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Thread: Dan Johns (Warren Vandersol) & "By Yahweh's Design"

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    Arrow BYD - The Identity Challenge

    We will discuss the challenge put forth by the ECRCI (Council of Elders) some years ago.


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    Arrow BYD - Wasteland USA

    We will discuss events from my recent road trip.


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    Arrow BYD - Meet William Smith

    Mr. Smith will be discussing his trips aboard and the discoveries he has made as the travels and history of our ancient ancestors.


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    Arrow BYD - We Have Them On The Run

    We will discuss Revelation and how it applies to the evil Babylonian monitary system that is in collapse.


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    Arrow BYD - Open Forum

    Join us for this open discussion.


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    Arrow BYD - Mystery Babylon

    Join in the discuss; just what is this Mystery Babylon?


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    Arrow BYD - Back to Basics

    What should we be doing at this time.


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    Arrow BYD - Open Forum

    Numerous topics and some testimonials of our Father's love for His Children.


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    Arrow BYD - Faith and Family

    We will be discussing the qualities needed to be a 'survivor' in these turbulent times.


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    Arrow BYD - A Serious Wake Up Call

    We will be discussing several articles about our military and other current events including the recent TEA Part convention.


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