The Rothschild-Khazar Jew media has had a barrage of stories the past several weeks suggesting that Greece will default on her sovereign debt to bring enormous repercussions on the world. My take on this is that such a Khazar Jew media spin motion is to be sure the dummies in wonder land fork over huge new sums of money to bail out the Rothschild Khazar Jew banker Cabal for their investments in Greek paper. You can bank on it, we the suckers in wonder land will pay the price and not the Khazar Jew master bankers and crooks who have been stealing from us for generations.

Like identity preacher Dan Gayman once remarked—When you have a financial dealing with a (Khazar) Jew, you lose. And again, we will lose over Greece and Greek debt. The Germans especially are going to pay much more than they have already paid to bail out the Khazar Jew bankers for debt in Southern Europe.

To address the prospects for a Greek default and what it will mean, the Goldsmiths, Part CCXIII (at addressed it in an article. If you want to read this assessment, here is a link below to the Goldsmiths 213: