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Thread: The Creativity Alliance (aka: "Creatards")

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    It's going to get even weirder from here on out, friends.
    It already has! Cobb is now claiming the Dutton's oldest daughter was sexually molested by another Creatard.

    No! Living in a shack with a bunch of toothless, smelly hobos? What are the chances? <sarcasm off>

    Quote Originally Posted by Craig Cobb
    Albert Frederick Borgman's alleged sexual stalking of 12 year old Melissa, who told the people in the room she was going into the next room for her bath. Borgman was the only adult present. He then followed her into the room, stared at her a long time while she was partially nude and refused to leave. technically, this sworn charge hasn't been made yet, and probably federal or jewish org plant Borgman is preparing to flee Leith. BORGMAN'S CELL PHONE RECORDS SHOULD BE SUBPOENED TO DETERMINE WHAT FEDERAL OR JEWISH ORG HE WORKS FOR.

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    Could this farce get any worse?

    If White Nationalism wasn't dead in the water, I would've said that Craig and the creatards have set it back 50 years, but really all they've done is confirmed what we've known for years anyway.

    To borrow a line from Skyfall: This is the end, hold your breath and count to ten.

    No way out but with the King of kings, people.

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    Kynan Dutton plays the "I dutifully serve ZOG" card:


    Kynan Dutton's hearing for charges brought against him by the Grant County Sheriff's Department for disorderly conduct was held today in Grant County, North Dakota South Central Judicial District Court in Carson, North Dakota with Judge Donald L. Jorgenson presiding.

    Dutton's rights were read by the judge and he entered a not guilty plea for Dutton. Dutton was then asked about his financial assets and responded with the statement that he was a USMC 70% disabled veteran with a monthly pension of $1,599.

    Dutton then asked for a court appointed attorney stating he could not afford one. The judge assigned him a return court date with his attorney for December 9, 2013.

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    And there it is right on yahoo..

    White Supremacist Shocked To Learn He's Part Black

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    As suspected...


    "Pride [always] goes before a fall" - how come CI called it months ago?

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    CPM's Gospel of LUKE

    Cobb Gets Nicked!

    Craig Cobb in Custody

    The Grant County Sheriff's Department has confirmed that White separatist, Craig Cobb has been taken in to custody.

    We received an eye witness account of what happened earlier this afternoon that led to Cobb and his supporter Kynan Dutton being taken into custody.


    More @ The Christian Identity Forum...

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    Kiss Cobb goodbye - they also said "he'll be out shortly" with Matt Hale and Bill White.

    I knew when I saw the pictures this morning he'd be facing charges for his stupid acts.

    The town can rest and that's what they wanted, he can sit forever as far as ZOG cares.

    Cook, who stays out of town with his family out of concern for their safety, said citizens are relieved that Cobb and Dutton are in custody.

    “For the citizens of Leith, you can actually take a breath and maybe sleep at night,” Cook said.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    He'll be lucky if he doesn't get five years, mark my words.

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    All this talk of "civil rights" and "oppression."

    Next week Cobb will be forgotten by most WNs.

    " I'm Green Ghost, bitch! What? "

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    Re: Followers of 'Christian Identity' Are Dangerous Lunatics

    Quote Originally Posted by Solomon View Post
    It's going to get even weirder from here on out, friends.
    Without the Spirit your average white man is no better than the nogs they claim to despise. I'm certain most of DSCI saw this coming, especially when the guns came out - what were you thinking guys? Never mind, they weren't and it'll likely cost Cobb his remaining days on earth. It's not like the whole town was looking for any reason to silence them and they handed it over to them (Cobb's perceived white enemy) on a silver platter.

    "Let's go patrol the town of fifteen people like on Gunsmoke! It won't look like we're out to murder anyone!" Creators are brilliant, huh?

    Poor Cobb! You mean there won't be a jew-funded "reality TV show" on MTV after all? You mean he was stupid enough to take those proposals from Edom as a sign of "progress" and not a straightforward set up? Oh damn! I was so looking forward to having a homeless antichrist that lives worse than your average mud to be our "official spokesman" for the upcoming next generation of whiggers. A self-correcting flaw in our race if Cobb's even white. It'll be ironic if his own DNA tests prove he's genuinely 14% non-human and he spends the rest of his days in prison reflecting on how stupid the entire farce was wanting to a "leader" of men instead of Yahweh.

    Perhaps the jew Ben Klassen will hear from heaven and intervene on Craig's behalf - oh wait! He hates God and denies Jesus and (like Matt Hale and Bill White before him) he'll pay for that decision with the rest of his free days, rest assured. This is why I refrained from posting on this thread until a few nights ago - an arrest was coming for this "hate crimes fugitive" all along and seemingly only Craig Cobb missed that point.

    I wonder why?

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