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Thread: Dan Johns (Warren Vandersol) & "By Yahweh's Design"

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    Arrow BYD - Monsanto

    Lets chat about what these huge corporations and our congress critters are doing to us, all in the name of making money, ill-gotten gain. Curse them!


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    Arrow BYD - When The Righteous Stand Firm

    We will discuss a real life situation where Yahweh's Word was used and good came to pass.


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    Arrow BYD - Open Forum

    Join us to discuss numerous topics related to current events.


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    Arrow BYD - What Is Disease, Part 2

    We will continue our discussion with Jeremiah, P.T.N. about natural health and why it is important for our folks to be and remain healthy.


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    Arrow BYD - What If, Again

    We did a program on this subject a while back, but it is important enough to go over again. What would this world be like, if we obeyed our Father rather than men?


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    Arrow BYD - Time To Be Men

    Join us as we discuss what is going on in this world, and why it is time for our men to step up to the plate, and be the kind of men our Father expects us to be.


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    Arrow BYD - What Is Disease

    Jeremiah, PTN (Proprietary Traditional Naturopath) will be our guest to discuss his article on disease, and how this relates to what is happening to our racial family.


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    Arrow BYD - Art Jones - Education in America

    Join us as we chat with Art about the deplorable condition of education in the USA.


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    Arrow BYD - Shaking Heavens

    Wow, are you watching the weather of late; does it remind of any verses you have read? Art Jones will be our guest on Wednesday night.


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    Arrow BYD - Education In America

    We hope to have Art Jones (Chicago) as our guest to discuss his article on the state of education here in the States.


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