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Thread: Proving The Sabbaths - A Study Into Yahweh's Calendar

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    Re: What does everyone consider the Sabbath day to fall on?

    I have a PC up and running again, but still need to get MS Office and Excel.
    I should be going forward with this thread again early next month.

    I've been meaning to say for some time that all except one of my references to NASA,
    was actually meant to be referring to the US Navy and their tide table lunar cycles.

    I want to say something about an interesting historical naval invasion, relating to Israel
    and the Biblical calendar, as well as another important historical event.

    As I said before, when its available to view again this calendar will hold one or two more
    interesting surprises.

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    Re: What does everyone consider the Sabbath day to fall on?

    Great to hear... Always look forward to your posts, brother.

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