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Thread: Covenant People’s Forums - Questions, Information & Notices

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    Re: Covenant People’s Forums - Questions, Information & Notices

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    Re: Covenant People’s Forums - Questions, Information & Notices

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    Re: Covenant People’s Forums - Questions, Information & Notices

    The SPLC's "Year in Hate" lists the most powerful CI ministries:

    America's Promise Ministries* (Sandpoint, Idaho)
    Christian America Ministries* (Greensburg, Louisiana)
    Christian Revival Center* (Harrison, Arkansas)
    Church of Israel* (Schell City, Missouri)
    Covenant Nation Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (Center Point, Alabama)
    Covenant People's Ministry* (Brooks, Georgia)
    Divine International Church of the Web* (Morton, Illinois)
    Divine Truth Ministries (Statewide, Arkansas)
    Divine Truth Ministries * (Bainbridge, Ohio)
    Euro Folk Radio* (Chicago, Illinois)
    Fellowship of God's Covenant People* (Union, Kentucky)
    Kingdom Identity Ministries* (Harrison, Arkansas)
    Mission to Israel* (Scottsbluff, Nebraska)
    Non-Universal Teaching Ministries* (Panama City, Florida)
    Our Place Fellowship* (Colville, Washington)
    Sacred Truth Publishing & Ministries* (Mountain City, Tennessee)
    Scriptures for America Worldwide Ministries* (Laporte, Colorado)
    Truth in History (Owasso, Oklahoma)
    Yahushua Dual Seed Christian Identity Ministry* (Livingston, Texas)
    Yahweh's Truth* (Linwood, Michigan)
    It seems some fakers aren't listed again as they're controlled opposition, lol.

    "They be Christian Identity too."
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