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Thread: Dan Johns (Warren Vandersol) & "By Yahweh's Design"

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    Arrow BYD - Chaos Everywhere - part 2

    BYD - Chaos Everywhere - part 2

    The last 20 minutes of the show.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - New Directions

    BYD - New Directions

    OK folks; it is time to look at going in NEW directions, and stop following the wicked into the pit! A portion of our discussion will be about the benefits of the HEMP plant.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Meet Sheriff Mack

    BYD - Meet Sheriff Mack

    Our special guest was Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the CSPOA - Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. Also, The Freedom Coalition which seeks to free those falsely imprisoned by this Beast Government.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Dr Gifford - Vaccines

    BYD - Dr Gifford - Vaccines

    Join the Doctor and I as we bring you some amazing information about vaccines and the new GRAIL system.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Current Events With Jay DWP

    BYD - Current Events With Jay DWP

    Jay (co host of YT Channel "Downtown White Police") will be our guest as we go over some current events.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Come Alive (Ez 37)

    BYD - Come Alive (Ez 37)

    Randall, from Virginia, will join us to discuss this topic. The rising up of Yahweh's Army, out of dead and dry bones! The lines will be open, so please do join in.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Open Mic - TS and EFR

    BYD - Open Mic - TS and EFR

    This will be a simulcast show, on both Talkshoe and at the same time. An archive of the show will be posted here, once the show has ended.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - The Real Enemy

    BYD - The Real Enemy

    Who is the 'real' enemy to our nation (race)? This and other topics will be discussed. The lines will be open for callers.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Come Out of Her

    BYD - Come Out of Her

    Richard Ford (AR) and I are discussing Rev. 18, and what it means to us today; as His Children.

    MP3 Link

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    Arrow BYD - Genesis Revealed

    BYD - Genesis Revealed

    Our guest will be Richard Ford, from Arkansas State. Richard has done a lot of research into the proper translation of Genesis using both the paleo-Hebrew and the Kolbrin Bible.

    MP3 Link

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