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    The Protevangelion (Part #3)

    The Protevangelion (Part #3) compares the prayer of Anna concerning her child as found in this Gnostic text to Mary's "magnificat" prayer regarding Jesus in our canonized gospels. This segment deals with the virgin Mary's dedication to the temple at three years old, her miraculous activities as a teenager and the events preceding Yahweh directly choosing of "the widower" Joseph to wed her.


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    The Protevangelion (Part #2)

    The Protevangelion (Part #2) continues our study into James' narrative concerning the pre-Gospel story of the virgin Mary and her parents. This segment researches the unique covenant made between Joachim, Anna and Yahweh concerning their daughter and the events surrounding the actual birth of their child. Mary's works during infancy and her commitment to the temple are partially covered.


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    The Protevangelion (Part #1)

    The Protevangelion (Part #1) commences investigating this "historical account of the birth of Christ" (ascribed to the apostle James) by explaining how the parents of the virgin Mary were able to request a child from Yahweh through obedience to His Law. This sermon looks at the similarities between this Gnostic text and The Gospel of the Birth of Mary by dealing with many Old Testament patriarchs.


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    The Deity of Christ

    The Deity of Christ provides Christians with a handy overview of the numerous scriptures proving that Yahsua was "God manifest in the flesh." This extensive show from Yahweh's Covenant People features Pastors William Finck and Jeromy Visser explaining how our Messiah will reclaim His bride Israel during "the marriage supper of the Lamb" and yet another reason for His sacrifice on the cross.


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    Satan: Fact Or Fiction?

    Satan: Fact Or Fiction? exposes many faces of God's literal adversary and the imposter "tares" that protect the devil by preaching against a defacto tempter. Contrary to what false prophets teach - Satan is NOT our flesh! Part of the Christogenos program, this lengthy broadcast features Pastor Visser discussing the reality of Lucifer followed by an hour of Q&A with prayer and fellowship.


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    The Gospel of Mary (Part #05)

    The Gospel of Mary (Part #05) completes our investigation into The Gospel of the Birth of Mary by examining the events that took place prior to the "nativity Story" as transcribed in our canonized New Testament. This segment proves that there are NO inconsistencies between this Gnostic text and the authorized Bible while highlighting several acts of obedience on the part of Mary and her parents.


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    The Gospel of Mary (Part #04)

    The Gospel of Mary (Part #04) details the Traditions of Glastonbury by examining the hymn "Jerusalem" written by the poet William Blake. We further expand upon the "ensign" of Joseph's budding staff by comparing it to the Hawthorn Tree in Glastonbury Abbey, England. This sermon also points out many similarities of the angel Gabriel's annunciation of Christ in this Gnostic text to Luke's Gospel.


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    Seedline In The New Testament

    Seedline In The New Testament is a long-running series by Pastors Eli James and William Finck proving the New Covenant is no less racially-exclusive than the "Old" Covenant. Ever wonder what the difference between DSL and OSL is? This segment features Bill Finck interviewing Pastor Visser to discuss the numerous references to the "children of the devil" as taught by Christ and His disciples.


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    The Gospel of Mary (Part #03)

    The Gospel of Mary (Part #03) explains Mary's teenage years and how she brings the temple into a dilemma when she opposes their traditions concerning marriage in favor of God's Word and her parent's vow to Yahweh. This sermon clarifies a racial prophecy by Isaiah concerning "the rod and stem of Jesse" and how Joseph was chosen to wed Mary while promoting the many virtues of virginity.


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    The Gospel of Mary (Part #02)

    The Gospel of Mary (Part #02) continues looking at Mary's childhood by explaining her dedication to the temple at three years old and what the fifteen Songs of Degrees found in Psalms represent. We further inspect the prophecies given to Anna and Joachim by the angel of Yahweh concerning their daughter and their likeness to the annunciation of Christ found in our New Testament Gospels.


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