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Thread: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

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    Wink Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quoted from "What We Believe The Daily Affirmation of the Faith of the Creators":

    11. WE BELIEVE that Jew-spawned Christianity is the deadly mind poison which destroyed the glorious White Roman Civilization and is currently destroying all of the White Race; therefore Christianity must be exposed, defeated and eliminated in order to save the White Race.

    12. WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion - Creativity - is in every concievable way far more logical, consistent, comprehensive, meaningful and inspiring than all other religions, ideologies and political parties combined; therefore we strive to see that it eventually replace all other religions, ideologies and parties, barring none.

    Notice with #11 that they want Christianity, and I quote, "exposed, defeated and eliminated." Why do they believe this? Because Creators believe that is the problem and they believe it would save the White Race.

    Why is that? Is it because they do not believe in God because there is no scientific data to prove that God exists? That is pride talking! That is the same thing as when people say "God can’t exist because this thing right here isn’t right." Or we say, "God isn’t just or good because this part of life is totally unfair." What we’re actually doing is declaring ourselves equal to God. We declare that the world, and God Himself, MUST fall into the parameters of our own understanding or it simply is not so. We declare, "God can’t be good unless I can understand that goodness. It has to fit MY definitions." That’s pride. Only letting go of pride and acknowledging our tiny size compared to God’s will overcome that, and too often that’s the one thing prideful people will never do.

    But let's go one step further with #12. Here, they talk about replacing all religions with their beliefs, bar none. I interpret that to mean all religions other than their own beliefs. Again, that is PRIDE.

    I will admit one thing. I have read a little, not a lot, but a little, on the theory of evolution. As a matter of fact, it is very interesting as to what they came up with their theory and scientific data. For instance, the only animal that has the closest intelligence to a human being is an ape. The theory of evolution also has a theory believing that why humans have an appendix, which to a human being is a useless organ - an organ that if it has to be removed, nothing changes, whether it's function or chemically altered within the human body. But what they believe is that it is there through the process of evolution because we were an animal at one time, and had evolved. It used to be a second stomach, which animals have. That is why animals can eat things that if a human ate, it would either make them sick or, even kill them.

    For the Christians who are reading this post, you might feel like flying into me after I say this, but I ask you to at least hear me out. What if they are right? What if the theory of evolution does exist, at least to some extent? What if they are right?

    Now, since I said that, I think you should hear the rest of it. Okay, let's take a look at the theory of evolution. Let's say it is even accurate. Just because the theory of evolution is accurate is no proof in itself that God does not exist. What if both of them exist? Just because science has not proved that God exists, does not make it a fact that God does not exist. Who is to say that there is evolution, however at the same time, there is also an after life, that there are spirits, angels, ghosts, and/or even demons?

    Then, there is the big bang theory. Okay, if earth was the result of a big bang, what caused the big bang? If there is evolution, what causes evolution? I happen to believe that there has to be some sort of supreme spirit or force of some sort to make these sort of things happen. Something that is so big, so complex, something way beyond human comprehension that makes things happen the way they do.

    The fact is nearly everyone forces things to fit into their own perception. In the past I have been guilty of this. I have even witnessed Christians serving a God they perceive rather than the God who truly is. They limit Him according to those special needs of their own psyche. It’s actually hard not to do that, but every time we do, we fall short. And that is not with just Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, or someone who follows a completely different religion.

    That goes for anyone!

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Nah, I don't buy the whole evolution thing. Scripture states that we were created in Yahweh's image, not that we evolved into that image. Although the argument of the seemingly worthless appendix may seem somewhat credible I would say there is much more going against evolution than there is for it, and I'm still waiting for the discovery of that so-called "missing link" to prove once and for all that we or something evolved into something else, there should be many fossils to prove such if that were the reality. Besides, I've read that around 2007 a professor named Bill Parker apparently discovered that the appendix DOES have a purpose, which, as he himself said, "...acts as a good safe house for bacteria..."

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    I noticed the second post is by Amy Rose. Whatever became of that hirsute hussy?

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    The hardcore creatards don't realize that Ben Klassen once espoused a Christian belief system to combat world jewry. This is from a book of his personal letters, circa 1970 [three years before Creatardivity was founded!]:

    The Klassen Letters, Vol. 1: 1969-1976

    This news item was published in the FT. LAUDERDALE NEWS, Nov. 18, 1970.

    'Third Party' Gets Charter

    Damning an alleged coalition of Blacks and Jews in American politics and finance, a new "third party" to pursue the interests of White Christians has been formed by two North Broward men - one a former Republican state legislator.

    The Nationalist White Party, with former state representative Bernard Klassen as its national director, recently was issued a charter as a non-profit corporation by Florida Secretary of State Tom Adams.

    In addition to Klassen, Austin C. Davis Jr., is listed as assistant director of the party, which has its headquarters at 882 N. Federal Hwy., Pompano Beach. Both men are Lighthouse Point residents.

    Klassen, who ran George Wallace's presidential campaign in Broward in 1968, said the purpose of his new third party would be to emphasize that "the White Christian people who conquered America don't intend to be relegated to second-class citizenship."

    The Nationalist White Party was incorporated under the laws of the State of Florida on November 3, 1970.

    One of the first flyers put out by the new Nationalist White Party was the following:


    The answer, of course, is nothing! In fact, you, as a White person, have every reason to be proud. After all, while the Negroes were running around in the jungle eating each other, your White ancestors were building the world's mightiest civilizations, including ancient Greece, Rome, modern Europe and America, to name a few. All of the technological advances and wonderful conveniences you enjoy today were brought about by creative Whites: people of your race.

    But now you're being told that you should be ashamed of your race. The Jew-controlled media - television, radio, and newspapers - keep telling you that you have "oppressed" the Negro, and that you should make up for this alleged "oppression" by offering the blacks your job, your neighborhood, and your daughter.

    It is never pointed out that the black race in Africa sat on its collective behind for thousands of years, oppressed by no one, without even developing the wheel. Nor is it mentioned that the Negro's only real contributions to America have been rising rates of crime, illegitimacy, and venereal disease.

    What's more, White Americans aren't being informed that the latest scientific research confirms that the backwardness of the Negro is due not to his environment, or to "oppression", but to his natural biological inferiority.

    Why aren't these facts brought to your attention? Simply because the Jews and their stooges aren't interested in publicizing the facts, but in peddling the "equality" lie, in order to bring about race-mixing, the downfall of White culture, and the destruction of the White race itself.

    The effort to instill a guilt-complex in Whites over the uncreative Negro's inherent lack of progress is just one of the many vicious tactics being used by the Jews and the integrationist fanatics to reduce the White race to a cowering herd of mongrels.

    If you're tired of hearing about what a "dirty Honkey" you are, and want to do something to preserve your racial heritage, then join with other concerned White men and women in an organization dedicated to supporting White people's interests. For a free copy of Our Creed, write today to:

    Nationalist White Party
    Pompano Beach, Florida

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    For a free copy of Our Creed, write today to:

    Nationalist White Party
    Pompano Beach, Florida

    Nationalist White Party



    POINT 1.

    We believe that the White Race was created in the Image of the Lord, and represents His noblest and loftiest creation. Whereas, the first and foremost of God's Natural Laws is the preservation and propagation of the species, we believe that in preserving and protecting the White Race from pollution, mongrelization and extinction, and promoting its constant improvement and increase, we are carrying forward the work of the Lord.

    POINT 2.

    The White Race is now in mortal danger of being mongrelized and enslaved by a diabolical worldwide conspiracy. This treacherous program is set forth in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in the Jewish Talmud and in Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto. At the root of this whole deadly conspiracy is the International Jew. COMMUNISM IS JEWISH. The Jew has been a blood-sucking parasite on the backs of the White people since the dawn of history, promoting the collapse and destruction of every civilization the White man has ever built. The White Race has now become the most persecuted, abused, plundered and mistreated people on the face of the earth. It is an appalling fact that the White people of America alone, who have never known military defeat, have been forced by their treacherous Jewish controlled government under the pretext of foreign aid, welfare, and other hoaxes to pay more tribute to hostile colored races at home and abroad than all the vanquished peoples of the earth have paid to their conquerors. The White man has lost control of his land, his government, his schools and his money. He cannot even get basic justice in the courts of America. On the contrary, the courts are now being used as a tyrannical instrument for the subjugation and destruction of the White Race. We are engaged in a vicious battle for life and death against Bolshevist Judaism. It is a fight we cannot escape. We do not wish to avoid it. We wish to make sure the sides are squarely lined up and the enemy clearly identified. Once we have done this much, the battle is practically won.

    It is our sacred determination to drive the Jew from all vestiges of power and influence, first in America, and finally, render him harmless in, and to the whole family of White nations throughout the world.

    POINT 3.

    America was founded and built by the White Race. THIS LAND IS OURS. We are determined to have it remain so forever. We will allow only members of the White Race to become citizens of America. This excludes members of the Jewish race and the Black race. Only American citizens will be allowed to hold public office and positions in governments. Only American citizens will be allowed in the professions, in banking, in the judiciary, in the news media, in radio and television, and in positions of education and cultural leadership.

    POINT 4.

    Since the African Negroes were brought to America as slaves, largely by Jewish slave traders, they have been a serious problem to White America, and a spreading cancer in our midst, greatly aggravated by the Jewish drive to mongrelize the White Race. Their presence here in America is a dire threat to the very survival of the White Race itself. Under the present course of events, America will be a polluted brown mongrelized mass of riff raff and scum by the end of the century, reduced to a level of degradation where our White civilization will collapse. We are determined this must not happen to God's finest and noblest creation - the White Race.

    This precious land was conquered and wrested from the wilderness at great sacrifice of blood and toil by our pioneering White ancestors. Having won this precious land, we are not now about to flee and abandon our sacred soil to a vastly inferior race, the African Negro. We are therefore determined to carry out Abraham Lincoln's plan, the repatriation of the black man back to his native Africa, the homeland from whence he was forcefully torn. This resettlement of the black man to the underpopulated black countries of Africa will be carried out with just compensation and in such a manner as to increase the economic viability of the resettlement areas.

    POINT 5.

    Not only must the White Race guard against pollution of its blood from the inside but by immigration from the outside as well. We plan to change the immigration laws to prevent any further colored masses from migrating into our land, or mixing into our national blood stream. We are therefore determined to strictly control immigration, and limit it to people of the White Race only.

    POINT 6.

    We look upon the family unit as a most sacred institution and the building block of our civilization. We believe that all possible measures must be instituted to safeguard and sanctify the family as a continuous chain in the life of our race. We must first of all make it financially more feasible for young couples to marry at an earlier age. Secondly, we must reduce the awful burden of excessive taxation, which discourages large and healthy families.

    We believe that the children belong to the parents and not to the state and that it is the parents' responsibility in giving their children their ideology and orientation in their early formative years.

    Our founding fathers had the healthy instincts and the good sense to institute laws against miscegenation. These laws are now being struck down by our Jewish controlled Supreme Court to further the insane Jewish drive to mongrelize the White Race. We must again institute strict racial laws against mixed marriages, and again have our people realize that he who sins against the blood of his own race commits the crime of racial blood poisoning, a dastardly crime, the consequences of which can never be fully erased.

    We believe that once the working White family is relieved of supporting millions of black parasites, that all those women who would prefer devoting their time to home and family, will be able to do so. We must, in any case, stop the present insane program of the White husband and wife both having to work so that the Negroes can live on welfare, breeding increasing numbers of parasites to further burden the productive White workers. Not only is the present situation shrinking the size of the White family, but we are participating in our own racial suicide. This must stop, and repatriation of the Negro back to Africa is a major constructive step in this direction.

    POINT 7.

    We believe that the productive White American worker is the backbone of the nation and its greatest strength. He is entitled to the protection of social legislation in his work, in sickness and in old age. His unions should have the honest constructive leadership that he deserves and his work should receive the reward, the dignity of recognition, that he has so well earned.

    The unions now are in the control of Jews who exploit the workers, manipulate the unions for political ends harmful to the White worker, discriminate against capable White workers, and promote the interests of incompetent blacks. We will therefore make it mandatory that no Jew can exercise any control or hold office in any labor union.

    POINT 8.

    A basic strength of any nation is in the number of farmers who till the soil. Not only do the farmers produce the nation's food and fibre, but also greatly fortify the strength of our White racial stock. We intend to protect the farmer from cheap foreign competition. We intend to have a program to encourage more people to return to the land. We intend to reverse the trend of larger and larger farms in the hands of fewer and fewer large operators. Our American soil is sacred and no one but the White American will be allowed to own farm land.

    POINT 9.

    Expanding prosperity and greater stability for America are augmented by encouraging a larger group of individuals in acquiring a personal stake in their own small private businesses. It is our objective to promote a broader base for small privately owned enterprises and professions, since this has been the foundation of the economic health and mercantile expansion of America. Emphasis will be placed on promoting the interest and well being of millions of family owned businesses and preventing the monopolization of business by corporate giants.

    We are determined to free the economy of continued manipulation by the clique of international bankers and the perennial uncertainty created by such manipulations. We want to create stability and confidence. We are firmly resolved to relieve business of the oppressive regulations and restrictive measures that stifle economic life.

    POINT 10.

    Our money system is now in the hands of the Federal Reserve which in turn is in the hands of the International Jewish bankers. Every dollar that is printed accrues to the benefit of the International Bankers who acquire it free of charge, except for small printing expenses. It is then loaned out to the American people, who then are yoked to paying interest forever on their own medium of exchange. This is the most gruesome and powerful tool in the hands of the Jews for the enslavement of nations. We are determined to forever abolish the Federal Reserve Board, and to have the Government (in the hands of White people) issue the nation's money, interest free. This is what the Constitution calls for and this is what Abraham Lincoln briefly accomplished during the Civil War. For this reason, the Jews had Abraham Lincoln assassinated.

    POINT 11.

    The White man has for centuries brought law, order and civilization to every corner of the world and ruled over 90 per cent of its area. However, the last few decades have seen the culmination of the International Jewish conspiracy and the White man is now in full retreat all over the world. In the last two generations, the ratio of the colored population to White has mushroomed from 2 to 1 to an alarming 7 to 1, a suicidal catastrophe often aided and abetted by misguided White "humanitarians" in collaboration with the Jew's program. This trend must and will be reversed by a cessation of White aid to the colored and instead the White Race banding together to promote their own interests.

    On the international scene, we envision an expanding family of independent White nations, friendly in the exchange of trade and culture and rallying together for mutual benefit and protection in times of danger. We will preach "White Power through White Unity" and once America has freed itself from the clutches of International Jewry the American White people must help rid the rest of its White brother nations from the same scourge; otherwise we will again become victim of the same cancer from the outside. The United States is now the only nation powerful enough to dislodge the Jew from its national body. The power of the International Jew must be broken once and for all. Never again must the family of White nations let the Jew dupe them into fighting fratricidal wars, White brother killing White brother. Once awakened and organized, the White Race is the most powerful force on the face of the earth and never again shall the Jew enslave, plunder, and put into bondage the Creators of civilization, culture and beauty.

    POINT 12.

    It is our objective to raise the cultural, ethical and moral values of White America to ever greater heights and finer values. We must promote the teaching of the value of our White racial heritage, the unique value of our blood lines, that race is all and that the survival of culture and civilization is dependent upon its creator - the White Race. This must be strongly instilled into the minds of our children throughout their formative years, and promoted in our educational systems from kindergarten through college. We must keep impressing upon the mind of every child, every adult, the ideals of "Racial Loyalty, Racial Pride, and Racial Unity." Also, our news media, theatre, radio and television must be utilized to impress this great truth upon the Wltite people of America so that never again will the White Man's thinking be sabotaged and subverted for his own destruction.

    POINT 13.

    Every law that is passed, every action that is taken will have this as its basic and only consideration: Will it benefit the White Race? This is the guiding principle of our movement.

    POINT 14.

    Gaining the above objectives is a matter of life and death for our people, the White racial family. Unless we drive the Jew from power and have our people again in control of the American government, we are hopelessly lost. But we, the White people, can and must get control of government. We have overwhelming power. The task is clear and it is attainable. After all, we the White people, outnumber the Jews 30 to 1. Once aroused and united in purpose, the White man can and will outfight any other on the face of the earth. The Germans proved that.

    Having realized these fundamental truths, our people must again be inspired to a fervent, resolute will to power, to an unshakeable faith in their ability to gain that power and a fiery determination to again be masters of their own destiny. We must exalt and glorify our White heritage and instill Racial Pride. This is the true task and ideological objective of the Nationalist White Party.

    We have therefore set forth a new creed in which White men can again have hope and confidence, a program that is designed for nothing less than victory. We have raised a standard around which all brave and decent White men can rally to battle. We have organized a party all White Americans of honor can be proud to be part of. We have hurled a symbol of power into the political arena - White Power. We have brought forth the highest cause to which men can truly dedicate their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor - and this, the noblest of all causes, is the preservation and advancement of their own people - the White Race.

    We must therefore make every White man conscious of where his true loyalty lies - with his own racial family, his own people. We intend to field an increasing number of political candidates every year until we are in power. We must make every political candidate face the crucial acid test - is he on the side of the White race or is he on the side of the Jews and the Negroes? We intend to force every candidate to take sides. Just as the Jews and the Negroes have bloc voted for years, the White man must bloc vote for the loyal White candidates. Every candidate must stand exposed - is he loyal to the White Race or is he a race traitor? And woe to him that is a race traitor. White Man - Unite and Fight! Victory is Certain.

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Evolution From Darwin (the father of modern Evolution) himself:

    Charles Darwin himself spoke of the: "impossibility of conceiving this immense and wonderful universe was the result of blind chance",...

    ..."to think that the eye could evolve by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree.",...

    .... "the complete lack of fossil intermediates* in the geological record is the most obvious and gravest objection which can be urged against my theory".

    *[a "fossil intermediate" is a fossil from an animal that is half of one animal and half of another as in the animal that is in the middle of a evolution from one kind into another kind (i.e., a half monkey/half man)]

    Today, the famous Evolutionist Gould stated: "the fossil record with its abrupt transitions* offers no support for gradual change".

    *[i.e., no "fossil intermediates"]

    So much for evolution or any variation of the species. But it is forced upon our children in school, ourselves through Television and printed media & books, and now sadly, even in our Churches by Ministers who know not.

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Attached is "Adam's Bible"


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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by Richard View Post
    Attached is "Adam's Bible"


    Yes, Creators are truly Creatarded.

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

    The Creativity religion is satanism in disguise and not a very convincing disguise at that. Central to the religion is the worship of self, or worship of race. Followers of the religion refer to themselves as creators, which is tantamount to calling themselves gods. We know that the Bible condemns those who worship the creation instead of the Creator (Yahweh). Hence Creativity embodies Satan's two-fold sin of self-worship and rebellion against Yahweh.

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    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

    Quote Originally Posted by Obadiah 1:18 View Post
    The Creativity religion is satanism in disguise and not a very convincing disguise at that. Central to the religion is the worship of self, or worship of race. Followers of the religion refer to themselves as creators, which is tantamount to calling themselves gods. We know that the Bible condemns those who worship the creation instead of the Creator (Yahweh). Hence Creativity embodies Satan's two-fold sin of self-worship and rebellion against Yahweh.
    I wouldn't call it satanism but rather sadduceeism, that is doctrine of salvation by their own deeds without any belief in supernatural. What creativity unknowingly worships is of course image of God (Jehovah) in man, which is shattered in an unregenerate man after the fall of Adam. To restore image of God in man to son of God in Lord Jesus Christ and obtain re-creative power the adherents of creativity should of course believe in Lord Jesus Christ and be baptized in Lord Jesus Christ. Thus creativity offers a realistic goal for man, godliness, to become a god, that is a righteous judge of law and equity, able objectively define Good and evil for themselves and those voluntary subjecting themselves to their authority (Genesis 3:22), and a worthy model of the society of men, alliance of righteous judges of law and equity, republic, but a wrong way to it, leading to nowhere. It is essentially a secularized version of Catholicism in form and doctrine.

    satanism is far worse: it is attempts by a creature by force or fraud to usurp the place and the worship due to Lord God Jehovah, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, that always entails murder, enslavement of men, and sexual perversions/adultery. creativity doctrine entails no slavery and abstinence of sexual perversion/adultery, and Matthew Hale did not call himself a god, but rather a high priest of non-Christian and non-jewish religion, akin to Grand Ayatollah of islam, neither received worship from men, and thus creativity can hardly be called satanism.
    Resist jews, negroes and coloreds and jews, negroes and coloreds will flee from you

    Do right and fear nothing and no one

    Give me liberty or give me death

    A man and a woman can be judged exclusively of his or her deeds:
    any other judgment is unjust by its nature and null and void from the moment it is rendered

    Nec amicus officium nec hostis iniuriam mihi intulit quo in toto non reddidi

    Ad Terra per Astra, Militare et vincere

    Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra

    Veritas superabit

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