This investigation was merely to establish what His Word of TRUTH is regarding the Biblical weekly Sabbath day. As it turned out, it completly refutes the Pharisee claim that it is a lunar/luni-solar Biblical calendar, as I myself once also believed and promoted. It shows that the Pharisees have a Babylonian luni-solar interpretation of the Biblical calendar.

Christians may have to re-align their understanding of the Biblical calendar with this document if they don't want to be misinformed or misinform others.

The supporting document to this thread isn't up to date, still contains contradictions and is incomplete. Eventually I will recompile it without the errors and with the additional interesting information.

There is an intensifing assault on Christianity focusing on discrediting Christmas Day as Pagan and Judaising Christians away from Christ. This thread and image shows that Christmas Day is actually based on information found in the Bible, and that Christmas Day is the beginning of the Follicular Phase - preparing Mary's womb for the Emaculate conception of Christ on the Epiphany thirteen days later, among many other things ! ! !

So although all this may not be essential for salvation, it does support, defend and help prove the Christian tradition of our Saviour from a Biblical, biological and celestial perspective.....