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Thread: Dealing with Atheists.

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    Dealing with Atheists.

    It's almost impossible to debate with these hard-headed-nefarious people(s). They remind me of clueless Negroids. My greatest suggestion, "Don't cast your pearls before swine." Although scientifically, they have no legs to stand on, and can't give a reasonable description of what a self-replicating-genome might resemble. I do enjoy a good heated debate, but not to the degree where it's a waste of time and insufficient.

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    Re: Dealing with Atheists.

    Amen brother. I try to live by example, and hopefully my life will exemplify God.

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    Re: Dealing with Atheists.

    "The fool hath said There is no God"

    I find this proverb more accurate as years go by.

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