I Praise Yahweh to the Very End !!!

Many Christians in today's society don't even take the time to study the truth of Yahweh's message, they just sit in Church on Sunday service and let some false preacher teach them wrong! Most Christians don't even take time to learn God's name, (EXODUS 3:14 I AM WHAT I AM) and (ISAIAH 42:8 I am EVER-LIVING; For that is My Name) in Hebrew it means YAHWEH. I Praise Yahweh for raising myself and my little brothers with a good father to teach us the true way of Christianity. I understand that most people don't even know what True Christianity really is. Yahweh hates liars! (PSALM 12:4 cut off the false lips; With the tongues that are uttering lies;) To all these false preachers will be teach of a lesion because good father Yahweh will reward the True believers! (PSALM 16:1-2 Yahweh guard me,-for I trust on You, I tell the LIFE, You are my Prince; I have no pleasure but in You. And with the Holy on the earth , My glory and joy is with them.) This is a sign that Yahweh loves Righteous men we may suffer in this time of evil but when the Kingdom is once restored and again we shall be rewarded to the highest of honor than anyone else. Every believer in Yahweh shall be rewarded and I should call you all who believes in Christ my brother in Christ, I don't care if you're in prison or in the free world. We as brothers in Christ shall all help each other no matter what, there is no excuse to not help a brother in Christ! We are part of something more than important than our life's!

To most of you in the Christian Identity movement are losing faith, and are backing away from Yahweh more than the false Christians. You must remember that these are the ending days, We must be strongest men of Yahweh, we must lift up our heads up high and prepare ourselves for Yahweh's coming, when the four horse men ride with wrath of Yahweh we will be the soldiers of Armageddon we will lift up the banners of Yahweh high, and we will fight to the very end.

I Praise Yahweh to be with Righteous men of faith, I wish that many of you can understand more of the True Israelite Christian Identity message more than me, at once I almost lost my faith in Yahweh. For the first time to tell anyone this, it makes me sad and upset to final speak of the truth of the couple of years I had problems with my life at 19 years old I lost a child of mine my first born, and lost the Love of my Life, I blamed Yahweh and I hated Yahweh for that, I was so lost when I found this all out I had to blame someone, but I blamed it on the wrong person, I should of never blamed the Father that gave me LIFE and creates LIFE because Yahweh is the EVER-LIVING GOD! I became a alcoholic, and even a drug user after that horrible tragedy in my life. I look into the mirror everyday and steering myself into the eyes and ask myself what I'm here for, many days I thought about taking my own life. I didn't know what to do, I worked jobs that where dangerous and taking more risk every day. At the time I didn't know what to do, I just wanted to die and in this suffer but I keep something in my heart. In my heart I knew Yahweh was with me, but I didn't know why; I felt like a lost cause and just felt like a problem, but Yahweh has sent me the message that I have been looking for these past couple of years, I can live again with joy in my life I Praise Yahweh for the kinship of my brothers and sisters in my area, with his Love and Powerful message of Truth, I have Yahweh in my heart I look forward to seeing Yahweh face to face, with no more tears , and no more suffering. I look into my past couple of years, and I hope I past Yahweh's Test! But I want you all to know that I have seen the Healing Hand of Yahweh, and it is so much Love it's unbelievable. Yahweh you saved my Life that you have gave me, As you're mercy falls I raise my hands Praise Yahweh as the God who gives and takes away. I will always remember that where in my heart and that I will be a Loyal Christian Kinsman to serve you with my life. This is the best I can do my brothers and sisters I Love you all with the passion in my heart, I hope most you out there will understand the true faith and that is Christianity.

Praise Yahweh!
Dalton Stout.