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Thread: Two types of preaching?

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    Two types of preaching?

    I see two types of preaching in the New Testament. Preaching Christ from scripture and preaching Christ from culture. Acts 7 gives us an excellent example of Stephen preaching Christ from scripture. He is speaking to Judeans who hold the Bible to be authoritative. Acts 17 is a good example of Paul preaching Christ from culture. He does not appeal to the scriptures for authority but instead appeals to Greek cultural authorities. How do you suppose this should inform the way we understand preaching today?

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    Re: Two types of preaching?

    My guess is that preaching today requires that you do both. You have to touch people that live in a largely secular culture and use their familiarity with that culture to connect to something that may not be very familiar--scripture. Once you've made that connection, you have an opportunity to teach scripture in a way that they understand. Preaching is a lot like teaching algebra.

    When they say, "How does that apply to me and my life?", you better have a good answer and its better to have answered that question before they can even ask.
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