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Thread: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

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    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

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    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

    I got this e-mail this morning;

    admin has sent you a group e-mail from podblanc.

    Dear Podblanc Member,

    One of our server companies recently caved into Jewish and Israeli pressure and decided to unequally enforce their TOS policy and deny us our right to free speech. This comes at a particularly bad time as it is not entirely clear whether Craig Cobb has been imprisoned for "Hate Speech" in Canada or not. Please check in to for updates.

    Here is the server company's address:

    Singlehop INC.
    621 W. Randolph 3rd Floor
    Chicago, IL 60661

    We encourage you to send them a letter telling them that they should not be in the censorship business, catering to the whims of domestic jewish terrorist groups, and denying Whites their right to free speech. We also encourage you to stop doing business with this company and to recommend that others stop doing business with this company as well.

    Check back with us in the weeks ahead and please send us a significant donation when we are back online. Freedom is not free and we require continuous and major support from our viewers so that we can bring you the news, culture and information you are used to getting from us and so that we can expand.

    Your Podblanc Team

    Do not reply to this e-mail.
    CI or Creatard, big brother wants us ALL silenced. :bitching:

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    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

    Have any of you actually seen how goofy Chain looks?


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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by malachi83 View Post
    1993 - DEATH OF BENNY KLASSEN. In early August, Klassen returns secretly to the house in Otto, N.C. which is the only remaining part of the property which he still owns. On Aug. 7, Klassen commits suicide, leaving a smoldering pile of shredded documents and a note describing suicide as an "honorable" way to die. Klassen takes an overdose of sleeping tablets, but apparently he changes his mind about suicide after taking them and crawls to the bathroom in an attempt to induce vomiting. Macon County Sheriff's office files report stating that Klassen is found dead with his head in the toilet.

    "honorable" way to die.????
    That's why they're called CREATARDS.

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    1992 - In July, fearing a civil lawsuit in connection with the Mansfield murder, Klassen sells most of his Otto compound to William Pierce of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Pierce "borrows" the money from North Carolina financial supporter Herb Horton, and so the property does not actually cost Pierce anything. (It is not known why Pierce purchased the Klassen property; he made no attempt to set up a National Alliance headquarters in North Carolina, and immediately attempted to re-sell the compound in the local real estate market, so the whole thing appears to have been simply a business deal.) Klassen then flees from Otto to parts unknown to avoid service of legal papers. In December, still in hiding, Klassen publishes his final, autobiographical book.
    I have sometimes heard that Dr. William Pierce faked his own death, and is now living in Coos Bay, Oregon.

    Does anyone have any solid evidence of this (not just hearsay)?

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by malachi83 View Post

    The Sixteen Commandments

    1. It is the avowed duty and holy responsibility of each generation to assure and secure for all time the existence of the White Race upon the face of this planet.
    2. Be fruitful and multiply. Do your part to populate the world with your own kind. It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively.
    3. Remember that the inferior mud races are our deadly enemies, and the most dangerous of all is the Jewish race. It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the White Race, and keep shrinking our enemies.
    4. The guiding principle of all your actions shall be: What is best for the White Race?
    5. You shall keep your race pure. Pollution of the White Race is a heinous crime against Nature and against your own race.
    6. Your first loyalty belongs to the White Race.
    7. Show preferential treatment in business dealings to members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.
    8. Destroy and banish all Jewish thought and influence from society. Work hard to bring about a White world as soon as possible.
    9. Work and creativity are our genius. We regard work as a noble pursuit and our willingness to work as a blessing to our race.
    10. Decide in early youth that during your lifetime you will make at least one major lasting contribution to the White Race.
    11. Uphold the honor of your race at all times.
    12. It is our duty and our privilege to further Nature's plan by striving towards the advancement and improvement of our future generations.
    13. You shall honor, protect, and venerate the sanctity of the family unit, and hold it sacred. It is the present link in the long golden chain of our White Race.
    14. Throughout your life you shall faithfully uphold our pivotal creed of Blood, Soil, and Honor. Practice it diligently, for it is the heart of our faith.
    15. As a proud member of the White Race, think and act positively, be courageous, confident, and aggressive. Utilize constructively your creative ability.
    16. We, the Racial Comrades of the White Race, are determined to regain complete and unconditional control of our destiny.
    That's creepy...white Christians have common sense, we don't need some weirdos to tell us to replace our ten commandments with 'breed! breed! breed! (and be confident)"...I dont know how many idiot white boys with "good" intentions have tried to meet up with me IRL cause they were desperate to breed white babies and have me cook and clean all day while they're at their construction jobs, cause they have this kind of mentality. Thank you for showing really how WEIRD these folks are....:O

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Craig Cobb deported from Estonia, arrested in Vancouver!

    Fellow heathen,

    On Thursday, June 17th, I was arrested by Corporals Faulkner and Terri Wilson of the RCMP, the latter being the head of the Hate Crime Unit--and himself an unindicted murderer co-conspirator of Jeff Hughes of Nanaimo. Wilson's female partner on the "hate sqaud" [sic] had emptied her weapon into the unarmed Hughes at distance. I subsequently made a video calling the two murderers and taunting them. Doug Christie, the most renowned free speech lawyer in Canada was kind enough to consult with me from the Vancouver jail. He explained that the B.C. attorney general had to accede to the charge against me--the willful [sic] promotion of hate--which he/she eventually apparently did do...the charge, Christie stated, being considered as serious as murder nor [sic] rape in Canada, though (I believe) with merely a 3 year penalty.

    Subsequently I was released and immediately began making plans for successful flight. On Dominion Day, July 1, 2010, I commenced a 30 mile cross-mountain/alpine meadow line-of-sight compass trek from Elko, BC after a 16 hour Greyhound bus trip. I arrived at Roosville, Montana border crossing at 8AM, July 3rd, having escaped from Canuckistan, The Jewish, Chinese, and East Indian People's Dominion.

    It is my general belief that senior "last gasp" White elements of the US Customs and Borper [sic] Protection, Secret Service, NSA, CIA, FBI et al must be generally sympathetic--partially, tacitly aiding WN political autonomies, even without our commonly accepted knowledge. I cleared customs in between 30 to 45 minutes. There were no political questions whatsoever...just a very professional and courteous backward/spread legged disarming from my belt-hatchet--which I of course informed them I was carrying, having been on a woods trip.

    Richard Fadden, the 58 year old head of Canadian Security and Intelligence Services, two weeks ago stated that foreign elements were unduly influencing/controlling provincial level and municipal level officials in multiple provinces. Later he specifically named China, and it is widely believed India and Israel are the other two manipulating nations. There are 600,000 ethnic Chinese in metropolitan Vancouver and 500,000 ethnic East Indians. Whites are a factual numerical minority.

    Fadden was immediately excoriated by Bilderberger attendee BC premier Gordon Campbell and Prime Minister Gordon Campbell [we assume he meant Stephen Harper], despite Fadden's perfect reputation as a particularly conscientious cabinet level federal admin. It should be noted that known conduits to the ADL, SPLC, and AIPAC-- the Canadian Anti Racists Action-- had made online statements that Podblanc and myself were under investication [sic] by Fadden's CSIS. If this is correct, it is entirel;y [sic] possible that Fadden and/or his staff were in part inspired to release the truth of foreign control of high level Canadian officials by incisive Podblanc teaching videos.

    During last week's G-20 meeting in Toronto, Ralph Nader stated on the CBC that a billion dollars had been spent on security for the few-days event--over $100,000,000 more than on security for the Vancouver Olympics, itself an outlandish sum. Nader went on to state that the event could have easily been held at a remote castle-like mansion outside of Quebec City. However, the shrieking, domineering pomp of the Rothschild Jewish mega-billionaires cabal could not have been achieved by such relative anonymity; hence, the Orwellian demonstartion [sic] of utter, overwhelming planetary dominance.

    Jeff Hughes' unindicted murderer Terri Wilson of the RCMP seized, in a search of my unserviced garage hideout behind the 30-some story Plaza Landmark Hotel on Robson Street, my Macbook, two other laptops, my primary religious text, Nature's Eternal Religion, 4 cameras, a large LED spotlight, 2,250 year old swazi coin rings from the long extinct Tocharian Yuezhi and Kushan-Kunindas civilizations, the English language transcript of my Estonian trial, my US passport, and a legal woolly mammoth tusk on which I had stated in one video I planned to carve swastikas as had been found on a 10,000 year old wooly mammoth tusk in the Ukraine. I had suggested in the video I might present one of the carvings to Jeff Schoep and NSM for their highly public street work work against Mexican invaders.

    During interrogation, I stated "five words" to Wilson and Faulkner approximately 150 to 250 times. Wilson told me that I "had been arrested because of the Jews". As a quick afterthought he added--"and to a lesser degree because of the blacks...and other races". He was inordinately concerned that I "wanted to found a White country".

    So far, four nations have either tried and convicted me for hate speech crimes (Kingdom of Sweden convicted in absentia and Estonian in-person trial; Finland and Canada arrested and remanded for trial). We hate that which threatens that which we love. Or as Linder puts it: "The term 'racism' is genocide. It is the attempted mass murder of Whites".

    I will most probably take a lesson from Terrible Tommy Metzger and Glenn Miller and run for Congress from a northwestern Montana district in an internet/door-to-door campaign in 2012, by which tuime [sic] unemployment will surely have hit Weimar 35% levels. I will run on James Bowery's 3 point platform with the simple additions of outlawing the Federal Reserve, AIPAC, ADL and SPLC. The SPLC will be investigated and its members and cash contibuters [sic] will be convicted as the bombers of OKC. As well, I will support unilaterally transferring/converting all the USA's Jewish and part-Jewish citizens into global Israeli citizens. In other words, their American citizenships [sic] will be officially changed into deported "dishonorary" [sic] and actual Israeli citizenships [sic] (whether or not Israel approves)--a service for which the White American taxpayers have pre-paid many times over through decades of extreme monetary gifts to Israel.

    It is fantastical that loud-mouthed. cocksure [sic] of himself, terribly homely Jew Ken Feinberg has been named the Obama BP oil spill payout-control czar for the southern gulf states. This is roughly equivalent to Dr. William L. Pierce being appointed to admin a NYC/CT area ecological disaster. Who can forget that aged Jew Henry Kissenger [sic] was originally slotted to sanitize the Israeli 911 attack and Jew Philip D. Zelikow finally executed that lie?

    I want to thank the Montana militiaman and his Jesse James-descended wife who picked me up 60 miles into my walk just outside Olney, MT. There is no public transport up here; my knee and foot were swollen.

    The Podblanc team will of course work to get Podblanc onto new servers ASAP. Thanks to the Podblanc team. If anyone cares to write me: Craig Cobb, General Delivery, Kalispell, MT 59903 (I think the zip is correct) I will try to read any personal messages here on ***** *********.

    Craig Cobb
    Kalispell, Montana,
    July 6th, 2010

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Is Creativity a recognized Religion??

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by malachi83 View Post
    Is Creativity a recognized Religion??
    It seems Crea-tards think so!

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by seedliner View Post
    It seems Crea-tards think so!
    Isn't ''Creativity'' Just a racist form of atheism?? or Just a racist atheist??

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