Moon worship Monday saw a giant Khazar Jew broker firm file bankruptcy. It turns out that illegally the firm, MF Global, used client money to invest in speculative EU debt markets. News said that the firm stole up to one billion dollars in client money and lost it. This thing in Greece is not over. The Greeks are voting on the latest and they may reject it. Whether it is solved are not this week, the repercussions will continue next week and beyond. Accordingly, let me share some words I shared with my readers at

This failure of MF Global is bad news for many. The Khazars there used client money to speculate on. And also bad is that not only were they prohibited from doing this, but there is an insurance requirement to protect broker positions. I don't know how much or exactly what will be covered once losses are determined. But I can tell you now that even the insurance payoffs will be small compared to losses. If Global losses are as big as we are told, the insurance company will not be able to pay off. This will be a big melt down.

I think it is looking like we will have many more big meltdowns in the imminent days at hand. The EU pension system will be seized to pay off bankers in Europe. I still look for some huge falls in the next several weeks. The 1929 US collapse will be nothing compared to what we can look for in the coming days, weeks and months.

If I had some assets I would start trying to get liquid in cash, gold and silver coins though the gov will surely confiscate gold and maybe silver. Other than gold and silver, i would try to convert much of my dollar holdings (beyond an emergency fund to live on [money to pay bills]) to selected other currencies--like Canadian Dollar, Chinese yuan, Singapore dollar, the euro, swiss fanc and Scandinavian currencies. I would convert this cash thru most local us banks and hold this foreign currency in a safe deposit box or in my hands. While the gov will perhaps steal your gold and silver they may not immediately steal what foreign currencies you are holding. Junk gold and silver will be good to have in the coming days.

The point is that there could be some major meltdowns in banks and financial institutions over the coming days/months as the Khazar Jews will steal it all. And what they don't steal, they will have their gov flunkies steal. Of course, i have long said the best deal is to get assets of value out of the US. But being stuck here, i would want some stuff physically in my possession. And as a last choice, i would take a bundle of Rothschild Federal reserve notes down to the bank and say give me US coins--any kind--pennies, nickels, quarters, dimes, etc. While not the best, they will be better in coming days than Khazar Jew FRNs.

Do what you want to do but it now increasingly looks like we are still in the lull just before the big storm strikes. We may get through this week, but increasingly things will grow worse and worse in the coming days. Based on religious reasons, I last Jan 2011 made a forecast of great trouble erupting in Nov-Dec 2011. We may be at that point in time. If you don’t have a US passport, by all means get one.

The Above is not Investment Advice. It is for information only.