Although the ancient Egyptians slipped back into mythological idolatry, the Bible says Moses was schooled in "the wisdom of the Egyptians".

The Egyptian obelisk is not a phallic symbol - it is a Seedline symbol of the line of Seth to Noah to the expected "Godman"/Messiah prophesied in the Book of Job.

The "seed" issues forth from the phallus and the Seedline genealogy continues from father to son - generation after generation.

The Egyptian Hametic line from Ham expected the Messiah Job spoke about to come out of Hams seedline.

Other Adamic kingly dynasties all expected Him to come out of their own Seedline.

This is one of the reasons why they believed in the "devine right of kings".

The "Anointed/Christ/Messiah" eventually came out of Noah's son Shem, not Ham or Japheth.

The square church tower and steeple symbolises the calendar chronology of the Seedline from "Adam who was the son of God" to Christ/Anointed/Messiah "corner capstone" at the pinnacle of the 77 generation Seedline - from our Father to Christ chronicled in the first chapter of the Book of Matthew.