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Thread: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

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    The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")


    Dedicated to the Survival, Expansion and Advancement of the White Race.

    Based on the Laws of Nature, on the Experience of History, on Logic and Common Sense.

    Our Four Dimensional Program: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body in a Sound Society in a Sound Environment.

    Our Goal: Building a Whiter and Brighter World.



    •WE BELIEVE that our Race is our Religion.

    •WE BELIEVE that the White Race is Nature's Finest.

    •WE BELIEVE that racial loyalty is the greatest of all honors, and racial treason is the worst of all crimes.

    •WE BELIEVE that what is good for the White Race is the highest virtue, and what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.

    •WE BELIEVE that the one and only, true and revolutionary White Racial Religion - Creativity - is the only salvation for the White Race.

    Matt Hales Blog:


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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Below is a post by renowned screwball and heretic Pastor "Call Me Marty" Lindstedt. Never one to let hypocrisy get in his way, Marty has been accusing others of gender-bending while he himself has been prowling Christian Identity forums in drag as Amy Rose, one of his many online aliases. Amy Rose's original avatar was a pic of a white trash trollop that Marty probably purloined from Facebook or one of those sleazy online dating services. Marty is a half-bearded, profanity-loving lunatic who lives in a filthy hovel from which people have been known to flee due to the overpowering smell of stale tinkle. He doesn't regard his posting under assumed names as deception but rather espionage in his ongoing online war with all the "ZOGbots" he believes infest the Christian Identity and White Nationalist forums that are unfortunate enough to have him as a member. A ZOGbot, as far as Marty is concerned, is anybody who recognizes him for the potty-mouthed mentalcase that he is. Marty considers himself the Pope of Christian Identity and sincerely believes that he and his personal army of ten thousand warlords, who, according to Marty, hear his voice after the same fashion that Christ's sheep hear His (no, I'm not kidding), will kick ZOG's sorry behind once the Great Tribulation is in full swing. Although how Marty is going to divide his time between trashing ZOG and fulfilling his solemn vow to skin alive all the white people, and then make them eat their children, who've called him Marty or questioned his sanity is something he and Yahweh are going to have to sort out. Marty is allowed to post here, only to serve as a warning of what can happen to you when you haven't been given the Spirit of a sound mind. Naturally, any infinitesimal resemblance between him and an actual Christian Identist is purely coincidental.

    James Von Brunn allegedly shoots guard at Holohoax Museum

    Originally Posted by major jewsmedia

    Anti-Semite is museum shooting suspect

    James Von Brunn is described by authorities as a white supremacist

    WASHINGTON - A frustrated artist and an angry man, the suspect in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting once tried to kidnap members of the Federal Reserve board, a "caper" thwarted when a guard captured him outside a board meeting carrying a bag stuffed with weapons.

    James Von Brunn, 88, a white supremacist and Holocaust denier, describes the 1981 assault with apparent pride on his Web site, the source of fulmination against Jews and races other than his own.

    Von Brunn was sentenced in 1983 to more than four years in prison for attempted armed kidnapping and other charges in his Fed assault. He was released in 1989.

    At the time, police said Von Brunn wanted to take the members hostage because of high interest rates and the nation's economic difficulties.

    White-supremacist writings

    Von Brunn's Web site is dedicated to denial of the Holocaust and white-supremacist writings. The author boasts of his exploits in the 981 case, calling the Fed “treasonous,” and rails at length against Jews, the standard history of the Holocaust, African-Americans and “the browning of America.”

    The site promotes a book, “Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog!” — which he says translates as “Kill the Best Gentiles!” The book blames Jews, Marxists and “Negroes,” among others, for “the millions of Aryan crosses covering the world’s battlefields.”

    The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, which monitors anti-Semitic causes, said the author, whom it identified as John Wennecke Brunn, was a “long time white supremacist and anti-Semite who often uses the name James von Brunn.”

    It said von Brunn was World War II veteran who was retired from the Naval Reserve officer and formerly worked in advertising. The PT Boat Museum in Germantown, Tenn., told NBC News that James Von Brunn served as commanding officer of a PT boat during World War II.

    His conviction in the Federal Reserve case was a difficult outcome for Van Brunn.

    "The subject resides in my memory like old road-kill," he wrote. "What could have been a slam-bang victory turned into ignoble failure. Recalling all of this presents an onerous task. I am getting near the end of the diving board."

    Despite the revolver, sawed-off shotgun and knife found in his bag that day, Von Brunn insisted he was trying to place the board under "legal, non-violent citizens-arrest."

    'Kill the Best Gentiles'

    A self-described artist, advertising man and author living in Annapolis, Md., Von Brunn wrote an anti-Semitic treatise, "Kill the Best Gentiles," that he said no one would publish. He decries "the browning of America" and claims to expose a Jewish conspiracy "to destroy the White gene-pool."

    Von Brunn also wrote, "The 'Holocaust' Religion is destroying Western Civilization. The Aryan gene-pool dies, 'unwept, unhonored and unsung.'"

    His lengthy, often rambling online biography aside, law enforcement officials are trying to piece together details of Von Brunn's life.

    Two law enforcement officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the case, said investigators are trying to better understand time he spent in Idaho, and how he acquired the .22-caliber rifle used in Wednesday's attack. At the request of the U.S. Park Police, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives is tracing the weapon. Under federal law, convicted felons cannot purchase firearms.

    In his account of his "Federal Reserve caper," the St. Louis native relates his "character shapers" — among them a schoolyard bully who beat him up, vacation days on the Mississippi River, his service on a PT boat in World War II, and what he said was his first trouble with the law — a year in jail for tussling with a sheriff on Maryland's Eastern Shore in 1968, the year he moved to the area from New York City.

    Wanted his art in a gallery

    Von Brunn applied to have his art shown at the Troika Gallery in Easton, Md., around the time the gallery opened about 12 years ago, two of the owners, Laura Era and Jennifer Wharton, told The Associated Press. They said they turned him down because it was not up to their quality and that made Von Brunn angry.

    "He stomped out," Wharton said. "You don't normally get that reaction from artists."

    They say his work was not strange or violent, but the artists they show have many years of professional experience.

    Era and Wharton said they had heard that Von Brunn had been in jail because of his political beliefs and knew that he had prejudices. They did not feel comfortable around him, but said they didn't want to make him an enemy.

    'Fate flips the coin'

    One time Von Brunn arrived at the gallery livid because he had just seen a mixed race couple getting married at the garden of the historical society nearby, Era and Wharton said.

    Von Brunn was not around for years, but turned up a year or two ago. He did not spend as much time at their gallery as before and they did not encourage him to, the women said.

    They said Von Brunn's work depicted images such as horses and buffalo in the American West or an eagle with the U.S. flag.

    Von Brunn's biography on the artists' directory says his father, Elmer, was superintendent of Scullin steel mill of St. Louis, and their family, on both sides, migrated from Germany and Austria in 1845 or near that year. He is listed as producing portraits, illustrations, graphics and more.

    Von Brunn's accounts of what shaped his character as a boy and young man are heavy with dark episodes blamed on Jews and other minorities. After each account, he draws a "moral."

    Among them:

    "Life and Death are opposite sides of the same coin. Fate flips the coin."

    "Things to be proud of often involve high risk. You can't hide from death. It always finds you."

    "It's better to be strong than right — unless you like dying. Crowds hate good guys."

    Well, it looks like yapping jews are already re-writing history. James' web page:

    is now down for the count and some ZOG false front has set up its own page using some probably jew web page designer at:

    One of the first things ZOG does against political dissidents is to intimidate the target's Internet Service Provider to shut down or censor web pages. Happened to me when I got arrested over four years ago. One of the niggers in the Newton County Jail said his lawyer told him that my web page had been shut down with or without a kort order. Jimmy's web page was probably shut down AFTER the jewsmedia and [f]law enfarcement had gobbled what they wanted. ZOG can't have one of its victims to have access to the general public to tell his side of the story.

    James Von Brunn and I exchanged e-mails after I got out of jail in Nov. 2008. 6Killer says that Jimmy was "the world's oldest CreaTard" but James was always polite to me and I downloaded some of his web page -- I think.

    So what to say . . . . I suspect that Von Brunn was 88 years old and in bad health and decided to take some dirty jews with him. Which is fine by me. Them jews want a Holohoax, give the kikes a real one, like Martin Luther advocated in Luther's tract "Concerning the jews and Their Lies."

    ZOG is going paranoid the past few weeks about 'crazoid white supremacists' taking out guns and killing d-G's chosen pests the jews and sundry regime criminals. Richard Poplowski, Hardy 'Mongrol' Lloyd, Hal Turner, Scott Roeder, and now James Von Brunn. The fact of the matter is that all of these people, with the exception of Hal Turner, are essentially loners with nothing left to make them want to live as whiggers any more. They essentially chose to throw caution to the winds and 'live for the moment' and let ZOG live with the consequences.

    What's that about "Freedom being just another word for nothing left to lose?" Well, with the exception of Hal Turner, all of the above really thought that they had nothing left to lose and decided to live on their own hind legs and roar and let the chips fall where they may. Mongrolloyd I didn't much care for as an amoral whigger. The rest of the above, I have admiration for because they refused to compromise. The Day of the Gun is upon the ZOGland, and let us fight until one side exterminates the other, and there are no more White slaves left in the ZOGland.

    Right now I'm getting the DVD recorder going to record what the jewsmedia lies are before they get their lies settled. Always do that, be it OKC or 9-11 or any ZOG false-front effort.

    Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian/Aryan Nations of Missouri
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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    lol @ the "Ten Commandments" of CREATIVITY!

    I wonder where they plagiarized that from?

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    lol @ the "Ten Commandments" of CREATIVITY!

    I wonder where they plagiarized that from?
    I’ve heard much talk that Benny Klassen was an Edomite jew as only kikes could immigrate from Russia during his day.

    If so, that makes Creatards the ones who worship the "dead-jew."

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    The Sixteen Commandments

    1. It is the avowed duty and holy responsibility of each generation to assure and secure for all time the existence of the White Race upon the face of this planet.
    2. Be fruitful and multiply. Do your part to populate the world with your own kind. It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively.
    3. Remember that the inferior mud races are our deadly enemies, and the most dangerous of all is the Jewish race. It is our immediate objective to relentlessly expand the White Race, and keep shrinking our enemies.
    4. The guiding principle of all your actions shall be: What is best for the White Race?
    5. You shall keep your race pure. Pollution of the White Race is a heinous crime against Nature and against your own race.
    6. Your first loyalty belongs to the White Race.
    7. Show preferential treatment in business dealings to members of your own race. Phase out all dealings with Jews as soon as possible. Do not employ niggers or other coloreds. Have social contacts only with members of your own racial family.
    8. Destroy and banish all Jewish thought and influence from society. Work hard to bring about a White world as soon as possible.
    9. Work and creativity are our genius. We regard work as a noble pursuit and our willingness to work as a blessing to our race.
    10. Decide in early youth that during your lifetime you will make at least one major lasting contribution to the White Race.
    11. Uphold the honor of your race at all times.
    12. It is our duty and our privilege to further Nature's plan by striving towards the advancement and improvement of our future generations.
    13. You shall honor, protect, and venerate the sanctity of the family unit, and hold it sacred. It is the present link in the long golden chain of our White Race.
    14. Throughout your life you shall faithfully uphold our pivotal creed of Blood, Soil, and Honor. Practice it diligently, for it is the heart of our faith.
    15. As a proud member of the White Race, think and act positively, be courageous, confident, and aggressive. Utilize constructively your creative ability.
    16. We, the Racial Comrades of the White Race, are determined to regain complete and unconditional control of our destiny.

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    Quote Originally Posted by seedliner View Post
    I’ve heard much talk that Benny Klassen was an Edomite jew as only kikes could immigrate from Russia during his day.

    If so, that makes Creatards the ones who worship the "dead-jew."
    The Benny Klassen Story‏

    [Based very loosely on the Southern Poverty Law Center Intelligence Report, Montgomery, Alabama November 2002, with additions to the Klassen bio and COTC early years sections provided by Slim Deardorff, Matt Hale, Matt Hayhow, Gary Gallo, George Burdi, Carl Messick, and the late Harry Kelly as well as many former COTC members who wish to remain anonymous. - RD]


    A man variously named

    A) Bernhardt Klassen
    B) Benyamin Avroham Klass
    C) "Ben" Klassen is born in:
    A) 1914
    B) 1917
    C) 1918
    D) 1919


    A) Vilna, Lithuania;
    B) Somewhere in the Ukraine;
    C) Pressburg, Austria-Hungary;
    D) A remote area in Polish Galicia;
    E) A remote area in Ruthenia.

    It is virtually impossible to discover the true facts about Benny Klassen's early life. Klassen made conflicting statements at various times in his life naming all of the above dates and places for his birth. No documentary evidence of his birth was ever presented for public inspection, nor is any available from other sources. Klassen at one stage produced some grainy photocopies of what purported to be his family's Canadian immigration documents from about 1926. Klassen's U.S. immigration records are unavailable, apparently "mislaid" by the INS.

    To be fair, in view of the time and place of his ostensible birth (and assuming that there is at least some degree of general truth in Klassen's mulifarious accounts,) documentation would be very hard to obtain in view of that fact that at that point in time, that part of the world was being fought over by about five contending armies in the heat of World War One and the Bolshevik Revolution.

    Circa 1920s.

    Klassen claims to emigrate from

    A) Russia
    B) Germany
    C) Canada
    D) Brazil
    E) Romania
    F) Lithuania


    A) Canada
    B) the United States
    C) An alleged Mennonite colony in Mexico

    During his lifetime Klassen made all the preceding conflicting statements both verbally and in writing. No documentation of any kind available. FOIA records searches with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service reveal no records of any kind anywhere for either a Bernhardt Klassen, a Benyamin Avroham Klass, or a "Ben" Klassen. It is completely impossible to determine the country of birth, the nationality or race, the religious affiliation, or the date of entry into the United States of the man who called himself Benny Klassen.

    1948 - In November Benny Klassen, Howard Katz, Esther Pollak Katz, and Martin Weissman are indicted for mail fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and theft from interstate commerce by a Federal grand jury in New Orleans. Details sketchy but some kind of fraudulent patent or patent infringement apparently was involved. Katz and Weissman serve 20 months in prison, Klassen and Esther Katz are fined and place on probation. Case is known because Klassen had to have his citizenship rights restored before he could run for office. This was done by special grant from President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1965. This is not as unusual as it sounds; presidential restorations such as this happen all the time. It was probably done on private petition of a member of Congress, and no assertion is implied that Klassen and LBJ knew each other.

    1966 - Klassen is elected to a single term as a Florida state legislator. This is the first recorded instance of his using the name "Ben" Klassen. His religious affiliation is listed in the 1968 Florida State Government Who's Who as Jewish.

    1966 (?) - Around this time there are more undetermined legal problems with a bankruptcy fraud probe by the FBI, U. S. Attorney's office, and Florida State Banking Commission involving the liquidation of SKW Realty, Inc. in Palm Beach. SKW are the initials of the partners---Arthur Shapiro, Benny Klassen, and Joseph Weinleben. Interestingly, this is one of the few things in Klassen's shady past that he is ever forced or tricked into discussing or accounting for. When confronted with a series of news clippings on the SKW affair accumulated by the late Dr. Oren Fenton Potito, Klassen writes in a letter to the NSWPP's William Grimstad that "this experience taught me about the treachery and dishonesty of the Jews" or some such. The reference to the SKW scandal was later redacted from "The Klassen Letters".

    1968 - Klassen's career in conservative and right-wing politics begins with his involvement in a local American Party political action committee called "Jews for Wallace." His involvement with right-wing politics results in his losing the backing of the powerful Florida Jewish community and he accordingly loses his legislative seat. This begins his alienation from Judaism and from his ancestral racial heritage, an alienation which subsequently turns to hatred.

    1973 - Benny Klassen, a former Florida state legislator and state chairman of "Jews for Wallace" during Wallace's 1968 presidential campaign, announces the formation of the Church of the Creator (COTC) in Lighthouse Point, Fla. The tenets of Klassen’s race-based "religion," called "Creativity," are detailed in his book Nature’s Eternal Religion. Among its "16 Commandments": "It is our sacred goal to populate the lands of this earth with White people exclusively." The group’s war cry will be "Rahowa," short for RAcial HOly WAr.

    Circa 1973 - At some point in this time period, Klassen is arrested for something, no one is quite sure what. There are rumors ranging from everything to more financial shenanigans to an arrest for homosexual solicitation in a public toilet, but it is known that this incident eventually entails court-appointed psychiatric examinations and some kind of probation or parole. We know this because Klassen needed to get the court's permission to leave the state in 1978, according to the vengeful Oren Fenton Potito who spent a lifetime stalking Klassen as a Jew in the Movement. Harry Kelly found out about this arrest while he was searching Klassen's private office in Otto, and discussed it with Harold Covington and also with COTC members, claiming Klassen was arrested for soliciting an undercover police officer in a public toilet in Pompano Beach and allegedly appeared in court with his Jewish psychiatrist at his side and wearing a yarmulke. These alleged documents have not surfaced since. These documents may be one of the reasons for the murder of Harry Kelly in 1989.

    1978 - Klassen business manager Barry Edwards is murdered in what police call a "gangland style execution." Edwards's body is found on June 12th, 1978 in the trunk of a car parked at a public beach in West Palm Beach. Edwards has been severely beaten, his throat has been cut, and an attempt had been made to mutilate his fingertips and his face with sulphuric acid in order to prevent identification. Klassen is questioned by police detectives but no charges are ever filed due to lack of evidence. No one is ever arrested or charged in the Edwards homicide.

    1978 - In March, Klassen moves COTC headquarters from Florida to 22 acres of land he has purchased in Otto, N.C., building a personal residence, a three-story church, a small warehouse and a "School for Gifted Boys." Later in the year, COTC is granted an exemption from state taxes based on its status as a church. This exemption is later lifted by the state and an investigation for mail fraud and fraudulent conversion of funds is launched by the State of North Carolina around 1990. These investigations are eventually dropped without any charges or indictments, and neither the [Southern Poverty Law] Center nor anyone else has ever been able to obtain any information as to why.

    1980 - Klassen stages quasi-Roman Goat Dance rituals on his property, resulting in complaints from Christian neighbors to whom these rituals are visible from the highway and from their homes. The Goat Dance is apparently an attempt to invoke the Graeco-Roman god Priapus, also known in mythology as Pan. The ritual involves Klassen dressing in toga-like vestments with a wreath of leafy greenery on his head, and a number of young men or boys dancing around a bonfire largely nude except for loin cloths of some kinds, thong type bathing trunks or athletic supporters. A goat is also present, presumably because of the animal's connection in myth to Pan, etc. Macon County Sheriff Homer Holbrooks visits Klassen and informs him of complaints, and the Goat Dance ritual is discontinued, or at least moved indoors.

    1981 - Klassen publishes his second book, The White Man's Bible, which he markets as a "program for the survival, expansion, and advancement of the White race."

    1983 - Klassen begins publishing a monthly newsletter, Racial Loyalty, in June.

    1979-early 1980s - Klassen employs as his first "Hasta Primus" a man from Greenville, North Carolina named Richard Becker. Becker is a peripatetic among right wing and racial groups. He is known as a practicing homosexual. Becker was expelled from Harold Covington's Raleigh-based National Socialist Party of America in 1979 when Covington was tipped off by a local contact that Becker was committing homosexual acts at the local YMCA. Covington searched Becker's room at the "Nazi Stormtrooper barracks" at 1217 Pierce Street in Raleigh and discovered homosexual pornography, whereupon Covington and several associates removed Becker and his belongings from the premises and awaited his return, then informing him he was no longer welcome in the NSPA. After a short stay with his parents in Greenville, Becker next appears in Otto as "The Reverend Richard Becker". This is the first open association between the Klassen organization and homosexuality, although there have been numerous, frequent, and persistent rumors down through the years, largely due to the Goat Dance.

    1986 - The COTC has its first open brush with criminality in June, when security chief Carl Messick fires 19 shots at the car of a Georgia couple who strayed onto the COTC grounds. The COTC "reverend" is later sentenced to seven years in prison.

    1988 - Klassen travels to California to ask John Metzger, son of neo-Nazi White Aryan Resistance founder Tom Metzger, about taking over COTC. Metzger, saying he "wouldn’t want to be affiliated with a church," declines. Klassen begins lengthy smear campaign against both Metzgers.

    1989 - In July, "reverend" Harry Kelly is found dead in his New York City apartment of a heroin overdose. Kelly, a former drug user, was believed to have been clean for some time. The last person to be seen with Kelly alive was an unknown white male whose physical description bears a resemblance to known homosexual COTC "reverend" and suspected government informant Jerry Michael Pace. Interestingly, the witnesses to Pace's presence, the last independent witnesses to see Kelly alive, are Jeff and Gina Krause, who many years later are involved in Andrew Greenbaum's bizarre internet "virtual Nazi Party" the "Knights of Freedom."

    1989 - Alabama Klan leader Roger Handley is arrested by the Alabama State Police on gun charges in a nighttime raid. He is found nude in bed with also nude 17 year-old male COTC "reverend" Will Satterwhite, thus adding to the general air of homo eroticism surrounding the original Klassen COTC.

    1989 - A review by Macon County tax officials concludes that COTC’s North Carolina property does not qualify for religious tax exemptions. In May, two Milwaukee COTC members are arrested during a brawl with anti-racist activists.

    1990 - On October 12th, 20 year-old former Skinhead Dennis Witherspoon is found dead in a rural area of Dade County, Florida. He has been bound with duct tape and shot several times in the head with a .22-caliber revolver. Witherspoon was known to have been a former COTC "reverend" who claimed that in the summer of 1989, a year previously, he arrived in the Otto, N.C. compound and was invited to Klassen's basement rec room for a private showing of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will. He was given drugged liquor and passed out.
    Witherspoon then claims he suddenly awoke on the floor, doubled up nude with sofa pillows under him, while Klassen was in the act of sodomizing him, with the movie still playing. Witherspoon jumped up and assaulted Klassen, beating him very badly and extorting a promise of money. Witherspoon claims he was given $10,000 in cash next day and a used car, with which he drove to Florida. The only comment Klassen ever makes about this incident is that Witherspoon was attempting to blackmail him. Florida police write off Witherspoon's death as a drug-related killing, which may be correct.

    1990 - Declaring that church leadership would change "at the top of every decade, on the decade," Klassen announces that Rudy "Butch" Stanko -- then serving a six-year sentence for selling tainted meat -- will take over once he is released from prison. In August, COTC Ohio leader Matthew Hayhow, 23, is arrested after robbing two banks and ultimately is sentenced to a 25-year prison term. (Nine years later, Hayhow will be writing articles for The Struggle, the tabloid of the COTC’s successor organization.)

    1991 - COTC "reverend" George Loeb is arrested and charged with the murder of Harold Mansfield Jr., a black Gulf War veteran, in a Florida parking lot. Loeb, whom Klassen had earlier honored as "Creator of the Month," is ultimately convicted. Fellow COTC member Steve Thomas, who will later edit Racial Loyalty, is charged with aiding Loeb’s initial flight from Florida. Thomas had earlier served eight years for raping a Vietnamese woman, an incident upon which the movie, "Casualties of War," was based. In November, Macon County, N.C., officials revoke COTC’s tax-exempt status.

    [Note from KF - Steve Thomas turned state's evidence and testified against Loeb during his trial in 1992, which can hardly be denied since it was seen on live Court TV. During the time when Loeb was awaiting trial, Klassen was sheltering and feeding the main witness against him, providing Steve Thomas with free accommodation at the Otto compound and a salary of $1000 per month as editor of Racial Loyalty. Loeb sits in prison to this day, because the man he worshipped as a god on earth betrayed him for fear of being dragged into the legal case.]

    1991 - Skinhead Steve Martell commits suicide after leaving note describing homosexual liaison with COTC "reverend" Jerry Michael Pace. Martell's brother Dave vows homicidal vengeance against Pace. Pace disappears; later believed to have re-surfaced in the Movement under several different pseudonyms.

    1991 - British head of the COTC, Tim Hepple, is exposed by the London tabloids as a long-time informer for the British police and for the "anti-fascist" magazine Searchlight. Hepple was never genuinely racialist, but was apparently a professional snoop and agent provocateur who set up the entire U.K. "Church" as a gull on behalf of Searchlight editor Gerry Gable.

    1992 - Klassen’s long-suffering wife Henrietta dies of cancer in January. Two months later, Klassen cancels Stanko’s scheduled inauguration as COTC’s Pontifex Maximus ("supreme leader"), ostensibly because of Stanko’s plans to move COTC headquarters out of North Carolina and back to his home state of Colorado, and names Baltimore pizza delivery man Charles Altvater as his successor instead. Stanko came to Otto on his release from prison, took one look, and left after two days, disavowing the "Church" and its founder. Stanko is known to have been a sincere believer in the COTC "religion" and his behavior has never been explained. Although he has never publicly commented on what it was he learned in Otto, Stanko is believed to have been confronted with something which made it morally impossible for him to continue.

    1992 - In June, Klassen again changes his mind (a fortuitous move: in November, Altvater is arrested after attempting to firebomb the home of a police officer who’d had his car towed), naming Milwaukee COTC chief Mark Wilson, 25, as the next COTC leader. Skinhead Wilson, aka "Brandon O'Rourke," rents a storefront headquarters in Milwaukee which Klassen pays for, and "O'Rourke" and his friends then proceed to literally drink up $50,000 given to them by Klassen in less than a year. That's a lot of beer.

    1992 - In July, fearing a civil lawsuit in connection with the Mansfield murder, Klassen sells most of his Otto compound to William Pierce of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. Pierce "borrows" the money from North Carolina financial supporter Herb Horton, and so the property does not actually cost Pierce anything. (It is not known why Pierce purchased the Klassen property; he made no attempt to set up a National Alliance headquarters in North Carolina, and immediately attempted to re-sell the compound in the local real estate market, so the whole thing appears to have been simply a business deal.) Klassen then flees from Otto to parts unknown to avoid service of legal papers. In December, still in hiding, Klassen publishes his final, autobiographical book.

    1993 - Tired of "Brandon O'Rourke" and his thirsty booze crew of Skinheads, who are literally lying around drunk in their storefront in Milwaukee all the time and have not produced a single Racial Loyalty issue with the money he gave them, Klassen names still another successor: Richard "Rick" McCarty of Niceville, Florida. McCarty is a late comer on the scene; no one seems to know just who he is or how he ended up as Klassen's successor, but by now Klassen is becoming increasingly frantic to sever all contact with the "Church" he himself founded. Rumor has it (and this IS just rumor) that George David Loeb is threatening to blow the whistle on the 1990 Dennis Witherspoon murder and implicate Klassen. One thing is clear; in his last months of life, Benny Klassen was a desperate and frightened man.

    1993 - DEATH OF BENNY KLASSEN. In early August, Klassen returns secretly to the house in Otto, N.C. which is the only remaining part of the property which he still owns. On Aug. 7, Klassen commits suicide, leaving a smoldering pile of shredded documents and a note describing suicide as an "honorable" way to die. Klassen takes an overdose of sleeping tablets, but apparently he changes his mind about suicide after taking them and crawls to the bathroom in an attempt to induce vomiting. Macon County Sheriff's office files report stating that Klassen is found dead with his head in the toilet.

    1993 - In one of his first acts as the group’s leader, Rick McCarty moves COTC headquarters back to Florida in January. In April, McCarty is arrested for DUI, and his clearly intoxicated mug shots are distributed nationwide.

    1993 - In July, COTC Washington state leader Jeremiah Knesal, 19, and two other COTC members bomb the meeting hall of the NAACP in Tacoma, Wash.; two days later, Knesal pipe bombs a Seattle gay bar. In his guilty plea, Knesal says the group also planned attacks on blacks and Jews. In California that month, COTC-linked Geremy von Rineman and girlfriend Jill Scarborough are arrested in a plot to bomb Los Angeles’ largest black church. Later that year, Toronto COTC leader and Rahowa band leader George Burdi helps form Resistance Records, based in Detroit, to record and market racist rock music.

    1994 - Representing the family of Harold Mansfield, the Southern Poverty Law Center files suit against COTC in March, alleging the group is responsible for his murder. [Note from KF - It has never been explained why Morris Dees waited until Klassen was dead to file this lawsuit, or any other. It has been widely rumored that Dees was ordered "hands off Klassen" by someone in the power structure.] McCarty flees into the night, leaving behind a lasting mystery: the whereabouts and true legal ownership of the last bulk stocks of Klassen's privately printed "holy books," believed to be held in various rented storage lockers around the country. There whereabouts of the Missing Klassen Books have become one of the Movement's "Holy Grails," so to speak.

    1995 - The Mansfield family is awarded a $1 million default judgment when McCarty fails to contest the case. Dees makes search for the Missing Klassen Books to seize and burn them publicly for the media, but cannot locate them and quickly gives up the attempt. Later, the Law Center will sue Dr. William Pierce for participating in Klassen’s scheme to keep the COTC headquarters from Mansfield’s heirs. Ultimately, the Center wins a judgment for $85,000 -- the profit Pierce realized after selling the COTC property. Pierce did not appeal, but simply wrote Dees a check and paid him off, probably glad to be rid of the accursed Klassen mess once and for all.

    1995 - Opting to head a "religious" rather than a political group, 20-year-old Matthew Hale dissolves his National Socialist White Americans Party in July and resuscitates the COTC as the "New" Church of the Creator in East Peoria, Ill., where he lives with his father. Hale tells old COTC members that he is the "great promoter" whom Klassen had searched for. Hale enters law school that fall. In December, he renames the group the World Church of the Creator. John McLaughlin, a man who will become close to Hale, is sentenced to 2 1/2 years’ probation after officials discover an arms stockpile meant for the "ultimate race war."

    1996 - After meeting with two old COTC stalwarts, Matt Hayhow and Guy Lombardi, Hale convenes a May gathering at the Montana ranch of COTC leader Slim Deardorff. Hale is elected Pontifex Maximus and Jonathan Viktor, a Klassen devotee "educated" at his "School for Boys," is chosen Hastus Primus, or vice president, of the reconstituted group.

    1996-97 - Rudy Stanko resurfaces, selling a number of Klassen books by mail in various Movement publications. He may have gained access to some of the Missing Klassen Books mother lode, or else these may be books he glommed onto when he was in Otto in 1992. No one knows. A few months later the ads cease and Stanko disappears again.

    1997 - Viktor presides over the May wedding of Hale and WCOTC member Terra Herron, 16. When the couple divorce three months later, many Hale followers, including Viktor, leave the group. Later in the year, WCOTC starts a Web site run by Jules Fettu in Florida. In August, Fettu and WCOTC members Donald Hansard and Raymond Leone are charged with assaulting a black man and his son who were leaving a concert in Sunrise, Fla. (Hansard and Leone later plead guilty to aggravated assault charges, and Fettu, the Florida WCOTC state leader, is convicted of battery in a trial.) In November, William Johnson, an 18-year-old California WCOTC member, is arrested for attempted murder after allegedly stabbing a person who had insulted the group.

    1998 - Four armed Florida WCOTC members, all under 25, rob a Broward Country video store in March, allegedly planning to use the proceeds for the group. (Three will later plead to federal conspiracy charges.) Three months later, Guy Lombardi, now WCOTC’s southeast regional director and commander of the group’s militant "White Berets," is charged with intimidating a witness in the Sunrise beating case. (He later pleads guilty.) Hale ejects Lombardi soon after for "insubordination," assuring his followers the dismissal has nothing to do with Lombardi’s arrest, which Hale calls "a badge of honor." In May, Hale graduates from law school, passing the bar exam that summer. Later in the year, a state official rejects Hale’s application to practice law because of his "character and fitness."

    1999 - At an April hearing, Illinois State Bar Association officials hear Hale’s appeal on the rejected law license. Among others, WCOTC member Benjamin Nathaniel Smith testifies on behalf of Hale, who Smith claims has kept him from violence. Two months later, three Sacramento synagogues sustain arson attacks, and within days officials say they are looking at Hale’s group for possible involvement. On July 2, headlines announce that bar officials have again turned Hale down. Within hours, Smith -- a Hale intimate whom the leader honored as "Creator of the Month" in late 1998 and then "Creator of the Year" in January -- begins a three-day shooting rampage, killing two people and wounding nine.

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    Re: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

    1993 - DEATH OF BENNY KLASSEN. In early August, Klassen returns secretly to the house in Otto, N.C. which is the only remaining part of the property which he still owns. On Aug. 7, Klassen commits suicide, leaving a smoldering pile of shredded documents and a note describing suicide as an "honorable" way to die. Klassen takes an overdose of sleeping tablets, but apparently he changes his mind about suicide after taking them and crawls to the bathroom in an attempt to induce vomiting. Macon County Sheriff's office files report stating that Klassen is found dead with his head in the toilet.

    "honorable" way to die.????

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    Obadiah 1:18

    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

    Don't expect Yahweh to break you out, Craig.

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    Re: Creatard Craig Cobb "Chain" has been detained

    Oh, well. No great loss.

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