: First, that we avoid their synagogues and schools and WARN PEOPLE AGAINST THEM. And such should be done to the glory of God and Christendom, that God may see that we are Christians, AND HAVE NOT K NOWINGLY TOLERATED SUCH LYING, CURSING AND BLASHPEMING OF HIS SON AND HIS CHRISTIANS..." On the Talmud: "The heathen philosophers write much more honourably not only about God's goverment and future life, but also about temporal virtues. They write that man is by nature abligated to serve others, also to keep his word to enemies, and b e true and helpful to them expecially in need, as taught by Cicero and his like. Yea, I maintain THAT IN THREE FABLES OF AESOP THERE IS MORE WISDOM TO BE FOUND THAN IN ALL THE BOOKS OF THE TALMUDISTS AND RABBIS..."

    Yet "Luthern" ministers think Judaism is the predecessor of Christianity!

    Luther wrote on economic bondage to them: "Why, they hold us Christians in captivity in our own country; they let us work in the sweat of our noses, while they appropriate money and well and easy on goods for which we have worked, keep us and our goods in captivity THROUGH THEIR CURSED USURY (Interest), mock us and spit on us, becuase we must labor and permit them to be noblemen at our expense; thus they are our lords and masters we their servants with our own property, sweat and labor! AND TO THANK US AND REWARD US, THEY CURSE OUR LORD!" (emphasis added)

    Today, Luther's writings on the great problems of his day have been almost eliminated from Lutheran books and seminaries. Nothing of his writings on the "Jews" are allowed to be taught in "Lutheran" seminaries.


    6,000,000 JEWS

    You ministers often repeat the Jew story that "Hitler killed 6 million Jews," yet the 1939 World Almanac shows 15,688,259 Jews in the world and 9 years later the New York Times reported there where between 15,600,000 and 18,700,000 Jews! If Hitler killed 6 million, how come there were no less in 1948 than in 1939? The same sources report the Jews in Germany in 1938, PRIOR TO THE SUPPOSED KILLINGS, totaled only 550,000 (1/2 million!)

    If Germans killed 38% of all Jews in the world, does that mean the 9,688,259 left had six to nine million children in the next 9 years? It takes normal populations 100 years to double - how come Jews did it in 9? AND THEN NEVER DID IT AGAIN? (Present world population of "Jews" is about the same as it was in 1948) Why do you repeat this Jewish propaganda lie to your flock?



    The evidence proving the present day "Jews" are NOT "the house of Israel" is endless. History gives abundant proof that the White, Nordic Race sprang from dispersed Israel. The White Christian nations are the seed of Abraham through whom all the world is to be blessed. WE ARE ISRAEL!

    We'll continue fulfilling Israel's appointed destiny. Christ's Blood has sealed to us the promises made unto our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You can share that destiny with us; or you can continue with Esau-Edom until the day when "the house of Jacob shall be as a fire and the house of Joseph a flame, and THE HOUSE OF ESAU FOR STUBBLE, and they shall kindle in them, and devour them; AND THERE SHALL NOT BE ANY REMAINING OF THE HOUSE OF ESAU: for the LORD hath spoken it...And Saviors shall come upon Mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau: and the kingdom shall be the LORD'S " (emphasis added).



    I could have written another 70 items, but if these 70 have not convinced you of the true identity of modern Jewry - then I could do no more with 700! God will open your eyes; or they will remain blinded. I can only provide people with the means to place some Truth in your hands to read.

    History and Scripture prove the people known as "Jews" today are not only NOT Israel, but are actually the ENEMIES OF ISRAEL. For God, who knows the end from the beginning, foresaw all this, as we have seen from the Holy Word. Genesis 28:9 and 36:2 show Esau married wives of Ishmael and Canaanites, Genesis 36 says, "Esau is Edom...Esau, who is Edom...Esau, the father of the Edomites in Mount Seir". Looking at the antichrist activities of the modern "Jew," and knowing they are Esau-Edom (Khazars), you can see what he Bible says, "As it is written, Jacob (Israel) I loved, BUT ESAU HAVE I HATED." (Romans 9:13). You should look up the prophecies for Esau, Edom, and Mount Seir when you want to preach about "them which say they are Jews, AND ARE NOT, but are the synagogue of satan." (Rev 2:9; 3:9) THEY ARE ENTIRELY DIFFERENT THAN THE PROPHECIES ABOUT ISRAEL. Instead of a glorious future as God's Chosen, the descendants of Esau-Edom Jewry are slated for total destruction. (See OBADIAH and others). Their claim to Palestine, and their claim that America should help, is based on the false identity provided them by their own propaganda, fortified by your erroneous teachings.

    Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Co., in Chapter 2 of his monumental and almost forgotten book 'THE INTERNATIONAL JEW' states, "There is a mission for the pulpit to liberate the Church from what the New Testament Scriptures call 'the fear of th e Jews.' The pulpit has also the mission of liberating the Church from the error that Judah and Israel are synonymous. The reading of the Scriptures which confuse the tribe of Judah with Israel, and which interpret every mention of Israel as signifying the Jews, is at the root of more than one-half the confusion and division traceable in Christian doctrinal statements. THE JEWS ARE NOT THE CHOSEN PEOPLE, THOUGH PRACTICALLY THE ENTIRE CHURCH HAS SUCCUMBED TO THE PROPAGANDA WHICH DECLARES THEM TO BE SO!"

    The last quote above, by Henry Ford in 1921, stated the truth then, and it is a more urgent truth today: The DOCTRINE THAT THE JEWS ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE OF GOD IS PURELY AND SIMPLY "PROPAGANDA!" And you, dear Christian Minister, have fallen for the greatest deception ever practiced upon Israel!

    Dear Minister: The question for you now is: Will you preach and teach the Truth about Israel? Or will you continue to preach the False Doctrine that "the Jews are God's Chosen People?"

    A reply may be expected by whoever gave you this tract; but more importantly, you will eventually be REQUIRED to answer for your works at the judgement seat of Christ, "And, behold, I come quickly; and My reward is with Me, to give to every many according to his work shall be." (REVELATION 22:12)

  8. #8

    Re: Talmudic pedophile Jews

    Quote Originally Posted by SaxonJackson View Post
    Nobody can tell me that this thing isn't an Ashkenazi/Khazar Jew.
    Just looking at that beast fills my soul with rage! I'm reminded of the words of Yahsua; "You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and has nothing to do with the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies." (John 8:44)
    United Identity Church of Christ

    Now It's Your Choice! Will You take a Stand for God, Race, and Nation?

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    "Quotes from Martin Luther 'On Jews and their Lies' Part Two"

    "Quotes from Martin Luther
    'On Jews and their Lies' Part Two"

    " What shall we Christians do with this rejected and condemned people, the Jews? Since they live among us, we dare not tolerate their conduct, now that we are aware of their lying and reviling and blaspheming. If we do, we become sharers in their lies, cursing and blasphemy. Thus we cannot extinguish the unquenchable fire of divine wrath, of which the prophets speak, nor can we convert the Jews. With prayer and the fear of God we must practice a sharp mercy to see whether we might save at least a few from the glowing flames."


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    Statements From The Talmud and Leading Jews

    The following text is taken from: RESPONSE TO A RABBI'S DECEPTION ( *...

    (2008-2010) - Destroyed by Amy Rose!

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