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Thread: Lessons to be Learned from the Plight of Edgar Steele

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    Lessons to be Learned from the Plight of Edgar Steele

    Some days ago, I posted the following at the Khazar Jew Goldblatt’s CI Forum. Since I just posted the above on holding gold and silver and currencies, I thought it was prudent for me to repeat this posting on CPM so you can address what can happen even when you hold money/gold under your own control. Here’s what I put on that forum some time ago:

    As this writer lives in Idaho, the letter from Edgar Steele and his plight, as stated in this forum, continues to sadden me greatly (as I have followed it from its beginning). I know that any time any one of us decides to publicly criticize the Khazar Jew masters ruling the US there is a high probability that they will retaliate in some way (like they have done recently to Edgar Steele, mentioned in this forum, and earlier to the Randy Weaver family in North Idaho).

    The Khazars are very powerful and rule over not only the US government but many states as well--along with most of the contemporary American population which has been completely brainwashed and zombiized by the Rothschild-Khazar Jew media, entertainment and educational powers.

    One may think that he can beat the Khazar Jews in a fair jury trial before his fellow citizens and peers; but in the real world, this is hard to do because the Khazar media, entertainment (Hollywood) and educational (our schools and colleges which they rule supreme) structures have turned our people into brainwashed zombies and robots. In short, most modern Americans can no longer think and rationalize with mental powers—at least they cannot do so with intelligent and logical thinking. This works against fairness in a jury trial.

    The Goldsmiths, Parts CLI and CLX, had a couple of articles which addressed the Edgar Steele plight in some detail. These articles were written many months ago and long before the Steele trial even took place. So Edgar’s update is the latest. But in support of what he has written in this forum, these two articles give much of the detail. Here are the two links to these articles in case you want to read them:

    I mention these articles and offer the links because in addition to telling about Steele, they also offer some ten or so pieces of good advice or tips which right winger/Israel Identity people like you and I need to keep in mind as we try to survive and exist in our modern Western Christian nations which are in the hands of the very diabolical and evil Khazar Jews who passionately hate us (goy Israelites) for reasons which go back almost 4,000 years ago.

    The ten lessons in the links to be learned can be summarized as follows:

    Don’t trust anyone

    Don’t talk to people or reveal your private affairs unless you have a very compelling reason--like with trusted family members (even here, Big Brother has methods of making close family members talk and reveal things about you).

    If you have investments in gold, silver or precious metals/jewelry, be careful on how you secure them.

    In mentioning gold, silver and precious metals and the above issues, please be advised that this presentation is not for investment advice. It is for information only. Your assets are your personal choices and decisions and you are responsible for what course you follow.

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    Re: Lessons to be Learned from the Plight of Edgar Steele

    Edgar Steele, really? This forum needs a " gossip " section.

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    Re: Lessons to be Learned from the Plight of Edgar Steele

    Quote Originally Posted by Gnaghi View Post
    Edgar Steele, really? This forum needs a " gossip " section.

    We HAVE one, it's called Purgatory.

    Seeing as RD Bradshaw is likely Amy Rose, threads like these will likely make their way there.

    Yah bless,
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