by ss snake stomper (Posted Tue, 16 Feb 2010 07:45:33 +0000)
Found a link to a site with some information about your ministry and noticed a post office for Brooks. Thought I would let you know I live in Riverdale and have a business in Griffin. We have forums almost nightly on PALTALK.COM, a free live vocal and text service. If you would like to come online and join the Israel message conversations, as well as other biblical issues, please feel free. If you download the free service, once you set your mic and speakers, type into your 'add pal' box, 'ZAKABOOTOOO', which is me, and 'Magilla_4' a friend of mine. When we come online those names will appear in your pal list and you can send me a private message by clicking on my name and selecting the private message option. Sometimes we have rooms with 20 to 30 people in them, usually at least 10. I am on some evenings for a couple of hours after about 6:30 to 7:00. Just IM me on Paltalk and I will let you know which room is ours if you can't find it. Sometimes we set up private rooms, not seen on the lists, and you need to be invited. People from all over the world come on at times, but usually U.S. There are variations as to where people are at on the message, and being apt to teach is a necessity. The smaller rooms are generally a little more to the point than the larger rooms. Three nights ago we concentrated on the prophecy of Isa "as birds flying". And two nights ago on the Prodigol Son message as it relates to Israel, which was a large room. Unfortunetly, a lot of edomites lurking around, but they usually say something that will get them thrown out of the room by the admin. You can also set up your own rooms, play messages or whatever, inviting others or just letting whoever comes in to come in.

Ricky L. Cox
1 Cor. 15:34