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Thread: Jews - children of the devil ( John 8:44 )

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    Re: Jews - children of the devil ( John 8:44 )

    Fairness and kindness is something a child of God understands not the children of Satan. A society run for and by Satan will never be fair and accept a racial society beneficial for the descendants of Seth. A community education center on every block of the USA is not the answer. Jesus Christ is King

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    Re: Jews - children of the devil ( John 8:44 )

    Unrelated to thread. Satan exaggerates small sins of the Israelite men and women. Being rude or hostile in the smallest way gets exaggerated. Political correctness rules the day. Examine yourself a lot in these evil times where Satan rules the narrative.

    ZOG looks very hard for a reason to bring a lot of public shame on the men and women of Jacob Israel.

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    Re: Jews - children of the devil ( John 8:44 )

    News flash!! Poland has elected a new Prime Minister. He is a Jew Banker.

    I assume typical path. First privatization of country next improve the economy by putting the people in debt. flood the country with Muslims while Polish people up to their ears in debt!!!!

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