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Thread: Voting today?

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    Voting today?

    So here we are, at a point in our lives when we are to make a choice for the better of our own nation. For over a decade, our people have faced challenges and crises with a firm countenance and together, overcame the tragedy of the times. Did we do this with the aid of a leader? Did our 'faith' in our government, bring us together for the better of each other? No, I remember that it was true faith, in God, that helped us to overcome these troubles. So sad, that we were just as blind to the simple truth as we are today.

    Here in the South, we still are a Christian people. Despite the masses falling away to cleverly designed fables and the deception of the enemies of Christ, we remain 'believers'. I pray that we are awakened, and soon, so that we can preserve the future of our children. I don't want to see my beautiful, innocent little girls corrupted by some vile filth that is tolerated because it 'has' to be! And I dare say, I doubt many of you want that either. The innocence of our young children is supposed to be held onto for as long as possible is it not? If we just accept the world around us, are we not destroying ourselves and the beauty of who we are in the process?

    Lately, I have been hearing more and more that by not voting for a president, that we are just helping the country to fail. But, how is not taking part in something at all....going to cause anything to fail? If anything, our people need a restart... more like, a return. A return to what it was that made us unique to this world. The aspect of our life, not just a belief, but the very reason for our existence that separated us from the world for centuries. This is not a religion that I speak of, anyone who is a God fearing Christian understands that this is a reality. Think of that, reality NOT religion. For 2,000 years, it has been our people, the same that founded this country and built the free nations of the world.

    We showed ourselves, as a Race, what it serves us to allow women, gays, and non-whites to rule over us. Before the 1960's, there was less crime, fewer rapes, lower abortion rates, etc, etc. It's when cultures are forced together into cities, that you develop problems is it not? In a rural setting, the races seem to naturally establish their own boundaries and prefer to deal with their own people. But in a city, due to the need to work, races and cultures are forced out of the need for money(another evil we are plagued with), to mingle with one another. Obviously, cultures cannot coexist very peacefully, a Christian and a Haitian cannibal cannot peacefully reside together, yet they are forced to dwell in the same buildings. Cities in themselves have become the breeding ground for the corruption in our society. But not to digress.

    How often in Scripture did it benefit the Israelites to have a man-king? King David is the most notable of a very small handful of good kings. The rest were corrupted, siezed with an evil spirit. Yahweh God, our Father in Heaven, allowed them to have their king, so they could see for themselves the error in their way.. like a loving Father would. But, it is our nature to cling to ourselves, is it not? Numerous kings rose and fell, leading the Israelites continually into apostasy, following other gods, and adulterating their flesh with other nations. Keep in mind that the very term 'nation' refers to a genealogy, a family tree. If you are from a Scotch-Irish family, you are White, which would mean that your race, your people, was your nation. This applies to all people of the world, being an Asian, no matter the nationality, establishes that you are an Asian by race.

    If you are seeking to find a man king, then this message will either make you think a little before voting, or you simply WANT to trust in man. This always gets back to our faith, but remember that 'Faith without works, is dead.' Those works must be done by us, we have to step out and speak up for the things we hold dearly. If homosexuality is an abomination to God, and you believe it, then BELIEVE IT! If you understand what Yahweh meant when he said, 'Come out from among them, and BE YE SEPARATE', then do so. If you think you cannot avoid it, try dealing with your own kin (race) before reaching out to the homeless black man. Try not to accept money from them, nor give it out to them. They can take care of themselves if the Lord so wills it. Where is your trust, in God and the Word that he provided us with, or the constant failings of society and mankind? Remember the Romans, the Phoenecians,....the Israelites? They all fell as nations when they began worshipping themselves and mixing among all people. It goes back to kind after kind.

    Stay out from the Beast system of Revelation... imagine, if 3,000,000 people publicly refused to vote because God has been taken out of everything. We know there would be mass chaos from the homo's, the lesbians, the liberal feminists, the Jews, in fact, everyone that was not wanting to please God, would be at our throats in a moment. This is the very reason that so many do not speak out. Just as in the Acts, they had a fear of the Jews, and could not speak publicly about Jesus or their faith. It is hard to even read the Bible openly around other Christians. Recently, I was reading from the book of Hosea out loud, and everyone around me got up and left. It was as if they could care less to hear the very word that was given to them. Despite the fact that they profess to be Christian. Jesus told us all things as we are told in His word, and we would do well to trust Him. Does this not sound like those that 'prophesy' in His name but in the end, he tells them “depart from me, I never knew you..” On that day they will say, but Jesus, I was a Christian my whole life, I prayed for people, I helped all the little kids in Asia and Africa. But, because they never chose to desire the knowledge of God. Instead, they take the things they like, or they twist something into what it is not supposed to be and use it to their advantage. They are living in a self made religion, worshipping themselves as they seek to feed the thirst inside them through any 'spiritual' means necessary.

    Voting for a president this year will only lead to further collapse. We all know where Barak Obama will take us, racial strife will increase and the economy will continually decrease, and the former America that we knew as 'one nation under God' be nothing more than a byword, a memory among the people of the world. He will lead us ultimately to a one world government, where our people, because of our faith, will be left behind, murdered, incarcerated, and left to the dogs by rest. You think not? Take a look around you and see what is happening in every state around the country, every nation within a commonwealth. Can you honestly say that things are better in these countries? I don't see it, and I think many more don't as well.

    Mit Romney is no better a choice either. Many of the population believes that Mormonism is a sect of Christianity, and that it falls into that same category of belief. But the facts are to the contrary, Christianity is found within our Bibles, and there is no mention of the House of Israel receiving “a new gospel”. In fact, Jesus warns us to beware of these false doctrines and stand firmly against them so they cannot permeate our own minds. If we allow these things in, our children see them, and think they are okay no matter how much we say otherwise. Unless Yahshua gives them the ability to see the truth around them, they will fall into the ditch with the rest of them. We must look out for our own people, and defend our faith.

    Each of these presidential candidates are paid for by the same Zionist controlled bank... Goldman Sachs. So does their title of Democrat or Republican actually separate them? These same Zionists are behind the 9/11 attacks and the ridiculous war that is going on in the Middle East. Have you ever thought that our children could be fighting someone elses war? Do you ever think that by keeping our soldiers in other countries, not only are we making enemies, but we are keeping families apart and only serving to extend our suffering. What happens if something were to happen here and we need them at home.. keeping an eye on their own families? They are thousands of miles away, and would take hours to get them home, if it were even possible given the capabilities of our enemies now.

    The Israeli's aren't a blessing to anyone. They bring nothing but death and poverty to the nations that aide them, despite that God said those who bless Israel would be blessed. Have you not realized that Israel is a people, a genealogy to be exact? This is a singular family line that was called by God to be kings and priests on the earth. They were cursed for their disobedience and were scattered, overtime, to the corners of the earth. They were invaded by their enemy from within, and corrupted to the point of death. Jesus Christ said, “I come only for the lost sheep of the House(family) of Israel(Jacob).” Nowhere does he say that he came for everyone in the world. Its simple, the Law was given only to the Israelites by Moses, only Israel was held accountable for their sin (which is transgression of the Law), and only they needed the blood of the Lamb to atone for their sins.

    I urge anyone considering to vote today, to abstain.. We will never show Yahweh our faith, if we don't put it first in Him. This tyrannical government above us is there to destroy us, but we still have the power to destroy it, but we cannot do that without Our Father.
    " For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:

    And they shall not teach every man his neighbour, and every man his brother, saying, Know the Lord: for all shall know me, from the least to the greatest." Hebrews 8:10-11

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    Re: Voting today?

    I don't know that I have "faith" in our government, but we do have a government, and Jesus said things that relate to having a government. So, I figure we ought to vote. Since Romney is marginally better than Obama, and far better looking, and White which is the most important thing, I made that choice. But for all the other slots, I voted third-party, not because they are the answer at the present, but because the more support they get, the likelier it is that the political landscape will open up a bit. In the present climate, opening it up somewhat is good for discussion if nothing else. I recognize that the country will still continue being in the control of the Jews regardless.

    In any case, I voted with my eyes open, whereas twenty years ago I voted with my eyes shut.

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    Re: Voting today?

    Not me - "voting" is a jew fraud.

    No thanks. No King but Jesus!

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    Re: Voting today?

    Agreed. I've never voted for a man and never will. Don't blame ME for this mess!
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Re: Voting today?

    This thread was very interesting. I had never thought about voting in this way, that the very act of voting is a step toward being yoked with, rather than truly separate from, those we're supposed to be separate from. I was looking at it from the viewpoint of rendering unto Caeser what is Caeser's, etc., that having this government is our castigation, and our role is to vote. And it looks like our castigation will continue.....

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    Re: Voting today?

    Caeser owns nothing as the earth and fullness thereof belong to Yahweh.

    Man only takes what Christians are willing to compromise.
    “The righteous mother of the seven children spake also as follows to her offspring: I was a pure virgin, and went not beyond my father’s house; but I took care of the built-up rib. No destroyer of the desert, or ravisher of the plain, injured me; nor did the destructive, deceitful, snake, make spoil of my chaste virginity; and I remained with my husband during the period of my prime.” (4 Maccabees 18:7-8)

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    Pastor Bill

    Re: Voting today?

    I always vote as I am a firm believer in the principle of if you didn't vote, you don't get to complain about who gets elected. I understand and respect the opinion of those who take the opposite position and while I am aware that both parties suck and neither are fighting for the white race the republicans are usually the lesser of two evils. I know I can't change things that much by voting by maybe I can slow things down a tad.

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    Re: Voting today?

    No way I'd cast lots for a flesh king.

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    Re: Voting today?

    As a true christian why would anyone want to vote in this satanic system we have today? I will not vote for any man that is not of and for YAHWEH and lets face it.No one in the political arena today is.Our entire political system is a sham,a con,a fraud.It is a complete corrupt system and to think your vote would count or want it to in this cesspool is beyond me.The only system as christians should want is one ran by YAHWEH our king not of his advesary.We have what we have today because we have turned from YAHWEHs face and we are reaping what we have allowed to be sowed.To take an active part in that by casting a vote seems ludicrous to me but thats just my opinion.Mans ways and systems are of the beast.Until YESHUA our messiah returns we will have a fraked up system.He will make it right.He will rule with righteouness.Nothing else will.

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